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Join the conversation. This podcast provides a unique perspective on Oracle Cloud customer stories from our partner’s point of view. Through interviews with our partners, listeners get an inside look at critical details about how individual projects are initiated and successfully deployed. Each podcast is intended to uncover unique insights into the challenges of the client project, industry impacts and advice, and reasons behind the client’s choice to implement Oracle Cloud.


Redefining Talent Retention: Trends in Employee Experience - An Oracle Trending Topics Episode
What are the causes of employee attrition and how can you address these?  Leaders from Oracle, IBM, and WorkForce Software discuss talent management,  offering insights on the Great Resignation, its impact on business, and the  evolving needs of employees across remote, hybrid, and deskless working  environments. Listen to this Oracle Trending Topics podcast for suggestions on  how to help you your talent connect, grow and thrive – and you to reduce  employee turnover.   Learn more: •  • •
23:17 3/8/23
ECM Industries partners with Inoapps and Oracle for 50% reduction in month-end close turnaround time
ECM Industries, a global manufacturer and supplier of electrical products, achieved significant growth through acquisitions, resulting in multiple divisions, brands, product lines, and sales channels. The company’s on-premises financial system had no consistent way to consolidate its operating units, which relied heavily on manual consolidations and preparation of cash flow statements stored in decentralized systems. Join us for a conversation with Inoapps Vice President of Enterprise Performance Management, Matt Rollings, to hear how they deployed Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), enabling ECM Industries to rapidly integrate acquisitions and realize a faster, stronger close process. With Oracle Fusion Cloud EPM, the company cut turnaround time for month-end close by 50%, reduced external reporting time by 20 business days, and cut the consolidated monthly close process by half. Learn More: Oracle Cloud EPM: ECM Industries Client Success Story: Inoapps:
14:50 11/16/22
WINDTRE transforms to digital service provider with Accenture and Oracle Cloud
WINDTRE, Italy’s top mobile operator, wanted to go from telco to digital service provider. To do that, WINDTRE needed to eliminate silos and modernize its business architecture. Join us in a conversation with Accenture’s managing director, Fabio Valiante. WINDTRE partnered with Accenture and Oracle Communications to create a customized transformation program that would enable the company to offer more digital services and better prepare for the future. We’ll hear about WINDTRE’s two-step strategy that enabled them to maintain day-to-day operations while moving from on-premises to Oracle Cloud with the ultimate goal of becoming a digital player that can collaborate with third parties and integrate with the larger ecosystem. Learn More: WINDTRE blog article:
23:53 11/1/22
Protección partners with SETI and OCI to strengthen client relationships through digital transformation
Join us for a conversation with SETI’s Oracle Database Administrator, David Hernández, who helped Protección migrate from on-premises to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Companies looking to move to the cloud will discover key insights and guidance. Protección, a Colombian pension and severance fund with 30 years in the market and 7,200,000 active clients, sought to provide its clients with better service, including self-management and short transaction times. To achieve this, SETI upgraded Protección from on-premises to OCI and Oracle Autonomous Database. As a result, Protección was able to operate much its operations management, reducing operation and transaction times by 30% and 20%, respectively.   Transcripción:    
24:44 10/11/22
US energy giant achieves operational excellence with Huron and Oracle Fusion Joint Venture Management
Join us as we continue our discussion with Huron Consulting’s Chris McElroy, senior director, Oracle Consulting, to get more details about Williams’ successful implementation of Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP. This episode focuses on how Williams, one of the largest energy infrastructure organizations in the United States, uses the Joint Venture Management (JVM) functionality in Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials to handle tens of thousands of transactions per month, reducing their month-end JVM efforts to less than a day. JVM ensures joint operating agreement compliance and provides complete transparency to their partners.   Learn More: Huron Consulting Group: Williams: Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP: Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials: Huron and Oracle podcast discussing the Williams Oracle Cloud EPM deployment: Williams customer success story:
20:01 9/20/22
Coronado Global Resources increases financial and supply chain efficiency with Accenture and Oracle Cloud
Join us for a conversation with Accenture’s Glenn Loveday, enterprise solution architect, and Damien Mowle, cloud migration & implementation manager, as they take us through Coronado Global Resources’ cloud transformation. Instead of costly software upgrades and disparate systems, Coronado Global Resources is now leveraging the benefits of Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications Suite, including: • Reduced costs with the removal of hardware and infrastructure • Improved access to the cloud system, enabling managers in the field to supervise from anywhere via mobile • Improved access to financial compliance information • Increased uptime to 98% Now, the company receives the insight needed to make strategic decisions, while continually enhancing, automating, and streamlining business functions for the future.
31:55 9/7/22
Lojas Marabraz reduces costs by 70% with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Service IT
Prior to migrating to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), family-owned Brazilian retailer, Lojas Marabraz wanted to keep their infrastructure on-premises, considering it safer. As time went on, data center maintenance costs proved expensive and time-consuming, and the IT team began to think about moving to the cloud. Marabraz also wanted to focus on offering the best customer experience possible. The company decided to make the move to OCI, ultimately saving close to 70% in data center operation costs and providing opportunity to scale. Join us for a conversation with Carlos Almeida, LAD Sales Vice President for Service IT, the company’s migration partner, as he takes us through Marabraz’s journey to the cloud and why they chose OCI.
16:37 8/16/22
Achieving Net Zero: Trends in Reducing Carbon Emissions—–An Oracle Trending Topics episode
What is net zero and what are the implications for your organization? In this second Oracle Trending Topics podcast episode, hear Oracle’s Doug Smith and Rich Kroes, Laurence Bellenguez from Accenture, and Nicola Peill-Moelter from VMware discuss the global landscape of carbon reduction, offering insights on the latest trends, and sharing examples to help you to develop your net-zero strategy and address your company’s carbon footprint commitments. Watch the full discussion at Learn more:
25:16 8/4/22
Schrack Seconet streamlines field service operations with Oracle Cloud and primeone
Schrack Seconet is a leading international supplier of fire protection, healthcare, and security solutions based in Vienna, Austria. The company services its equipment and systems using a team of 330 technicians located in six branch offices throughout the country. Previously, Schrack Seconet used spreadsheets to schedule these technicians; a task that was becoming more time consuming as the company manually coordinated travel distances, appointment times, staff qualifications, and material consumption. To improve communication and automate its processes, Schrack Seconet partnered with primeone business solutions. Schrack Seconet was looking for a cloud solution that would centralize its data and enable them to achieve real-time coordination across branches, warehouses, technicians, service partners, and customers. Martin Veren, CEO and founder of primeone, talks about their Oracle Fusion Cloud Field Service deployment, from proof of concept through Phase One, as well as the company’s plans for a full deployment.
22:22 7/26/22
WillScot aligns finance and operations with Oracle Cloud and Alithya
With more than 250 locations throughout the United States and Canada, mobile office and storage solutions company WillScot Mobile Mini was working with an on-premises system that couldn’t provide an integrated view across its back office. As a result, the company lacked the ability to track demand at the fleet level. To better manage its multiple, complex business processes, WillScot recently partnered with Alithya to implement Oracle’s Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX). In this episode, we’ll chat with Vatsal Gaonkar, product director, enterprise planning for Alithya, to learn how WillScot is now able to manage its labor, capital, and materials from a single environment. Key IBPX capabilities enable WillScot to execute S&OP—integrated with financial planning—for more accurate income statements at the branch and regional levels. This allows the company to make more informed financial decisions on the consolidated forecast and ultimately, maximize rental revenue.
23:45 7/12/22
ACH Colombia relies on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and SBD for exponential growth
ACH Colombia handles 95% of the country’s interbank transfers, carrying out more than one million transactions per month. Looking to grow by 400% this year, the bank needed a more scalable, secure, and efficient technology solution than their on-premises system offered. SBD technical manager, Noel Quintero, brings us through how ACH Colombia chose Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and how it helped the bank achieve a 35% increase in systems management and operations performance, a 75% reduction in time to market, and a projected annual savings of $2.5 million over five years
16:15 6/28/22
CARE streamlines global financial operations with Astute Business Solutions and Oracle Cloud
Global nonprofit CARE has pioneered the way for the world’s most vulnerable people to lead better lives. With a presence in more than 100 countries, helping more than 90 million people through 1,300 projects, CARE needed to move to a more automated system. During our conversation with Astute’s Co-Founder and CEO, Arvind Rajan, and Senior Director, Jiyash M.A.K., they explain how a global IT upgrade to Oracle PeopleSoft Financial Management on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resulted in a 90% increase in instance deployment using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and 100% automation of their PeopleTools upgrade. Now CARE spends less time managing the application and more time focusing on its core mission of defeating poverty, saving lives, and achieving social justice around the globe.
28:04 6/14/22
Cyber threats: Trends in Cloud and Mobile Security–An Oracle Trending Topics episode
Introducing Oracle Trending Topics, a special spotlight episode for Partner Perspectives. Oracle Trending Topics episodes bring together leaders from Oracle and Oracle Partners to discuss the latest industry and technology trends, offering ideas, and sharing best practices.   What are the latest cyberthreats and what do they mean for you? Hear Johnnie Konstantas from Oracle, Jaime Fox from Deloitte & Touche LLP, and JT Keating from Zimperium Inc. discuss trends, offer insights, and share best practices around cloud and mobile security to help protect your organization and build business resilience.   See the full discussion:
23:00 6/9/22
ECHO empowers its customer experience with Oracle Digital Assistant and Fishbowl Solutions
This week, we’ll chat with Tim Gruidl, president of Fishbowl Solutions, about how he partnered with power tool manufacturer, ECHO-USA, to improve their live chat, leading to an overall improvement in customer experience. Last year, as more people were working from home and wanted to look out of their windows to see well-manicured yards, ECHO’s customer load increased by more than 300%. This increased volume meant that getting to a human agent was problematic. Yet, the company’s live chat support channel was underutilized. With the help of Fishbowl Solutions, ECHO implemented Oracle Digital Assistant, integrating it with the company’s existing Oracle B2B Service application. Customers can now find the live chat easily and receive the most relevant answer via the B2B Service knowledgebase, using AI to improve results over time, and be transferred to a live agent, if needed. As a result, ECHO has been able to expedite resolutions, reduce customer support costs, and significantly improve the overall customer support experience.
13:15 5/24/22
Vesta realizes 4X faster contract turnaround with Gaea and Oracle Primavera Unifier Cloud
This week, we travel to Mexico, for an inside look at a digital transformation at Vesta, a real estate development company offering sustainable solutions. Founded in 1998, Vesta had been managing its business using excel spreadsheets and homegrown systems to manage their portfolio of more than 240 properties. This process meant siloed data, slow response time and data loss. We’ll be joined by Sury Balasubramanian, CEO of Gaea and Christian Medina, Director, Professional Services of Gaea to learn how the move to Oracle Cloud gave Vesta the capability to consolidate multiple systems for planning, scheduling, and invoicing in a single platform, providing staff in each facility to have full access and visibility to real-time updates, operations, finances and closed deals. And as an important benefit, the move to Oracle Primavera Unifier Cloud supports the company’s future expansion plans.
25:44 5/10/22
Trinus saves 60% in annual costs with OCI and 3DB
This week, we discuss the first Brazilian Bank 100% built over OCI technologies, realizing a nearly 60% savings in annual costs by avoiding database license fees and the expense of equipping a data center. Guilherme Poli, CEO of 3DB, takes us through how they helped Trinus get the platform up and running with a scalable and cost-effective cloud platform. As a result, the OCI deployment at Trinus, 3DB paved the way to demonstrate to BACEN (Central bank of Brazil) how OCI fulfilled all the requirements and created a manual to guide similar financial institutions who would like to migrate to Oracle Cloud.
21:48 4/26/22
Adelante Healthcare completes digital transformation with Alithya and Oracle Cloud ERP and EPM
Now more than ever, the healthcare industry faces near unprecedented stress and challenges. Adelante Healthcare felt this pressure and needed a solution that would enable its nine locations providing healthcare to over 75,000 people to operate seamlessly and efficiently. Together, Alithya and Oracle partnered with Adelante to help increase productivity, reduce costs, and improve controls; freeing up resources from managing manual and tedious processes to focus on more strategic roles. Join us in conversation with Zubin Shah, Director of Solutions for Alithya, as we explore Adelante’s digital transformation, from ground to cloud.
22:12 4/12/22
Idemia optimizes operating capacity by 30% with Iteria and Oracle Cloud
This week, we take a trip to Colombia to meet with Jorge Gonzalez, commercial director for Iteria. We’ll discuss how augmented identity global leader Idemia moved from on prem to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and we’ll learn the steps recommended prior to production. For Idemia, the OCI solution proved to allow for increased efficiency through development test environments, improved processing capacity as a result of updating to the latest processer, and overall seamless productivity through connecting more people in a more agile way.
15:36 3/24/22
Williams embarks on a groundbreaking industry transformation with Huron and Oracle Cloud EPM
Things heat up on this week’s episode of Partner Perspectives as we learn how Williams, a leading energy company providing 30% of the natural gas used to heat and provide electricity to homes across the United States, embarked on a business transformation that would take them from a 20+ legacy ERP applications system to streamlined, improving their financial and operational efficiency. The transformation resulted in cost savings and timely and actionable insight. We’re delighted to welcome Jon Given, managing director for Huron Consulting Group, to take us through this journey and how Williams achieved their goals with the help of Huron’s HEAT solution and Oracle cloud.   Huron Consulting Group: Williams: Oracle Cloud EPM: Read about Williams transformation to a more sustainable future:
24:44 2/22/22
Bata increases warehouse operational efficiencies with Oracle Cloud SCM and Gaea
Do you dream about your warehouse business operations running seamlessly? Many do and like your favorite pair of shoes, this episode of Partner Perspectives may just be the perfect fit. Join us for a compelling conversation with Amin Sikander, President of Gaea and Brendan Ahn, Senior Consultant of Gaea as we step into the story of how leading footwear retailer Bata deployed Oracle Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Bata realized real-time inventory visibility and increased inventory accuracy, allowing Bata to track inventory at any stage in the warehouse, ultimately, reducing operational inefficiencies.   Learn More: Gaea: Bata: Oracle SCM: Oracle Cloud Warehouse Management System (WMS):  
25:33 2/8/22
Elkay’s digital transformation with Oracle Cloud SCM and Inspirage positioned them for growth
Join us as we chat with Mike Lieberman, director of solution architecture for Inspirage, to discuss how they partnered with Elkay, a world class designer, innovator and manufacturer of sinks, faucets, water delivery products and more, to move from an on-prem setup to a complete digital transformation with Oracle Cloud. We’ll explore the project complexities, timeline, and how the implementation removed the burden of infrastructure management from Elkay, freeing up the IT team for other tasks. The mixture of Oracle applications and Inspirage solutions has set Elkay for success and prepared them to scale for growth.   Inspirage: Elkay: SCM: Product Development:
23:24 1/25/22
Hormel Foods modernizes their back office with KPMG and Oracle Cloud
This week, join us for a conversation with Josh Scheumann and Walter Reinoehl, Managing Directors for Oracle Advisory Solutions at KPMG, to discover how they helped one of the top global-branded food companies in the world, Hormel Foods, through one of the largest Oracle Cloud back-office transformations in a Fortune 500 organization. Discover how they were able redesign their finance and supply functions to generate more automated close, intelligent forecasting and integrated supply chain planning, resulting in a single source of truth for decision making. KPMG: Hormel Foods:   Learn More: Hormel unifies finance and HR with Oracle Cloud Applications: Oracle Cloud HCM: Oracle Cloud ERP: Oracle Cloud SCM:
25:40 1/11/22
Liberty Oilfield Services completes digital transformation with Oracle Cloud and Peloton
If your business has achieved growth and needs systems to scale, join us for a lively conversation with Matthew Conner, senior vice president and ERP practice lead for Peloton Consulting Group. We’ll discuss how leading North American oilfield services, Liberty Oilfield Services, saw a boom in business and, with the help of Peloton and Oracle Cloud, experienced a complete digital transformation that can evolve with their business needs and scale as the company continues to grow.   Peloton Consulting Group: Liberty Oilfield Services: Oracle Cloud ERP: Oracle Cloud HCM: Autonomous Database Warehouse:
18:37 12/14/21
CTB helps feed a hungry world with CSS and Oracle Cloud
Join us for a special conversation with Jason Andrews, director of solutions at CSS and Erika Swinburne, director, Oracle Cloud, at CSS to learn how they helped agricultural manufacturer CTB, a Berkshire Hathaway company, alleviate surplus workload for their IT teams so they can spend more time on high value projects and accelerate, standardize, and streamline operations, resulting in implementing acquisitions smoother. And specific to CTB’s mission to nourish communities around the globe, the company committed to developing technologies that help agricultural producers become more efficient while maintaining a safe, sustainable, affordable, and abundant food supply. The result was a full transformational move from JD Edwards to Oracle Cloud EPM and Oracle Cloud HCM. Learn more: CTB: CSS: Oracle Cloud EPM: Oracle Cloud HCM:
23:44 11/30/21
dr.consulta transforms patient communication with Pmweb and Oracle Marketing Cloud
Join us for a conversation with Pmweb’s VP of Marketing Cloud Services, Grazielle Sbardelotto, as we discuss how Pmweb helped Brazilian healthcare company dr.consulta improve communication with patients and increase revenue by 20% with Oracle Responsys Campaign Management. Transcrição: dr.consulta transforma a comunicação do paciente com a Pmweb e Oracle Marketing Cloud  Junte-se a nós para uma conversa com a VP de Marketing Cloud da Pmweb, Grazielle Sbardelotto, enquanto ouvimos como a Pmweb ajudou a rede brasileira de centros médicos dr.consulta a melhorar a comunicação com os pacientes e aumentar a receita em 20% com o Oracle Responsys Campaign Management.  
19:37 11/16/21
Humana improves operational efficiency with ArganoInterRel and Oracle cloud
Is your company looking to improve operational efficiency, thereby saving time and money? Join us for a conversation with Edward Roske, CEO at ArganoInterRel, and Taylor Martin, Regional Director at ArganoInterRel, to discover how they were able to help Humana commit to helping its millions of medical and specialty members achieve their best health. Through Oracle Financial Consolidation Close Cloud (FCC), learn how Humana has used Oracle’s product to streamline their consolidations and reporting process to seamlessly integrate new acquisitions into their financials, creating a single source of truth. Learn more: ArganoInterRel: Customer: Oracle Products: Oracle Cloud EPM:    
15:59 10/5/21
University of Greenwich digitally transforms its HR system with Namos and Oracle HCM Cloud
This week, join us for a compelling conversation with Richard Clayton, Managed Services Director of Namos, and Pete Gutteridge, Senior HCM Stream Lead at Namos, and learn how, within only a few months of running Oracle HCM Cloud, the University of Greenwich has graduated to streamlined HR business processes. Employees can now access accurate and consistent information whenever needed, wherever they are. Taking it further, employees can access career development and management opportunities via Oracle’s innovative and complete end-to-end talent solutions.
25:41 9/14/21
San Francisco State University Moves Financial Planning to Oracle Cloud with Performance Architects
Is your company looking for a system that will assist you in your planning and budgeting processes? Join us for a conversation with Tyler Feddersen, EPM director of Performance Architects, to discover how they were able to help San Francisco State University deploy Oracle Cloud EPM to increase agility, improve insights and enhance business decision-making. SFSU is now enabled with the assurance to quickly adapt to unexpected conditions, especially when building budgets and financial plans for the coming years.
27:15 8/24/21
London Borough of Lambeth automates back-office processes with Evosys and Oracle Cloud
This week, join us for an exciting conversation with Kushal Shah, Head of Local Government Sector UK at Evosys, to learn how they helped London Borough of Lambeth, the governing body of London’s largest inner-city borough, improve their decision-making, cut costs, and free up resources by implementing Oracle finance and HR applications. As a result of moving its financial processes to Oracle Cloud ERP and Oracle Cloud EPM, London Borough of Lambeth has reduced manual journal entries by 45%, freeing staffers to focus on value-added work.
21:20 8/10/21
KEMET streamlines its supply planning and order promising platform with Inspirage and Oracle Cloud
This week, join us for an exciting conversation with Inspirage Senior Vice President of North American Consulting, Rob Knapp, where we discuss how his team assisted KEMET, a global supplier and manufacturer of electronic components, in digitally transforming their existing systems. Using Oracle’s cloud products, discover how KEMET was able to create more accurate supply-demand forecasts and consistently provide customers with the materials they need when they need them, putting them in a better position for future growth.
15:37 7/27/21

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