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Update Interview ~ with Sandhya Jha, on Ancestors, Anti-Oppression, & New Book!
Sandhya Jha (they/them), an ordained pastor, discusses on their new book called, Rebels, Despot, & Saints: The Ancestors that Free Us, & The Ancestors We Need To Free. Sandhya, is an anti-oppression consultant who particularly loves helping organizations get Diversity/Equity/Inclusion teams off the ground. Sandhya is the founder and former executive director of the Oakland Peace Center.Subscribe to the Joy in Racial Justice Newsletter | Invite Sandhya to keynote an event, conference, or retreat | Work with Sandhya on your organization's Diversity/Equity/Inclusion programYou can reach out to Sandhya Jha on her Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn!Check out Sandhya's other guest appearance on podcasts: www.sandhyajha.comEMAIL: Nash at
28:00 1/27/23
071| Kayshaun Brooks of Renew You Body Butters, on Pain with a Purpose, Starting Her Own Nonprofit & Upcoming Book
Kayshaun Brooks, talks about her pain during her childhood, battling with her parents' drug addictions, and mental health. Yet, she rises out of her pain and created such a beautiful purpose to love herself, her family, and others!She is also writing her own book about her experience and starting a Non-Profit. Kayshaun comes from a medical background with over 20 years of experience in nursing, mental health, project development and management. She launched Renew You Body Butters in 2018 to offer people luxury organic skincare that is ethically sourced and handcrafted. In 2020 her affiliate program took off with much success. Website: Home | Renew You Body Butters | USALinkTree: renewyoubodybuttersInstagram: renewyoubodybuttersLinkedIn: renewyoubodyHow to Start Your Own Program:
40:44 9/16/22
070| Jack Houston, Author of 'Nurse Jack', on Abuse, Crime, and Comedy
**Jack Houston's true identity was kept confidential during the recording of this episode. In all of the stories, the names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. **Jack Houston, was a Registered Nurse with more than 30 years of working in hospitals, psychiatric wards, community-based nursing, and prisons in the U.S. and Canada.  He shares incredible stories of crime, drugs, racism, and abuse - not just from their patients, but also from the staff.Jack's Book: Jack S. Houston – Author ( View Cover HERETo buy the book, click here to grab it from AmazonJack's Facebook: - Previous Speaking Engagements: “The Story Voice” ( Steinhouse Interviews Nurse Jack! – The Larry Steinhouse Show
47:22 9/9/22
069| Vickie Jo, Author of 'My Sanity Quest', on Mental Health Misdiagnosis and Self-Identity
Vickie Jo is a public speaker, author, and award-winning mental health advocate. She talks about her mental health misdiagnosis, her struggles with finding her self-identity, and how she began her journey through writing. Vickie's Website: My Sanity Quest – Tears, Trials, and Triumphs ('s Book: My Sanity Quest: Tears, Trials and Triumphs: Jo, Vickie: 9798413524411: BooksContact for Speaking Engagements: Contact – My Sanity Quest ('s Merch Store:  MY SANITY QUEST | Really? Designs (
21:50 9/2/22
068| Mick Smith, Author of 'Burning America', on the Broken Family Court System
Mick Smith, PhD, is an executive, podcaster, voice talent, and author of 'Burning America: In The Best Interest of the Children?'.  As host of, The Doctor of Digital, he simplifies the complexity of the internet for businesses and unlocks their full potential by leveraging digital marketing and its many unrecognized opportunities. Mick's Website: SEO digital marketing education ( Mick's Book: Burning America: In the Best Interest of the Children? ( Speaking Engagements:The Doctor of Digital™ GMick Smith, PhD
40:54 8/26/22
067| Anne Feustel of Writing Wisely, on CinemaTherapy & Mental Health Journey
Anne Feustel talks about her mental health journey and how she discovered that watching movies was a crucial part of self-care and a form of therapy. Anne discusses the research behind how watching movies can greatly impact our mental health. In addition, she talks about the concept of cinematherapy or watching movies as a form of therapy.Anne's Website:  Anne's Book: "Our Favorite Movies: How Films Affect Our Mental Health" Previous Speaking Engagements: 
53:59 8/19/22
066| Lindsey Kennedy, of Breast Practice, on Breast Health & Her Memoir....future TED Talk?
Lindsey Kennedy has a vital message to share! She had moved from the UK to Australia. Yet, there's a gap in understanding breast cancer that affects all women (and men) globally. Lindsey teaches breast health education by having candid cancer conversations via FB Group. She also has a Memoir about her journey, turning trauma into triumph! "The Little Things" By Lindsey: Book on Amazon She also teaches me a thing or two about how to be a better 'Mom' and to not sweat the small stuff. SNEAK PEEK: Practice - An online space for education and empowerment. | Facebook Lindsey's: Social Media Links Lindsey's: Breast Practice Facebook Group "The Little Things" By Lindsey: Book on Amazon Previous Speaking Engagements: also host candid cancer conversations every Tuesday via my Facebook Group BREAST PRACTICE welcome you to join. 
68:10 8/12/22
065| Genine Turnbull, of Empowered Souls Academy, on Toxic Bonding, Codependency, & Manifestation
Genine Turnbull, is an Empowerment Coach. She brings truth and authenticity, empowering others to build better relationships with themselves and others. Genine helps people shift from limitations and generation constraints and assist in aligning with what is truly meant for you.Genine's LinkTree: Genine's YouTube: Speaking Engagements:
15:24 8/5/22
064| Sheena Yap Chan, on Self Confidence/Love & Diversity/Representation for WoC
Sheena Yap Chan is a woman of all trades! A keynote speaker, coach, podcaster, consultant, and author to her International bestselling book Asian Women Who Boss Up. An advocate in bringing awareness to #StopAsianHate movement. Her mission is to help Asian Women boost their confidence to live their authentic selves, help Asian Women create a voice in the world, and create a stronger representation for Asian women. Sheena loves to share ways to build confidence and why it's so important to build a strong representation for (WoC) women of color. #InspirAsian Sheena's Website:'s  Podcast: Shop! Speaking Engagements: “We’re Capable!” with Sheena Yap Chan - An Intimate Conversation with Women of Color | Podcast on SpotifyRepresentation in Media for Asian Women - Asian Voices Radio | Podcast on Spotify
22:04 7/29/22
063| Elizabeth Yarnell, a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, on Her MS Story and Reclaiming Your Health
Elizabeth Yarnell, is an Author, Inventor, Naturopath, and Keynote Speaker. By day she's a traditional naturopath empowering people with MS or other autoimmune issues to help themselves improve their futures. By night she teaches moviemaking skills to elementary and middle schoolers through online courses. Elizabeth's passions are around empowering people to take care of themselves through knowledge. Everythingshe does is about educating people, whether it's about reclaiming their health or about how kids can sharetheir stories through making movies.Discover your Inflammation Score at Elizabeth's Website: Speaking Engagements:My TEDx talk: speaker reel: about me as a speaker:
41:56 7/22/22
062| Tamisa Hunter from Table Talk with Tamisa, on Overcoming Domestic Violence, Homelessness, & Suicidal Thoughts
TW: Tamisa Hunter, is a survivor of domestic violence, homelessness, and suicidal thoughts.  She felt it was important to write and publish a book about overcoming these experiences. Tamisa is a coach and a speaker that inspires her audience through her story. The book, "But I Am Still Here", will be published in November through Christian Faith Publishing. She wants women and girls out there to know there's hope no matter what your circumstances.Tamisa Website:"But I Am Still Here" BOOK — Tamisa HunterTable Talk with Tamisa Hunter — Tamisa HunterHave a Prayer Request? Women of Truth — Tamisa HunterEMAIL - tamisa@tamisahunter.comPrevious Speaking Engagement:
26:31 7/15/22
061| Nic Hyl of Nic Hyl Clothing, on Biz of Fashion and WoC Entrepreneurship
Nick Hyl is a fashion designer that was trained in traditional design techniques by some of the best in the industry. She has created her own designs from premium swimwear to resort to wear ethically to last. We talked about her journey and what inspired her love of quality, fashion, and vacation inspired lifestyle ~ as a Woman of Color.Shop and Join Our Community!:  Instagram: @nichylclothing Build Your Fashion Brand! www.nichylfashionuniversity.comFacebook: Your Self Esteem!
37:25 7/8/22
060| Julia Roberts of Decoding Creativity. Com, on Writer's Block (anything block) Resistance
Julia Roberts, of Decoding Creativity, helps writers learn more about how they think creatively so they can understand their best approach to the age-old problem of writer's block. This is useful for all people who approach creativity, especially when their stakes are high. Julia has a Masters in Science, Creativity, and has learned how to think free and help others do the same.“Julia speaks at writers’ conferences regularly, and is selected as a TEDx speaker, It’s Not Just Mojo, the Surprising Science Behind Creativity – for later this summer.”Julia's Website: Decoding Creativity New Book: Write Without the Fight, Master Your Creative Process to Write with Ease and Satisfaction,  Amazon link = link =
43:41 7/1/22
059| Kelly Edwards of The Business Shower, on Networking, Entrepenuership, & Working Your Way Up
Kelly Edwards and I talk about the importance of connecting entrepreneurs with each other and her journey from becoming a talent agent to a matchmaker for different businesses and talk about her podcast called, The Business Shower Events Podcast. Kelly highlights entrepreneurs and how they were able to get their businesses off the ground.Kelly's Website: www.thebusinessshowerevents.comKelly's Podcast: The Business Shower Events PodcastPrevious Speaking Engagements:
30:53 6/24/22
058| Darlene Hawley, on 'Build an Irresistible Business Brand by Unleashing Your Authentic Voice'
 Darlene Hawley is a speaker, podcast host, personal branding, and online business coach who shows ambitious, heart-centered coaches, experts, leaders, and entrepreneurs how to create a profitable online business while making space for themselves and their families by speaking up and sharing their story.We talked about our struggles being teenage mothers and the loss of family members. Out of these came unexpected turns in life, and how Darlene found the link between retail management and business coaching.Business Website:Darlene Hawley Service Based Personal Branding and Business Coach. Darlene's Podcast: Attract & Stand Out with Darlene Hawley | Online Business Clarity Coach on Apple PodcastsDarlene Hawley, I’m a mom of 4, wife, dream builder and a personal branding and online business coach.On the show you’ll hear real conversations about what it means to run your own business, what success actually looks like, and how you can overcome obstacles that get in your way.
55:01 6/17/22
057| Trista Polo of I Woke Up Awesome and Trista's PL8STORY Podcast, on Owning the Room of Strangers & Change Your Inner Monologue
Trista Polo has over 14 years of experience working with and coaching Entrepreneurs and Business Owners. Her clients are CEOs, Solo-Preneurs, and Network Marketing Business Owners. Trista is a speaker, trainer, and host for podcasts, videos, and live events around the US. Her mission is to help people win, whatever winning looks like to them. Through transformational conversations with self and others, she helps people access their true power. She brings life experience, extensive training, and tools that provide high value to listeners.I deserve all the best and I was created with the ability to achieve it. ~ Trista Polo's MantraSocial - @tristapoloPodcast: Trista's PL8STORY (Plate Story) Podcast on Apple Podcasts
34:40 6/10/22
Happy PodVersary! ~ 2021 Guest Updates and Wedding Bells!?
Happy Podcast 1Year Anniversary Party Line!!!Yes, I will get into more detail on what is going on with the 2021 guests mentioned in this bonus (below) well as an update on my professional and personal life. Here is My'Asia and I! Can't wait to dig into the sweet treats! Thank you to all My Past, Present, and Future Guests and My AWESOME listeners!True-Crime Podcast:Hands Off My Podcast: True Crime ( | Michael Overlie of Dogs and Men, LLC, on 'Let Your Dog Lead' Book, Dogs as Energy Healers, and His Dog Journey ( | Phung Tran of Be Active is Easy LLC, on Body Image, Healthy Eating Habits, Women Fitness Routine ( | Dr. Rowena Winkler of Journey2Consciousness LLC on Your Inner Muse, Empowerment, & Creative Writing ( | Jessica Baehr (Paula Jean Ferri), on Tourette Syndrome as a Tool, Writing, and Empowerment ( | My'Asia Jaaber of Linda Renee Sweets on Vegan While Black, 1st Gen College, and Pandemic Teaching ( | Hip Hop/Rap Artist, Justin Harris (aka Just DiVine) ( 
27:20 6/4/22
056| Dr. Tommy Watson, of T.A.Watson Speaker/Coach/Consult, on Resilience from Homeless to Success
It was an honor to speak with the one and only, "Dr. Inspiration".  T.A. Watson. ( Watson was brought up in Five Points Denver, Colorado. Where violence, drugs, and prostitution were everyday matters.  He talks about his childhood struggles from homelessness, stealing food to survive, and having both parents in and out of jail leaving him and his siblings alone for weeks. Considered a leading authority on resilience, change, motivation, and leadership, Dr. Watson inspires millions with the unique and charismatic way he articulates his rags-to-success story.  His life of resilience, [arduous] work, and perseverance will inspire any audience.Programs: Million Dollar Business Pathway ( | T.A. Watson. ( | T.A. Watson. ( | T.A. Watson. ( Podcast | T.A. Watson. ( (Theme Song): (19) Resilient (Fast Mix) - YouTube(Movie) Resilient Movie | T.A. Watson. (
47:31 5/27/22
055| Sandhya Jha of Without Fear Anti-Oppression Consulting, on Diversity/Equity Movement and Transforming Communities
Sandhya talks about community organizing and Diversity/Equity/Inclusion (and how it helps the movement and not sell it out by shifting from one to the other). They discuss what they've learned about people's ability to make changes, which they wrote about in Transforming Communities. ..FB and LinkedIn: join my newsletter on Joy in Racial Justice! speaking engagements:A book talk: lecture: podcast:
42:14 5/20/22
054| Emma Krebs of "The Curious One" Podcast, on Minimalism, Life Journey & Explorations Beyond our Comfort Zone
Emma Krebs, Podcaster of 'The Curious One' chats about how the tool of minimalism has allowed her to pursue her dreams, healing through curiosity, mindset/manifestation, the journey of podcasting, , created and the community it has created in her life and more! www.thecuriousonepodcast.comEmma also works alongside The Minimalists on their podcast. She participates in their podcast by asking questions and doing their outro: Speaking Engagements:The Journey with Jared: Nostalgic Vagabond:
58:35 5/13/22
053| Jonathan Goehring of Jon Goehring Voiceovers, on Social Media Management & Voice Over Entrepreneurship
Jonathan Goehring provides a distinct perspective and is an engaging guest!Jon discusses our world in which we don't know who to trust. He studies media management at Syracuse University, and is interested in the concepts of social media management and verifying factual information. He also touches on entrepreneurship as the owner of his own voiceover business.Samples of voice work:  www.jonathangoehring.comSamples of video production:
47:36 5/6/22
052| Holly Lasky of Aligned Optimum Vitality Coaching , on Discovering the power of the Unconscious (Breaking Addictions, Compulsion, & Trauma)
Holly is an artist, professional musician, entrepreneur and now a Master Coach, she hasdiscovered a deeper level of what has always been passionate about which is toconnect, influence and support people in a profound way. There is music and art in howwe live, make choices, our neurology and strategies. Being a Master Coach is like playing Mozart. We coach executives, entrepreneurs, coaches and creatives in eliminating blocks in the area of life they most need & creating intuitive, congruent goals. Our Clients achieve repeatable, optimum results, without rah rah motivational & accountability coaching, toxic positivity, unnecessary & unproductive busy work and years of therapy.You didn't come this far to ONLY come this far. Every Listener who books a vision call, Holly will help them get rid of their guilty pleasure food - removing the desire for a specific food they really like/want and wish they didn't in less than 10 minutes!
52:07 4/29/22
051| Anne Sydor on Market Research, Trends, & The Importance of Prioritizing
Anne Sydor is a small business owner helping solopreneurs and their target audience, consumer insights, and other industry trends through market research so that business decision-making can be easy for them. Her goal is to share market research insights and tips with other small business owners so that they can understand their customers and prospects with a heart-centered & data-driven approach.When Anne was 25 years old, she was diagnosed with heart failure. The process of losing her heart helped Anne discover who she was and connect more deeply with THE human experience.  FREEBIE Workbook: Get To (Really) Know Your Ideal Client Book A Connection Call Market Research WebsiteFollow Me On IG
43:37 4/22/22
050| Harriet West-Moore of Moore Hair Products Galore, on Black-American Influence, Empowerment, & Natural Hair Care
Harriet West-Moore is a hair product junkie! Her website supports hair products businesses. She also has 3 different podcasts that hit about Black American Music History, Natural Hair Products, and life's journeys on discovering yourself throughout the process.Harriet West-Moore and I speak on music genres influenced by early Black-American artists., Women empowerment, relationships, and natural hair care.Harriet explains, 'I have a podcast called " Moore Wine & Music Podcast" where I feature early artists who wereresponsible for creating genres of American music.  I also have a podcast called "Moore Hair GalorePodcast"- I feature guests who have created their own hair or skincare products. My third podcast iscalled "Moore Self Discovery Podcast". This podcast is about going through life's journeys anddiscovering yourself throughout the process.  I believe any of these topics would be informational toyour listeners.' Website: Harriet West-Moore | LinkedInWomen Casual/Business Fashion: Wear/T-Shirts: https://mooreshopping.coMoore Self Discovery is now on Youtube: Moore Self Discovery Previous Speaking Engagements: Castillo is Voice over artist and podcaster (
46:08 4/15/22
049 | Leticia Francis of BlaqueRose Coaching on Limiting Beliefs and Overcoming Fear
Leticia supports women who are ready to leave their soul-sucking careers by helping them find clarity and the confidence needed to build their dream business embracing a successful mindset along the way. She loves talking about addressing our fears and limiting beliefs so that we can step into power.Leticia Francis is a strong black woman, currently living in the UK. A Life Coach with many certifications (ie. REBT Mindset, Cognitive Behavioral, Confidence, and Entrepreneurial)Leticia and I talk about her beginnings, career, and relationships. Quite an in-depth and personal conversation.The episode contains details and descriptions of crimes and events, involving details of injury descriptions, that some listeners may find disturbing, and or distressing, so discretion is advised.Recently she started her new podcast called 'Choosing Her Hustle'. Leticia on her new podcast, "Creating space and creating a community for black women who want to become full-time entrepreneurs so they can leave a toxic work environment. Exploring the barriers to making the shift and providing success stories of those who have done it themselves."Coaching: Home Page ( Podcast: Listen | Choosing Her Hustle PodcastJasmine Castillo is Voice over artist and podcaster (         
50:01 4/8/22
048 | Katie Gall of Keeping It Real With Katie Gall, on Motherhood and the Arts, & "Superwoman Syndrome"
Katie Gall dedicated herself to helping women creatives and business owners of the world reclaim their time, energy, power, and confidence to boldly go after their goals and live unapologetic lives. She fully believes there is artistry in business and business in artistry, and to be integrally intertwined. She is your not-so-serious go-to-girl for Realness and Truth. I do this by sharing my no-BS, truth-telling approach matched with love and care. My coaching style gets to the root of unlocking your best self (and a bit of crushing the patriarchy at the same time haha!).I don't just talk the talk, I can walk the walk too. Katie's credentials are kick-ass and lend themselves to a holistic approach. I received my Masters of Music from NYU Steinhardt in Vocal Pedagogy and Vocal Performance. I became a certified Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, as well as a coaching certification as a Sacred Depths Transformational Coach. I now work as all of the above: a voice teacher, a performer, and a life coach.Personal Website:  https://www.keepingitrealkatie.comLinkedIn: Speaking Engagements: Cue Zero Theater Podcast - Good Report with Andre Stithe -
46:43 4/1/22
047 | Tina Ginn of Your Backup Plan App, on Emergency Preparedness & Near-Death Experience
Tina Ginn, is the creator of 'Your Backup Plan' app. She would love to share getting better prepared for the unexpected especially important during these challenging times in the Pandemic. With her new App it can assist you with putting all of your importantinformation, details, and documents into 1-place so it's easily accessible when you need it the most! Whether you are in ICU for Covid for weeks or need to grab your emergency kit, this app got you covered! Personal Website: www.yourbackupplan.caLinkedIn: Speaking Engagements: the show (
43:01 3/25/22
046 | Stephanie Mojica of Get Their Attention Now, on Digital Nomad Life, Book Writing & Publishing
Stephanie Mojica encourages and inspires with stories about being a book development coach and book editor while living as a digital nomad in Suriname! Stephanie gives pointers as to how they can become authors even if they didn't go to school for writing.Guest: Stephanie MojicaOrganization: Get Their Attention NowWebsite: Get Their Attention Now - [ The Marketing Message Expert ] Speaking Engagements: true-crime podcast of #MMIP, #LBGTQ2S, #BIPOC, #AAPI. I am dedicated to helping put information out to assist families in finding these lost loved ones. Here is the guest form if you are interested in telling their story.My contact number is +903-883-6103 or email: HandsOffMyPodcast@gmail.com the show (
34:53 3/18/22
045 | Mark Lewis of Communique, LLC, on His Book 'Give A Damn', Cultural Change, & Attitude with Gratitude
Mark Lewis, author of a recent bestselling book, GIVE A DAMN - The Ticket to Cultural Change, his dream is to help businesses and individuals become more aware of the words and actions that lead to their success or lack thereof. Mark has a background in big business (IBM for 13 years), became a successful serial entrepreneur, and ran a nonprofit for 10 years that went from being almost bankrupt to great success. He's currently a business coach and entrepreneur that helps individuals and companies understand how a change in culture and attitude can lead to happiness, success, and longer life. The world has become too self-centered and ego-driven and we need to change how people think and their attitude towards others has become toxic.  When you Give A Damn about others, your life and those around you vastly improve. Mark has been on several podcasts, radio, TV and has given many presentations to business groups and associations. You can learn more about him at . Previous Speaking Engagements: (30) THE POWER OF KINDNESS- Spiritual Stories Worth Sharing # 8 - YouTubeSupport the show (
40:34 3/11/22
044 | Dr. Ellenmorris Tiegerman of Tiegerman Schools and Community Services, on Special Education & Transformation for Children of our Future
Dr. Ellenmorris is a prolific professor and teacher, who directs Tiegerman Schools and Community Services in New York. She and I believe that all people should have the resources to meet the needs of education - no matter their level of learning. Her campuses are the foundation of hope for children K4-12 to become their best selves. When we come to understand that children are our future, funding is necessary! New Book!! Donate to Tiegerman Schools true-crime podcast of #MMIP, #LBGTQ2S, #BIPOC, #AAPI. I am dedicated to helping put information out to assist families in finding these lost loved ones. Here is the guest form if you are interested in telling their story.My contact number is +903-883-6103 or email: HandsOffMyPodcast@gmail.com the show (
21:38 3/4/22