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This isn’t your typical legal advice podcast and Angel M. Latterell, Esq is not your typical lawyer. Angel understands the heart and soul, just as much as the judicial system. As an attorney, she has over 16 years of legal experience in the areas of business law, intellectual property, complex litigation, and landlord-tenant law. As a project manager, Angel is all about building and nurturing systems that work. As a certified transformation coach, practicing Buddhist, spiritual guide, and poet she knows it all starts with a healthy abundance mindset. Angel is any heart-based entrepreneur’s trusted advisor. She understands the law wasn’t written to be understood and wants to empower you to stop avoiding your legal matters. Angel teaches you how to manage your assets and properly contain your abundance so you can prosper systematically and energetically. Produced by Elizabeth Drolet.


S3, Ep. 3 | The Triple Rabbit Hole
It is time to go down a rabbit hole, my friends. The Rabbit and the Hare are both symbols of abundance, fertility, the womb, the moon, rebirth, and the goddess - and in this month of Ostara (Vernal Equinox) and Easter, when I am releasing this 3rd installment of the 3rd season of my podcast in the 3rd month of the year the symbol of the triple goddess, the trilogy, and the triple rabbit known as the Triskele (spelled out T R I S K E L E) is front and center in my consciousness.   The Triskele, the symbol of the triple rabbit or three hares, features three rabbits running in a circle and their ears join in the center to make an equilateral triangle. This symbol transcends religions found in Buddhist, Muslim, Christian and Celtic/Nordic traditions. It's found on a cave wall in China and drawn on rocks in Germanic and Celtic stones, and found within Christian churches in the British Isles. Like many symbols, it has been adopted by religion, but not really religious, as religion is really the new kid on the block - symbolism goes back much further into the primordial origins and archetypes of humans. Symbols are the sacred geometric building blocks of the universe - circles, squares, and triangles. All things are built on, and with these 3 shapes and sacred geometry is the stuff upon which all material comes into formation. I told you we were going down a rabbit hole and here we go - if you look at the Triskele in Celtic illustrations the rabbits running in circles are often replaced by spirals - the spiral is the Fibonacci Sequence and the pattern that fractals, flowers, snails, trees, crystal and all life grows in. In other words, the triple rabbit is the fibonacci sequence, the sacred geometric pattern of all life.  So, my three rabbits running in a circle with a triangle in the center represent life itself. The kingdom of heaven is embodied in this flesh, for I am the kingdom, the power, and the glory. Amen. (singing a little) "Jesus Christ Superstar… do you think you are what they say you are?" I share this Andrew Lloyd Webber lyric to make a point - Jesus, our celebrated riser from the dead at this time of year (symbolizing the resurrection of the earth from winter and all the cycles of rebirth and fertility that come at the vernal equinox), DID know EXACTLY what he was and was trying REALLY REALLY hard to get the rest of us humans at the time to listen. We are spirit embodied in this flesh. The glory and power of divine energy is held within this physicality. Thus, all the power of a god to manifest miracles can come forth from within each and every one of us. Spirit is symbolized with a triangle, as is fire. The fire of alchemy, the transformation from muck to gold. From this mundane flesh to spirit. To be enlightened is to sever the attachment to this physical body, being ALL that we are and are meant to be in this life. Yes, our physical bodies are built from sacred geometry; just look at the double helix of our physical DNA and then at the glyph of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. But that just means our spirit is currently contained in our flesh, not that we are only this flesh and blood.  Our journey in this lifetime, and what Jesus was trying to teach us, is that we can create miracles in our lives if we believe we are and choose to truly know ourselves as God. We need to know ourselves as divine beings capable of manifesting the life of purpose we want to live. But no one but ourselves can know yourself as this divine being. But once we choose to know ourselves as divine, as spirit, as a creator of our life - ignorance of our larger universal power cannot be taken away. The fundamental knowledge of the self as divine spirit opens the gate to the kingdom of heaven (not some place in the clouds with angels playing harps). Still, you reclaim your crown as the sovereign of your life and create a kingdom of joy, light, and abundance for yourself, your family and your community. And this is how we are going to create peace on earth. Like the church hymn. "Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me." Shambala is a world where humans have actualized themselves, awakened to the possibility that they are the creator God of their life and are living that daily. They are treating themselves as a God and thus treating others as a God. If you know and love yourself as a divine and worthy being, you can know and love another as a divine and worthy being. Even if that divine being makes choices that harm you. You can forgive those who harm you because they know not what they do. They are ignorant that they are God and that they are harming another god. They are ignorant that they have a choice in what they are doing. Okay, some of you may now think I've fallen off my proverbial rocker with this rabbit hole. I've gone from three rabbits running in a circle to sacred geometry, Jesus Christ Superstar, and You are God. Yep—and now we are going to talk about the Easter Bunny. Jesus Christ, Angel. Yep, Exactly.  In my research about rabbits and hares, in an attempt to find some creative take on talking about Abundance Mindset or fertility, I went down a small hole little road about the Oschter Hare, i.e., The Easter Hare or i.e., the Easter Bunny to which many today attributes to the myth of Ostara or Eostre turning a bird into a rabbit and the rabbit laying eggs to show its gratitude to the goddess. This legend is pretty recent (like the late 1800s), but as synchronicity would have it, one article I read quoted a story from an April 13, 1911, Warren, Minnesota newspaper. My mother is from Warren, Minnesota as was her mother and father, my maternal grandparents George and Agnes Sabol. My grandparents were both from prolific Catholic families with 12 and 13 siblings at once. They were farmers of the midwestern plains, stoic and practical - but seeing the date of 1911 I wondered if either of them (George or Agnes) saw the article when they were growing up and if either of them ever believed in the Easter bunny. Ironically, Warren is the name of a home for rabbits - I learned this as a little person reading Watership Down, which isn't a book for children. However, I was not a normal child, and I picked up most of what Richard Adams was lying down with his rabbit allegory.   The quote from the 1911 Warren, Minnesota newspaper article reads.  "The Easter Bunny is said to have been a bird which at one time drew the chariot of the goddess of spring and was turned into a hare. Every year, however, at the coming of spring, the hare remembers and in commemoration of its original bird nature lays eggs as an offering to spring & youth that it symbolizes."  I never really believed in the Easter Bunny, but I did enjoy the tradition of the basket and the chocolate that was found there on Easter Sunday morning. I'm still not a fan of Cadbury eggs to this day (too sweet) but Easter Candy makes me think about my grandmother Agnes and going to church. (I'd always stuff my pockets with easter candy when brought to church on easter, and the chocolate would melt and get all over my hands, to my grandmother's great dissatisfaction). My grandmother loved to sing hymns. I think when she sang in church, it was one of the few times she felt joy in her life - because at that moment, she could connect with God within and without and be in the light, free from the sorrow of a life pockmarked with abuse, alcoholism and pain caused by untreated stomach and emotional maladies. I loved to watch her sing even if I hated being in the church because I knew it was her happy place, and nowhere else was.   I've spent a lot of time thinking about my grandmother Agnes. When you are a really young woman, and you watch one of your primary caregivers so miserable that they drink themselves to death, it sticks with you. And I know now that she suffered from the side effects of being sexually abused as a small child and other untreated trauma. But sorrow is not the only thing I learned from my grandmother Agnes. I knew the power of planting seeds and nourishing the world around you. She was a master gardener, and her plants were prolific. She was the living embodiment of The Empress archetype or the abundant mother goddess Lakshmi, as everything she touched grew abundantly, and she fed her family from her bounty. On an income of nothing but social security, my family never had food insecurity. There were vats of sauerkraut, beets, asparagus, fresh beans, carrots, tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, and raspberries all summer long, and pickles and canned things all winter. The men brought home the venison, and the women waited in line for government cheese and agricultural subsidies. We were financially poor but we were neither hungry nor lacking, ever. There was always enough money and prosperity to give to the church and to celebrate all holidays and birthdays. All of our needs were met. And we always sang. Sang in church. Sang when picking the beans. Sang when making a lemon meringue pie. And when singing, she knew joy, and we always had enough. And this is true abundance - joy in knowing you are spirit, resting upon gratitude and celebration of what you have even if it is not perfect, even sometimes if it is very far from ideal. When we can have true gratitude for everything we have and celebrate it and our life, we can be in a space of true joy and flow abundance in all aspects.   In some ways, it is just that simple. It is a rabbit laying eggs to celebrate spring and show gratitude to the goddess when it remembers it was once a bird. It is recognition that we are something way bigger and greater underneath this flesh. It is remembering who we truly are. We are spirit. We have never been born, and we will never die as spirits. And by remembering who we are we tap into the universal knowing, into the flow of life itself, and we start to create and love and experience joy - and thus take steps to nourish ourselves and others holistically - not just our physical bodies so we can step out of survival mode/lack mentality and instead see beyond lizard brain and switch into thriving/ abundance mindset where there is always enough. We run not away from things but towards things or for the joy of the wind in our hair or the feeling of using our legs where we gain the courage to create new pathways to plant new seeds in our life for new experiences versus settling for comfort zones. So, our exercise for this month is to plant a seed of joy in your life and to celebrate an accomplishment to nourish that joy with song and dance.  First, meditate and get clarity on one thing you want to create for yourself by August (1st Harvest/Lammas). You will have four months to nurture this seed. Write down what you want to create on a slip of paper. Now, take this piece of paper outside and find an appropriate place to plant it on the earth. You will dig up a little bit of soil and plant it, just like you would a natural seed.  After you bury it, you will nourish that joy seed with the water and fertilizer of your song and dance. You are going to celebrate unabashedly with complete silliness around the seed. Sing your favorite song or hymn, or make up a ditty and dance around the joy seed at least three times. But I encourage you to do even more than 3, work up a sweat! Get into it! Make yourself laugh at yourself. Belt that song out of those lungs and celebrate life, what you have accomplished, and what you can do as a divine being. You are the creator of your destiny. You are the rabbit who can lay eggs because you remember who you truly are! Dance in that circle, nourish your joy and grow in abundance. You are the nurturer, the God, the goddess; you are the spirit! You can create miracles. The kingdom of spirit is embodied in your flesh. Dance it out. Make that seed grow, sprout, and blossom into abundance throughout your life. You got this. Have fun with it! Light that alchemical fire of joy in your heart.  Well, I hope you enjoyed this little circle down a rabbit hole today, my friends. May you have a joyful spring, a blessed Ostara, a happy Easter, and a prayer-filled Ramadan. If you need a little assistance planting seeds of abundance and nourishment in your life, I can help with that! Reach out via my website and book a call today. 
13:56 3/26/24
S3, Ep. 2 | Love is NOT all you Need: The Truth About Relationships
“There are no happy endings in Love.  Because as long as love exists there is no ending but transformation. Love is the force that transforms eternity.”  Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon  (Angel singing all you need is love) “Love is all you need.” The Beatles Yet, love is not enough for a relationship between two people to flourish. Long-term romantic relationships require effort applied to the appropriate object (the relationship) in order to work long-term. And the appropriate object is not the other person in the relationship with you - that results in the desire to change the other person, or fixate on them for good or bad, and it creates dependency on them like a substance. (now you want to love and care for and be kind to the other person but that is not the focus point of your effort when in a romantic relationship).  So, let me backup for a second. Let me describe what I’ve learned about relationships hermetically.  Imagine that a relationship is a pyramid (a triangle). The two people in love and in relationship form the base of the pyramid so man and woman or man/man, woman/woman are at the two corners - then at the top of the pyramid is The Relationship. It is a 3rd entity, a “child” so to speak created by the two beings in relationship, through the exchange of masculine and feminine energies. The Relationship itself is an entity and it is born of the two making a commitment to themself and to the other to always better themself (because we are not perfect) and better the relationship (because its made of two imperfect beings - so needs effort and nurture and improvement of those two beings to thrive). The only way the relationship is going to work is if there is TRUST - consistency of actions and repeatedly doing what you said you were going to do for and with the other person, and for and with yourself in relation to that other person. PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY - recognition that as a human being you are not perfect and that you are always seeing, hearing,doing things thru a filter of your mind/thoughts/programming and that you are going to do your best to acknowledge and take responsibility for your mind/thoughts/programming in all of their imperfections. COMMITMENT - commitment to the relationship via the discipline of being a better individual through personal growth and development. Discipline to know thyself better and be better in the world through the positive actualization of your purpose. Finally encircling all of these, ideally there is a shared understanding of value in something between the two people - family, faith, spirituality, purpose. Maybe simply the recognition that all humans are just that, human, and we all deserve to be treated as such.  Returning to the point - If you are committed to making yourself better because you Love yourself and respect yourself as a divine being then you can respect the other human in the relationship the same way, and then work with that person to nourish the relationship like you are raising a child. Resting this nourishment on the foundation of Trust, Honesty, Personal Responsibility, Commitment and Care - you can love and flow love in this cycle because the channel for that love to flow is held open by those foundational elements I described and the archway they create. (and if one of these elements is missing then like a dam the flow for your love gets blocked and the child/relationship will suffer). If you can’t see yourself first as the central sun of your universe, making your own world with your thoughts, actions and perspectives, all of the foundational elements are challenged.  If all you see is the world acting upon you, standing in need, or in victim or blaming other people for not treating you right or giving you what you need, then you are not able to take responsibility for yourself as the creator of the central source of awareness in your universe. It is essential to recognize that every relationship with every single person, place or thing in your life starts in your mind.  It lives first in your thoughts and those thoughts are colored by that mind.  So let me put a pause on the relationship between two people, for just a moment so we can understand this extremely important point.  First let’s just define what is a relationship period, and how relationships work in your life.  A relationship is simply a connection you have with a person, place or thing and it can be positive or negative. It does not require there to be affection, for example you can have a relationship with your car, your computer, your house, your city of residence. You can also have relationships with pets and with people - family, friends, colleagues, employees, your favorite barista.  And then you have romantic relationships with your spouse, lover, partner whatever label you choose and state of commitment you are in.  Everything you do is in relationship and every relationship is colored by your thoughts and thus your mind (because this is Hermetic Principle #1 ALL IS MIND). It is an oversimplification but no matter where you go, what you have or who you are with THERE YOU ARE.  You cannot leave yourself out of any relationship, or else you would be dead and there would be NO RELATIONSHIP for you (you can have relationships with dead persons but that is a whole other topic for another day). You are the CENTER of your relationships not because you are the center of everyone’s universe but because you are the center of your own universe.  And all relationships with everything in your life first take place in your mind. Your thoughts affect every interaction and connection you have.  And these thoughts come from your mind. You act on what is inside your head for better or for worse. Thus, if we are going to improve our world and our relationships (which are our world) we first have to clean up our thoughts/mind so we can start to discern what really is going on inside us and thus truly see what is happening outside of us. In addition - how we treat ourselves is tantamount to how we treat others. So we have to take responsibility for how we love and care for ourselves, and know ourselves first before we can really know what it is to love another person, and understand better what is happening in the relationships we choose to make. And we choose all of our relationships consciously or subconsciously, we are 100% at the epicenter of every positive or negative relationship in our lives whether those are with people, places or things.  So the Key to us having healthy positive relationships (and a good life because our entire life is made up of relationships) is having a good relationship with yourself. Knowing Yourself. Taking care of yourself. Loving yourself. Taking responsibility for yourself. If you first know thyself - you will have good relationships with persons, places and things because you’ll realize that your external reality is a reflection of your inner reality (Hermetic Principle #2 As above so below, as within so without). And you will start to actualize the reality you desire to live in and experience actual joy and purpose. OK so with that all reviewed let’s go back to the main event. My bold statement that Love is not enough for a romantic relationship to work. I’m definitely statistically accurate in the United States with marriages currently having a less than 50% success rate. But this is not a podcast about legal trends or even the cause of divorce (but I will note that the #1 reported cause of divorce is infidelity, The Destroyer of Trust, one of the 3 foundations necessary for nourishment to flow to The Relationship).  Alright so if love, or loving the other person is not enough, what is?  Well that is just it. It is the focus of your attention on the appropriate object, and in the case of Your relationships what is the one common denominator?  You.  You must be committed to knowing yourself,  and creating positive growth of the self so that you are able to capably understand and discern that you are actually in a relationship, and be the person that allows that relationship to grow and sustain.  Let’s use an overly simplistic thought example.  If you think “this person is harming me.” Then that is your reality. But are they?  Are they stabbing you with a knife? That would be objective harm. Are they saying no to a particular request? Is that NO harm?  Maybe you just do not like the answer and it “hurts” you in that you feel something you do not like.  But what is that actually?  Maybe they are preventing physical harm by saying no?  What is the objective reality of the situation? What if you analyze the inputs from around you, and within you, and acknowledge what is happening? Can you discern reality? Or are you experiencing a fact pattern that the negative ego mind is putting directly into a proof to make the other person wrong for their boundary i.e. saying no and because you don’t like this, you label it bad or harm?  Now let’s take an example from my life. First I want to be really vulnerable about my life. If you were to look at my track record of relationships you would see a pattern of me experiencing a pattern of major betrayals of trust.  One partner I have “loved” after another in my life has significantly lied to me, usually around a core issue of fidelity at major points in our relationship, or I have been left suddenly (in most cases because they chose another). I actually, until recently, had a lot of shame around this. I felt like there was something wrong with me. All I’ve ever wanted was a devoted partner to share this life with but all I found was one heartbreak after another. (long sigh)  Boohoo tragic me. That is until I owned the pattern as a reflection of how I treated myself. I was subconsciously setting myself up to fail by choosing relationships that would result in the very outcome my little person and anxious attachment abandoned me was trying to avoid.  It was me who kept leading myself to situations where I was ultimately going to be rejected, lied to, and/or experience infidelity.  Recently, the universe delivered me the gift of having to start dating again. This time around knowing what I know now about my patterns I went into it promising myself I would not repeat what I did before. I was also going to be very aware of my past hurts and triggers and not project them upon anyone I am dating. Furthermore if I was going to date anyone they had to be on the same page about this and willing to and be able to communicate in the moment about thoughts, feelings and not take the process personally. But instead be willing to come to the table to discuss in the moment what happens between two people when they learn to relate.  Essentially, I was going to follow the formula I am sharing with you. Hours and hours of hermetic and spiritual training have been about overcoming this core issue in my life. I’ve achieved everything else. But this area I keep failing at. So with that lens of seeking someone first who was willing and able to communicate, in the moment, directly, objectively, and with the same desire of truly getting to know the other person for the sake of creating a long term relationship - I find myself practicing just that with someone. And as I continue to get to know him, things have come up that set off my anxiousness, my fear of betrayal, my fears of screwing things up, of being too much, of driving people away.  But the difference this time, when those fears come up, we have together created a safe space to share them, acknowledge what is happening in the moment, and inquire further where they are coming from.  For example, in my life -  I called my new Significant Other and said I needed to go to Southern Florida to help my father, he mentioned some resources he had in that area, and without clarifying if he was actually offering them to me specifically - I heard it as an offer to help me with my situation. But we made no firm plans, like a date to go and use these resources. And then a week later when I was going to start confirming specifics he tells me he is unavailable as he had some serious health appointments he needed to go to. Two things happen at this moment for me - 1. A part of me was like OMG he made a promise and now he isn’t following through (siren alarm! Red flag! eep!) and 2. Why didn’t he tell me he had this health stuff going on? And then I paused myself from the emotional drama train and asked what actually happened? What objectively occurred? (versus what I thought happened)  What did you actually say in that conversation? Were you clear? Did I ask for assistance directly? Did you make any firm agreement to anything? And then as far as the health stuff, at our stage of relationship most people don’t get out their planner and just start listing off major doctors appointments coming up.  I didn’t tell him about mine, why would he tell me his?  Telling myself the truth, I had to acknowledge that there was very likely a huge gap between what objectively occurred and what I perceived. So instead of turning over the proverbial table in some sort of temper tantrum and playing right into negative emotions from old patterns and self sabotaging -  I chose the opportunity to learn how each one of us works better.  And that is how I presented it when we talked.  I started with telling him that I think I misunderstood something, and I wanted to know where that miscommunication rooted from, so that going forward it didn’t happen again. We came to a very easy and thoughtful place of clarity on what happened with no drama or erosion of trust.  Just the opposite. We now have a reference point for planning things together in the future. Which if applied consistently by each of us will create more trust. Alright my friends, I hope you are seeing the necessity of self-clarity in your relationships. You can love someone but if there is no trust, no personal responsibility for your thoughts and programming, no commitment to working on yourself for the sake of yourself and the relationship then there is no container for that love to flow into, and the child (the relationship) will starve. Meanwhile, if you do not know yourself, if you do not love yourself, then you will not be able to discern what really is going on in your relationship with yourself, let alone your relationship with others.  So, my exercise for everyone this month is just this.  You are going to look into the mirror every morning for the next 7 days and say “I Love You”  to yourself. Seriously, look into your own eyes deeply and say it.  I love you. Do it. Then repeat it. I Love You. Allow the words to sink deep into your heart. Then repeat it again. I Love you. Sit with it.  And do this every day for 7 days - in the morning, first thing. And if it is hard - then you know that you have some things to work on in your relationship with yourself. and I can help with that!  Reach out and book a call with me. Let’s get you on the road to being able to say “I love you” with ease and see how that self mastery blossoms into a bouquet of beautiful relationships with others. 
17:52 2/27/24
S3, Ep. 1 | Renewal, Refresh, Reboot, Rebirth and the Phoenix
When we are born and take our first breath, our soul enters this physical flesh, and we become animated. We enter this density and forget what it was like to be a spirit. The only thing that keeps us tethered to that experience is our soul - and as we learn things from this physical experience through our five physical and spiritual senses, our experience as spirit gets further and further away. We start building many programs that display our personality and become masks we wear. We project ways of being upon ourselves like a drive-in movie theater screen. For example, if this happens, it means this is about me or another person. I'm not worthy of love because…, we can't have nice things, that way of life is not for me… or in front of my parents, I act this way; when dating, I'm this way; when at work, I am this way. You have so many autonomous programs and various masks. When you are an adult, you forget entirely who you are. You also get super attached to this rental vehicle of physicality (some of us call it a meat suit) we walk around in. We believe this is all there is - perhaps diving into hedonistic pleasures that physicality has to offer us headlong to cope with the sense that this is all there is. Drinking, eating, sexting your way through life, putting more in, in an attempt to fill the void in your heart where a sense of purpose should be.  Or you may bury yourself under another identity - mom, soldier, project manager, content creator, influencer. I don't know whatever form of busy floats your boat and how you associate every aspect of yourself with that job or role. But you can't be that role, job, or version of yourself forever. The flesh gives out, our beauty fades, we get injured, we get fat, we lose our strength, our hearing, our sigh. Either way, our purpose can never be found simply in the job we do because we are more than this body and this physical experience.  We are spirit. (Pause) We have never been born, and we will never die (as spirit). But this physical body will most certainly die and fall away - that is the one certainty of this physical experience we are all having. Death.  Wow. Angel. What a way to start out a new season of your podcast on a bright note. I am reminding everyone that they die. This is the truth, though. My job as an estate planning attorney is precisely this - I remind people of their mortality and get them to prepare for it so they do not leave their families a big, stinking, expensive mess when the physical inevitability occurs. It is never too early to plan, but it can always be too late. "if you are having trouble with planning, I can help! Feel free to shoot me an email for more information. Stay tuned until the end of the episode for contact info." But the point of this podcast today is to talk about a smaller kind of death and rebirth. The type of death held and symbolized within the Rider Waite Tarot card (Death), in the Rune stone Eihwaz, and in the cycle of the Phoenix. Renewal through the conscious choice to let go of your shit. Flush it down the toilet and start fresh. Or the willing submission to the holy fire of transformation - by letting go of the old so there is room for the new.   Let's briefly talk about the Phoenix in case you need to familiarize yourself with this mythological being. Per my Signs & Symbols sourcebook, the bird symbolizes alchemy because it is reborn for its ashes after voluntarily combusting. Keyword here. Voluntarily. There is a whole process - where the Phoenix goes around the world collecting aromatic wood, herbs, and spices so it can build its funeral pyre in a date palm tree. Then it lights itself on fire and is reborn upon the next day's dawn.  While alive for 500 to 1500 years, the Phoenix persists only on aromatic wood smoke, thus not harming anything to eat.  Let's focus on the voluntary submission to the purifying flames, thus bringing rebirth as an archetype for us to explore. More importantly, the ritual. The slow, intentional gathering of the right spices, wood, and herbs, building a nest in a particular place, and performing the act in a specific time-space order for the magickal creatures' transformation. What is critical to this ritual is the intention. The willingness to let go of one life/to die because out the other side is more beauty, joy, and freedom.  Now, not every change/little death in our lives happens this methodically. We may be forced to renew an aspect of ourselves because something is destroyed or stolen or a relationship with a person ends suddenly. Proverbial band-aids are ripped off in our lives all the time. I lost a lot of things this last year - so many that a part of me is tired of being resilient - but I didn't lose myself. I found more of myself than ever in the process of losing.  This last year, I found myself robbed in a foreign country, far from home. The violation of that theft and losing all my healing tools became a gift. This is how I approached death. Intentionally and purposefully, I released the attachment, giving me the power to be reborn, just like the Phoenix.  It was late summer; I walked out the door of my hotel in Mississauga, Ontario, at 8 am and looked at the empty parking space where my Luna (my moon rock colored 2023 Toyota 4 runner) was supposed to be and thought, "Where is my car?!"  Yes, My car was gone, not misplaced nor towed, but STOLEN!   Can you imagine my heartbreak when I realized I was suddenly being given the spiritual lesson of "examining my relationship with my car."  It has been said that "to affect reality, you have to acknowledge the actual reality of a situation."   Interestingly enough, I had spent the previous two days listening to Sovereign Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon teach on the hermetic of relationships. Therefore, I was in inappropriate headspace to face the immediate reality that my car had disappeared. This isn't any car. This was my 45th birthday present to myself - and it was gone! Along with a lifetime of collected tools in the lockbox and my suitcase holding all my gear for the "Warriors of Light Martial Arts Retreat" that I was headed to in a few days.   Surprisingly calm, I returned to the front desk of the hotel, reporting my stolen car. Not being a citizen of Canada, I also realized I needed to learn how to call the police. I sent my friend ahead to class to let them know I'd be delayed due to car theft and set about calling the police, insurance, and Toyota to start the tracking of my vehicle - and then the realization of all the things I had lost began to trickle into my brain.  A huge part of me just wanted to sit down and cry - but I knew denying the loss and getting angry about it wasn't going to change the fact that my car had been stolen. Based on the security footage shown to me by the hotel manager, the skilled and savvy thieves likely had it on a shipping container to Sudan.  Losing my car was an extreme violation. Losing my Life Activation Wand was a heartbreaker. Losing my favorite "Trampled by Turtles" sweatshirt, my adored watermelon patterned dress, and my go-to sneakers was a HUGE bummer. But I immediately and voluntarily surrendered to the things I had an attachment to - it was just that, THINGS. No amount of emotional theatrics and painful gesticulation would bring them back. I could shake my fist at the sky and call in holy hellfire upon the thieves and their descendants, but that just seemed dramatic, and I had things to do, places to be, and a life to live, which would be a major inconvenience.   And at the end of the day, I was OK. I was OK, mentally and physically; no one had harmed my body or family or dog - it was just stuff.  My colleagues were surprised at how calm I was. Luckily, for the next 3 days, I was in a class called "Know Thyself," where I got to meditate with Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed and make art. It was the best possible way to recover from this massive violation.  I share this example from my life as my version of "The Phoenix Story" because although having everything stolen from me was not my choice, my reaction to the theft was my choice.  And like the Phoenix, I submitted willingly to the transformation. And this is what made the difference, as it allowed me to upgrade everything about my life and healing practice, which was 100% because I intended to release the attachment and will enable the renewal to occur. On a brighter note, I got the red version of the car that I had initially wanted but had to settle for Moonstone gray.  Change happens in our lives regularly. Deaths happen in our lives as we allow ourselves to evolve. If we get stuck on the old way, the attachment holds us back and causes pain & suffering. If we release the attachment - we can be reborn, fly onto greater heights, and experience joy from the process.  So here is an exercise for you to embrace change and intentionally allow alchemical renewal into your life.   First, identify and create a space to sit and meditate. It doesn't have to be perfect, just quiet, clear of clutter and debris, and in view of an altar.  Second, create an altar if you don't already have one place, two white candles, a rock, a feather, and some incense, or a diffuser with the lovely essential oil you enjoy smelling.   Third, which is a bonus rather than a necessity - collect some palo santo. You can purchase this at your local spiritual or earth magick supply store/crystal shop or order it from Amazon. Now, in the intentional environment you have set up for yourself, light the candles, burn the palo santo (just a little bit so the smoke wafts over your face and body), burn the incense, or start your diffuser and sit and meditate to get clarity on the things you want to let go of, on the things you need to release.   What are you carrying around as baggage weighing you down? Who do you need to forgive? (remember yourself). What past things are you attached to and sad about or experiencing some emotion that you can now do nothing about? While you meditate, remember to breathe. Take deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth.  Just allow the information to come in however it does, and then after 10 min or so, journal what you have experienced. Write down anything that comes to mind. Allow it to flow from pen to paper so you ground the truth and reality of it for your life. You are taking ideas from thought to reality on paper. Now, pick one or two of the oversized items and write them out on individual slips of paper.   Then, identify somewhere safe to burn things. You are going to build yourself a little ritual fire. Take your palo santo, and find some dry cedar if it's available where you are. You could find some excellent wood chips that you'd put in a BBQ or cinnamon sticks and pine needles. Just make sure your little funeral pyre is aromatic and intentional to you.   Then light it up! And place your phoenix papers into the fire. Use this purposeful ritual to release those things you are attached to so you can truly be renewed and refreshed and start anew.   Watch everything in the fire burn and hold gratitude as you do. Therein lies your rebirth.  You can do this exercise for any of the things you experienced in your meditation or for things that come up later. What is most important as a takeaway from this exercise is the choice to intentionally and voluntarily submit to letting go. That voluntary and intentional act is the energy that brings renewal.  As I started this podcast sharing - yes - everyone dies. This is part of our physical existence. But so is listening to our soul, getting past the autonomous programming to remember who you really are - which is spirit. A divine being who creates their reality with their thoughts and actions.   If this podcast or anything I've brought up intrigues you - or if you want to learn daily practices that can help you create your life more intentionally, find more joy, or get over your proverbial baggage. I can help with that! Reach out via my website,, and book a call. Let's talk about the benefits of the Empower Thyself class & initiation and other means of actualizing what lies within you for the best and highest good!   
14:44 1/24/24
S2. Ep. 7 | Masculine and Feminine: The Hermetic Principle of Gender + Creation
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17:44 3/3/23
S2, Ep. 6 | Rising Above the Rhythm of the Universe
S2 Episode 6: Rising Above the Rhythm of the Universe Part One: November 2022 "Are you ok?" my good friend asked me on the phone a couple of days ago, and I couldn't answer him because I was holding back the tears of my grief. My greatest temptation took a huge piece of my heart with it. I didn't want this post about Rhythm to be part two of Angel's traumatic relationship loss story, but I had to let that go because this is the story that happened, and it is a fine example of the pendulum swing in my life. It is also how I used my practice of service to others and meditation to neutralize it. I have been awake but living a nightmare. The nightmare began the day I found out about her. The nightmare most recently came in the form of a social media profile picture. There, my alleged life partner was walking down the aisle in unholy matrimony with her, the other woman, his gut-wrenching secret, only three short months after I found out about her and thus, ended us. This nightmare evokes a soul-crushing "what the fuck?!" That moment, upon seeing the picture,I knew I had dodged a bullet of crazy. That the drama train left the station without me on it, I should be relieved, say good riddance, sayonara – I'm moving on without that weight of irresponsibility strapped to my ankle. But the emotional me, the part that loved and believed in what their best friend shared with them, is crying her eyes out. A wounded and broken child experiencing betrayal of the most profound kind, the knife turning yet again in a deeply broken heart., "I don't want my choices to affect you," he said when I found out about her. I wanted to stab him with my ceremonial Athame. But instead of committing premeditated murder, I told him I would be removing myself from this fucked up "friendship" so I could heal and no longer be subjected to his selfish and hurtful choices. So the Law of Rhythm states, "Everything flows out and in; everything has its tides; all things rise and fall; the pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates." -The Kybalion Because I know the hermetic principle, I haven't acted on "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." Oh, I want to unblock his wife on Facebook and tell her all the ways he's lied to her, that her marriage is based on falsity, and that I curse them both to a life of unhappiness and complete lack of joy. But that action would result only in a dramatic rhythm swing reaction to the other way, bouncing back at me worse than any fury I can deliver in their direction. Because that is the law – every action has a reaction, the tide goes out and the tide goes in. This is the Way. Humans experience great joy; humans experience great sorrow (that is, if they have the capacity for it). Now I've been grieving this relationship since August despite my best efforts to move on. And why? Because I didn't neutralize, I instead hung on to the attachment. I thought our civility, our friendship, was fulfilling a need of mine – and maybe, because of the continued lies on his part, I had some twisted hope that he'd come back to me after this misguided episode with the psycho bitch he cheated on me with. I just had to bide my time and do my work, and it would all work out. Instead, this was likely an extended denial of my grief at losing my lover and best friend without closure, explanation, or apology. I burned all his gifts to me in the temple at Burning Man, but it didn't cut the cord. And I kept getting pulled back in. So my poor heart was broken multiple times because I was unwilling to cut the cord. Then I think of the joy and elation I experienced in the relationship. Laughter and dancing, sharing of Tarot, and Rune spreads the feeling that someone truly listened and understood me and accepted me no matter what. He was holding me up and supporting me unconditionally. I never had that ever before in a relationship. A person willing to do their work, or so it seemed. Until it got hard, and they started drinking again. Pendulum swing, great joy, great sorrow. And even though I volunteered to give up my a normal life, for one of service and true joy, the ripping away of that, my greatest temptation, took a massive piece of my heart with it. And my grief is as if someone died. Because they did. the man who was my best friend and honorable lover is dead to me. The man that exists is a scared, hurt child, incapable of loving anyone. All he could do was deflect, lie, and deny culpability. Energy not worthy of my time, my effort – we are not in alignment. I have to feel the grief without giving in to the rage and drama monster that wants to come out. And I have to declare boundaries to prevent myself from swimming into the toxic forgiveness pool to stay this man's friend. Part Two: January 2023 Since writing part one, I've learned a couple of things. One "Love Bombing" is what a narcissist does to reel you into their world and enlist you in their menagerie. Narcissists use people, and then they cast them aside when that need is fed, or you are used up, and they can't get what they want from you anymore. My ex love-bombed me. Because he is a narcissist, and I fulfilled a need. He immediately enlisted me in his children's life. After all, he needed someone like me to care for them because he was functionally and emotionally abandoning them. I thought it was because he trusted me that he was so vulnerable, bringing me deep into his life so soon. But, no, I was just an easy target. I gave him the keys to how to manipulate me in our first 24 hours together, and he used them all. Since cutting him off, he's tried to keep the lines of communication open – Communication for a space to vent, someone to loan him money, or a place to run away from his crazy new bride. On New Years, he asked me if he could store all his stuff with me so he could leave his wife, "the past few months have been tough for me," he said like the pathetic man-child he is. I could laugh at his level of ego; if I hadn't moved on, I would have been pulled right back onto his crazy train. But I let his pendulum swing without me in the equation. I told him he'd have to leave his wife without my help and this situation was not for me to be involved in. His lesson is to now manage his karma. Shockingly, I have not heard from him since proving my narcissist theory. I'm discarded now because I offer nothing more to him. I'm not useful to his story of the victim. As I'm now clear of his toxic tentacles, I've mourned the death of the person I was in love with. I'm now free of the swings of emotion, reclaimed my power, and neutralized the Rhythm of this negative vibration in my life. How? prayer, meditation, ritual, truth-telling, patience, energy healing, service, literally moving across the country and starting over. Vitamin D is a cure for a lot of things, and the sunlight, quiet and rest of my new home in Northern Florida have given me perspective. But mostly, it's been the time, honesty, and forgiveness of myself that broke the pattern. So lovely humans, I hope to post another podcase before five months go by again. But in the meantime, please take the principles of Rhythm to heart. We cannot escape the tides of fate, but we can neutralize the drama train, the pendulum swing in our lives, by choosing to be above engagement. It is a ride we can step off. If you would like to learn how – I can help with that! Reach out. I would love to work with you.
10:30 2/3/23
S2. Ep. 5 | Polarity: The Degrees of Love and Hate - How to Choose Better after Tragedy
THIS summer I got stuck. The stickiness began with a devastating event. An event that first shocked and then struck and then stuck my soul - Have you ever been caught in some twisted limbo? Stuck ping-ponging between extremes of hot and cold, love and hate, quiet and loud, soft and hard, easy and difficult, fast and slow? When I started this second season of the Laws of Abundance, I thought it might be easy to use examples from my life about the seven primary Hermetic Principles. AND in some way that’s true, the laws of Hermetics are at work ALL of the time around and within us. But what I found this summer is that I got well -  STUCK. (say with emphasis). I was stuck traveling between poles, between places of polarity.  So polarity is the hermetic principle that says two things - like hot and cold are of the same nature, they just vary by degree.  We can see this most easily with hot and cold simply by looking at a thermometer.  Both are temperatures that we experience - it is just the vibration of cold is very different from the vibration of hot - but both are experienced and known as temperature.  Interestingly enough when cold is at an extreme it can burn us, just as hot at an extreme can burn - the only thing different is how it feels when it is happening.   So let’s extrapolate this to Love and Hate.  Both are emotive forces that cause great passion between two individuals. Love is one extreme with its own flavor and degree of passion associated, and Hate is on the other side of the scale, also resulting in a form of passion, albeit usually with a very different result than love when one gives in to it.  But both (like hot and cold) are the same in nature, they just differ by the degree. In my life recently I’ve been on a bit of a teeter totter of polarities.  Quiet and Loud as I spent time in the country and the city.  Bright and Dark - the light in the Pacific Northwest versus the light in the South or Middle of the United States.   Since I talked to you last my life trajectory, my relationships, my physical locations all shifted. I am literally a different person than I was in May. And in the middle of it I’ve been in a state of agitation, rest, trial, accomplishment, transition and love. I’ve experienced some of my greatest fears, greatest challenges, greatest connections, as well as betrayal and now am on a path to my greatest joy through service! (make sure you add feeling here)      So what happened? The million dollar question… Well, I went from my one-year anniversary with a person I thought was my life partner to finding out my other half had made the ultimate betrayal.  Some time after our last trip together in April he started another relationship with another woman.  For four months he lied to me and kept her hidden. I may have never known if it wasn’t for the other woman reaching out to me in a jealous rage.  Needless to say, our relationship is over, and I am dealing now with the polarities of love and hate. Of truth and lies. Of anger and forgiveness. Im processing many things on the spectrum of my emotions that occur after being so connected and honest with someone – giving them your heart and then finding it tossed aside in their own self-centered choices. However, I still have my own choices. The choice to be angry, to lash out, or even hate!  Betrayal is a very rough feeling – especially after being vulnerable and finally willing myself to trust another. Trust does not come easy to me. It is something I really have had to learn and lean into.   Leaning into the negative vibration now and lashing out because I am wounded however, is not helpful to my life, my purpose, or my mission. Love is the force that, if it flows through me, heals all within me and others. There is a quote about polarity from the Kybalion  “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” Hermetics teaches that things seemingly diametrically opposed to each other is merely a matter of degree. In other words, opposites are the same in nature, they just differ by degree. AND that degree is created through vibration. So, in my current situation if I focus on the betrayal, the negative vibration, I bring myself down further. Because victim is not the vibration of love and healing. It is my wounded wailer on repeat – oh woe is me the world is filled with haters and assholes out to harm me.  No bueno.    On the other hand,  I can focus on the positive about this situation. The clarity, the timing, the way this information came in. In my case my relationship ended the moment I came back to the world from my spirit quest, my initiation as a 3rd step Ritual Master in the Lineage of King Salomon. There were no bones about it. When I went to the mountain I was in a relationship with this person – when I came back it was obvious that I could not be, and that the relationship itself was a hindrance to my purpose and path that I had committed my new self fully upon. It still hurt like hell. But it was clear.   There is the story of the Last Temptation of Christ. And this last temptation for him was one of a Normal Life. Just marrying a lovely girl named Mary and being a carpenter for the rest of his days. Christ chose differently, we all know. He didn’t lead a normal life. He died and left this physical existence and went on to become a Master of Light, teaching us the energy of love and compassion (among other things religions have done in his name but that’s another story). I am not Jesus (but he did say “everything I can do, you can do and more”)   In June the opportunity to apply to 3rd Step came up. I had not answered the call with a yes before, as honestly, I was VERY attached to my possibility of a normal life and scared to sever my attachments to it. But as 2022 progressed, I was feeling empty from any regular pursuits and knew that being in service to a greater cause than myself was and is my true source of joy and satisfaction. AND as a result, and my guides literally yelling at me to stop dragging my feet. I quote “Angel, stop fucking around!” were the words that came through from them. So I applied, and sure enough was accepted and in August – despite a lot of inconvenience and looks of “why on earth” and “what are you doing” from normal rational people, I undertook the spirit journey that is the 3rd step initiation and have since entered my new life of full commitment to this path. Holding the light of showing others the way to find their own path, light, and true self. So, the powers that be in the hierarchy of light are not sentimental beings. They saw my commitment, saw obstacles in my path and removed them. OR, at least, gave me the clarity I needed to get them out of my own way. In this case the big hairy elephant and remaining attachment in my living room was my relationship. An albatross eating my energy as I spent so much time holding space for something that could not be contained. I’m not going to go into specifics of blame, I actually recognize both sides of the energy that resulted in the effects. His choices. My choices. We all have to do our work on ourselves and make our own choices. And in this work, I’m currently choosing love and forgiveness as the means of moving forward. I hold compassion for the jealous woman who turned her anger and harassment toward an innocent person as she clutched to an unsafe relationship and the person who betrayed both of us. And I hold compassion for the man who must self-sabotage and avoid leaning into joy because of his sincere lack of self-worth and insecurity.  I do my best to get out of my own way here and recognize it is now my job and my commitment to hold love despite the severing and betrayal  Love flowing through me is the highest vibration I can hold, and living that vibration is the only way to be of service to others.  Looking back at my summer, I can now see how all the all of the discomfort I felt in Seattle and in my own skin was preparation for this. My own intuition was screaming for me to hear it. In this process and the visit to my family in Michigan this summer I have found ways to rest and take care of myself that I hadn’t before and to know that I am destined other places than the city I currently live in. But my movement to new places is unattached to another – it is only attached to my purpose. I made a commitment to work for humanity and the hierarchy of light, I chose the un-normal life. I am in the world but not of it now.  And because I can recognize the nature of things, I can choose the degree that I experience polarity in all things – even devastating heartbreak.  If you have difficult things you need to let go of, release or change in your life. Reach out. I can help with that!   The energetic tools of the lineage of King Salomon work and will  release even the most painful of wounds if you choose a path of healing.    
11:42 10/7/22
S2. Ep.4 | Vibration...It is Real: Raise Your Vibration, Change your Life
Everything on this earth holds a vibration. We can’t see them but atoms are little solar systems rotating around a sun, just as planets and moons are rotating around their planets and suns, and galaxies. They are all in movement all the time. This movement that has a resulting frequency is Hermetic Principle of Vibration. In some ways it the acceptance and acknowledgment that every THING is always in motion.  And you are now like - Great, right. Thanks, Angel. What does this principle of Hermetics have to do with me and my life? Scientists and physicists yes, but me? Well, if everything is in motion, then we are in motion, if everything has a vibration than we have a vibration, and thus our choices can affect our vibration significantly. Take for example my choosing to drink herbal tea vs. coffee (i.e. caffeine) in the morning – one literally starts my heart palpitating and my skin sweating – the other soothes me into a nice meditative space where I can engage in ritual, meditation, and chanting. Ritual meditation and chanting then have me going to a higher mind state than say, starting my day on social media. And thus when I actually move into my second part of the day, the part where I sit in front of a computer. If I’ve meditated, things flow smooth. If I’ve simply caffeinated and ingested headlines and social feeds I’m already scattered and my vibration is already jumpy. My day is more likely to tilt into reaction and go off course than if I right my sails into the flow of the higher self.  So let me tell you a little story a situation that arose this month.  (It’s so easy now to look back and see how I literally spun myself up) Mercury retrograde, plus Jupiter in Aries, plus Lunar eclipse in Scorpio. Sitting on the couch crying over things I can’t identify; grief is welling up within me as I let go of old stuff I’m carrying and mourn changes, and also, I’m in a unproductive thought loop about needs and wants in my relationship. I want to talk to my partner on the phone before he’s unreachable, and I’m in Canada and we are on different schedules and, and, and…. The more I think about the distance the bigger it gets and I’m having a full-blown anxious attachment trigger episode with myself. Now, I know this is in my head – my partner has done nothing to deserve some of the frustrated thought loops currently dancing in my mind – it’s my disappointment bear again, it’s my wounded wailer crying over injuries that have not been perpetuated but certainly will be, and before you know it I’m very worked up and now I’m crying about my needs not being met. Even though there is absolutely no external stimulus to create this situation. I’ve done it to myself with my thoughts.   Yes, I’m in a relationship where distance is a constant, but I generally find that ok because I’ve got so much going on, I need the space for my purpose. And my needs are met. But now that my vibration has shifted, and things feel icky – because my thoughts are worked up, and my vibration is not of the light – it is of complaint and fear. I’ve spiraled myself into a literal emotional tizzy.  Now here’s the thing. I know how to get out of it – but this particular week I don’t, I give in to the tsunami of emotion and feeling – I journal, I allow it to pass through me – but it doesn’t go. Some fear wants attention, so I take the bait, I text my partner, he doesn’t respond as I wanted in fact, he responds to something from the night before but my spiraled and wound up wounded wailer steps in and freaks the fuck out “WTF! How could he! Never again! doesn’t he know what I’m going through!”   Bad news bears, dear listeners – so when he finally calls me, I’m an aggravated mess incapable of properly communicating anything. And he is very confused and defensive at me being a crying blob of inarticulate emotional vomit. I don’t blame him – and ironically, I used the very thing I wanted (at the very beginning of this episode) to try and calm me down (his voice) to spin out further.   Vibration. It’s real. And it can get very real if you don’t manage it and your thoughts.  So, five hours later after chanting, after ritual, after a good talk with a calm friend who reminded me to mediate before doing anything else – I managed to bring myself back up to a higher frequency. Not say anything more in my moment of weakness – and to calm the fuck down about the literal nothing I had made into something. Vibration. It’s real.  Chanting Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō raised my vibration. I read some encouraging quotes about why meditate, I did some rituals and grounded myself, and then and only then did I talk to my partner again. He did not deserve my onslaught of failed self-care when he was just trying to fulfill what I asked of him but I was so jacked up on my inner drama I couldn’t do anything but be reactive (to literally nothing). So, I share this to demonstrate 1) even I turn into a spazzed out mess once in a while (and let me tell you it was exhausting)  2) to give an example of how a human can change vibration based on our thoughts and actions because 3) our thoughts have vibration because 4) everything has a vibration and this is why things like meditation, mantras, activations, energy healings can actually help you in your life. Because they can instantly change your vibration. In my example from my life, I indulged in my drama and where did I get? Tired and upset and regretting that projected it upon my partner – which in hindsight was completely avoidable.  How could I have avoided it? Changed my vibration before engaging. Using the tools I teach and know. Specifically, meditation. Specifically redirecting my energy. I could have called a colleague and gotten an emergency cord cutting instead of leaning into the emotional rollercoaster. I could have sat down and chanted for my partner’s happiness, held gratitude. I didn’t though, so I let my negative ego win a round.  As a Hermetic principle, a law of the universe, and thus a law of abundance, understanding vibration is essential. Like attracts like – so positive thoughts gather positive, and negative gather negative – they become clouds that will swirl and rain on your parade. Now in my example – this was just about a single week in my life, because I have tools and practices to change my vibration.  But what about a person who lives their life like this all of the time? In emotion, in the past, in a state of drama? It’s going to color everything – leading to more drama, more negative vibration, more bad reactions – and eventually maybe the persons life will be sad and lonely as all were persons are driven away. Or they believe the world is just filled with assholes & narcissists. But as I’ve said before, if the world is filled with assholes the most obvious one is yourself. As in likely YOU are the biggest asshole.  I digress.  You can oversimplify vibration to a law of attraction. I wouldn’t though, but for the sake of understanding you can go there. As a law of Hermetics – just know that this is how the world works. Our thoughts have vibration, our food, what we choose to engage in, music, rocks, minerals, etc they all have vibration. Matter of all kinds has vibration. Every single thing has a vibration.  And as a human we can change our vibration in three ways… We can meditate We can change our habits (which include our thought clouds) perhaps that glass of wine ISN’T a coping mechanism. What if you chose rose tea instead and raised your vibration – instead of lowering it with alcohol? Stressed? Go for a run, go work on a project, go do yoga instead of calling your friend for a bitch fest – the complaint picnic will only erase fortune and lower your vibrations.  The Third way - we can go get help. Come get a clearing and a healing from me. It’s what I should have done upon the moment I was spinning.  And these are all within your control. And honestly, we all need help from time to time. Jesus, Buddha, Muhammed, they all had teachers why shouldn’t we?  And actually, with a teacher and with a practice – (a path, you might call it) you have a way to work towards a better, higher vibration for your day to day. Not just a lurching here or there. But everyday consistently raising your vibration such that someday its so much higher than before – and your new bottom is so much higher than where you were before you started climbing.  So dear listener, I will end here today with a quote from the Kybalion and a quote from Ipsissiumus Dave Lanyon, a hermeticist extraordinaire . “Every thought, emotion or mental state has its corresponding rate and mode of vibration. And by effort of the will of the person, or of other persons, these mental states may be reproduced, just as a musical tone may be reproduced by causing an instrument to vibrate at a certain rate. By knowledge of the principle of vibration, one may polarize his mind at any degree he wishes, thus gaining perfect control over his mental states, moods, etc.”   Dave Lanyon quote “Hermetics is always absolute. Stop using the mind, use the heart. Will sets mind. Not mind sets will.” So my dear friends please reach out and ask me about the tools and practices I have to help you raise your vibration. They are very real and can help any human being regardless of circumstance. In the meantime, drop into your heart, start with loving yourself, raising your vibration within yourself, and the rest will follow. 
12:30 5/28/22
S2. Ep.3 | "Angel, You Look Like Chaos"
So, it finally happened to me. COVID. I’ve never been afraid of it, been moving about the country traveling all over the place for the last two-plus years and finally, we came full circle, and the trip we were supposed to take in 2020, we took in 2022 in New Orleans – and COVID shows up to crash the party. Now it’s not a shocker to me that I got sick. I haven’t been sleeping well or resting at all. I’ve been overworked, and stressed about various things with my partner’s kids, with my job being super successful, but me not having the right amount of help or systems in place. I placed all my self-care cards in the proverbial vacation bucket. “I’ll get rest later,” I said. I’ll take a break later. Well, when vacation finally came so did illness, walking right in the wide-open door.  Ok Angel, what does this have to do with a law of abundance or Hermetics? Everything. Because our life is a reflection of the cosmos, and our inner life is reflected in our outer world. Recently my very good friend called me to say “Angel, you look like chaos.” I knew she was right. I was trying to do too much all at once, to be too much for others and not showing up for myself with basic self-care practices. Not setting boundaries with my time. I was not taking time to clear myself or ground in any significant way – and I lost touch with myself briefly. I was tired, irritable, and stressed out, and no wonder most of what I attempted failed. My inner world responded messily.  Now the principle of correspondence, as above so below, so within, so without – as the axiom goes isn’t just this simplistic, yet at the same time, it is.  What the principle of correspondence means is that ALL the universe – every single thing in it, from the heavens (the stars and planets) to an anthill on earth, or a microbiome inside my gut all follow the same set of rules and none of them deviate.  Look at how Atoms work. A nucleus that is circled by an electron. A solar system is a sun/star/a nucleus circled by planets (electrons), so the tiniest thing is similar to one of the biggest things I can imagine.  The law of correspondence tells us that there is a rhythm, an order, and a set of rules, like cause and effect, vibration, polarity that everything follows, nothing escapes this cosmic ordering, nothing is outside of the seven hermetic principles, live them and experience the best alignment in this life with our purpose and oneness with them.  This is all a true magician or Alchemist does. Align with these principles and rules of the universe and use them to manifest hermetically for the best and highest good.  The hermetic path is likely never the easy path. It’s the longer, higher road with the rewards that can’t be counted selfishly. But also, it can be the healthy path, the calm path, the path where chaos cannot come spoil your party because those doors are not ever open.  I do my best. I live mostly in integrity. I live mostly attempting to step forward on a hermetic kabbalistic path in my life. But I am not at all perfect (albeit perfection is simply the act of staying on the path and practicing every day). I get stubborn, I have attachments. I let my fear of mind control decision-making when I get worked up. And then I’ve got to learn things the hard way – with some proverbial beating on the head with a baseball bat to get the message.  But the beating comes because the laws of the universe dictate it. Cause and effect always happen. Inner worlds reflect on the outside.  So in my case this time around I got really sick on my vacation and anniversary fun times with my partner in New Orleans. And then I spent six days in quarantine on a calm serene beach in Vero Beach, Florida recovering. Life could be way worse. I’m lucky my partner said book a room here, my intuition said, “be right on the beach!” no compromise. It was just two nights to decompress after New Orleans and to prep to visit my father. And then it became many. And I had nothing to do but spend the time with myself, resting and taking care of myself as I let the ocean waves calm down my being and the vitamin D and sea air clear me.  I materialized this retreat. My heart’s desire was sun and sand and quiet to hit reset for myself. Get clear for me. Get to spend the conjunction of Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces by the water baptized in the large, dreamy sea of the cosmos.  It ate all my extra resources for a while. All the extra abundance I made in March working too hard. But that is also completely in alignment because I don’t have the systems yet to grow sustainably and now, I’m back home building those systems while setting boundaries for my time.  Success is meaningless if I am broken or if I’m sick. If my partner and I cannot spend time together. If I can’t see my family. Over attachment to certain outcomes can also not be a good thing but the most important for me is to hold a vision of being in a flow that allows me to be the one in the best space – me meditating, me clear, me without chaos so that then everything I touch is also clear, is also clean, is also functional, also follows the rules of the universe so it works for the best highest good of the whole.  I can’t save it all for vacations. I can’t put off living my life for later. Work is necessary to achieve anything but that work also can’t be all-consuming because it’s done without proper order and structure. The universe has a structure. The Hierarchy of light has a structure, so my life needs a structure (NOT rigid control of every detail out of fear) but a structure for my time and energy. My businesses need a structure for their success and sustainability. The cycle of abundance needs to be recognized – as I grow, I share my abundance with those who take on the tasks I need done. I can’t hoard the money because then I’m hoarding the work, and then I’m drowning, and then I’m sick.  In my rune readings recently, Sowelo keeps appearing. This is the rune of the sun. Victory. It looks like an S roughly. In Ralph H. Blum, The Book of Runes, he speaks of this rune as wholeness and offers the Gayatri prayer.  You who are the source of all power, whose rays illuminate the world, illuminate also my heart so that I can do your work.  This corresponds to the saying “I will thy will.” In that, I will the highest purpose for my life to flow through me.  I am willing to get out of my own way and become a conduit of the laws of the universe, let the laws flow through me. As Jesus said, “I can of mine own self do nothing.” Meaning by our own self we truly do nothing; things flow through us if we allow them.  Thank you for joining me on this exploration of the principle of correspondence in my life. I hope it awakens something in you to dig deeper into these principles, these laws, and where they are at work within you. And for the dear listener who loves to control, especially when life gets out of control, I challenge you to find FLOW within your structure (don’t clamp down, release and let the wind blow through the scaffolding you have built so deftly, see what happens!! maybe you can even jump out of your Tower and fly)  And for the listener who neglects all structure, or who even blames structures outside themselves for all the things - can you start telling yourself the truth? start taking some responsibility for the things you are setting in motion? Can you be more intentional with what you are setting in motion? How might you allow structure into your flow? As always, need a little push - I can help with that!  Until next time, live well. 
10:31 4/29/22
S2. Ep.2 | All is Mind: Change Your Mind, Change Your Reality
Transmute = “to change from one nature, form, or substance, into another, to transition.”            -Webster’s Dictionary  Thus, Mental Transmutation = the art of changing mental state, forms and conditions into other state.  Hermetic Principle #1 Principle of Mentalism Axiom “All is mind; the universe is mental.” Meaning the underlying reality of everything is mind. Descartes said “I think, therefore I AM.” In Hermetics this means the universe itself is mental – existing in the mind of The All.  But let’s carry this to a logical next step, if the universe is mental and all is mind and mental transmutation is changing mental state – then the art of changing your mental state is the art of changing your reality. Everything starts with your mental state. Change your mind, change your reality.  And this is principle #1of hermetics, so in order to become a master of reality, one must become a master of awareness such that they can master their mind not have their mind be a master of them. Ok Angel – now you are being a hermetical bumper sticker. To this I say yes I am. “Change your mind. Change your reality.” Is a bumper sticker but it is also a hermetic principle because all is mind. Literally the world we see in “objective reality” is a reflection of what is going on in your mind. So if your mind is a cluttered mess of thoughts and negative self-talk, I bet your work space, room, or home is also a bit cluttered. All that physical clutter represents what is going on inside all the unconscious, subconscious attachments to other people’s opinions about what you should be doing or saying. What do you want to be doing with your life? Have you thought about that recently? Are you living the life you want to live? If the answer is no – what is stopping you? Pause this podcast right now and write down your reasons. Just take five minutes. What is stopping you from living the life that you want to live? Ok – welcome back. Look at your reasons, how many of them could you change if you changed your mind about them being a reason that they are stopping you? For example - Recently I have been busy with marketing my law office. So busy however,  that I’ve barely had time to eat, exercise or take care of myself. This has had me stressed out and aggravated some health problems. This is not the life I want to live In a physical state with a swollen ankle and a limp. I want to be able to hike through the jungle to waterfalls in Hawaii and beaches in Brazil. What is the answer? Instead of being a victim to my calendar I purposefully decide that I have time. Time for self-care, time to block my tasks, time for boundaries for my volunteer work, time to hire a law clerk and an apprentice.  I change my mind and my thought process around time, I implement boundaries and I bring in help – I stop looking at this as temporary. My business is growing because I’m investing in it. But there is no reason to have a successful business if I can’t enjoy my life. Recently, my friend lost everything.  Or so she thought - emphasis on thought.  “I have been bad-mouthed by a community I love and am strongly attached to,” my friend said.   Her hurt and confusion was palpable  My question? What have you lost?  My friend quipped, “my community.” Interesting I said, I don’t THINK so. “I’m still here. Your other friends who care about and support you are still here,” My friend agreed. I could tell her energy had began to increase.  So, I asked,  “Have you lost your community? The answer is no.” All she had lost were strangers and/or acquaintances who lack discernment and good judement as they had chose to believe someone with no facts or reason.  So, old thought – “I lost everything” – which will surely increase more lack and loss belief  New thought – “How blessed am I to have the incredible close friends that see my truth, support me and know when others are lying.” Even as I am telling this story, you can feel the shift. In my case, I’m putting up the time blocks I need to do things I enjoy and that take care of me, so I don’t burn out as I experience a successful busines.   How did I almost get to burn out? My underlying belief that I have to do it all. This is habit pattern and from an old worn-out belief that I am not good enough that has me taking on things and sacrificing my own wellbeing in the process.  So, I’m letting go of my volunteer work right now, and putting up boundaries and then holding them. This is done in my mind and thoughts first. If I just keep believing that there is not enough time – then there will never be enough time. But if I say this time here is sacred for this – and I honor that the work will get done – AND so will the self-care.  They can coexist – and some things will get let go of. AND I’m ok with that. Others might not be but they are going to have to figure that out – its not my job to carry their load. Which brings me to part two of this discussion: that all is mind. If all is mind, what thoughts are causing you not to be able to live the life of your dreams?  Do you actually know what life, your ideal life looks like? If all conditions were perfect – what would your life look like?  What would you be doing?  Who would you surround yourself with?  How would you live your daily life? Can you articulate this?  Can you focus on holding the vision of the joyful life you want to be living?  If you can’t then THAT is a place to start spending your time figuring out. Because all is mind. So first, get clear what you want in order to make it happen.  All those reasons on your paper are excuses for you to live a life you DON’T WANT.  This is not to diminish any challenge you are facing. This to re-focus your energy. Are you facing the right challenge? Or wasting your time? If you are not clear where you are going, then maybe this bridge that is blocked is not the right one to rebuild. Like my friend and their “lost community”. Yes, it hurts to be rejected. But does it actually matter in the bigger picture of your life’s hopes and dreams?  Nope. It’s a distraction from living your purpose. If all is mind – you can change your mind about that challenge and make it opportunity. Accepting hermetical principle #1 All is Mind requires one more ingredient. That crucial season to the sauce? Personal responsibility. Because if it all starts with me and my mind, my holding a vision for myself, my thoughts, then who is responsible for those thoughts? For creating that vision? I am.  I am responsible for all of it. I am not a victim of my circumstance. I am creating it with my mind. I am creating my perspective. I am creating my reality. I am creating my reaction to my reality. It is all my personal responsibility. Stop giving the secret of your sauce away. Stop giving the keys to your future to another person or circumstance. Take back your power, and start to create the reality you desire. Your change starts now and it starts with you. Not your community, not your mother, not your boss, not your spouse, not the annoying construction that causes you to be late, or the cup of coffee you spilled on your shirt. You control your reactions to the uncontrollable AND as all is mind. Everything else is just stuff you are letting stop you.  So, what is one thing that is stopping you today from living your life and where can you take your power back?! 
13:25 3/25/22
S2. EP.1 | Hermetics + Me
Welcome to season 2 of Laws of Abundance! I cannot wait to kick off this second season with you – This season, in part, is season 2 because this is the year of 2s, 2022, which seems appropriate to keep the angelic numerology going. So with Season 2 in 2022, we have 4 twos, 2222 (an Angelic number of balance) construction and harmony.  It speaks of new experience awaiting through bravery and positive thinking resulting in you building your dreams - in short be confident in your abilities, trust your instincts, take a leap out of your comfort zone and build the future you truly desire using the laws of the universe.  So this season of 2, I am going to do just that by showing you the hermetic principles, the laws of the universe that we can use to build our desires into reality, as they are at work in my own life.  Season 1 was a seed, my practice round, where I shared at random as things came up for me.  I hope season 2 will be more structured, yet more vulnerable, so you can see HOW Hermetics are organic laws at work in life, and how when used and observed intentionally, you can use them to bring abundance, light, and joy.    Let us begin: “A rosebud opens into a rose, an acorn grows into an oak, and a caterpillar emerges as a butterfly from its cocoon - that we, too, unfold according to an inner plan?” - Howard Sasportas, The 12 Houses This week on Monday using my Writual planning journal and my new set of oracle cards given to me by my partner for my birthday - I pulled The Fool, the rune Perthu and The Emerald Tablet Activation card from my new light activation oracle deck. Clearly the universe was sending me a message to radically trust, let go, to be an open container of the divine plan, according to the rules of Hermetics. To allow for manifestation around me with my effort only being the holding of the desire - not the manipulation of the elements.  I’m writing this right now on an airplane flying to Kuau’i, Hawaii - sitting in first class, enjoying the first blanket and pillow I’ve seen on an airplane since January of 2020 and so much leg room. Now I’m rambling and you are likely wondering what does this have to do with anything Angel? What is the Emerald Tablet?t, what are Hermetics?, and good for you going to Hawaii flying first class in January.  So this year and my second Season of Laws of Abundance I am going to dedicate to studying the Hermetic Principles as they appear in my life.  Using real examples as I have leaned into them, or struggled against them to no avail - because Law of Abundance #1 is that the rules of Hermetics are inescapable laws. It doesn’t matter if you know them, believe in them, they still apply to you. But if you live by them, if you actually use them they are keys to the creation of abundant and joyful life.  First I am going to say and admit that I am still an apprentice in this area.  A padawan. I am no Obi Wan or  Yoda when it comes to these laws. I’m at best a young and whining Luke Skywalker.  I am still studying the force, so I will share my experience and not be arrogant enough to claim anything close to mastery.  And unlike Star Wars - there really isn’t power in the dark side here on this plane.  The dark side is negative ego - FEAR, STUCK, NON-MOVING crunchy garbage living in a cage of a matrix dream world where you go nowhere.  We all start there. As a little battery pod in the matrix doing nothing but feeding the machine, not aware of our purpose. It is our default. We have to choose and work hard at unplugging every single day. This is not a one-and-done red pill like Neo in the Warner Brothers story.  It's more like the daily blue pill Niel Patrick Harris prescribes him, we have to remind ourselves every single day through gratitude, ritual, prayer, and meditation, to stay on the path to knowing our higher self and not ending up back asleep in our little comfortable matrix prison.  So let me tell you a little story about my journey with the Hermetic Principles.  Stardate 2016/2017 just prior to the total solar eclipse, I’ve tried to drink and eat my way out of the dark hole of codependency.  I’ve joined the mile-high club adventuring with strangers I met in first-class seats on airplanes, drank my way across Scotland, ate at the best and most expensive restaurants in the world. After none of that works - I find myself with a set of Runes in my hands at a Celtic Fair in Mount Vernon, Washington sitting in the sunshine with two lovely ladies talking about the Ritual Master path. I start doing rune readings for people - and I start feeling magick in my life.  I encounter some interesting phenomena and decide to step onto the path of a ritual master in the lineage of King Salomon.  Why not try a path of self-discipline and self-discovery instead of hedonism? Hedonism was starting to hurt my hip, my heart, my bank account, my stomach, and no fine scotch or fully loaded bloody mary was going to bring me to a place of better.  Now, this path as an RM or a ritual master was where I was first introduced to the laws of Hermetics formally. The lineage of King Salomon is a hermetic order. This was told to me years prior but I didn’t know what it meant, nor, honestly, did I really care. Doing light work felt good so I kept doing it, not because of any philosophical choice. Moreover my Buddhist practice followed certain principles (like cause and effect) and Kabbalah had helped me know my self worth a little better, but all I really knew about Hermetics was the phrase “hermetically sealed” and that there was some guy named Hermes Trisma something or other (Hermes Trismegistus) and he wrote a book called the Hermetica.   I understood through Buddhism the concept of Oneness of Self and Environment but as I started down the RM path I began to learn 1. All is Mind - if we think it so then it becomes so 2. As above, so below - as within, so without - everything has a structure, and as we see ourselves within so it is reflected without in our environment (much like oneness of self and environment…interestingly enough) 3. Vibration - everything is in motion and holds a frequency if we engage, ingest, align with it we can raise or lower our frequency. Higher vibration equals positive results and abundance. 4. Polarity - everything has a polarity or pole and an opposite. But opposites are the same just different by degree 5. Rhythm - everything flows in and out, rises and falls, if you push something away it will swing back like a pendulum and smack you harder. 6. Cause and effect - everything happens according to the laws of the universe, so every cause has an effect. There are many planes of causation, but nothing escapes this law. 7. Gender - everything in the universe is binary, there are masculine and feminine principles and energies everywhere. And this duality manifests on all planes of existence and their balance and interaction are necessary for creation here in the physical world.    The more I study Hermetics the more I’m sure that Nichiren Diashonin, the well studied monk who started the sect of Buddhism I have ascribed to since I was 18 also studied Hermetics as the principles are all in his writings, just in different words than as they appear in the Kybalion or other cliff note versions of the Hermetica.  So how did I start applying these esoteric principles to my life? In some ways, this is the grand experiment. This is the great work of becoming a disciplined magician creating your life. The work of knowing oneself.  It is tuning in to these principles always in life.  But honestly, I started with the ones I knew well and tried on those I didn’t. And when I say “Try on” I meant in some cases “ignore” and then feel the consequences of that ignorance. I started looking at the world through the lens of these principles. And my negative ego actually stopped winning the daily battle, not without a fight, however (but the daily practices, rituals, meditations that I engaged in helped) and I also gradually started making better choices at the moment, I started living in the moment, letting go of fear and old crap, I started clearing old stuff out of my way, and speaking and being my truth of the now instead of the shoulds of others.  So 2018 saw me surprise people in my corporate job as I started prioritizing myself and speaking my mind.  I also started my side businesses for real, focusing on life-activating people and learning additional skills as a healer, going out to fairs to performing readings, and giving up alcohol and excessive eating of my feelings. 2019 I pushed myself further on my path through more Kabbalah and chose to stand up and become a guide for others within the Modern Mystery School International. I choose to work on my physical wellness, to add beauty and self-care to my regimen. I started to stand up straight and live royally and not take others' assertions upon myself.  This resulted in my corporate job pushing back at me - telling me I was getting too uppity. Although it was extremely uncomfortable at the time, looking back this was a natural reaction by those still stuck in the matrix reacting to me.  Also, my contract with God and my purpose in this world does not have me beholden as a wage slave to another but asks me to be my own master working for myself.  But I still needed a strong and obvious message to finally push me out of the cocoon, however, and that was delivered in December of 2019 when my boss told me that I did not appear committed to my job and would not be receiving the promotion that had been promised to me over the past year. Her judgment had nothing to do with what I was actually doing at the job, but it was definitely the sign I needed to withdraw myself from the circle where I had no input, no ability to influence the outcome, essentially to clearly identify that my corporate job was a waste of my time and talents.  So I left and started my own business 2 months later just as the pandemic started in March of 2020 and the world shut down.  I could have panicked. But instead, I held gratitude - as the shutdown was the best possible thing that could have happened. It gave me the ability to ingather, recover and focus my efforts on being an entrepreneur. And for the first time in years, I could just work on myself. And start to study the hermetic principles at work in my life and the world with perspective - birthing this podcast and the host of things you see under my law office and light center brand.   I share this maybe somewhat not so exciting trajectory and gradual progression story to illustrate that the laws of abundance/hermetic principles in one's life are not necessarily a quick, obvious, or straightforward line. But being on the path and staying on the path is key.  So this season in the year 2022 I will be exploring as best I can with life experience the laws of abundance as expressed in the 7 hermetic principles. You will see my messy process from worm, to crystallise, to butterfly just like the quote I started this post with.  As I finish writing this episode one, I am home from my trip to Kauai, Hawaii where I learned even more about myself by hiking thru the jungle, sitting on the beach, and meditating - I allowed myself to unwind - I learned that for me I need to find play within my work for joy to continue and to pervade my service to others.  Much like the saying (or possibly a Stephen king quote) “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”  For me, Angel, I have to ask myself for what purpose do I work so hard? This is not service to self and others if I just work to work, or work to avoid living my life and loving. I have to allow others to help me carry things forward and sometimes to set everything down so that I can take time to dance, move my body and allow the waves of passion to flow thru just for the sake of enjoyment or moving my physical body & igniting the flames within so I can hear and listen as the hierarchy of light and my higher self guide me along my path.  The 6 days in Hawaii were the first time that I pushed myself like that on a jungle hiking trail, the first time I stayed comfortably with a large group of strangers, that I just did for the sake of doing and moved to treat my body in over 10 years. I let my mind go completely and stayed in the flow and relaxed and loved.  I came home whole, awake, alive and clear, refreshed and completely unafraid - whatever is coming in my life I shall create with my heart, my imagination, and gradual consistent effort forward. Less attached to doing and more focused on simply holding the vision allowing the gifts of abundance the universe provides to support me.   Alright my listeners I am excited for what is to reveal itself in 2022 as I move forward in this place of vulnerability in all aspects of my life, sharing how these laws of abundance are at work in my life so you may be inspired to do the same yours.   And also I want to hear from you!  If you have read the Kybalion, the Hermetica, or anything about hermetic - do you have questions? Stories to share?  I’d love to move forward in conversation and address your questions, tell your stories, or even figure out how to have guests on this show so we can learn more, together, this is the year of 2s after all.  I can help with that! Visit or follow me on your favorite social media platform. 
16:36 1/28/22
S1. Ep.20 | Activate Your New Year "Magick"
Listeners, I would like to give you the gift of actual MAGICK this New Year. MAGICK to help bring your New Year goals into fruition - MAGICK to resolve and live the life of your dreams in 2022 and beyond. Magick doesn't involve childhood fairy tales or Walt Disney fantasy but aligns with the scientific laws of abundance and the logical flow of the universe around you.  So, what is this “magick?”  Why do I spell it with a K? What does a magickal life entail and how does this relate to laws of the universe and abundance? Once upon a time, I believed with enough hard work you could control all outcomes in life. I fastidiously controlled what went into my body and who I was physically around. I had to because I had such sensitivity to other people (I didn’t know I was empathic) and had hidden panic attacks and anxiety. Spontaneity was only for moments of self-medicated freedom - yet even those were still carefully controlled and curated within containers to ensure bad decision-making didn’t leak out and spoil my future. I had no one to rely on but myself, so I couldn’t fuck anything up. This is why I had to control everything, be perfect at everything, manage everything. Thus the hamster wheel continued to spin, but I was a high functioning achievement-oriented person who looked “successful” on the outside.  Then I met these lovely women who told me to chant nam myo renge kyo - I had nothing to lose so I did. I had no idea what the words mean but the vibration, the ritual, the time spent in meditation began to relax something within me.  I felt better, alchemically without any processing. Something was altering my physical body and my mind - thoughts cleared, heart rate lowered, muscles relaxed all with the repetitive rhythm and vibrational frequency of a mantra repeated over and over again. And after a month or so of chanting this every day I began to realize I had been living my life in a self-imposed prison.  It was a prison of unworthiness and of omniscient controllers.  Like a scared beast, I had to stay in my cage because everything outside the prison was unknown and uncontrollable. And little ole me could not dare to ask anything of the universe, I could not request to have my needs met or be noticed. In fact hiding was the preferred method of life because if I was seen it could invite attack.  I, through a practice of daily meditation and chanting a high vibration mantra transformed myself from a body of fear to a body of creative expression.  I began to put myself out there, to perform poetry and help others do the same.  I started to ask for things from the universe. I articulated my needs and wants and toyed with the concept of being worthy to receive these gifts.  So back to magick. The definition of magic is the process of creating something from nothing or changing something into something else. Examples of this - to draw letters on a blank piece of paper. Where there was open space there is now a message, a poem, or a song.  To create music, both thru dictating notes on paper using the language of scales and notes or to strum the melody on a guitar or piano. First, there is nothing, then there is something. Or magick is to make a lasagna.  Last night I took noodles, ground sausage, tomato sauce, herbs, and cheese, and with a bit of love, I placed them together in a specific order and thus created a new thing - something from something else. In this case, a lasagna is appropriate for a Garfield the Cat meme.  So magick in the personal alchemical means the same. In my story, my 18-year-old self took the mantra nam myoho renge kyo and I repeated it, and it changed me from something to something else. It changed my vibration over time from fear to courage and it transformed my life, and awakened me to my true abilities as a creative individual capable of her own acts of magick.  The Tarot card The Magician (in the traditional Rider Waite illustrations), one hand points up, and one hand points down - signifying “as above, so below, as within, so without”.  On his table sit the 4 elements represented by the Sword/Air, Pentacle/Earth, a chalice i.e. cups/water, and a wand which represents fire. The two major principles of magick - being in balance with the 4 elements in order to manifest, and using the 4 elements to make something from nothing or something into something else.  And principle two- the power of the magician is based on the power of his or her imagination. So as WiTHIN the mind of the magician so shall be WITHOUT as the magician creates it in her physical world.  So if you can think it, you can create it. In fact to think a thought is to create! Then to use the elements to manifest it into form in the physical world - whether as a result in our life, our body or our environment.  So, what is the Law of Abundance I am talking about here? Recognition that we all have the power to be The Magician, manifesting magnificent results for ourselves in our lives.  If we can just recognize that the power lies within our life itself. Once you recognize that you are always creating (consciously or subconsciously) you can harness the power to use it consciously and it is only inhabited by our ability to imagine. This is why they are called “self-limiting beliefs.”  The belief (i.e. our lacking of imagining differently) limits us.  So our job for this law of abundance is twofold.  First clarity of thought - recognition that self equals environment, as within, so without - and engaging in practices that balance clear, and nourish so our within isn’t a cluttered hoarder's house of crap and negative self-talk.  And then two - how do we feed our imagination such that we can envision the things we truly desire and thus physically manifest them or call them into us using the 4 elements of our physical and internal environments.  So hold the vision - be the container for the creation of the thing or result. Idea (vision), thought (holding the vision), plan (breaking down the steps and using the structure of the universe and its rules), action (doing something in the flow of the universe) = Manifestation i.e Magick! Creating something from nothing, or turning something into something else all sealed with gratitude for the bounty received to reinforce the positive thought loop and create the fertile ground for abundance.  As we reach the end of this year 2021 I bring this season of Laws of Abundance to a close by reviewing these principles of creation that I started with, because these are our building blocks.  Call them magick, call them alchemy, chemistry, science, logic, intuition, hermetics - they are laws of abundance and they affect us regardless if we choose to believe in them.  Just like gravity is real - we stick to the earth and have weight even if we don’t believe it's round and spins in the cosmos.  Just the same you are creating your reality even if you choose to deny this fact.   These laws are reflected in sacred geometry building blocks around us, in the Fibonacci sequences of stock markets and cryptocurrency, in the light of the sun and moon, the ebb and flow of water in lakes, rivers, and oceans and in your body, and from the body micro and macrocosm of your physical body systems, your aura, and spirit. On this planet we were once nothing but a gleam of passion in two persons' eyes, the magick happens, an egg and sperm meet in a container known as the womb and something happens based on a structure of sacred geometry.  Our DNA literally builds a little human and that physical being is released into the world taking its first breath so it too can become a creator of things in this physical world.  Including the creation of other humans.  But all humans are granted the power of thought, word and act, and imagination to see beyond what is physically in front of them.  The power to do magick.  The power to create. The power to live a life of abundance in a story of their making.  This is not about toxic positivity or magical/wishful thinking. This is about looking at the patterns and how things actually work in the universe. And the WORK it takes as a human to figure it out with experience.   I hope my experiences this year, or those I’ve shared from my life so far have helped you. And I look forward to continuing to learn with you here in this public space in 2022.  And from that place of vulnerability be an example of these laws in my own life.  In the meantime dear listeners - take stock.  You are all magicians creating and manifesting your worlds.  Choose wisely that which you make a reality.
11:08 12/31/21
S1. Ep. 19 | Are you Being "Shoulded" On?
Dear listener.. who is scared.  Stifled by walls built by you, based on other people's expectations.  Or what you believe to be others' expectations of you.  Agreements you have made about who “you should be” or had to be based on perceived pressures.  Dear listener, how do I know this about you? Because I used to be you.  For example, I went to law school not because I really wanted to be a lawyer but because writers and artists, and people with philosophy degrees were perceived as destined to be starving and without financial options. I really wanted to be a poet (the hungriest of writers of them all) and a writer, and at that very moment in college, I wanted to be a radio DJ. I’m laughing at myself now because it took me literally almost 25 years to cycle back around to be a writer and now a podcast host. My radio voice was destined to find a home. But I had to be a lawyer first. A very miserable lawyer, I might add. A lawyer with a drinking problem to numb the feeling of an amputated soul in the transactional lack filled and adversarial environment of law firms. I got to write a lot of legal briefs and contracts but it wasn’t helping people. It definitely wasn’t helping me become abundant or joyful. It quashed my creativity which is why I drank, it made me feel dead inside because it was a suppression of myself to put myself in this box, this mask of a lawyer. And other lawyers were always telling me I was doing it wrong anyway. I laughed too much, I tried to solve problems versus giving people things they didn’t need.   And how did I get there/here? My mom, my fiance, societal beliefs about artists, econ majors at my school, all “shoulded” on me. And I internalized that on top of all my baggage about self-worth and needing to be useful that I chose the SAFE route and went to law school. I saddled myself with massive student loan debt and a bunch of matrix programming about fixing systems from within the system.  I built a really good “duck suit” that I thought would let all of the negativity roll off.  You know how water just rolls off a duck's feathers. My duck suit was armor - so I could keep smiling in the face of the projected onslaught of people’s problems or dramas - so I could keep on, keeping on when I left law school doomed to continue - I literally couldn’t afford to not be an attorney because I had so much debt and no other viable skills besides being an attorney (again I never looked at being a writer as an abundance producing skill).  In fact, I never even thought I could publish my words, who would want them?  And definitely, no one was ever going to give me money for them.  I built an entire miserable and safe reality around the identity of a lawyer so that by age 26 I had chronic fatigue, a drinking problem, intimacy issues, seriously low self-esteem, digestion, and other health issues. The only joy I found was in parties and live music because I could drown out the sadness,  with the noise.  I had no idea that none of this was real and that my prison of agreement about who and what I was, was all me making it up.  Ok Angel, nice bummer parade you are sharing - what is your point? Where is the law of abundance here? This one is hard for me to articulate in a sound bite, so let me try to unpack it. The safe route is a prison and a lie you tell yourself So much of “who we think we are '' is a story built on fictions of what we believe are other people's expectations and judgments of us.  Those “shoulds” I mentioned. Those shoulds are agreements we make. ARE YOU BEING “SHOULDED” ON? What agreement do you need to be yourself? If you could live completely free of these agreements you believe others have put on you - what life would you choose? Who are you really? And what is it you truly want to do? What brings you joy? How do we know what is actually our reliable reality? How do we figure out, like the old me in my story, that I am living in a self-constructed prison? Where do I find the key to walking out of the door that isn’t locked and does not even exist?  How do I blow down the imaginary walls? First, we must get help in sorting  - what is real and unreal. I’m going to tell you that shockingly 95% to 99% of your life’s reality is actually bullshit.  Really stinky dog poop stories your negative ego has made up to keep you stuck and not progressing on your path to your purpose and true self.   Our negative ego is so sneaky that it actually convinces us that we need to do more of the things that keep us stuck so we can bargain with our fears and get moving in the right direction.  It is always a lie.  We just dig ourselves into a deeper deep hole.  This is why we need a lifeline.  Phone a friend.  A path. A tool. HELP!! To get us out of our funhouse of unreality and start to figure out how to know what is real. And what is story. What is agreement and what is False Experience Appearing Real? Aka FEAR. This help can be in the form of listening to Jordan Peterson lectures, therapy, reading Brene Brown, getting initiated into a mystery school tradition, doing Kabbalah, finding Buddhism, and chanting nam myoho renge kyo. It could be stepping into the Landmark Forum. But you need discipline and a path that teaches you and gives you a gauge. I personally recommend a path based on hermetical principles and leads you to be able to talk with and know your higher self.  Hermes Trismegistus, in The Hermetica, defined the two greatest evils as Mere Opinion and Godlessness.  Evil being defined as that which stops the path of progression of another human being. (progression being forward momentum to your purpose and true self).  So mere opinion is all of that story out there, all of that “shoulding.”  You should do this, you should do that, we eat, breathe and steep in a soup of mere opinion. So much so that we can't see it. And then we don’t believe in our god-ness.  We don’t believe we are creating, our reality multiple thoughts at a time, literally trapping ourselves in prisons of lack and joylessness because it's safe inside there.  Yuck.  You know just because you don’t believe you can create your reality, it doesn’t mean are not actually creating your reality.  The fruits of your thoughts words and acts are still running your life, albeit unconsciously. The truth is we are ALWAYS creating. We are creator gods making beautifully complex woven stories draping these motifs all over our concrete walls and pretending our box of small self is the best place to be.  Fear can’t get me here!!  These distractions are so pretty and fulfilling, if I just do more of them this tiny box will feel bigger…. You see where I am going with this? Idea, thought, plan, action equals results! Equals causes and effects in our life based on the seeds we plant - conscious or unconscious it's still happening.  So my dear ones. What do you actually want for your life?  What is your true purpose? Where is your joy? What agreements are you currently living by?  Are they your shoulds? Your grandmother’s shoulds? Your husband’s shoulds? Hell, I used to have a should that by my age I should have had a husband by now and this impacted my self-worth.  I’ve let that one go, for sure. Take a look at your life - what safety box have you built? Where are there walls or fences? DO NOT PASS lines because of beliefs you have constructed based on other's expectations or your perceived beliefs in their judgment or expectations.   How does this impact your boundaries?  How does this impact your ability to enjoy your life? What would you be doing if no one but you had a say in what that was? How would you spend your time? What might your profession be? Would you do more things - fail a lot more, but also feel joy a lot more? Would you get into the driver's seat instead of being the really annoying backseat driver of your own life?.   This law of abundance is to allow yourself to see - start telling yourself the truth and if you don’t know-how, go get help to learn!   I needed A LOT of help. It took me 25 years of Buddhism, 4 plus years as a Kabbalist, multiple levels of initiations on a mystery school tradition, thousands of dollars and hours in healings, travel, and therapy and I’m still peeling back the lawyers of my own personal onion.  But I am definitely grateful that I know how to tell myself the truth and that I know that I build my reality. And I actually know my higher self, and I know I am on the path to my purpose.  But I got here with a lot of help.  With people routing for me all the way.  I did -  the doing.  I hold gratitude and experience joy daily because I’m actively working within a discipline to keep from rebuilding a prison for myself. In fact every day I work to build my will, my light, to plant conscious seeds that result in my light and love for myself and others on this planet.  I’m getting out of my own way. Jesus said “I can of my own self, do nothing.” things.” This is the act of surrender to our own destiny and purpose.  Think of it this way. As humans we are not doing love, when we love another, love (the force) loves through us. If you stand there trying to do all of it instead of just being the vessel and letting the force of love through you - then you are in your own way. So choose the will of higher power to flow through you, independent of your mind. Do without doing. Become the vessel. One way to say this is “I will, thy will.” that will you forgot you had when you came into the physical, So now I will, they will. The will I set in motion when I chose to come to this planet right here, right now. The purpose I set in motion and then forgot about when I entered physicality.  I will, that will. Translation. I get out of my own way so my purpose and love can live through me.  And from personal experience, the more I get out of my own way, the more I do without doing, the more I will only the will of my highest self and purpose, the moreAnd this fills me with joy.   If you cannot even begin to fathom what I’m talking about, cannot see a way out of your prison of stories, please reach out. I’ve got tools that will help you.  I can help with that!  Start unlocking who you are truly meant to be and do.  You do not have to do this alone. Alchemy works. Looking at this works. Getting help works.  Need a baby step? Join my Facebook group Building Joy - a public gratitude practice.  You got this. I may not know you personally, but energetically - I know you. I love you and the world is a better place because you are in it.  Let’s get you on the path to enjoying this life.  NOW is the time to stop allowing others to  “should” on you. Walk out of your own box, because it does not exist.
13:08 12/17/21
S1. Ep 18 | The Real "JOY" of the Season
Joy is a term we hear often, and will even more, as we get farther into the holiday season.  But this simple word is actually a lot more complicated than we may think. Brene Brown is famously quoted as saying to Oprah “The most terrifying difficult emotion we experience as humans is Joy.”  Wait a second - Joy is our most terrifying, difficult emotion?  Leave it to humans to find terror and overcomplicate - Joy. So why is this beautiful word -  filled with so much hope and heart- considered terrifying? Because as soon as we have it, we are afraid we are going to lose it. Brene also says “When we lose our tolerance for vulnerability, joy becomes foreboding.” So many people in moments of Joy, dress rehearse tragedy so they can beat vulnerability to the punch.  So what on earth REALLY is JOY? Why is it so darn scary? Why does it elude people? Where does it come from?  I was recently on an airplane flying to Toronto, Canada and I finally watched Roadrunner the story about Anthony Bourdain and his death by suicide. Near the end of listening to people that were his actual family and friends talk about their loss, and how they had watched Anthony fall into something dark that eventually took him away, I was crying my eyes out.  Right there on the airplane, in empathy for all of them and his lost soul. The level of pain he fell into, the utter lack of meaning, the lack of Joy - in a life that brought so much joy to so many. But I don’t know if Anthony knew how much he meant to people. Or if he just felt pressure to perform and wear his masks.  Anthony Bourdain was one of my heroes. When I started my travel blog I wanted to be like him. I aspired to be a female Anthony Bourdain (not some type of bad girl chef, because that was not me) but solo woman traveler going places, women hadn’t gone alone before, showing other women that you can adventure solo, safely to many many places of your accord and see the world.  I’d watch him and see that Anthony always had friends though, everywhere he went, that showed him the place he was traveling to and I wondered “How did you get that?” Then I’d be like “duh! It's TV Angel, he has a producer and people that arrange these things. You on the other hand are just stumbling around the globe in the dark, going to strange places and putting myself through travel shock therapy.”  It was fun though. Travel shock therapy and adventure bring me joy.  I digress - so Anthony equaled hero, was on a pedestal and a person who I believed had everything I wanted. I wanted to travel for a living, to eat all the things, to experience all of the things. And he was doing that.  And then one day he was dead by suicide.  I couldn’t process it. I was in shock and it was actually that summer that I decided my purpose in life was of a higher calling than simply “experience”.  I needed to find a way to bring light to others so no more Anthony’s happened. I needed to find a way to bring real Joy to people and give people a way to find joy for themselves - because a life without joy, is not a life lived - and can result in decisions like suicide.  Thus, I can help with that! Metaphysical options for a joyful life were born, and I chose to step up in higher service in my mystery school lineage as a ritual master and do service to humanity.  I have a degree in philosophy. I’ve studied the meaning of life from multiple perspectives. I’m a guide in a 3000 + year old mystery school. I am a Buddhist. I am a Kabbalist. I’ve tried abstinence, I’ve tried hedonism, I’ve tried co-dependence, independence, psychedelics, obsessive traveling - All this in search of one thing - Joy.  And I’m still asking What is Joy? If you look at the sad story of Anthony Bourdain’s life you know joy cannot be found outside yourself, even if you are a brilliant fearless talented world adventurer. Because joy also can’t be found by lying to yourself and wearing a mask. When I’m most miserable and devoid of meaning in my actions and drained to my core it's in situations where I am performing a role that is not authentically me. I tried to be a “normal” lawyer in a law firm and it just led me to the bottom of a bottle, the only numbing I could find while having to watch my soul die slowly.  Climbing the corporate ladder and playing politics, pretending to smile at assholes - In fact, when I started in corporate a friend of mine - poked fun at my lack of poker face - she would say,  “Angel, you can literally see your eyes roll so far back into your head when the narcissist idiots start talking - you are going to have to work on that or someone is going to think you are having a seizure.”  I did, and it got me nowhere but tired and burned out, but I sure could facilitate a great meeting where everyone “felt good” about the nothing we accomplished.  When you die and stand at the gates to the afterlife it is said that Anubis will ask you two questions.   Have you experienced Joy? And Have you brought Joy to others?  Joy is all that matters. But WHAT THE FUCK is it?  And, how do we get it? You can’t buy it. You can’t fake it. And even a lot of us are afraid of it.  The Rune Wunjo that translates to Joy looks like a flag waving in Victory. On the rune sphere, it has the cosmological characteristics of harmony and order and it requires 3 things:  Prosperity- meaning the balance of inflow and outflow of energy  Bliss - to be filled with a sense of meaningfulness  A good house of the soul i.e. a healthy body free from negative influences.  OK, Great theoretical explanation Angel - but still what the hell is Joy, then?  The other day I was driving my partner to the airport for him to go back to work for another 4-week long hitch on a ship in the Gulf of Mexico.  The indigo girls song Closer to Fine came on. And I finally got it.  The lyrics are about searching for Joy. And I realized I’ve actually lived the song in my life. “I sailed my ship safely till I sank it.” The difference between those who embrace joy and live joy and those stuck in fear and safe routes is the practice of gratitude. The foundation of an abundance mindset. The physical act of stating out loud and writing down words of gratitude. Observing and being aware of all the little things in life that we are grateful for - so in that moment of Joy, we don’t get terrified of it and make up a story about how it's not real or run away from it. Instead, we give it an embrace with gratitude.  This is energetically like the 3 parts of the joy rune. Prosperity: the balance of inflow and outflow of energy plus bliss being filled with meaningfulness!   This is what practicing gratitude does!  And 3 a good house for the soul i.e. stopping the negative influence of negative thoughts by practicing gratitude versus allowing in the negative thought patterns of scarcity and rehearsing tragedy.  We can literally be overrun by negative thought patterns - our own - they literally create ruts in our brain that our neurons keep repeating. Meditation research shows that people who meditate are actually firing more paths because they clear these negative patterns, they smooth out the ruts. Gratitude research shows the practice of writing positive words and thoughts every day makes people more able to learn new things, which means there must be more neurological activity as a result of gratitude.  It is definitely easier to listen if the monkey mind and the negative nelly mind aren’t babbling on about some false experience appearing real. Fear, a false experience appearing real, is what kills joy and kills people’s lives, and puts us into lack.  So people like Anthony choose to kill themself in the face of loss when they literally have a rich, abundant life.  But physical abundance doesn't mean you have mental abundance and joy.  So many spiritual people actually believe you can’t be physically abundant (i.e. have lots of money) and still be spiritual. Because they see a lot of rich miserable or quote-unquote rich bad people.   But this is bullshit. Money is just energy.   I wish there were more rich, joyful, and happy spiritual people.  Look at Jimmy Carter and how much he has done for the world. He is a man of means, of spirituality and joy. I bet if we asked financially abundant joyful people what their secret was, they would say gratitude and likely faith. I know a lot of abundant spiritual people and they are in the flow because they are actively cultivating joy, gratitude, and royalty in their lives through service to themself and others. But the foundation is gratitude as a daily practice and daily practice of being on their path to and in joy. And that practice and being on the path, being the goal, not the end game.  Enlightenment is not a static place. Buddha never said - you get there and then you are done. He got there and then his work began. So this week my law of abundance is this - never give up your quest for joy - and remember it is the smallest thing that brings it. Which is the moment-by-moment daily life-long practice of cultivating gratitude in the present moment.  Joy doesn’t live in the past.  Joy doesn’t live in the future.  Joy lives in the now. No one can give it to you or take it away.  Yes, we can experience heartbreak.  Yes, we can experience pain, but we can also experience Joy.  Hiding from our lives does not reduce our ability to feel heartbreak and pain, these will still happen, but hiding behind masks and not really living will certainly reduce our joy.  It is terrifying to be vulnerable but in that vulnerability you find also the doorway to freedom and joy.  For me sitting there crying on an airplane for a stranger named Anthony Bourdain, the tragedy I was crying for was the fact that he may never have lived.   He didn’t love himself. He was a mask. He didn’t get to feel true joy as Anthony. He just played Anthony on TV and his answer to Anubis at the gates to the after life was probably No to both questions with a very well written diatribe as to how no one in this world could possibly answer yes.   Because he literally couldn’t see the joy he brought to others because he couldn’t see how to have joy himself - his addictions got in the way, his ship of safety kept sailing. For me, it is a reminder and a wake up call for my masks. Lawyer. Project manager. Teacher. Traveler. Lightworker. Girlfriend. Sister. Daughter. Spiritual Guide. They aren’t enough in this life if I do not experience joy. And joy is not going to come from another person, a bottle, a food, a trip to an exotic location.  It's not going to come from my next accomplishment. It is only going to come from me being grateful for every little thing, from me loving myself enough to allow myself to be loved, to show the world who I am, and to do scary things.  Not to torture myself but to rip off the masks I wear and show myself to the world. To take myself less seriously, it is only life after all.   In the words of the indigo girls let’s remember darkness has a hunger that is insatiable and lightness has a call that's hard to hear. But you can hear it. Practice listening. Write down that little thing you are grateful for. Today it's the snoring of my dog cuddled up next to me. It is the daily good morning text from my partner and him telling me I’m beautiful. It was the privilege of sitting around a fire with friends last night in the Seattle rain.  Knowing for me to bring joy to others I must first experience joy myself. This is the secret sauce.  I must first love myself enough to be myself. To practice this art of vulnerability and of gratitude and failing forward, learning from each misstep and enjoying the feeling when I fall.   A leap of faith is a joyful thing because the landing, rough or soft, is always better than having stayed at the cliff afraid to jump. The biggest tragedy we have to avoid is not living our life alive. 
14:24 12/2/21
S1. Ep. 17 | Triggered? Time to Unpack
SO LISTENERS, I HAVE A CONFESSION:  I judge those who depend on others, and why? because I am jealous of them.   And why is that? Because I’ve never had that.  Now I find myself in a relationship with someone I care deeply about - who is not perfect, who is working on themself as well - and yet because I care deeply and have certain desires, now ALL my shit is coming up.  Has this ever happened to you? Finally, you are in a loving, stable relationship that is enhancing and growing your life abundantly but then oh, wait - out of the blue you feel deeply, deeply triggered? “The only difference between a flower and a weed is judgment.” -unknown  My roasted dandelion tea told me this snippet of wisdom this morning - after some serious self-work and soul searching because I found myself SUPER triggered by something that actually hadn’t happened yet. The key to my calming down was just that - recognition that what I was triggered by had not happened. I was not experiencing what was happening - but a replay of a pattern of something in my past. And in that moment I vowed to never let it affect my future again.   You see I’ve got a lot of inner child wounding - my father left my family when I was very young.  I have no memory of him ever being a family with my mom and me and my sister.  I have no explanation from any adult in my memory that makes sense of his sudden gone-ness.  I just have a huge sense of loss there where I should have a father figure.  (now I know and understand as an adult what happened to my parents' marriage but this doesn’t change the inner child wounding of it having happened).  Now, combine this wounding with that father’s really awful ability to plan - as in he never really did plan anything - my father made a lot of promises he couldn’t or didn’t keep.  Which felt to a very young me like lies and unkept commitments and thus became large disappointments to little me.  Combine this with being raised in part by my grandmother, a very sick chronic alcoholic who drank herself to death, and her less than emotionally available and abusive husband, my grandfather - I got ear and eye fulls of anger, toxicity,  conflict and drama and no models for productive relationships.  And I was left out in the cold in the soft warm nourishment and support arena.  I learned very young the only person I could depend on was myself, and to brace myself for disappointment and people’s rage and anger because it was inevitable. Best I could do was make myself small, quiet, unnoticed, keep my head down and follow the rules to access support through achievement. And maybe if I achieved enough someone would give me positive attention through that recognition at least.  I learned to replace joy and love with achievement and productivity, I learned I had to earn love because I never got it unconditionally.     I learned don’t state your needs, don’t demand anything, and don't depend on anyone. It's a lonely existence but it keeps the conflict at a minimum and your basic survival needs generally get met.  It left me longing for support and connection but I found substitutes for that along the way.  OK pause the depressing story Angel what on earth does this have to do with a quote about judgment on a tea bag? Or any law of abundance?? Well, judgment is just that, perspective. Judgment is a tough act and I’m going to admit that I have a lot of it. Like I said before, I judge those who depend on others because I am jealous of them. Because I have never allowed myself to depend on someone else. My MIND has them disappointing me before it has happened.  My mind has me wanting to react, project, push away and run away before the disappointing event (in reaction to not the current present but the disappointment of the past) so that disappointing event doesn’t happen to me again.  But if I do what my mind wants me to, I've then created conditions that guarantee a repetition of the past, and that make a cause for it to be in my future.  The answer: Step back and ask what am I actually reacting to? Is it real? Did I make it up? What is the big hairy bear that wants to eat me?  I knew last night in the moment to not react to the trigger. I leaned in to intentional conversation - I didn’t get the response I wanted or expected (mind me, that is) so I paused, I reframed, and recognized I was still reacting to something not there. I was judging myself, I was creating things that were not said. Then I was able to name it.  Disappointment Bear.  It is a big ugly one I do not like facing.  I’ve self-medicated, I’ve stayed in unhappy jobs, in unhappy or unfulfilling relationships because staying allowed me to not experience it.  Disappointment Bear.  But Disappointment Bear is now looming in front of me like a giant picnic of repetition and I’m starving.  Hey boo boo? Yet wait - I have brakes, I have tools, I can meditate and identify and name the bear (the fear, the trauma, the damage, the baggage) I don’t have to give in to it and repeat the pattern.  A magickian, a kabbalist, a buddhist, a hermeticist can all be self aware enough to see the chain of cause and effect, see where mind is making up illusion, and shift it to see the moment and the objective facts of what is happening - such that good cause can be generated for positive effect.   A trigger is a space for learning if it can be examined, versus giving into it and starting another cycle and putting that past into your future.  If you start to feel something scary, first think, are you responding to something longer than 15 seconds, if you are at 5 minutes, 15 minutes, or an hour of trigger you are generating a pattern that puts the thing you are reacting to into your future. Also after the 1st 15 seconds you can know if it doesn't pass through you that you are reacting to something from your past that you need to clear very badly.  And you are NOT reacting to what is actually happening in front of you right now.  (in my case I was reacting literally to nothing, nothing had happened yet, or did, but man my mind was so certain it had or would).  Anyway this 15 second rule is a diagnostic tool that you can use.  If you use it it can help you break out of some serious stuff and clear it up for you.  I’m currently in a  King Salomon healing series known as Mind Region - this series is deeply kabbalistic in that we are finding ways to peel away the masks one wears.  To find those places where I’m still in survival mode and transform them to be my most authentic self 100% of the time, truly living my purpose - which is helping others find their purpose and joy in life.  So it's no wonder stuff is coming up as I’m committed to doing this work and being an example for others. So, now I’ve gotta look at the masks I wear and why I wear them.   Two big ones: Disappointment  Judgement Judgment protects me from the disappointment bear. I judge myself, others I don’t have to face situations where I could be disappointed again.  I can preemptively judge situations to such an extent as to completely avoid them, and live a very unfulfilled life - but it will save me from disappointment bear.  Telling you all this is not easy for me. In fact, in my past I would have gladly lit myself on fire (or whatever analogy you want to use) if anyone suggested an activity where sharing my triggers was on the menu.  But I have evolved and it has helped my life tremendously.  Today I share with you “my process.” And why?  I have to learn to be vulnerable for my own progression I have to tell myself the truth about what is really going on in my life if I’m ever going to have healthy, productive, intentional communication with myself and in relationship with others Me doing this out loud and publicly is modeling a useful diagnostic tool for you all.  The law of abundance here is to always unpack that which triggers us. Frequently we are not reacting to what is happening but to something that happened in our past.  Some illusion and story made by our negative ego.  Supporting this law is the need for everyone, myself included to get tools and support to learn how to unpack triggers.  Then in the moment USE those tools versus setting in motion a cause for future replays of the trigger and cementing it into our reality again.  So you can look at the trigger as a weed, as something that needs to be pulled, poisoned or killed, or you can look at it like a flower, a seed, an opportunity. It is part of you after all, to know and understand and look at. Why is it that color? Why is it here open in front of me? What seed will this plant?  The difference is literally in your judgment (good or ill) about what you choose to see and then do.  In my case, in this situation it still remains to be seen if I will be disappointed. Jury is out, my trust issues are on a high alert, but so is my LOVE for myself and my partner.  I lean into loving myself and not repeating old patterns, not reacting to myths and ghosts to prevent non-existent harms.   It is highly likely that by approaching things this way that I’ll actually find the support I crave to come from another because I’ll be honest, vulnerable and available and open to receive it.  Instead of guarded, shut down, closed off, on the offence to create the best defence.  Ultimately the love, support and compassion I need comes from within.  And the forgiveness of myself for sins I never committed.  Little me did nothing wrong to make adults act the way they did around me.  It had nothing to do with me.  They were dealing with their own shit.  I just got caught in the crossfire creating a sound I’ve carried with me my whole life.   But I’m ready to let go of these woundings. So I can start working on my purpose, and get out of my own way.  So I end today, my beautiful listener, with a quote from the Erykah Badu song that has always stuck with me and feels very poignant right now.  “All you must hold on to - is you….one day all them bags gonna get in your way. So pack light….love can make it better.”  I can help with that    - Visit   
12:29 11/5/21
S1, Ep. 16 | Awareness is Your Superpower
Hello my lovely listeners - I would like to share a quote with you from the great inventor and futurist, Nikola Tesla  “Inside the earth, there are energies of joy, peace, and love that are expressed for example through a flower that grows from the earth, food that comes out of it, and everything that makes it our home.  I’ve spent years looking for ways that this energy could influence people. The beauty and aroma of roses can be used as medicine and the sun's rays as food.  Life has an infinite number of forms, and the duty of scientists is to find them.  All I do is look for them. I will not give up." The universe is alive in all its manifestations.  The stone is a sensitive being, such as plants, animals, and people.  A star that shines asks to be seen, and if we were not self-absorbed we would understand its language and its message.  The breath, the eyes, and the ears of a human being have to fulfill the breath, the eyes and the ears of the universe.”  I read this quote this morning on a post from a Facebook group. I wouldn’t recommend going to Facebook for inspiration, it's usually a time-sucking hole that leaves me wondering why I went there in the first place.  But today, luckily after meditation in a relaxed mind state I followed only one rabbit hole and it led me to Tesla’s words. Which immediately reminded me of sacred geometry and this week’s law of abundance - the superpower of Awareness.  The beauty I find in Tesla's words (which are of course quoted without a reference so I cannot confirm or deny they are in fact his words, I can just hope) but either way there is beauty in these words because it is getting at what lies beneath just what we immediately see and perceive.  A recognition that rocks, crystals, plants, flowers have a  shape and an energetic signature - a vibration, and aliveness - and that to tap into this vital life force energy one only has to be aware that it is there and actively look for it.  So much can be experienced if we are willing to be AWARE of its existence.  The process of self-awareness is like this as well.  And if we are aware of things all around us all the time - then we see, sense, and experience those things, and we can engage with those things, to build on those things, to take advantage of synchronicity and opportunities so that we are in the flow of the universe versus plugged into a self-absorbed matrix keeping us asleep and not going anywhere in our lives.  Let’s think about the movie The Matrix (the very first one from the early 1990s) for just a second. The character of Neo, how did he learn how to be so powerful? First, he made a choice between the Red and the Blue pill and he chose Awareness. In the story, this was symbolized by him being unhooked and freed from being a human battery cell for the giant parasitic machine.  And with this choice and awareness that he had free will now, he then began his training to become AWARE of the energies he could manipulate and use in his reality. He became aware that a lot of his reality was story and illusion (created by the machine), but in being aware of that he could become the spoon, bend the spoon, wield the materials of the story itself to become a superhero. All of this was a conscious choice to become Aware and tap into the life force energy surrounding him. Which is the story is symbolized by him gaining superhuman abilities to beat the negative forces inside the matrix machine.   Hmmmmmm….is this an allegory? Yes! It is! And this is why awareness is a law of abundance and a superpower. It literally can give you superhuman abilities - the ability to tap into your creator god/goddess, the ability to experience joy, love, and wonder like you never have before. To be living alive in the flow of things versus fighting them.  So you might be like “Angel you’ve really lost it now. What is this Nikola Tesla Matrix Science Fiction bullcrap you are trying to feed me? I knew you were woo woo but now you are just cray cray.”   Right. Bare with me a moment.  Let’s look at this from the perspective of being unaware for a second. Tesla’s quote says “if we were not self-absorbed we would understand its language.” He’s speaking of the language of the stars here, but we can apply this to a more mundane example. The best mundane example I can think of in my own life is when I’ve lost my car because I forgot where I parked it.  Because I was never aware of where I parked it because I was so in my head when I parked it I literally went thru the motions but had no awareness of what I was doing. I’ve lost my car twice in my life this way - one time because my job was so stressful I was thinking about what so & so was going to say or do in reaction to me, I was angry because someone else was acting badly and I didn’t like how they were treating me. My head was literally me, me, me - similarly, I lost my car on another day when I was thinking about how awful it felt to be lied to by my boyfriend at the time (who was by this moment my ex-boyfriend) and all the things I would say if It got the chance to tell him off because his lies hurt me so bad.  In both cases, I spent a good hour later in the day looking for my car in a panic because I literally had NO AWARENESS of where it was parked. I was so in my head and self-absorbed when I parked it, I had no idea what I did.  The moral of the story in both cases is that I was not aware because I was stuck on a mental mind loop of me, me, me, and misery induced by the cycle of me, me, me self-absorbed negative ego monkey mind chatter. Both situations were very unpleasant, by me making it about me and then being unaware of my surroundings and what I was doing so I lost my car and had to spend time and energy trying to find it later.  Which also felt icky on top of the bad day I was already having because I was stuck on me, me, me. See how this builds on itself? Now, had I literally stopped to smell the roses - as cliche as that is - I would have broken out of this cycle.  Roses smell wonderful and are beautiful and the scent and vibration are medicine.  Cliches are cliches because they are something repeated based on truth.  Roses grow in a spiral, just like the spiral of fractals you see in cauliflower and romanesco, just like the spiral in the snail shell, the spiral of tree growth, the spiral exemplified by what math people call the Fibonacci sequence. Roses have a scent with a high vibration that brings us into a state of love and recognition of the sacred - that is why they are given to people you love and used to cheer people up and commemorate special occasions.  They are magick because they hold within them the shape of love and joy from the sacred geometry of the spiral of growth. They are naturally high vibratory energy. And I can, because I choose to be aware of them and their light use them as medicine for myself.  I keep them and fresh flowers in my house all the time just for that purpose.  I digress a little bit here with my happy sidetrack about roses, but do you see how awareness, in this case, possibly being brought on by a plant known as the rose could kick me out of being self-absorbed thus bringing me out of me, me, me and into see, see, see and smell, and taste and hear what is ACTUALLY going on around me? If I had stopped to smell the roses, I would have knocked myself out of that self-absorbed loop and become more aware of my surroundings and thus later, remember where my car was, and probably have a way more pleasant day as a result.   If someone is very self-aware they are extremely cognizant of how their actions affect other humans.  And frequently they are also very aware of how their choices and actions affect their environment.  Both types of self-awareness are good and are the basis of this law of abundance.  It takes awareness to have gratitude. So gratitude practice is an awareness practice.  It wakes you up and unplugs you from the pity party that self-absorption can create and the negative thought pattern cycles it encourages.  Self-absorption (or being in victim mode, or complaining) also creates blindness - it shuts down awareness because you go into all-consuming negative ego and its illusions and stories.  Good news - We can use our friends the flowers, plants, rocks and crystals to aid us in this path to gratitude and awareness.  We can use Sacred Geometry as well which is also a practice of awareness. Crystals grow in sacred geometry patterns, plants & flowers do too, humans are made up of sacred geometry just look at the DNA double helix spiral right? If you start down this path of looking at everything as alive and sacred and aware of all of its makeup, its energy, you will tap into the energy Nikola Tesla is talking about. You will, like Neo did in the story, be able to start to develop superhuman qualities of being able to use cause & effect, synchronicity, vibration, the opportunity to your advantage for the good of yourself and others because you will be aware of how you are fitting in and acting in your ecosystem.  You will be awake and unplugged or at least desiring to find your own Morpheus so you can choose the pill to wake up from the dream. Half the battle is waking up and realizing that so much of what we see is an illusion and stories our self-absorbed negative ego has built for us.  But just like the couple illustrated on The Devil card in the Ryder Waite deck - these chains of illusion are possible to be lifted right off and over our head.  The key to release from the story (the bonds) is Awareness - and choosing to actively engage in being aware of everything except the illusion. This is why Tesla’s quote is so beautiful.  It is his unique way of being aware of the magick of life all around him.  And his commitment to always being aware and searching for more in those mysteries of beauty, joy and love he saw everywhere.  “All I do is look for them. I will not give up.” is his vow.  A man aligned with his purpose.  He was far from what the mainstream would call successful in his physical life, but no one ever aligned with their true purpose is recognized as “traditionally successful” because that is part of the illusion. But thanks to his commitment to his purpose we have some amazing things today. Thanks to his awareness.   So, what can you create in your life if you cultivate such a level of awareness? What are your superhuman abilities if you unhook from the matrix of illusion and start to wield the tools at your disposal in your true reality?  Feeling like you can’t get there alone and/or want a little help? Are you curious and want to explore this more?  I can help with that! Reach out let’s talk about it - I don’t have a magick pill to unplug you immediately with no effort, but I definitely have tools you can practice to grow this superpower.  So you can start to be more aware of your powers and tap into the medicines, joys, and magick of this planet and your life.  HAPPY NEW DAY  beautiful listener! Now go out in the world and use your newfound superpower - simply being awake... Because so many of us are asleep.  Enjoy your new reality and may you learn to fly.
14:21 10/22/21
S1, Ep. 15 | Cause + Effect
These last few days my dear listeners I have found myself upset, frantic even, emotional, and venting - I’ve remained grounded but barely and as a result I’m tired, my cup is going dry and as I waited in the airport to fly to Denver to meet my partner’s mother for the first time I found the words and thoughts of others around me to vibrate painfully, grating off my eardrums.   This is a sign that I’m not in a good place. That I allowed myself to become the effect versus the cause in my environment, and my environment now becomes an irritant. While I was Meditating with them, my Runes kept repeating to me this statement “I’m over directed towards outer things.” Outer things meaning things that are outside my sphere of control, outside of myself. And recently I’ve felt justified in reacting because things have been outside of my control. I don’t control airlines, I don’t control my partner’s friends' bad decisions, I don’t control the internet, sales tax, rental car prices - and I’ve been upset because my expectations of others were not met, people I care about were injured and there was nothing I could do about it. All I could do about it was react, get frazzled and now I find myself exhausted.  It took a good hard long look at myself today in meditation sitting here in a hotel room in Colorado, my runes on full repeat - screaming Naudhiz! Naudhiz! Naudhiz! for me to finally listen, and realize that the story I’m playing that I allowed to run my world for the past week is bullshit. It's not the outside world making me this way, it's me - and I can be something other than upset. If I choose to rise above my monkey mind and reactionary behaviors.  So the Rune Naudhiz (or Needfire) has the following Rune poems associated with it: #1 Need is constricting on the chest, Although to the children of men it often becomes A help and salvation nevertheless #2 Need makes for a difficult situation The naked freeze in the frost #3 Need is the grief of the bondmaid And a hard condition to be in and toilsome work So Naudhiz, which is translated to need or needfire, roughly means - from the darkness & cold the need for fire is realized, however, the fire must be generated within yourself to banish distress. So in other words, the only cause for the fire that banishes distress is your own will that comes from within. Your own thought process & realization to rise above the stressful circumstances, or the ability to start making choices and plans (remember idea, thought, plan, action - the 4 worlds principle from ep.1 ) that put you in places where distress does not occur.  Now per Rune poem #2, line two “the naked freeze in the frost” i.e. those who do not help themselves out of distress remain in distress or die (the naked freeze). Those who are in victim stay in victim unless they change their thought process. So here my runes were telling me “Angel! Get your shit together and stop reacting to circumstance - take your thoughts back, get it together, and start being the cause!” All thought is acted upon - and as the thinker you always have control over your own thought process (both reactionary and causal), and in my case I needed to build a fire of gratitude to start to replenish my resources and get back on track as the creator of my reality replenishing my reserves.  Now I keep saying effect vs. cause, or be the cause not the effect in my life. My runes were being really blunt with me and reminding me of the hermetic & buddhist principle of cause & effect.  Hermetic rule #6 of the laws of the universe and this week’s law of abundance. The law of causality.  Which is “be the cause in your life or else you will just experience effects.”  Here is the hermetic principle as quoted from the Kybalion.  “Every cause has its effect; every effect has its cause; everything happens according to the law; chance is but a name for law not recognized; there are many places of causation, but nothing escapes the law.” So my listeners, thinking about the principle of cause and effect in your life - ask yourself where am I a cause or where am I an effect in my life? To do this you must acknowledge your thoughts & behaviors - are they just reactive to your environment all the time? Are you telling yourself a story that is bringing about a certain reality? or are you actively curating your thoughts, words & acts to bring about effects you truly desire into your environment?  When things do not go as we planned in life we become unhappy.  I recently experienced this - but when this happens instead of wallowing and blaming others for our unhappiness (this is focusing on outside circumstances so you end up naked and frozen like the Naudhiz rune poem). You must instead identify the cause, even if the cause appears outside yourself (like my recent situation) so it can at least break you out of being a slave to reactionary thought & action which compounds on itself leaving us trapped in a drama blender where we keep getting whirled around by circumstance.  If we can focus on the cause we break the cycle, we recognize we can forge our own path, that we can take action to change circumstance, or at least change our mind about the situation so our thoughts & REACTION is a choice we make and our own. This moves us from the victim of our circumstance to the author of our world.  Cause and effect is a law of the universe that is impossible to escape.  It is the root of karma, it is part of synchronicity, part of fate, part of the web of wyrd.  No one ever escapes cause & effect even if it may appear so on the surface or right now- it just comes in different ways to different people.  But those who follow this rule of Cause & Effect and apply this law of abundance, this hermetic principle to their lives, are always in the process of attempting to be master of their lives thru right cause, right action, the will of acting in alignment with purpose, gratitude and positivity in order to elevate themselves from a place of victim of circumstance.   Things like meditation, ritual, prayer, gratitude practices allow us to master the mind, gain mastery over emotions & desires, mastery over our thoughts so we can master our universe and be the change (the cause) we wish to see in the world as Gandhi taught, as Buddha taught, as hermetics teaches. Our thoughts = our reality. Thought & word = first cause.  We must have vigilance in our thoughts to keep our thoughts in the light & love & higher self, to remain the cause and stay a master of our lives and circumstances.  This is a practice to engage in every single day.  And it's not a simple one as my story in this podcast today illustrates. It requires constant vigilance. I can still let my circumstances set me in a thought cycle, but I have a daily practice that can pull me out of it. I learned and practiced this discipline every day. I chant, I do rituals, I meditate, I work with the runes & tarot to help my higher self send me messages to wake me up if I am getting cloudy. Sometimes I slip, but then I get back up and try again. And I did not get here alone. My path to living this law of abundance has come with 25 years of Buddhist practice and 10 plus years as an adept and higher-level initiate with the modern mystery school. Honestly, my deep hard look at cause and effect didn’t really fully mature until I chose the ritual master path and started studying hermetics thanks to the kind and loving nurturing of my ritual master teacher Ipsissmus Dave Lanyon. And with this training, I decided that the best way to be the cause in my life was to choose to be of service to others, to be a spiritual guide in the lineage of King Salomon so I can teach others how to step on the path that leads to know thyself and gives people not the answer, but the tools to find the answer.  In other words, I teach people how to fish versus giving them the fish. I empower versus enable. How do I do that? Specifically now with things like this podcast, and the tools & teachings I am privileged to pass down through the Empower Thyself class and initiation.  If you want to step on the path to purpose and start being the cause in your life, the tools, practices, and energetic life lift Empower Thyself gives you are a game-changer.  I am able to hand you down simple daily practices and connect you to the power cell of a 3000+ year old tradition - that if used will help you know yourself better, start to live alive and awake and empowered so you start to be the cause in your life versus the effect. Empower Thyself is not a self-help book or some new age think yourself into a rich kind of process. It is a set of practical tools to allow you to break free from your negative ego and everywhere it keeps you trapped.  It is the beginning of a means to learning how to tell yourself the truth in a kind & loving way, the beginning of a daily practice that if done consistently (or even at an average level of application) will start your engine toward making causes for a life you want to live in. It is a choice to become the author of your life and opens so many doors. Every single dollar and minute I’ve invested into my own mystery school training for my personal development has come back to me tenfold in joy and abundance and life satisfaction.   I am not wanting for anything in my life and yes I may still have a bad day here and there, but I no longer have a bad month or year.  I’m resilient. I have reserves and my daily practices make me strong so I am the author of my destiny. I love myself and I love humanity to such an extent that I am now committed 100% of my existence as a guide to helping others find the path to their true self.   Nothing about my path has been easy or fast. This is a discipline that I choose every day along with my Buddhist practice. But every day I choose love.  And I hope that my words can encourage you - if nothing else to choose to be the cause every day of your life.  Free yourself from the slavery of a reactionary life ruled by thoughts and stories generated from your negative ego and lower self.   And maybe my words have made you curious about empowering thyself and learning daily practices and thought structures to help you on this path.  If this is the case then I can help with that! Reach out, we can connect and chat, get you in for a life activation, and register for Empower Thyself with me or a guide in your geographic area.  I hope to hear from you and shine the light for you to step on the path to being the cause, to finding your own inner fire.   Until then I love you all and remember you are the cause if you choose to be. 
13:07 10/8/21
S1, Ep.14 | Boundaries are Powerful
Boundaries are Powerful So, I had the pleasure yesterday of having tea and talking with a friend I had not seen in over a year. We hadn’t spoken for a while because she had a bad case of COVID, and needed to recover and then make changes in her life with time and space to learn the new things she needed for better boundaries.  As we chatted, we talked about heavy things, we laughed and celebrated life and learning and the process of failing forward - and the theme that came out of our talk was what an AMAZING thing that boundaries are and do for us as healthy, independent, responsible, self-aware, adult human beings.  So first, what is a boundary?  Would it surprise you that many people don’t have them and sincerely struggle to set them? Do you have them? Do your parents, friends, colleagues? Boundaries are worthy of exploration and articulation.  I like to think of a boundary first as physical, a clear space of demarcation between me and the other. Two physical bodies that are not blending as we stand separate. We are not in an embrace, kissing, or blending those physical bodies. Even though we have chosen to come together as partners, we are still sovereign individuals.   But what about the non-physical side of boundaries?  The stuff you can’t see? The place where boundaries are most important in establishing you and the other. I need to know where I begin and end energetically.  What is my baggage? What am I projecting or making sure I am not projecting on another human being? And in return - what is the other person’s stuff? Are they spewing their opinions on me, their projections, their desires, thoughts and wants all over me?  Are they making me wrong for a choice they made to avoid taking personal responsibility for it?  Here is an example: A person who suffers from anxiety expresses fear over my travels during times of COVID or how I might be perceived if I’m an attorney who does energy work or teaches classes like Empower Thyself as a representative of the Modern Mystery School.  I MEAN WHAT WILL THE WORLD THINK OF ME?! They won’t take me seriously as an attorney if I keep engaging in such woo-woo behavior.  However, IF I have boundaries, I can hear these words, I can acknowledge and thank them for their concern (which really is their attempt to project their anxiety and judgment on me - consciously or unconsciously) and I can internally pause and acknowledge that what I am feeling from them is, in fact, them and their emotions and judgment, NOT ME or MINE.   And. I. move. on. I have no obligation, responsibility or anything to pick up what they are putting down and projecting upon me. Their internal anxiety and judgment (which they are externalizing onto me as “worry about what the world will think”) is all their own shit and I do not have to take it on. And when I say it's their own shit I mean it - it's their own self-judgment and criticism about not being taken seriously and having something to prove to the world. It's their own fears about going and seeing the world during COVID. It's not my fear, and it's not my judgment.  I have no fear to travel responsibly, and I have no cares what the world thinks of me.  I love myself, I care about people, and I have a mission to help others find a way to love themselves in this world. I think the teachings within the Lineage of King Solomon are one of the fastest ways for a person to wake up to who they truly are, love themselves, and join the team “making this world a better place for everyone.” I save lives and I help people.  I expect people who are jealous, to want to stop me from speaking, to judge me, and do things to discredit me.  If I’m not making enemies I’m not trying hard enough to get us all to Shambala.   So - I’m very clear that the judgment of others is not my deal, and I don’t care about it.  Now, me being clear about this does not mean creating drama.  I do not need to tell this person how wrong they are, and how the world isn’t going to judge me for what I’m doing, or that I don’t care, or that I’m not afraid to travel because it isn’t dangerous, etc... This is not productive, and they are probably right.  Travel during a pandemic has risks, and people do judge me for what I do. But it is my choice if I spend the energy worrying about it because I have boundaries.  I have boundaries and I don’t like drama and I don’t need to be right - so I just thank the person for their concern and disengage from the conversation.  Trying to explain to them that I do not care what others think of me, or more profoundly said, I am not worried about it because I know anyone else’s judgment of me is their own pain, baggage, and issues and really their judgment of themselves - saying this, is not going to make sense to this person - You see where I’m going with this?   It is best I just acknowledge, disengage, and keep going on about my business as a caring, loving human being in the world living my life in the best way possible with a lot more energy to do it, because I do not take on other people’s stuff or engage in drama.   So this, my lovely listener, is why boundaries are not only powerful but also a law of abundance.  Because when you have boundaries, you do not take on other people’s stuff, you do not engage in drama and create more stuff, you do not worry about being right or being heard and not judged - and you have SO MUCH MORE ENERGY. When you don’t have to make other people wrong, or subconsciously carry around the burden of an entire community of souls unconsciously projecting their stuff at you- you step back into your lane. You know where you begin and they end and where they end and you begin. Life is lighter. Life has more joy. You are unburdened by opinion and you get really clear on who you are and what really matters and how you affect others in this world. And as a result of this, you gain Freedom - FREEDOM gained through personal awareness and responsibility.  And with responsibility comes agency - and then you are writing the script of your life instead of being an actor in someone else’s musical.   Boundaries also allow you to easily steer clear of unneeded DRAMA. The drama that is soul-sucking and energy vortex life energy eating.  If you are always dealing with drama (yours or others) when do you have time to create your life? When do you have time to create your abundance and your joy? You don’t. Because you are always sinking in a sea of drama. But with boundaries, you are immediately able to see it coming and then are able to disengage from the situation before the conveyor belt of bullshit sends you into the coco puffs factory.   How? Let’s take a gaslighting example. (if you have good boundaries, by the way, you cannot be gaslighted because you smell that funky gunk coming and do not breathe it in).  Individuals who love to not take personal responsibility for their actions frequently gaslight others. If they can convince the other person they are wrong, then the individual doesn’t have to own up to their actions.  I see this in legally litigious situations ALL THE TIME.  Litigation doesn’t happen because people are self-aware and taking full responsibility for their actions. Frequently in landlord-tenant matters, I have a lazy corner-cutting landlord yelling profanely at their tenant about how the tenant shoulda coulda woulda this that and the other thing, but meanwhile this doesn’t change the fact that there is sewage coming out of the tub. I advise clients who are experiencing this type of gaslighting behavior from landlords making them wrong by  Breathing a lot  Acknowledging what they have control over in the situation - which is their reaction to the bullying/gaslighting behavior  To make decisions from a non-emotional, non-reactionary, or negative space.  Ask themselves - what is my stuff? What are the landlords? Where can I act but not engage in a way that will throw gasoline on this fire? Because when you lean in and start throwing stuff back - where does this get you?  No where good fast. It just gives you more drama and headaches.  You can’t make an asshole realize they are an asshole by telling them they are an asshole.  We don’t need to get the other to our perspective (especially because we might be wrong, they might be right, or we both might be wrong and both might be right). We just have to have a clear boundary within ourselves to NOT ENGAGE in the drama, stay respectful, take the high road, and manage ourselves.  Do you see how much more energy you can have as a result of this? This can work in relationships too.  As I mentioned in my last podcast about codependency, I’m a recovering codependent and enabler.  Enabling is a thing that happens when people don’t have good boundaries.  Why? We do things for others that they put on us, and we carry things for them. Then we get tired and angry and become victims when they never do those things for themselves. Do you see how crazy this is? We choose to take on the burden of that person's stuff. We actually do whatever it is for them. Then get mad that they aren’t doing it for themselves. Then we make them wrong for making you do it. But the problem started at your first choice, where you did it for them. Or you absorbed the situation as your own instead of being very clear about what was happening and empowering them to do it themself or to see for themself what was going on.  So they lose on the opportunity to learn and you lose because you are doing it for them, taking on karma and eventually getting angry and hurt and becoming a victim because “they made you do it!” But they didn’t. Your own LACK OF BOUNDARY is the only thing at fault here, and your choice to enable. This is very important to learn in boundary growth.  I didn’t learn it on my own. I had a lot of support with my spiritual path and specifically through Kabbalah, on the ritual master path, and as a healer in the lineage of King Soloman.   Meditation helps me observe myself, but I had to learn boundaries by doing. By being brave and loving myself enough, knowing myself, and recognizing what is my shit and what is other people. I have had to tell myself some hard truths. But it is rewarding and amazing to have boundaries and feels so good to empower versus enable others.  It improves your relationships and those who need enablers in their lives will fall away from your life - they may even get mad at you that you changed and stopped enabling - but you will have a boundary and be clear that this is especially their problem.  You will also have less drama - you likely will not ever find yourself in legal battles (unless absolutely necessary) and you will have a lot more energy to use the law for what it is meant for, like planning your business and creating your estate plan. You will make good decisions to build a safe, productive, abundant home and structures for yourself where you can engage in a healthy self-care, in your space, in your way.  Boundaries are a beautiful and powerful thing - and they are a KEY to you building an abundant and joyful life. Practice makes perfect and there are things we can do together to help you practice them. As always, I can help with that! So happy boundary awareness and appreciation day!  Until next time my friends, enjoy your life in all of its aspects and happy boundary building.
13:05 9/24/21
S1, Ep. 13 | Abundance in Relationships
I am the last person I would ever ask for relationship advice. I’ve been codependent most of my life and been engaged to men that lied to me and betrayed me. I’ve been in relationships with ones that needed to be taken care of or are just down-right angry at the world.  At one point, my lack of self-love allowed me to look at these relationships as fulfilling, because if you are co-dependent - the relationship is filling a hole, a hole you don’t want to look at, so the reward of the unhealthy relationship is that it keeps you distracted from identifying the cause of the hole you just keep digging yourself into deeper and deeper.  Now - I broke that cycle in my life, using the tool of the 10 month Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah program. It took me 4 trips up the tree of life to really learn fully how to love myself in such a way as I could break the pattern that kept putting me in a position of co-dependency and enabling of others not worthy of my time, energy, love and money.  Then I spent more time working on myself before I could reach a place to admit I was ready to try an actual fulfilling relationship. To admit that I actually wanted a real, fulfilling relationship.  And thanks to good friends, my own personal practice with the Runes and Tarot, meditation and ritual I was able to hear the universe tell me to go back out into the world a fulfilled & whole human being and pull in someone who I enjoy being with.  Not to complete me, but to be a partner in life to co-create experience with and work together on a mission of lightwork to make this world a better place.  The change in me was that I was being honest with myself and no longer trying to fill a hole with a person. I am complete unto myself. I am whole and love myself. No other is going to change that. Nowt that I’m whole, it was time, like The Shekinah did, to pull my love, my lover, my king to me from the universe.  And when I did this the other would not become someone or something I take care of, enable, or need, but a partner where we enjoy each other - independent, free and making our own choices, including the creation of a relationship.  So, let’s look at it this way: a relationship is a triangle.  You, the other person, and the relationship create the triangle. The two of you are creating it together as independent beings and it itself is a co-creation and an independent creation of the two of you.  The importance of independence of each individual of staying in a space of light - not control - meaning staying open to not being right.  One does not learn how to create worlds in collaboration by being right & controlling the other person. Im going to repeat that again dear listener.  One does not learn how to create worlds in collaboration by being right & controlling the other person. Take these words to heart  from one recovering codependent to another. There is no opportunity to create the kind of divine collaboration you seek by focusing on being right and controlling another’s behavior.   Here in these words lie my light bulb moment - as this being a law of abundance.  Co-creation is a magickal thing. And your beliefs aside - the Elohim which is a “they” includes a masculine and a feminine - god of the bible is two in partnership making worlds like Earth in collaboration. Not co-dependence. Co-dependence is dependency - a taking, one is always suckling on the other, literally feeding off of their life force energy. How does this create something when the energy itself is destructive? Needy, cloying, pulling, heavy - what of this is of the light? How does it help you create more of anything? It doesn’t - it only creates more lack, because it feeds whatever that hole is in your life and rewards you with more of the same - so you get tired, burnt out and angry. Or you blame the other for making you this way - when its all a choice to stay co-dependent.  Sadly, co-dependency is the norm for relationships in this world today.  So much in the world, encourages us to look at it as normal - song lyrics for one. I listen to the lyrics of pop music, country music, you name it music, and its all about NEED, not co-creation. No song I know of (with minor exceptions) is about loving oneself so much that you do not need another, but you choose to be with another because their friendship, collaboration and light enhance your life to such an extent that you want to create new things with them.  No, most things are about us making the other person into something FOR US. So I will change this other person into my mold - I will make them do what I want. Then I’ll be happy. Well that’s kinda fucked up isn’t it? Why do we want to go making people do anything? And how is that creating abundance?  So, Step 1: we work on ourselves and learn to love ourselves. If you can’t love yourself you can never truly love another simply because you do not know how.  Step 2: we desire another to truly co-create with. As in, an independent being who loves themself, will be in your life and together (independently exercising their own free will). You will make things seperate from yourselves, starting with your healthy relationship with each other. Which involves releasing attachment to controlling the other, or having them be what you want. Do what you want. You being RIGHT about their choices, and them being equally open the other way back to you. From here you have fertile ground for an amazing co-creation harvest and the fulfillment of a law of abundance in relationship with another.  So this is not relationship advice. I don’t think I’m yet worthy of dishing that. This is a law of abundance.  Love yourself. Don’t attempt to fill yourself with another. And in relationship you must allow for independence of the other in order to create something (the relationship) with them.  Otherwise you are taking and making lack.  Co-creation is in nature just like my “container” example in Episode one of this podcast. Seed comes from fertilized flower - flower plus polinator equals fruit. Flower is very independent from pollinator. Sperm plus egg equals baby in human and mammals generally.  In nature the sperm bearer is really independent from the egg bearer but together in union they create the 3rd a new life.  Humans and some other animals mate for life (or partial lives) - this mating is another form of co-creation as in the choice to live and create together equals the choice to create a 3rd thing - a relationship. Which may have offspring itself i.e. kids, children, new beings, they are a product of the relationship, the co-creation.  Now I think I’m going in circles - so I’ll wind up my thoughts on this law of abundance - as I sit in my thoughts this full moon eve and my own experience as I learn how to create a healthy relationship with another myself. What I’m learning is truly one must know themself - and whatever crack is in this knowledge of yourself is where you will feel the rub in the relationship.  We cannot fear to lose it (the relationship) because that is dependence - one must be free in it and willing to let it go at any time. Then and only then, you will be in a space to create.  Happy co-creating friends! If you need additional help in detaching from your former self, I can help with that! You can always find contact information in my show notes!  Contact me @
10:01 9/10/21
S1, Ep.12 | "Truth North" Leads You to Abundance
As I sit in the North Country, the land known as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, steps from the beautiful shores of the inland ocean known as Lake Superior next to the Keweenaw Peninsula, I keep seeing signs and reminders about the concept of True North.  When I lead endeavors in culture change, project management or process improvement in corporate I always tell the sponsor, the leader of the project, that we need a True North. I emphasize that if she or he does not know clearly where they want the team to end up then, well, we are not going to get that team anywhere. It doesn’t matter how much I try to get them to go somewhere, or how good of a project manager I might be - if the leader doesn’t know where we are going, then the team will not be effective in accomplishing anything.  You need to know where you are going to get anywhere.  Project management principle #1. Just as thought precedes action - Hermetic principle #1.  It is shocking though, how frequently this concept is ignored in corporate america, (this is one of the reasons I don’t believe in a lot of conspiracy theories, as its really really hard to get a group of people to accomplish something simple together in plain sight, let alone complicated and hidden) and this is also one of the reasons I work as a consultant now instead of an employee, because I can demand that the project I am on have a purpose. And as a consultant I am not saddled with bad management & leadership and then blamed for the failure of the project that the bad manager refused to lead.   True North is also a navigating principle. On the compass the arrow always points to True North, this is magnetic north where the north pole is on planet earth.  Birds intuitively know true north, fish know, the flows and tides and animals know it and follow it intuitively. Even Satellites/GPS/and flight systems are tuned to it (and updated regularly to stay that way) to True North.  Small aside, the magnetic north actually shifts.  The North Pole moves so GPS and computer navigational systems need to be adjusted to align with it regularly.   But what is true north for the individual? In some ways it is not much different than a direction for  an endeavor i.e a goal, a purpose, a reason to be doing the work, or a navigational principle. If you have a True North in your life you will know where you are going and why.  And this is why it is necessary to have (and work on finding) your true north to be an abundant person.  It is part of Know Thyself - True North for the individual is your inner sense, your true calling, it is what you want to accomplish in your life.  It is your life purpose, which keeps you on track on your path of progression that is tre for you and your contract that brought you to this planet, at this particular point in the history of this group of humans.  Having a true north will keep you from languishing from wandering about your life like a window shopper.  It will keep you from being blown around like an autumn leaf in the wind.  Now, you might be saying “easy for you to say Angel. You already know your life purpose. Telling me to go find mine is not that simple or easy.”  And I acknowledge this. It is in fact NOT a simple endeavor that can be done quickly and easily accomplished.  The process and path of finding one's purpose involves personal introspection, honesty with oneself, hard work, responsibility, authenticity and integrity - and it is a long sometimes arduous and definitely uncomfortable process (one that I am definitely still engaging with on a daily).  But it is a path that once you are on, the path of know thyself, that supports and rewards you and gives you your True North. Because stepping onto that road less traveled is in fact the road to your purpose, and thus becomes your true North. And then by having a purpose and a path to walk on and the discipline to keep moving forward on said path you will know yourself more and more and begin to feel confident in your faith and intuition that you are going the right direction thus reinforcing that you do know where you are going and then your desire to keep going will increase.  Meanwhile, as a side effect of all this you will be taking personal responsibility, becoming the agent of your life, choosing actively to live each moment and those who do this manifest what they desire in life including abundance because you will be living the abundance mindset in your life on this path.  Author Bill George, writer of Discover your True North (a book filled with many quotable quotes, and some practical guidance) states “Don’t let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice.” He’s a wise man, as your inner voice, your knowledge of yourself and choosing to go in the direction of your purpose is the single most important investment you can make in a joyful abundant life.  Mere opinion is the root of all evil and keeps so many stuck in a mediocrity snow globe shaking, jostling and settling again and again - while going nowhere.  If you know yourself and have a true north- a purpose you will always accomplish more and rise to a point of leadership and succeed in what you set your mind to. It is another hermetic principle actually - All is Mind, the universe is mental or the principle of mentalism.  Thought precedes all action - so you must be very clear on where you are going, what is your purpose, what is your desire, what do you want in life and then your thoughts will align on this - and you will take  action that then aligns with those thoughts. As a wise friend of mine just posted on his Facebook feed recently “Most people spend more time thinking about what they are going to do on their weekend then the direction of their life.” He’s right, and those thinking about their weekends don’t have a True North (or if they do it's simply “have fun on my weekend.”) Nor are they likely feeling fueled by accomplishing their purpose in life.  They may be wandering, wondering why their bank account is so empty or why they are always chasing their proverbial tail and not getting anywhere. Worried about their dead end job and money and just wanting escape. Because they are not thinking about their life.  They do not know where they are going. They are just floating aimlessly, lost without a purpose, and have no idea even how to find it.  So as a law of abundance the process of seeking one’s True North is the answer because its the journey not the destination that will be your abundant joyful life. But if you are on the path to know thyself you are walking toward your true north and will not go astray.  Lao Tzu states “a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”  For me this single step was meditation, it still is true today, if I don’t meditate regularly I start to get lost, I lose clarity and start to manifest things I don’t really want.  I get stuck in my head versus managing my mind - which meditation gives me the power to do.  Another tool is Life Activation and energetic work.  The Life Activation session is a literal game changer using an over 3000 year old protocol and the power of ancient lineage to turn on the light in your internal house. It is an ignition switch for the engine of your true purpose.  And the great thing about it is that it is alchemy - it works on anyone and everyone and you just have to show up to the session.  The rest of your life after the activation is about seeing the results and using the spark it gives you to start living your life awake. Awake to the fact that there is something more than this physical flesh and mundane mediocrity of existence - and as you desire to know more you will step on to the path of know thyself- perhaps finding it easier to meditate or wanting to learn more tools like astral travel, sanctuary meditation, sacred geometry and daily rituals to strengthen your spirit and will, and maybe even you will want to receive the power of initiation and step onto the path as an adept in the lineage of King Salomon where Life Activation comes from or desire to learn how to do the life activation yourself for others because it helped you so much.  Or not.  Maybe the life activation just helps you find some peace and direction - it will give you a compass so you can find your True North if you look.   Want to talk more about life activation or book a session, or find a practitioner in your area?  Reach out.  I can help with that!  Until next time my friends remember - you must know where you are going to get anywhere, and the path of know yourself is a sure way to find your True North and your road to an abundant and joyful life. 
10:17 8/27/21
S1, Ep.11 | As above, So below
As I write this it is the second day of August, one day past the Wiccan holy day of Lammas or Lughnasadh, which means First Harvest. The earth mother all summer was pregnant and now her first fruits are being birthed into the world as a cornucopia of agricultural bounty with corn, grains, berries and melons all coming in the first harvest of the farms. Such is the same within our lives. The seeds we planted in the spring are now in full fruit! Personally, this year I see this fruit specifically in my business and my love life.   I went out on a limb and put myself out there this year after a long time of “working on myself” taking an easy and comfortable path free of rejection or possible betrayals and heartbreak.  Now, after taking a risk, I’ve met someone, been vulnerable, opened my heart and am so lucky to have manifested someone who is practicing and seeking in the same way as me. And as I sit here today meditating together, my runes and tarot cards remind me that we are ready to enter the next stage and harvest the fruits of our new relationship together. All because both of us are willing to be present, honest, clear, in spirit and in gratitude with each other moment by moment.  I share this to get at the topic of this week’s Law of Abundance - The Hermetic principle of correspondence or “as above so below, so within so without.” This means that what you are like on the inside will be reflected on the outside. What we see in the heavens (outside world) is reflected and manifested on earth (inside ourselves). Another way to think about this is whatever we do at a micro level we do at a macro level.  As a wise colleague of mine once said “how we do one thing, is how we do everything.”  So me recently, I’ve been working on being 100% present and vulnerable and willing to fail forward in everything I do - not just my new relationship and business so that I can be fully present always - not living in past experiences or reacting to things that are not happening in the moment. (I have had my moments, but being present allows me to recognize when I’m triggered and reacting to a past experience, not what is happening right now). But this is my personal experience with the principle based on years of study and practice in the Hermetic lineage of King Solomon in the Modern Mystery School and my Buddhist practice.   Let’s break the principal down a little bit to see how you might apply it as a Law of Abundance in your life.  The Kybalion, a book of alchemy and Hermeticism discusses this principle stating roughly “even the smallest acts influence the grand scheme of our behavior.”  So, in other words, even if there is one part of your life where you sluff off or neglect it, it is going to affect everything else in your life.  So, for example, if you always ignore your own needs for the sake of putting others first, that is going to eventually leave you tired and burned out, and feeling put out - because your inner world and nourishment (i.e. self care and needs being met) is not happening.  So you will start seeing the world as if it's taking from you because inside is filled with lack.   But if you shifted that and started doing self-care, and became fulfilled within - the world would actually look full of gifts and plenty for yourself and those you care about, and you would have so much more to give.  This Hermetic principle is actually why gratitude practices work so well to bring us abundance.  If you are first grateful for every single thing the world provides - then you will see truly how much the world provides you, and then by being so grateful and seeing so much you attract and generate more for yourself and those you care about.  Because, think about it: the thoughts and images we have in our consciousness appear (and for quite a few people completely subconsciously) in our outer world. Our mind takes things as truth regardless if it is daydream, illusion, or truly what is physically happening in front of us.  Our mind automatically creates interpretations of facts in front of us and begins to organize them into a story to match that which we are focusing on the most.   So, if we are practicing meditation, self care and gratitude this is building a thought process that shall reflect back a world of clarity, calm, joy and gratitude which equals an abundance mindset and an abundance generating lifestyle.  But if you are instead anxious, ungrounded, complaining and stuck in a lack mentality - all you will see is an outer world trying to take  your little patch of misery away and you won’t even have enough energy to fight them.  Looking at this from a Buddhist perspective, the inner world is the initial cause (the thought, word or deed) and the outer world is the effect - the action taken and the result in your life and perception. So, in order to change the effect, one must first change the cause.  So as a Law of Abundance, we must first take a look at our inner world and change that before looking outside.  Do you want more love in your life? Well then, do you love yourself?  Do you want to have more joy?  What are you doing to create passion, light and enjoyment in the present moment for yourself?  Noone can give you joy through external stimulation. In fact, the world is a really hard place a lot of the time (or even all of the time for some) but if you wear a good helmet made of true inner positive cause (i.e. clear mind, gratitude mind, loving open compassionate caring heart) you are going to find joy inside, all of the time.  We cannot control the outer world to make ourselves happy and abundant.  We must first start within, give ourselves space, calm, clarity and nourishment.  The space where we always have choice - choice of reaction to external stimuli, choice to love, choice to take action and personal responsibility, to be an agent in our own lives and write our own story. To practice gratitude in the present moment.   In my Buddhist practice there is a saying that complaint erases fortune.  This is because of the principle of correspondence. If you complain, you create a thought of lack, and thus there is a cause of lack within and thus now you have created lack inside, so there will be lack outside yourself.   I suggest as one who wants to cultivate abundance in your life you look at all the places you complain. Make a list even, or start a quarter jar for every “complaint” you make so you can bring visibility to where those fortune erasing thoughts are pervading your life.  Then start to turn them on their head.  Use gratitude - for every complaint - contradict it with a thought and prayer of thanks. Think of things you love about the moment, start to bear fruits of abundance.  As above, so below, so within, so without.  If the Hermetic principles entice you at all, I encourage you to reach out to me so we can talk  more about the path of progression and “knowing thyself” in the Hermetic lineage of King Solomon and the tools and trainings available through the Modern Mystery School International. 
09:28 8/13/21
S1, Ep.10 | Practicing Hope vs. Wishful Thinking
I really hope that I win the lottery someday.  I have many plans for how I will pay off my parents, sisters and friends mortgages and student loans and invest in multiple high yield stocks and then travel the world stopping only now and again to do volunteer work and a spiritual guide. The one problem with this plan is that I never buy lottery tickets.  I just wish and dream about what I would do if I win the lottery.  So an essential piece is missing to actually ever seeing my wish fulfilled sans a fairy godmother or a genie coming to grant it.  I am a proponent of believing in magick. Magick being the act of making something from nothing, or changing something from one thing into something else. By this definition we are doing magick every time we cook, every time we engage in a creative act, every time we make an idea reality through the four worlds of idea, thought, plan, action. What is not this type of magick is what I call "wishful thinking" or Magical Thinking.  This is just sitting on your butt wishing for things to come to you and not doing anything to make them happen.  My lottery ticket story is an over-simplified example. Another example is when people send “thoughts & prayers”  to something - as they are choosing magical thinking versus doing something about the tragedy.  Or someone saying “I wish I had more money.” But they do not go out and get more money via a better job, implementation of an entrepreneurial idea, or even a side-hustle. The key piece missing in any type of wishful thinking is responsibility (i.e. acknowledgment of the ability to respond) and personal agency i.e. action taken based on the acknowledgment of the ability to respond.   Magical thinking is the abdication of personal responsibility, the abdication of action - and is simply a person doing nothing but wishing based on the belief that simply by desiring/wanting something you deserve to get the something and thus it will come to you.  This is the definition of entitlement.  The belief that you deserve something simply because you want it. With entitlement comes a sense of victim because when one does not get what they believe they deserve they then think someone took it from them, and they are hence wronged (and now a victim). When in fact they never had anything to begin with. And when this lack mentality, this win/lose mentality starts to pervade every thought process of a person, you get thought structures and false realities that entrench a person in being stuck, in lack, in victim, in powerlessness, and the results are not pretty. We are seeing them at work in the collective consciousness every day.  If you are listening to my podcast you are likely not at a critical level of hopelessness, or wishful thinking in your life.  But I want to challenge you to examine where in your life that wishful thinking might be at play.   Where are you feeling entitled?  Where do you feel like you deserve to receive something just because you want it?  What places do you feel as if someone took something of yours?  Or that they got in the way of something coming to you?  Or where are you simply wishing for something to happen?  What are you actually doing about that wish? Where are you saying if I won the lottery...but then not buying a ticket. I’m not saying go out and start buying lottery tickets - but where is this same mentality at play in your life?  Do you want a better job?  Are you looking for that better job?  Have you defined what that better job is even?  Have you updated your resume?  Are you looking at increasing your skill set, starting a business instead?  Do you want less stress?  Are you exercising, meditating or practicing deep breathing? Or are you Doom Scrolling on Reddit and Facebook for hours on end instead?  Is the TV on a 24 hour new station for more than an hour a day? These are just examples of places where this wishful thinking could be at work.  Take a look at what you are doing or not doing where do you believe something is supposed to happen to you but you are not taking any action to make it happen. Where are you wishful thinking?   In some ways this is another way to identify a lack mentality in your life. But it is a different flavor, as this is finding entitlement and non-action which stop the flow of abundance in our lives. So looking honestly at the places where we are creating stories and fictions about what we want and what we are doing about what we want - is very important so we can be in personal integrity and from there flow abundance.   Now a lot of people when in the mode of wishful thinking use the word hope instead of wish.  I Hope I win the lottery versus I wish I win the lottery. Heck, the lottery is called “The Hope Tax” by some. So Hope is frequently synonymous with wishful thinking.  But Hopefulness isn’t wishing nor is it wishful thinking because true hope is an active thing and mindset.  In Brene Brown’s book The Gifts of Imperfection she provides a really great definition of hope as a practice of open hearted people. A definition I really liked, inside a book I really liked - so I am going to encourage you, if you haven’t already, to read or listen to her book in its entirety. It is based on research of people who live openhearted lives and the practices they engage in. And it is written in such a way as to help you start practicing these things in your life instead of just saying “Be happier!” or “get over it!” or whatever else self-help books may tell you to do, but never really give you the true tools to do.  Her book has a lot of suggestions provided in a structured manner to allow you to actually integrate things into your life.  Anyway, enough about her book and back to Hope.  Hope is an action. Wishing is a thought. So hope involves the process of believing that something could be different than it is, plus that you have the ability to be an agent in the scenario of changing it. To be hopeless is to be completely stuck. No way out. To have hope means you are not stuck, that you have agency.  You may not know exactly what the right thing to do is, but you will definitely keep trying until you find something that shifts it.  So paraphrasing Brene, and her summary of the researcher C.R. Snider of the University of Kansas. Hope is actually a learned cognitive process that consists of three things  Goals Mental pathways Agency These three things are supported by an underlying attitude of flexibility and tolerance for disappointment or as I like to call it - the willingness to fail forward.  So, hope happens as a life practice when we can First set goals for ourselves. When we can choose a direction we want to go, a place, or something we want. In my Buddhist practice the saying is “Earthly desires equal enlightenment.” Because those desires (i.e. goals) become the fuel that for our hope, and motivate us towards accomplishing things.  Second , we figure out how to achieve those goals, in part by trying things persistently until we get there.  I call this the practice of failing forward.  This involves a lot of idea, thought, plan, action and willingness to try again. If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. As the old adage goes. But its true, the first plan you make to achieve your desire may not work, so you change the plan based on what you learn and you persistently keep moving forward towards that goal.  If you fail, you pick yourself up and you start again. Finally the third ingredient to hope is agency.  In other words we fully believe we are responsible for the result.  We believe we can do it. That we have the ability to respond.  We are completely capable of making it happen. (eventually) So hopeful equals persistence and hard work and the willingness to fail until you succeed. It is extremely active and involves no waiting or externalizing the cause.  So can you see here the difference between wishful thinking and hope? Wishful or magical thinking is “I want this thing. I will do nothing and wish it towards me because by my wanting alone I deserve it. '' So magical thinking is entitlement.  A belief that things should come easy with no effort, simply by wanting something one believes they deserve it.  Hope is “I want this thing, getting it is tough but the effort will be worth it and I can in fact achieve it.” There is power in hope.  Power as defined by Martin Luther King Jr. “ the ability to achieve our purpose and affect change.”  The opposite of which are powerlessness and hopelessness which result from 1. Fear of disappointment/fear of failure/fear generally 2. Entitled thinking or the belief that everything should just easily come to you  3. Performance pressure or perfectionism or belief that because its not easy it means you are not good at it, and thus shouldn’t even bother trying to make it happen.  From this combination of things we have an epidemic of wishful thinking and hopelessness which is the same problem as the level of victim mindset we have in the United States.   So I want to encourage us all, as a law of abundance in our lives, to practice hope.  In fact to learn how to hope. Hope is certainly learned behavior.  I learned it really well with over 20 years of Buddhist practice and 4 trips up the tree of life in the study of the Universal Kabbalah.  Rule #1 for cultivating hope is to set a goal, a tangible measurable result, a desire for your life and yourself. Don‘t know where to start, start with something you want.  Buddhist practice 101 is to chant for a material thing that you want. It will get you going. Its not selfish, its fuel for enlightenment. Rule #2 take action toward the goal - make a plan, take steps on the plan, put yourself out there, go do the thing and never give up until you achieve the goal or desire or learn along the way that your first goal was actually just a stepping stone to a bigger thing.  Or maybe what you wanted wasn’t good for you , but in the process of failing forward to that goal or desire you learned what you truly needed and pivot toward that.  Rule # 3 recognition that you have the power within to do the thing. Taking responsibility for your life.  Acknowledging that you have ability to respond.  Actualizing your potential as a human being, tapping into your divine nature, your buddha nature, recognizing that you create your reality. Whatever words you use - this is the a path of agency.  And there you are living and breathing hope, resilience and are on the path of a joyful life.  Where you rest on an unshakable foundation.  You won’t need to wish anymore because you know the power to create your reality rests inside you. 
13:01 7/30/21
S1. Ep9 | We see the World as We are
By all accounts, I’m a weird attorney. I believe in a world of win/win.  Because the legal system is based on lack and the adversarial system. As lawyers have been taught that separation and adversarial engagements create the best and highest possible good in the situation.  This process leads many lawyers to hold high ego that they are justified in seriously degenerating things in the name of advocating for their client. Because the adversarial system is a win/lost system. Someone must lose and someone must win and this is justice served.  I call bullshit.  In the past weeks I have talked about the concept of our thoughts creating action. Our thoughts creating our reality. I’m going to put this little gem out there for you to ponder.  “All thought is acted upon.”  Regardless if you are the actor or not. “You see the world as you are”   Meaning, if you see a world of assholes - perhaps you need to take a look at yourself and confirm first who the #1 asshole in the room is.  The constant asshole in all of those situations; yourself. Similarly I’ve been accused of being naively positive and not realistic enough more than once. But I believe first “assume support” and that every person is a divine being deserving of love and respect. Now you attack me or my family, my friends or my business I will defend myself.  I am not a floor mat. But 1st and foremost I care about everyone, and want the best and highest good for all.  And I assume that anyone across the table from me is doing the same.  Even in legal matters.  This is a lack mentality pervasively infesting an entire system that governs our world. In the US at least. And it masquerades as Justice. When it's an illusion spreading the lie that we are justified in judging another, because one must win and one must lose.  Why can’t both parties win? Why is any consideration of this called alternative dispute resolution? An alternative to what? To win/lose? Why is win lose more realistic? Why is win/win seen as unrealistic? What makes it more or less realistic than the belief that there is a lack in the world and thus for one to gain another must lose? What if the world had enough for everyone? It does by the way.  We live in abundance. But we believe in lack.  We are ensconced in lack and it makes so many people live in survival mode fighting to get their scraps - when there is a cornucopia of bounty just waiting to be had if you stop playing in the mud puddle.  So, I challenge you to relearn the belief in what is truly realistic. Why is the negative any more realistic than the positive? There is absolutely no empirical evidence one way or the other. Though our belief in one or the other ensures it’s truth. Thus, we must flip the script. This script is both on the micro and the macrocosm.  As a lawyer I start with the request that whatever the outcome is for the best and highest good of all in the situation.  I personally prefer to work outside of litigious matters and do planful, preventative and communicative things to ensure that the best outcomes are assured.  But if I find myself negotiating towards settlement of a matter I always start with what is the best outcome for all.  I advise my clients to look long term from the heart versus seeking judgment or any type of lust of vengeance or even righteousness.  As the path of the righteous is often judgment.  Where there is judgment, there is no love and where there is no love there is no humanity and where there is no humanity there is barbarism and where there is barbarism there is evil and suffering.  I do not want, nor will I participate in the perpetuation of evil and suffering.  And just because a system says I must choose a lesser of two evils it doesn’t mean I have to believe it.  Jimmy Carter was president of the United States for 4 years and he never dropped a bomb or ordered the shooting of a single gun. No one died under his watch as the commander and chief of the United States Military. This was not a miracle.  It was because he was dedicated to loving human beings across the world and held in his heart I quote “ the prince of peace.” This being Jesus Christ the greatest example of love and healing for our planet in history.  Regardless of your religious affiliation can anyone argue that Jesus was an embodiment of love? Can anyone argue that someone like President Jimmy Carter (holding an arsenal of the military industrial complex at his fingertips) was not a disciple of that kind of love? Jimmy believed in win/win that is how he got the Camp David accords between Israel and Egypt. This is how he got all of those 52 hostages home alive without dropping a bomb.  This is not how he won re-election because the United States Citizens do not believe as a populace in win/win and love. I wish we did. win/win requires that we start from an abundance mindset. The belief that there is fundamentally enough for everyone on this planet. That two people can win - that there is no scarcity of any resource that the conversation is engaged in.  It also requires that those engaging in the conversation trust and love the other human as  a human deserving of respect and love. That they truly recognize the divinity of the other and that they hold that belief firmly not allowing a negative belief otherwise to enter the conversation.  This is a law of abundance because if you work this way as a human you are acting from love. You may not have a life free from difficulty, in fact you might invite more. Jesus was crucified, people tried and did assassinate Gandhi, my mentors and teachers in life - Daisaku Ikeda, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Modern Mystery School Founder Gudni Gudnuson have all been accused as cult leaders.  Holding the light for others makes you a target for those who choose the opposite - so it won’t always be easy - but it's rewarding. And you are as you see the world.  So, if you see the world as full of love it will return it to you.  If you see money as abundant and yourself as capable of making it - it will come to you. If you can believe that even in conflict all can win - it is possible.  I promise. But don’t take my word for it.  Try it yourself.  Believe more in the unreasonable, let go of the belief in realistic.  That is a lie and illusion that keeps you in the safe box.  A prison of fearful unhappiness.  Flush that shit down the toilet and come out of the bathroom.  It's time to live your best life as a leader.  The more you raise others up the more will come back to you.  Love & light brothers and sisters and like Bill and Ted once said - Be Excellent to each other.  Find out 
09:16 7/15/21
S1 Ep.8 | True "Independence" this 4th of July
“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” - Victor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning  From June 11 to September 2nd of this year, I am essentially on the road.  June in Minnesota for Modern Mystery School International programs to learn to teach new classes, to recertify as a life activation practitioner, and to study hermetic astrology and learn new healing modalities. July, I will spend in Michigan to visit family and then I have 2 vacations scheduled to New Mexico and Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. For me, this massive amount of travel, with the ability to take my career with me as I go, doing my job from the road is the epitome of freedom and independence. I’m completely free as I make my own schedule, money and decisions with regards to time, when I used to have to bargain for time.  The Sunday after his podcast posts is the 4th of July - US Independence Day and throughout the country we are opening up to be a post Covid world. As in post lockdown, Covid will likely be with us for a long time.  In light of this, I’m here thinking about what true freedom & independence really are and how understanding that is a key to unlocking abundance in our life. As I write this I’m in Day 4 of 10 in classes deeply ensconced in metaphysical topics, yet we learn very practical things like Responsibility = simply the ability to respond. I.e. to be a responsible person is a person who is capable of doing something about the thing where a response is required. As in if I am responsible for something I have the ability to change it.  And free will - free will always exists, even if we are facing two icky choices.  We still always have a choice. And even if you are in a situation where you are court ordered to do something - you always have a choice about how you choose to react to that thing you are ordered to do. You can choose to be angry about it or choose to find the opportunity in it - or even choose to face the thing with enjoyment.  We always have a choice even if the only choice we have is how we react to the stimulus situation or challenge presented.  Many stories of surviving harrowing experiences of things even as awful as Nazi concentration camps prove this principal again and again. It is the individual human’s choice on how to react and be in the moment that impacts their experience.  When I spend time studying magick and metaphysics I am reminded how much our own mind can free us or keep us enslaved - how much our subconscious pattern can keep us imprisoned and unaware of the box we have put ourselves in.  I mentioned briefly in my podcast last week that I spent 15 years in a job I only liked 50% of the time, primarily because I believed I could not do better for myself. I believed I could not bring in the clients I needed to do well as a lawyer or as healer & guide to be a financially independent business woman who made her own schedule.  I made my own prison with my thoughts. And the stress I created for myself in the process was almost unbearable at times. But it was finally my choice to change my narrative and just step out and put my law degree to use full time in a way that served me and my clients just as its my choice to serve humanity publicly by providing tools from an ancient spiritual lineage that help us tap into our true self, our life purpose and actualize our joy.  I have learned how to live my passion.  And I choose to share this with others.  If someone judges me for using “alternative methods”  that is their choice.  I am still happy to sit, completely fulfilled, and show them how I did it.  These things are all part of true freedom and independence, choosing to invest in ourselves, choosing to take responsibility for those things we can influence in our lives.  Choosing love over judgement.  Choosing to invest in yourself so you can have more time $ and energy ultimately for those we love.  There is an epidemic of victim and anxiety in the world today. Anxiety comes from stress and stuckness.  The belief that you don’t have the power, ability or responsibility to change your situation. But it is rare, actually, that someone has no ability to respond. And in all situations we have a choice in how we react to that which faces us.  So today’s law of abundance is an examination of true freedom. If we are willing to look at ourselves, tell ourselves the truth about our patterns and our choices, our ability to choose our reactions, not be a victim to our own unwillingness to take responsibility for our reactions to things.  Or our lack of reactions to stressors or cause & effect in our lives.  We can see how free or unfree we might truly be. So much wasted energy goes into anger & anxiety against things that if we just choose to react differently wouldn’t even be a thing.  Further - if we embraced responsibility for our life a.k.a. the ability to respond - so much opens up for us. We leave the passenger's seat and become the driver. We stop being an extra on the set and become the director. We change the narrative to superhero of our own life versus bystander.   We give ourselves the ability to respond when we take responsibility and then we start creating our reality with clear thoughts and actions. Then with this ability to respond we choose and when we choose and we are free, we are capable of independence from attachment to circumstance & other peoples actions.  We don’t have to have shame/blame/or be victims because we are completely free to choose our reaction, our response. Thus freeing so much energy to be a creator.  And when you have more energy to create you can start putting it towards your passions and start living your life from a place of authenticity, integrity and joy.  There you will feel the flow and abundance will come in with it.  Because you have removed constriction and the belief that you do not have the power or freedom to choose.   With that happy true Independence Day y’all!  The day you start recognizing choice in all aspects of your life!
08:39 7/2/21
S1, Ep7 | A Clear Mind is a Creative Mind
From the outside, my 18 year old self looked exceptionally successful for my age.  I was an honor student, with a full ride academic scholarship to an expensive liberal arts college. I was a creative person, who appeared with my well built masks to be flamboyant and confident in herself, her direction and dreams.  No one knew I was dying inside and so afraid to leave my room everyday without multiple layers of psychological armor.  But I was so afraid. The negative self talk and anxiety was so loud and took up so much room in my life. I didn’t even know there was space for me to exist.  The true me. Me who was not all of those masks.  You follow? A Clear Mind is a Creative Mind A quiet mind is a powerful mind. A quiet mind equals an empowered person and a joyful life.  I will repeat myself on this topic many, many, many more times over. Ultimately if you have mind clutter it is just as bad as a hoarder's house - there is no room for new thoughts because there are already thoughts piled up to the ceiling. Your thoughts, other people's thoughts, to-do list thoughts, childhood memory thoughts, negative self-talk thoughts, imposter syndrome thoughts, etc… In this hoarder's house of mind cluttered with all these loud boisterous, obnoxious or chirpy or even hurtful thoughts floating around - how can you hear your brilliant higher self thoughts above the cacophony?  Abundance producing thoughts of godlike wonder and light are covered and hidden because it is too loud in there. There are too many distractions and things and you just can’t discern or hear your true creator voice in the mess.  So that is why this Law of Abundance is so essential. A quiet mind is a creative mind. Yoda said it. Quiet your mind. Buddha said it about 500 different ways.  Jesus said it. Deepak Chopra says it. All the new age gurus on YouTube and beyond say it.  The Lineage of King Solomon says it and the first and foremost step for anyone on a personal development journey is - Meditation: the practice of quieting the mind.   Without first meditating and clearing out the noise factory you cannot actually observe what is going on - let alone be open to new wonders of creation that come from your higher self.  And although I’m a guide & teacher in the Lineage of King Solomon, sharing tools from an over 3000 year old path - of which the #1 tool is meditation - you don’t have to take my word for it.  Just Google  “benefits of meditation” and see what comes up.  There is study after study that shows people who meditate are more healthy, productive, creative and happy than those who do not meditate. This is one of the many areas where science and metaphysics and spiritually completely agree.  Meditation - the act of quieting and observing the mind, makes you better at life, and allows you to have and create more abundance.  Why it works is because it clears the mind chatter of the subconscious and collective consciousness out of your way. So you can simply tune in to source, to your high self, to you, to your positive ego. By tuning into the quiet pond of stillness within you releases the hoarder's house of funk in your mind that keeps you trapped in FEAR and monkey mind, you break the cycle of autonomous programming that puts you on repeat. You release the pen up energy of anxiety.  As  a Kabbalist we say “you empty your cup” as a Buddhist we say we bow to your buddha nature and get past your fundamental darkness that keeps you blind.  As a spiritual guide I say “you tap into the Holy Spirit - the collective consciousness of higher selves of humanity.” And when all you can hear is quiet - the matrix machine of manufactured stories is turned off. Then and only then you can hear yourself. Know the truth, and like Neo who stepped out of the matrix you can learn your true power and create unabashedly in a multidimensional way because you will be flowing abundance of creative energy with true sight, free of limiting beliefs.  I admit it wholeheartedly, I am a meditating pusher. It is a possible thing for a human being to do daily.  It saved my life when I was 18 years old. I had severe social anxiety and an eating disorder, because the only thing I thought I had control over was my body. And I was slowly killing myself, not eating, medicating myself with marijuana to function.  Then I started meditating and chanting nam myoho renge kyo daily when I met these lovely young women who told me about it.  They said it helped them be happier.  So I tried it.  I was miserable, I had nothing to lose.   Then I started chanting and meditating and my first big epiphany that ultimately saved my life was this “ You have the right to breathe. You can take up space in this world.”  In other words, you Angel, a unique being on this planet - feel free to move about this world, by the very nature of your existence.   My higher self started with the fundamentals for me. I told me what I needed to hear. “You have the right to exist and take up space in this world.” And from that point forward I began to grow into the multidimensional renaissance woman that I am today.  All because every day I go to the quiet pond and I get to know myself. I call in my true self. I clear away the thought clutter and I allow my higher self to speak to me.  Anyone listening to this - entrepreneur, creative artist, business owner, fellow attorney (especially attorneys, please listen we have so many weights on our shoulders because of our profession), moms, corporate ladder climbers, whoever you are, whatever labels you identify with, whatever you are trying to do with your life. If you start daily with a little bit of meditation and a quiet mind it is going to help you. There are actually think tanks out there that only work with people who meditate because they are a better investment.  So alright angel - you might be saying, I buy it but “I can’t meditate, I’ve tried and I’ve failed countless times.” So to this I call Bullshit. And I encourage you to try again with some assistance. There are so many meditation apps available now, and daily on the interwebs there is someone out there in my spiritual lineage teaching the max meditation system. The max meditation system is an easy to do , introductory method of meditation that anyone can do and everyone will at some point in the 30 min to 60 min session  will reach a meditative brain wave state.   The max meditation system was developed by Founder Gudni Gudnason and Ipsissimus i.e. fully actualize human benign and one of my mentors on the planet today. He is a lineage holder for the lineage of King Solomon and the Founder of the Modern Mystery School International - the school that I go to to pursue study of the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah and learn other energy and healing means I choose to learn for myself and others. Founder Gudni combined eastern and western means of meditation in a specific order to allow people to achieve the state of actual meditation. The 5 steps lead you naturally there and all you have to do is follow the voice of the meditation facilitator. The method works for everyone. I promise.  Another means to meditate is to chant nam myoho renge kyo. It might feel weird to chant words you don’t understand over and over again, but the energy and vibration of the mantra is purifying and raises your chi and your vibration such that you clear the mind clutter and positive energy and creative energy come into your life.  One just needs to look at the exceptionally productive and impactful life of Daisaku Ikeda, President of the Soka Gakkai International to see that Nam myoho renge kyo is a wellspring of light and joy for one who chooses to use it.  And I have been lucky to be able to study and listen to his prolific words for the past 25 years of my life to learn from him as a mentor and another example of what a fully actualized human being can do if they quiet the mind, open the heart and live from their highest self.  Chanting and quiet meditation through systems offered in the organized spiritual system of the Soka Gakkai or the Modern Mystery School International have been my way to access the quiet pond - to get to my abundance creator goddess self so that I can live my life as the protagonist of my story.  I make my reality because I choose to meditate and learn and lean into my power.  I offer them as means that are out there - and also to be completely direct that I have used schools of thought with structure to find my path, because structure is necessary for creation. Learning a discipline and practicing it is a means to freedome  And I share because Both are organizations that have been slandered as cults and pervoyers of mind control and other abuses of their members - Founder Gudni, Ipsissimus Dave Lanyon and Ipsissmus Hideto _______ were recently been accused of being leaders of a sex cult, and Daisaku Ikeda has been arrested multiple times for attempting to propogate the way to reach buddhahood in this lifetime.  To this I just want to note that Jesus too was persecuted because he was speaking the truth.  A truth that leads individuals to their source, their higher self, their power, their empowerment - which is dangerous.  An empowered person is not a controllable person.  A person who is aware that they create their own reality is a threat to those who prefer that humans remain sheeple. So I pose this - if someone is truly showing people how to be free, how to think for themselves, how to hear their own voice and tap into their highest human potential and power - is not there being attacked by the powers that be, the powers that prey on sheeple, a sign that what they are saying truly powerful and good for the sake of humanity?   This is a topic for a whole other podcast episode and I will likely revisit it sooner than later, but for now I just want to put it out there.  As I do not want anyone to google the Modern Mystery School or the Soka Gakkai and think I am brainwashed by not one but two cults because of what some drama creating tabloid writer has posted on the internet.  And honestly if you do think I’m brainwashed - you aren’t listening to me at all.  I’ve created my world because I am an independent discerning thinker who meditates and practices gratitude and love everyday of her life.  I chose a path and methods practiced by others because I find discipline freeing and it produces results.  I, like a scientist, tested the methods in my life and like the results they have offered me after days, months, years and decades of daily practice.   So let’s switch gears here for a second.  Even more real talk. I am an attorney who volunteers on the front lines of social justice assisting with the Housing Justice Project here in Seattle. I've been trying through my work for the past 15 years to prevent homelessness, using the means my legal education, and my spiritual education have given me. As I have these skills I take responsibility where I can to attempt to help solve the problem.   What does this have to do with meditation?  The human condition today is a melee of angry, sad, crisis ridden thoughts. People are in different states of victim and energy expending loops of futility. But even when I’m sitting with a person facing down the crisis of possible homelessness I always encourage them. Not by feeding the fire of Victim, but by having us take a deep breath and look at where, from the quiet mind (as best as we can get there in the moment) they have a choice and power in the situation. And maybe, that place is only their own personal reaction to what is going on around them, and/or to the person who may be wronging them.  If we can reach that perspective in the now - it will turn off the reactionary mind and you can create choices that empower and help you even in the face of multiple crappy choices.   So please, for the sake of the endeavors you want to create, for your own personal abundance, and the greater good of humanity I encourage you to start finding a way to meditate. If even 2% of the world is able to find a way to access their higher self and wake up to their power, there will be a quantum shift in the collective consciousness and the whole world could awaken. This is a principle in quantum physics, not religion.  Look it up.  In the meantime - there is a free 15 minute quiet pond meditation on my website.  Go there, watch it, download an App like Calm, go out to a meditation in your area, watch a guided meditation online. If you are completely stuck - reach out! I can help with that! Remember a  quiet mind is a creative mind.  A quiet mind is a powerful mind. A quiet mind equals and empowered person and a joyful life.  Meditation is like magic. You will create something from the nothing of the quiet mind.
16:31 6/24/21
S1. Ep6 | Abundance Mindset vs. Lack Mentality
Alright, this week we are going to talk about the elephant in the room. This is the difference between an abundance mindset and a lack mentality. I’m going to spell it out so that it's clear and so you can see where LACK (my least favorite 4 letter word) is creeping into your thoughts and manifesting more of itself to your determent.  First though, let’s give you some research facts for your professionals out there who need them. The quote unquote “Abundance Mindset” is a term coined by Stephen Covey in his 1989 best seller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ( a book I highly recommend and its accompanying workbook. Both are linked in show notes. The definition is simply the attitude that “there is plenty for everyone” aka plenty of wealth, plenty of prestige, plenty of food, plenty of optimism, plenty of success, etc. fill in the blank. AND this definition also includes the WILLINGNESS to be OPEN to the option that there is in fact PLENTY to be had.  So, this is a very active thing to hold an abundance mindset. You must cultivate a belief that there is in fact plenty and remain always open to that fact, willingly. You can’t force yourself, or trick yourself, or co-dependent yourself into believing there is enough for everyone (in fact MORE than enough, there is plenty!) Plenty connotates overflowing cornucopias of whatever the want/need is for humans.  You must work on being open to the idea - this openness is the KEY to holding the attitude, and one of the reasons gratitude helps cultivate abundance is because it makes us more open to the belief that there is plenty.   Now let’s talk about lack. A lack mentality is built upon a scarcity mindset - which is also a belief. A belief that there is not enough for everyone and in fact there is so little that resources are scarce - to the point where we must fight to survive in this world. Scarcity believes there is not enough food, not enough money, not enough supplies, tools, things to go round - and thus if you get some of the scarce things you must hoard it. And this need to hoard just reinforces the belief that this is lacking. The energy of “there is never enough” just feeds on itself and thus the truth is “there is never enough” for that person, and the many other persons who hold that thought.  As an extreme example of this, think about a hoarder’s house. This literal abundance of stuff up to the ceiling comes from the person in every decision and every belief, believing that there is not enough. To such an extent that they save everything - fully stopping their flow and filling their house with garbage or unused things. And the lack and scarcity of belief is so reality consuming that they literally do not see that they have plenty of whatever it is that they are conserving. Not only do they have plenty, they have an abundance of stuck energy.  It's like a magnet - the belief in lack fuels what they see and creates the reality around them, and it literally attracts more of the same.   OK, most of us are not hoarders but a lot of us hold scarcity mindset belief systems, which is simply this “if someone has something this equals less of that for me.” We need to look no further than the great United States Toilet Paper Disaster at the beginning of COVID 19 lockdown to see this at work, at least culturally, in the United States (the land of plenty) where I live and write this, and we suffer as a collective consciousness from Lack Mentality and scarcity mindset.  So let’s go deeper - let’s look at what is happening in the scarcity vs abundance mindset.  The scarcity point of view = You are a victim i.e. I have no choice The abundance point of view = you are empowered i.e. I always have a choice Lack Mindset: I have no choice but to buy all the remaining toilet paper on the shelf because there is a shortage and I’ll be left without it if I don’t do this. I’m being forced to act and hoard because other people are hoarding.  You see how this thought structure is feeding on itself? Abundance Mindset:  I always have a choice. I know that other people are buying more than they need right now. But I’m going to choose to just buy one package that serves my needs right now, and leaves more on the shelf for other people.  So the next person can also have what they need and its toilet paper. There is plenty of toilet paper in the United States as we are the largest consumer of it and manufacture millions of rolls a day. Then the next person comes and finds enough toilet paper on the shelf.  And you see how this openness shifts the energy and actually ensures there is plenty for everyone?? Scarcity/Lack mentality also has physical, emotional and mental connotations.  If you are holding lack - you hold tension, clenched jaw, can suffer from shortness of breath (panic attacks). Emotionally - you can experience impatience, anxiety, anger & overwhelm, mentally you are disorganized, confused and narrow in your thinking.  Abundance mindset is physically relaxed, grounded and present in the now, emotionally positive, engaged, inspiring to others, excited by challenge.  And mentally you experience clarity, wide perspective, creativity, agency and flexibility.  Just thinking about these two juxtaposed which mindset is more comfortable and beneficial? More productive energy feeding versus draining? Lack mentality and scarcity mindset are poison to your body, to your dreams and your ability to create.  If you are going to start your own business or try to take on any new endeavor- if you have a lack underneath it all you are going to sabotage yourself so you have to diagnose what's going on and change/transform your thought process to ensure success.  You might be thinking this is easy for you to say Angel - you’ve got a successful business, your needs are met, you are a beautiful human being, things just come to you naturally.  And to any of this, I say -  it took me many, many, many years of actively meditating, cultivating gratitude, and telling myself the truth through my Buddhist practice, through studying the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabballah, by facing my negative ego on many an uncomfortable ledge facing my demons to get where I am today. Over 20 years of effort - and it didn’t have to take this long, but I was stubborn, in denial, codependent, and in various states of self-medication for portions of it.  I spent 15 years of my life in a corporate job I hated 50% of the time because I believed there wasn’t enough, or that I could not make enough money on my own.  But now I make 4 times what I did in that job on a monthly basis and enjoy it 100%. I spent 20 years of my life in really unhealthy or unsatisfying relationships because I didn’t believe I was good enough and thus, put myself in need of codependent relationships with individuals not worthy of my time and not working on themselves.  It took me a long time and a lot of work to be able to confidently say I am a goddess, I am beautiful, I am good enough to love myself, and by loving myself and believing that I create the reality I live in, I am doing just that. Which includes sharing this wisdom with all of you.   Our collective consciousness is a dirty river of lack and scarcity so many of us are hoarders and victims in our life. And this mentality feeds on itself.  Your thoughts make the collective thought stronger and make it real in your and others consciousness.  So let’s diagnose where scarcity is at work in your life so you can change it. One way to diagnose is to ask yourself a series of questions: Where do you experience jealousy and spite? Do you compare yourself to others? Do you judge yourself and others? Do you have fears about the future?  This is not an exhaustive list of questions but these can help you hone in on where lack is at work. Where your negative ego is keeping you stuck.  Because negative ego is all about the things in your subconscious that you are not looking at but are allowing to run your life.  Other questions to ask yourself  Do you have the need for instant gratification? Aka fear of missing out?  And where do you need this? How often do you complain? And about what? (is there something you can actually do about the complaint?) Do you say thank you? Do you use empowered words or victim words like “I don’t have a choice” When faced with the unknown do you tense up, become afraid, cry, drink, eat, smoke, buy? The foundation of a lack mentality is fear.  Fear of failure Fear of being alone Fear of missing out  Fear of dying Fear of illness But known F.E.A.R. = false evidence appearing real.  If you are worried about what you are lacking you will never be free.  Now don’t start beating yourself up because you have diagnosed Lack mindset in your life. That is counter productive. We want to shine a light on it so you can transform it and be free of it.  So you can be able to grow into a new way of being and experience the joy that brings.  Everything about this podcast is about cultivating an abundance mentality in your life and creating intentionally from that space.   Abundance mindset comes with cultivation and practice, just like anything else you must learn and practice.  As Yoda says, “we must unlearn what we have learned” in order to truly feel the Force, the energy that moves our life.  When Luke tried to lift the X wing out of the swamp the first time, he said “I can’t, it's too big, it's too heavy”  In other words, I don’t have enough power.  Then Yoda showed him that little and old Yoda could do it because Yoda was tapped into his power and had an abundance to create from.  You all have an abundance mindset waiting to be activated. And we all have a proverbial X wing to lift from our inner swamp.  Let’s cultivate gratitude and become open to the belief that there could in fact be plenty of LOVE, light, time, money and energy to go around and we just need to start tapping into it.   Need help with any of this mentality cultivation or want coaching to start your business - I can help with that! Using both legal and spiritual tools from an ancient lineage.   Until next time, take a deep look at where lack and scarcity are controlling and undermining you and we’ll keep learning ways to transform that.    Find Angel at:   Latterell Law Office   I can help with that! Metaphysical Options for a Joyful Life Meditation, Healing and Activations Follow on IG @paprikaangel
13:31 6/17/21
S1 Ep5 | For Abundance Sake: Treat Yo' Self
Alright my listeners. Real talk time. Let’s talk about an essential law of abundance - cattle. Wait what? No, I mean the nourishment of cattle. Wait what? What I actually mean is the nourishment of the source of your abundance.  Which in ancient times was in fact, at least in ancient Norse society was signified by whether or not you had cattle for your family - because cattle was a source of nourishment - milk, cheese and meat could be had if you had cattle.  But cattle require feeding and care for them to keep giving to your family. In other words they require nourishment - so if you ignore and don’t care for them your source of nourishment/abundance dies. This concept of abundance is so rooted in Indo-European culture that the Rune Stone that stands for Abundance, known as Fehu-pictured on my YouTube channel. Fehu is called "mobile property" or cattle.  And the type of wealth the rune refers to is abundance that occurs through nourishment and sharing.  The Anglo-Saxon rune poem for Fehu states: “Wealth be by all very much welcomed, each man shall deal it freely, if he will from the lord.”  And the Havamal verses 78-79 states ”Full stocked folds had Fitjung’s sons who bear now a beggar’s staff.  Wealth is brief as the wink of an eye of friends most false. The unwise man, if he should get wealth or woman’s love, his arrogance grows but not his sense, on he goes, deep in delusion.  The gist of all this is that wealth & abundance is something to be cared for & nourished and guarded but not greedily hoarded, nor should it be taken for granted such that one believes they are assured of it forever. Put another way, the fruits of the earth cannot ever be owned, they are loaned to us only, to be used productively and shared with others.  True abundance is the wealth the soul gains from a life well lived. So, at the end of the day the kind of wealth represented by the concept of cattle is the kind that grows when cared for and is shared with the community, and can produce more wisely when invested.  So, the essential law of abundance at play here is a concept of nourishment so that resources grow and can be shared. In modern society wealth is represented not by cattle, but by money. Money is just symbolic of energy. Money energy is a source of power money held too tightly does nothing, money used wisely can grow more money and shared -  can allow communities and families to prosper.  So, today’s version of "cattle" - money can still be cared for and nourished and similarly if cared for it can in turn nourish a family and community just like the milk of a cow could help a family thrive in ancient northern societies.   So, all of this being said, ultimately the law of abundance truly at play here is an energetic notion of Care. We must take care of a thing, or we must take care of energy, we must take care of beings on this planet, we must take care of our cattle, money, people and care in the act of sharing with others to ensure the greater good of the community is benefitting from the abundance created.  There is also one more type of abundance/nourishment here that contributes to abundance for an individual and this is the nourishment of the self. Self care. One must take care of the self.  If one is to be an abundance person you need to be taking care of yourself. You need to have the energy and space and clarity to create in your life and all of this stems from taking care of and nourishing the self. Fundamental self care like meditation, exercise and eating right as well as metaphysical and spiritual self care like getting the healing you need through energy work, tarot or runes, astrology or religion - as well as the healing you need through sessions with a counselor or coach or spiritual guide.  If you are not taking care of yourself you will burn out and not succeed in maintaining abundance or creating abundance for you and your family. All burn out does is create ill feelings, martyrdom, pain and suffering in the physical body etc. Burn out ends marriages, quits jobs in anger, and destroys avenues of growth. It is the same as starving your cattle or squandering your money. It results in less for you and your community.  As you have nothing left for yourself or your community to share since you have not cared for it.  So, today’s law of abundance is just this, wealth must be nourished, this rule applies both to the self and to property.  I can say that self care is one one of the reasons that I, as a lawyer, have been successful at maintaining my positive attitude and diverse practice for all of these years.  I have a strongly rooted practice of self-care. I have been meditating since I was 18 years old, and acting in service to others via Buddhist and Energetic means for just as long. My work as a Guide in the Lineage of King Solomon is both self care and service to humanity.  Self care ensures that I am mentally, emotionally and physically nourishing myself first. So I can be available to share my energy with others, but self care gives me abundant energy to share. And as a result, I have abundant energy to produce! And I do not burn out because although I’m busy, I’m practicing self care and nourishing myself. And this is why I can be a lawyer, a guide, a teacher, a project manager, a supportive partner, a good friend, a sister, a daughter, a niece, a volunteer in my community, and I create for my communities and I don’t burn out.  So, where are you taking care of yourself? What are your self care routines? Are they missing? How does this look in your life and your ability to create? How are you nourishing your proverbial cattle? Is your business being nourished? Is your family wealth being tended? Or is the herd looking a little hungry?  First, start with yourself.  Meditate, pray, go for a walk, clear your head. Reach for a glass of tea or water instead of wine or a cocktail. Make yourself a meal, eat with your family with your phone put away. Try a healing or a class you are interested in. Tell your partner you love them. Write in your gratitude journal. Do all of these things first, then look towards your community and the action you can take to nourish the wealth you see there.  Need some help in any of these areas - business, family wealth building & nourishing, personal well-being - I can help with that! Find Angel at:   Latterell Law Office   I can help with that! Metaphysical Options for a Joyful Life Meditation, Healing and Activations Follow on IG @paprikaangel  
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S1 Ep4 | The Power of Gratitude in Manifestation
If your desire is to leave something behind or have less of something in your life you will find yourself going in circles and manifesting more of what you don’t want. There is a saying that, "that which we fixate on persists” also “wherever you go, there you are.”  So, if we are going to be less stressed, less worried, less depressed – we first have to find a way to shift our brain to realize how much joy we already have and how much more we can make by simply counting the current blessings in our basket. The science of gratitude is the act of intentionally choosing to be grateful for everything in our life, even the challenges. This is not to say that someone in dire circumstances can just positive think themselves out of them. That is not the conversation I’m having right now. But what if all challenges were opportunity, every failure a new learning to be grateful for? How does that feel versus the other negative thinking way? Our negative ego is really good at convincing us that what we are afraid of will kill us if we try it. That trying and failing is a death sentence. The only thing trying and failing harms in most endeavors is the armor of that negative ego to keep up stuck in the illusion that we aren’t good enough, smart enough, capable enough to do the thing we are afraid to do. F.E.A.R. = False Expectations (experience) Appearing Real.  Gratitude practice gives us courage, confidence, peace of mind, abundance mentality, hope, faith, energy you name it – in some ways it s the cure for most things – at least in the areas where mindset matters. It also helps us look at the world with a cleaner and clearer filter. Another saying, “we see the world as we are.” If for example you are always in a competitive hoarding mindset it would be no wonder you find a world of competitive hording people who do not want to share their things or work with you. But what if you were more rooted in win-win – there is enough for everyone kind of mindset. How does this open doors if you see others motivated from that place? As a lawyer who helps a lot of people in crisis – those that are wrapped up in the story of what went wrong and what they do not want – are any less resilient and it's harder to find a solution for them because they are unwilling to see one. This attitude drives people to “Justice Sue”  in order to get revenge or “I’ll show them.” Thus, leaving us with “an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” But if I can get people to step back, take stock of what they have control of – which in crappy situations may be their own reaction to the current circumstance or the person who wronged them. Then they realize that the other – who may very well have wronged them and be wrong, doesn’t control them. The other only ruins the day if a person lets them. And this ability to see that – starts with an underlying practice of gratitude, an attitude of gratitude – the opposite of victim mentality. Things happen – but we do not have to be a victim to them – we can be empowered actors instead – and we can choose how we react.  So, as a Law of Abundance – starting the daily practice of gratitude in our lives is an essential building block to an abundant life. And being able to see things for what they truly are separate from negative emotions of shame, blame, anger and hate, etc. comes as a natural consequence of starting to practice gratitude – the other thing about starting a gratitude practice is – it is easy and a practice – you write one thing a day you are grateful for in your life, you may be very clear to thank people when there is any exchange between you and another. It is a practice you can grow into and it fosters the attitude across all planes of your life. It requires a pen and notebook (but not really). It is nice to be able to look back at what you wrote. AND as a result of all of this little, tiny effort – you will start to rewire your brain – you will learn better and more, you will listen better and hear more openly, you will be more open, and the filter of other noise will quiet.  Studies show people with gratitude practices lead more healthy productive lives. Look it up – I have, and I teach this to my students with citations in my leadership management and wellness classes. As a lawyer my mindset has kept me happy and healthy and able to look at building versus avoiding. It has kept me open to new opportunities in business and resilient in the face of challenges – it also allows me to be a great advocate when my clients need that as I’m open to finding win-win, not bogged down in being righteously correct. Boundaries are necessary but a polite cordial attitude with opposing council can go a thousand, miles further than any argumentative grump.  In the realm of assisting people in thinking about their death – we all die – gratitude helps me help others reach this conclusion without stress. We come together in gratitude to be able to leave clear, kind, and thoughtful instructions to loved ones after you are gone – versus a mess and heartache.  At the end of the day, the first building block to having a life of abundance is gratitude because a person with abundant gratitude has joy no matter what circumstance they are in, and this faith and joy propels them to turn each and every situation into one of value, care and love. It allows them to build more positive energy vs. the alternative painful misery. And it all starts with the choice to observe daily, one thing you are grateful for in your life.  Listen to all episodes at Find Angel at:   Latterell Law Office   I can help with that! 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S1 Ep3 | Steps of Manifestation: Idea, Thought, Plan, Action
The steps of manifestation: Idea, Thought, Plan, Action – the 4 worlds.  So, last time we talked about structure and how this is different than a container. But both a requirement necessary for creation, something to hold the energy, and a shape to mold the energy into the thing you want to create. But that isn’t truly the whole of it. Creating something on this planet requires that something move through all 4 worlds – Idea – the spark, the initiating movement – Thought – the form of the uncontained into a container, - Plan - creation of the structure, and then finally – Action – the doing something so the plan actually manifests onto this plane of existence.  This concept is called the 4 Worlds in the study of the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah (universal Kabbalah as the study of it is not housed within any particular religion or philosophy). In Kabbalah the idea is that to create something here on earth in this place of physical density it must move from the plane of spirit town through the 4 worlds to be born or manifested in the physical. And you can conceptualize how Idea is very ephemeral – it has no form – it’s purely mind or energy – then when you start thinking about it, it starts to grow more clear, it has an outline, a name, it gives it some type of initial container to grow in. Then when you think and make that thought into a plan – a step-by-step this is how and what I am going to do to make that idea into reality – now it has structure – it has the ability to be made manifest – all its missing at that point is Action. The literal act of doing the thing which is planned. It seems in some ways a no brainer. You might be asking me – why am I bothering with wasting my podcast airtime on stating such an obvious – you can’t create without action. Or in the positive – all creation requires action. But I don’t think it’s a waste of our time together to examine this - as a Law of Abundance in this universe, on this planet today. Let’s just look around and ask if there is enough planned action taking place in service to humanity? There are certainly a lot of humans doing a lot of things, but do we have enough intentional action?  How many ideas have you had just stay ideas? Have you even thought about them long enough to give them a container – a place to gestate – have you made a plan to bring them into fruition? And then have you taken action on that plan? This ultimately is the realm that the entrepreneur must live in and breathe.  Idea, thought, plan, action.  Idea, thought, plan, action.  Idea, thought, plan, action.  If we skip one, or don’t take the action required of our plan (I speak for myself here, I have so many ideas uncontained, unstructured, and unacted upon). We do not create. And as an entrepreneur if you are not creating, you may be failing in your business endeavor.  Another place where this comes into play is when we reverse this and look at what action we are taking in our lives. As action is the final thing to make ideas and thoughts manifest – what are the fruits of your labors? Are these what you want? If the action you are taking is resulting in those fruits – technically yes that is exactly what you are choosing to manifest in your life, business and family right now.  Is there something you are complaining about? Is there something you would like to change? What action are you taking regarding that thing? If the only action is complaint – and action is manifestation what is the fruit of your complaint labor? What is the result of your venting? Do you have a rose garden or just a compost pile?  The point: not for us to now start beating ourselves up about things we haven’t done, but instead to just be honest with ourselves regarding the fruits of our actions. This way, we can be more intentional and actually start intentionally creating what we would like to see in our lives and our businesses, our families our world.  One of the reasons, I advise my students of project management, legal clients and spiritual training alike, to start a gratitude journal is because journaling: is an action you can through this action start creating positive fruits at the same time as taking stock of the positive things in your life and the process is a reprogramming mechanism proven to open your brain up to more creativity, clarity, calm and enhances the ability to learn and be resilient. It is huge win-win – it generates energy so you can bring what you want down through idea, thought, plan and action.  So, instead of just thinking about calling Angel to set up a Life & Legacy planning session, or just thinking about trying five minutes of meditation today – you do it. You schedule that session, you download the Calm app, or you make time for some self-care. You start to take stock of what is in your control to take action on with the things you want to change about the world.  Do you want more love? Do you say I love you to your friends and family regularly? What’s stopping you? It creates more love with the action. Do you want more money? What are you currently doing with yours? Do you have structures that create abundance of cash flow in your life? How is your business set up? What thoughts are you currently telling yourself? If you are daily thinking you don’t deserve money or that you are an imposter at running your business – those thoughts may be creating unconscious plans and actions that undermine you. So, take back the reigns, you are the playwright of your life and the star actor – start acting like it.  Actions you can take today after listening to this podcast:  Journal – what is one idea you have that you would like to implement – write it out and make a plan. Schedule an action for yourself to take.  Start a gratitude journal!  Inventory your current creative life. What are you creating?  Want help with setting up a plan for your business or family – want to make sure your loved ones are taken care of after you are not there? Let’s talk - get an intake chat on my calendar today.  Listen to all episodes at Find Angel at:    Angel Latterell Latterell Law Office   I can help with that! Metaphysical Options for a Joyful Life Meditation, Healing and Activations Follow on IG @paprikaangel
07:30 5/26/21
S1 Ep2 | Creation Requires Structure
Creation requires structure.  Wait Angel, what you’re saying, you already told me in the last episode, that creation needs a container. This is the same thing. What’s the difference? Structure – container. Container – structure. Great, I get it. Well, to that I say we have to back up a little bit and recognize that they are different things. A container is the walls that hold the raw material – the structure is the shape of that container – or the rules for what the container makes. Does every egg make a chicken? No. some eggs produce turtles, others make seagulls – the structure of that egg (the container) results in the shape of its creation – the type of bird or reptile that crawls out. Similarly, every womb of a mammal does not make a human - our DNA is our structure, and every human is unique – so that rulebook of the DNA strands creates the humans and all that you see in the world today – and as we learn to work with DNA we can create improvements to the structure of that human.  More simply, we can look at crystals. They are all minerals – but dependent on their structure they have different shapes and colors – a rose quartz grows in a different structure than Jasper. An emerald grows different than Jade. Or let’s look at a cauliflower – it grows in fractals, but white cauliflower looks very different than its cousin Romanesco with its pointy clear fractalated structure. But both grow from a very similar looking seed! In human society, many countries are made with charters or constitutions, but the structure that document lays out is very different – thus the United States has different political structures than Canada because our countries were curated with very different structures and the cultures are all very different as a result.  So, container is the raw material that lays the boundaries (the egg, the womb, the bucket) but the shape the creation takes is made based on its structure. And all creation also needs a structure – going back to my sand analogy – a handful of sand - not much sand gets where you are going because no container. Use a bucket - a lot of sand gets where you are going – but if you just dump the sand out of the bucket – what happens? You have a pile of sand with no structure. You have to mix the sand with water in a container and give it a shape in order to build a sand castle. You have to give it a structure. Water works the same way. Water is just precipitation and steam until it turns into clouds, or until the earth gives it both a container and shape/structure to make it a river, an ocean or a lake. Water is unique in that it can actually give the earth structure right back because water forms earth, and earth gives water a container – but that is a discussion for another day. Today I think we’ve drilled in this concept of structure. In the legal realm – the container is the entity – a Trust, an LLC, the structure is created with the words on the paper that make the trust document or the LLC’s operating agreement. These rule books on how the entity works and operate are its structure. The United States Constitution – is the rulebook for how the US as a country operates. Heck, the rule book for the National Football League is what creates the structure of the American football season, the playoffs and the Super Bowl. Without these structures we do not have anything. We have chaos or the proverbial pile of sand.  This is why endeavors that do not have a plan do not succeed. They need a structure – you can have a goal but if there is not a step-by-step or even an agreed set of rules (aka a structure) to reach that goal you have chaos, even if well intended. But you need the lanes for the flow mapped out or no one will row in the same direction and you will not ever get where you are going. The lanes for the flow of the work to complete are the structure. Thus, enabling the result to come into being. The essence behind the science of cloning is about finding a way to make the exact copy of another organism’s structure. Angel Latterell Latterell Law Office   I can help with that! Metaphysical Options for a Joyful Life Meditation, Healing and Activations Follow on IG @paprikaangel  
11:45 5/21/21
S1 Ep1 | Creation Requires a Container
You want to create your own Camelot?  Then it is time to explore the containers that will allow you to create your kingdom.  Any investment in to those containers will be worth its weight in gold on the returns the abundance you create within it will provide.  CREATION REQUIRES A CONTAINER  Let’s think about this statement. Creation requires a container. To make something new - i.e. to create something you need a container. I am not asking you to believe me on blind faith. Let’s just look at the world around us.  How do you create a new plant? Generally, the plant creates a fruit or a flower which has a seed. You plant the seed (or the universe plants it) and you get a new plant. The seed is a container for the new plant.  How do we get a new human being? We’ve got an egg & sperm and they meet inside a womb - and then a human grows, inside a container (the womb!). See similar processes for other mammals. Birds & reptiles lay eggs - and the little baby grows inside the egg - the container until it hatches a new life. Only when ready does it come out of the The Container.   Even viruses require a contain to spread - this is why we use soap - it breaks down the fatty cell wall of the virus and kills it so it cannot attach to its container (the host) and multiply within the container (human or animal) and then spread to more hosts - its all it known is how to do is recreate itself right? But it can only Create itself with a host - A Container.  Then there are the more inanimate non-sentient beings - like water. How do you make an ice cube? You put water in a container and freeze it.  You make a snow cone by putting shaved ice in a cone shaped cup.  There isn’t a snow soup right? That isn’t the point.  The container is the reason there is a thing created.   What about art?  A human or a racoon (If you have seen racoon art on the interwebs) places a paint brush (or a paw) to canvas that captures the form (the idea, the thought) in the physical. If you just have paint and an idea you still do not have art without the container - the canvas. Same with sculpture - clay plus idea does not a sculpture make until the clay is formed into the shape of the idea - The container.  Now let me make the leap here - Why is this a law of abundance? First we must be aware what is necessary to create. And if our goal is to create abundance - we must be clear how to create a lot of something.  Ideally we want to find the correct container for the a lot something we want to create. In the realm of money and legal matters there are two containers specifically I can think of that are best for abundance creation.  The business entity - a corporation, a LLC, a non-profit and  The Trust - a container to hold money & assets Both of these are containers. By making the container out of legal paperwork you create an entity that can hold money and property.  It doesn’t have arms or legs, brain or eyes, but yet it exists and it is specifically designed to hold something - and thus gives you the container necessary to create more of something. In this case more money and property. Which is why both a business entity and a Trust are phenomenal tools for building wealth and abundance for you and your life because not only do they fulfill the first rule of creation (You must have a container) but this container is also specifically designed for holding money and protecting money from your or others bad choices - much like an egg or a womb protects the baby from the outside world until they formed enough to come out and walk and eat.  A trust holds money so that it can be used only for those things that are in its nature i.e. support of the beneficiary. In other words a Trust only exists to hold things for the future benefit of someone - and that future someone is so aptly named “the beneficiary” i.e. the person receiving the benefit created by the container (the trust).  Think of it energetically - if you attempt to carry sand in you hand across the beach - it all drains out and you will never make a sandcastle. But you put that sand in a bucket and you can carry that sand anywhere, and in quite a bit of quantity.  Add a little water to the bucket and you can even make it into a shape. Now you are in business toward building that sandcastle. The key here in this equation is the bucket!  The container.  How many places in your life are you just carrying sand across the beach in your hand when you are trying to build a sandcastle?  At the end of the day if we want to advance our business endeavor, or if want to build something new, or if we want to make sure we pass our assets down to the next generation in a way that builds family wealth - we want to a container to create in.   A business with no container is just like a handful of sand - it has a lot of leaks and you will not ever build a castle.  Similarly -passing your assets from one generation to the next without a a trust (using a will or not planning at all) is like that handful of sand again - so many opportunities for things to slip through and away.  If you want to create something, anything you need a container.  If you want to create abundantly you need the right container for your endeavor. You want to create your own Camelot?  Then it is time to explore the containers that will allow you to create your kingdom.  Any investment in to those containers will be worth its weight in gold on the returns the abundance you create within it will provide.  So your new mantra, or what you need to ask yourselves when you start any endeavor is:  What am I specifically trying to create? And what is the right container to create from? Answer that question, acquire that container, and then you are congruent with the laws of abundance and you will be able to create what you desire. Find Angel at: Latterell Law Office   I can help with that! Metaphysical Options for a Joyful Life Meditation, Healing and Activations Follow on IG @paprikaangel  
07:08 5/13/21

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