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Best Self Improvement Books

Understand your inner workings and go beyond your limits with these 4 koobs of best-selling self improvement books.


How to Be Happy
Tony Robbins is a renowned, world-class expert on the science of achievement. In speaking with and deconstructing the most successful people across numerous sectors, he has found that, surprisingly, some of the highest achievers he met were miserable people. In contrast, when Tony traveled to lower-income nations like India, he found materially impoverished individuals who had a deep sense of happiness and self-worth. What accounts for this disparity in happiness?
15:23 5/14/21
Thinking Fast and Slow
Our minds are powerful machines that make decisions and create worldviews through many different mechanisms. There are facets of the mind working without our awareness, and some that require more effort and skill. Intuition, overconfidence, and memory all play a role in our decision-making, as does the world we’re exposed to. Our efforts to create a version of the surrounding world that is sensical and controllable cause us to make miscalculations and false judgments. Are you ready to learn about the different ways we choose and think, so that you can determine methods to make more reliable decisions?
27:08 5/14/21
Braving of the Wilderness
True belonging is knowing your self-worth. It requires bravery. When you are not brave enough to stand alone, you will find yourself trying to “fit in” by seeking the approval of others. This can leave you feeling empty and hollow—knowing you are not accepted for who you are, but who you feign to be. So, how can you learn to trust yourself, and develop a strong sense of self-worth? How can you learn to trust others, and find your sense of true belonging? First, you must relinquish your desire to fit in…
27:03 5/14/21
Stillness is the Key
Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of Obstacle is the Way and Ego is the Enemy. By drawing on philosophical texts, history, and scientific research, Holiday examines the intersection of culture and the human condition. His firm has also provided advisory services to many companies, including Google and Complex, in addition to world-renowned writers and musicians. In Stillness is the Key, Holiday examines the science and wisdom behind stillness, which he argues plays a pivotal role in living a more satisfying life. Holiday also outlines simple practices and habits that you can implement to channel stillness and become a better leader.
26:02 5/14/21