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The VFX Artists Podcast

The VFX Artists Podcast, hosted by Kofi Opoku-Ansah and Daniel Mark Miller is the spot for artists to share, learn and discover other artists in the VFX industry. We aim to bring artists from different levels and departments to discuss industry practice, software, processes, journey and more. We are a podcast made by artists for artists.


Not Your Starving Artist, with VFX Generalist Vicki Lau | TVAP EP32 36:12 05/23/2022
Becoming the Best Compositor You Can With Shonda Hunt | TVAP EP31 67:24 05/10/2022
Perspective of a Senior Houdini FX TD, with Baptiste Jaquemet | TVAP EP30 56:21 04/20/2022
Sean Cunningham Part 2, From Digital Domain to Indie Film and Rooster Teeth | TVAP EP29 95:01 04/14/2022
From the Amiga to Houdini, Nuke and Digital Domain with Sean Cunningham Part 1 | TVAP EP28 59:30 04/09/2022
An Unreal Engine Discussion, with Filipe Magalhães, Realtime Supervisor at NVIZ | TVAP EP27 79:55 03/29/2022
What is Previs, and why it's important - with Jamie Bakewell, founder of Bigtooth Studios | TVAP EP26 91:45 03/02/2022
A Love of Film with Carolina Jiménez García, Lead Layout Artist, Scanline | TVAP EP25 57:19 02/16/2022
How Animation Changed My Life - Michael Morgan - Part 2 | TVAP EP24 52:51 02/10/2022
How Animation Changed My Life - Michael Morgan - Part 1 | TVAP EP23 63:46 02/08/2022
How VFX changes your view of the World, with Arpita Venugopal, Head of FX at One of Us | TVAP EP22 68:02 02/02/2022
From Matchmove Lead to Lighting TD - How I did it - Maik Pham Quang | TVAP EP21 57:08 01/26/2022
The VFX Artists Podcast 2021 Rundown pt2 | TVAP EP20 67:14 01/16/2022
The VFX Artists Podcast 2021 Rundown pt1 | TVAP EP19 52:45 12/16/2021
Beaumont Loewenthal: How I became a VFX Editor at Lucasfilm | TVAP EP18 40:45 12/08/2021
Marcus Flemmings: Life as an award-winning Indie Film Maker | TVAP EP17 50:07 11/29/2021
Christy Anzelmo: USD, Machine Learning, surprising uses for Nuke and Foundry software and a career VFX software | TVAP EP16 69:32 11/24/2021
Being a black artist in the games and VFX industry, pre-rendered cinematics vs unreal engine, with Floyd Billingy | TVAP EP15 43:39 11/17/2021
Becoming a VFX Supervisor, Realtime, Virtual Production with Chaos Group Labs Director: Chris Nichols | TVAP EP14 71:22 10/29/2021
Being a VFX artist at some of the top VFX studios in the world, with Simon Legrand | TVAP EP13 106:37 09/01/2021
Costume Set & Designing For Film & TV, with Rianna Charles and Jodie-Simone Howe | TVAP EP12 92:05 08/25/2021
Growing up with VFX, with 3D Generalist Ty Robillard | TVAP EP11 45:51 08/18/2021
What is Previs and Postvis vs finals animation, with Paris Marin | TVAP EP10 28:52 07/28/2021
How I played a widow in Marvel's Black Widow movie, with actress Yolanda Lynes | TVAP EP09 39:08 07/14/2021
VFX On Set Supervising for film with Rory Bryans at MPC London | TVAP EP08 45:22 07/07/2021
VFX Compositing for film with Prince Yiadom | TVAP EP07 26:17 06/30/2021
Matchmove for film, AR, VR & XR with Sarah Gatefield | TVAP EP06 67:05 06/16/2021
Lidars and Photogrammetry for film with Joseph Steel - Co-founder of Visualskies Studios | TVAP EP05 40:46 06/02/2021
How I became an Actor & Stunt Performer, with David Cheung | TVAP EP04 23:16 05/19/2021
Game Of Thrones and On-Set VFX Supervising, with Jorundur Rafn Arnarson | TVAP EP02 37:45 05/15/2021