Show cover of The ME Spot with Dr. Heather Bartos, OBGYN

The ME Spot with Dr. Heather Bartos, OBGYN

A sassy show about SEX, self-love and sisterhood! Sex and intimacy aren't about your G-spot, they're about your ME Spot. What makes you feel sexy, desired and fulfilled? We're shining a light on all those things women want to talk about, like body image, intimacy, orgasms, boudoir shoots, hormones, all about "down there," and more. It's like having an OBGYN as your BFF! Hit subscribe and let's get real, Lady!


'Tis The Season To Give...Yourself a Vibrator 21:36 12/03/2021
The #1 Thing Monogamous Couples Can Learn From Polyamorous Relationships 20:18 11/26/2021
So You Think You Know Tantra? A Beginner's Guide to Tantric Sex 20:44 11/19/2021
Everyone Has a Vision Board for their Dream Lives...But What About Our Dream SEX Lives? 20:07 11/12/2021
Awkward, But Necessary! How to Talk to our Youth About Sex 20:26 11/05/2021
When Sex Hurts Part 2: Tired of Feeling The Fire Within? Here's What Could Be Making Deep Penetration Painful For You 24:14 10/29/2021
When Sex Hurts Part 1: Pain During Sex is Common, But that Doesn't Mean We Have to Keep Dealing With It 20:49 10/22/2021
Sexual Potpourri: All the Steamy & Downright Surprising Ways People Pleasure, Stimulate & Get Off Without The “3 Big Holes” 24:43 10/15/2021
We're Heading Downtown - And Spilling the Beans On Everything You Need to Know About THAT Journey! 22:10 10/08/2021
Taboo-tay! Here's What You Need to Know About Anal Sex (Butt Feel Too Awkward To Ask!) 22:44 10/01/2021
No Time to Feel Sexy? Think Again! Here's How to Create a Power Hour That Gets You Hotter than EVER in No Time! 13:20 09/24/2021
Nip-Slipped Your Mind Part 2: Nipplegasm 101! Don't Skip The Nips 'Til You Hear These Tips 12:38 09/21/2021
Nip-Slipped Your Mind? Phenomenal Facts EVERYONE Should Know About Nipples (But Don't!) 13:08 09/17/2021
Fantasy or Fairytale? How Great (S)Expectations Set Us Up for Disappointment in the Bedroom 13:13 09/14/2021
Anatomy Series #4: Does the G-Spot Even EXIST, Or is it Time to Stage a Vagina-Lution? 13:37 09/10/2021
Anatomy Series #3: Everything You Need to Know About the Va-Va-Voom Vulva! 15:08 09/07/2021
Anatomy Series #2: You Need to Stop Referring to Everything 'Down There' as 'The Vagina', STAT! 13:53 09/03/2021
Anatomy Series #1: Stop Calling the Clitoris a Nub, Because Baby, She's MAJESTIC! 14:30 08/31/2021
Is It EVER Safe to Send Nudes? How to Privately & Safely Explore Your Inner Sexy Through Intimate Photos and Videos 14:16 08/27/2021
Is Lingerie a Gimmick? Why You Don’t Need Itty-Bitty Lacy Things to Feel Sexy 14:49 08/24/2021
How a Boudoir Shoot Can Unleash Your Inner Sexy Glow and Redefine the Way You See Yourself 15:17 08/20/2021
Why You Need to Stop Stressing About The Scent of Your Snatch! 15:34 08/17/2021
Sexy AF At Any Age: Why Turning 50 Is An Epic Milestone & What It Can Teach Every Gal in the World 10:04 08/13/2021
Daydreams Are Sexy: How to Tap Into Your Consciousness & Unleash the Full Power of Your Imagination 13:32 08/10/2021
The "List”: Fantasize & Unleash Your Inner Sexy With Your Freebie List! 11:44 08/06/2021
Pee Problems: When You Really Gotta Go & You Can’t Control It (Wet n' Wild Series #4) 14:54 08/03/2021
UTIs Be Gone! How to Keep the Fire Inside the Bedroom and OUT of Our Bits 13:30 07/30/2021
Wet 'n Wild Series #2: The Beginner's Guide to Squirting 16:02 07/27/2021
Wet 'n Wild Series #1: Lube, Glorious Lube! Everything We Need to Know, But DON'T 16:25 07/23/2021
Women All Over The World Are Quitting Sex For Good: Should You? 11:10 07/20/2021