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Well known, and up-and-coming guests—ranging from artists, actors, musicians, authors, illustrators, chefs, designers, and more—share starts, struggles, triumphs, and more in compelling, thought-provoking interviews. The show is sure to inspire, spark curiosity, and maybe even having you dust off that clarinet, pick up a paintbrush, start that novel, or anything else you can dream.You can find host, Tammy Takaishi, a Board Certified-Music Therapist, continuing the conversation about fine and creative arts, along with recipes from guests via her blog


From The Archives: Chris Spear, Chef and Podcaster 39:57 05/16/2022
From The Archives: Michael "Flip" Yingling, Creative Artist and Senior Product Lead at LEGO 41:38 05/09/2022
From The Archives: Ben Barnes, Actor, Musician 19:40 05/02/2022
Mallory Harding, Mezzo-Soprano 32:12 04/25/2022
Dan Issawi, Musician, Podcaster 52:51 04/11/2022
Elizabeth MacDuffie, Editor 28:31 04/04/2022
Marc-André Teruel, Double Bassist 35:06 03/28/2022
Dr. Andrew Rossetti, Music Therapist 33:43 03/21/2022
Jonathan Wilson, Luthier, Musician 61:53 03/14/2022
Dr. Cynthia Williams Phelps, Music Educator, and Podcaster 43:11 03/07/2022
Colleen Thompson, Author 45:02 02/28/2022
Marian Parsons, Artist, & Entrepreneur 45:45 02/21/2022
Mark Alan Miller, Recording Engineer, & Musician 39:05 02/14/2022
LaTasha James, owner of The Veil KC 31:59 02/07/2022
Heather Edwards, Musician, Co-Founder of AhHa!Broadway Inc 40:36 01/31/2022
Bruce Nachsin, Actor, Writer, Podcaster 48:45 01/24/2022
Emily Golden and Rachel May, Authors and Book Coaches 30:10 01/10/2022
Hannah Lipsey, Artist 34:43 01/03/2022
From The Archives: Dr. Jennifer Higdon, Composer 41:50 12/14/2021
From The Archives: Shawn Head, Shakuhatchi Master and Composer 85:42 12/06/2021
From The Archives: John Cotter, Author, Playwright 60:09 11/29/2021
From the Archives: Tracy Silverman, Violinist, Composer 54:28 11/22/2021
Chavaz Kingman, Entrepreneur, and Speaker 36:53 11/16/2021
Corrie Legge, Actor, and Creative Coach 33:29 11/09/2021
Dario Acosta, Photographer 31:12 11/02/2021
Ben Barnes, Actor and Musician 19:40 10/25/2021
Tara Davis, Music Therapist 41:52 10/18/2021
Lisa Brideau, Author 40:21 10/11/2021
Todd Coolman, Jazz Bassist, and Podcaster 43:26 09/27/2021
Katherine Center, Author 67:30 09/20/2021