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Factal Forecast takes a look at the biggest news stories coming in the next week and why they matter. From the editors at Factal, we publish our forward-looking podcast each Thursday to help you get a jump-start on the week ahead.


As Colombia cracks down on cartel violence, the country braces for more 11:19 05/12/2022
Protests in Armenia over possible Nagorno-Karabakh concessions spark fears of mass unrest 10:01 05/05/2022
Sneak peak at The Debrief: Pakistan in political turmoil after PM Khan ousted 08:03 04/28/2022
Israel faces political crisis amid escalating violence in East Jerusalem 11:04 04/21/2022
Anti-government protests break out in Sri Lanka as economic and energy crises worsen 09:54 04/07/2022
Israel on edge after three deadly attacks in a week 12:45 03/31/2022
In Ukraine’s besieged city of Mariupol, thousands remain trapped with Russian forces closing in 14:33 03/24/2022
With all eyes on Ukraine, North Korea conducts tenth missile launch of year 09:31 03/17/2022
Russia's invasion of Ukraine complicates plans to revive the Iran nuclear deal 10:56 03/10/2022
Trucker convoy heads to US capital despite easing of coronavirus-related restrictions 09:15 03/03/2022
Russia’s moves in eastern Ukraine intensify, raising fears of a deadly war 15:16 02/24/2022
A renewed power struggle in Libya threatens country’s tenuous stability 11:40 02/17/2022
After closing a border bridge, Canada’s anti-vaccine truckers may inspire a U.S. protest 09:51 02/10/2022
Failed coup attempt in Guinea-Bissau adds to concerns about West African stability 08:50 02/03/2022
Burkina Faso’s military seizes power, marking Africa’s fifth coup in less than two years 12:10 01/27/2022
North Korea's recent missile launches pose new challenges for missile defense systems 08:39 01/20/2022
Kazakhstan's deadly protests end, but political upheaval shrouds future 11:41 01/13/2022
Sudan’s prime minister quits, leaving military in control as protests grow 12:04 01/06/2022
Migrants stalled in Mexico City after weekend clashes with police 13:55 12/16/2021
Post-coup Myanmar faces uncertain future amid militia rise 11:26 12/09/2021
Countries lock down as latest coronavirus variant puts health officials on edge 10:28 12/02/2021
Protests erupt in Europe as holiday lockdowns begin 10:01 11/25/2021
U.K terror threat level “severe” after second attack in a month 08:57 11/18/2021
A recent U.S. visit to Taiwan threatens an already unstable relationship with China 09:36 11/11/2021
How the burgeoning conflict in Tigray threatens Ethiopia’s stability 11:02 11/04/2021
Russia workplace shutdown, Brazil trucker strike, Texas abortion ban hearing, UN report on Ethiopia, Sudan coup 10:37 10/28/2021
Libyan liberation anniversary, Uzbekistan election, Canadian cabinet reshuffle, Afghanistan conference, Haiti kidnapping 09:08 10/21/2021
FDA discusses vaccine boosters, France COVID test fee, NBA season starts, Russia invites Taliban to talks, Lebanon power outages 09:48 10/14/2021
US-Mexico security talks, G20 meets on Afghanistan, EU-Ukraine summit, Bali reopens, Pandora Papers 09:32 10/07/2021
Portugal lifts restrictions, Women's March, Japan gets new prime minister, US Supreme Court resumes, Kosovo-Serbia border protest 08:55 09/30/2021