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Revelations attempts to reveal, explore and understand the bleeding edge of human consciousness in its many facets and aspects.


Mark Magee : Sex and Yoga
Mark Magee is a very eloquent and informed human being who has been deeply involved in the yoga world for a few decades as a teacher and practitioner of its esoteric depths. We caught up over Easter in Byron Bay, and discussed the most significant roots and meanings of Yoga, as well as inquiring into the most essential sacred and true nature of a spiritualised human sexuality.You can find Mark on Facebook and via email.
116:05 4/3/24
No Mo Trippin : Nick Sun
Nick Sun and I met up in a studio in Sydney, where we audited his journey from being a standup comedian to becoming a plant medicine facilitator to becoming a stand up comedian again. We actually spent a lot of time talking about Iboga and healing power of these plant medicines,  and how they really work behind the scenes, from the perspective of two people who have shared them with many people. Nick Sun has just released his new book "No Mo Trippin'", and so please leave him a nice review on Amazon if you like it, as this helps authors much more than you know. can also read his infamous blog here.
98:16 3/12/24
Dr Jack Allocca : Extreme Biohacking
Dr Jack Allocca and I have a conversation about neuroscience, biohacking, research chemicals, Ketamine, being a volunteer in the extended DMTx trials, dry fasting, extreme travel, Vipassana meditation and living your best life. 
123:47 2/5/24
Kathleen Aspens : The Messages of Flower Essences
Kathleen Aspens is a flower essence therapist who works with many different flower essence ranges, as well as her own range of essences she created called the Flora of Asia range. She also works with animals and specialises in working with horses and their owners. In this podcast we talk about the process of making flower essences, connecting with the messages of these plants and we go into some depth about the intelligence of plants and how flower essences can be used to treat animals and humans. You can find Kathleen's essences at:http://www.floraofasia.comAs well as:http://www.floweressencestudies.com
74:53 8/8/23
Trevor Wills : Bioenergetic Release
Trevor Wills is not an ordinary bodyworker, if he is even a bodyworker at all. Trevor calls his work "bioenergetic release", a medium of combining bodywork and verbal communication,  which aims to free the body and mind, and bring people back to their humanity, original intelligence and bioenergetic flow of the human organism. Here Trevor and I discuss the politics of societies policing and repression of human consciousness, the nature of his work and what true healing means within the context of a repressive, fascistic, disassociated, technocratic society. At the end of the podcast, you can hear Trevor talking while he is working on me for 20 minutes, which is an excerpt from a two hour session I experienced after the podcast conversation.
104:44 7/22/23
Michael Gueron : Shamanic Medicine Work
Michael Gueron is a medicine worker who works with Ayahuasca, Huachuma and the Australian Acacias. Michael has recently felt called by the medicine to  share his knowledge and protocols of work of how to navigate the shamanic medicine space, which he is soon to be sharing as an online course. Michael discusses his history of being in the Israeli military and working through his own trauma,  exploring the essence of spirituality and the shadow work that the plants reveal, working cross culturally and working with various  approaches, practices he utilises to keep the medicine space clear, issues such as spiritual bypassing/spiritual narcissism and his insights into the many issues which are being faced as these plant medicines become more popular. You can reach out to Michael to find out more about his online course and various offerings on this link.
76:28 6/17/23
Robert Lonetree: Singer/Songwriter, Amazonian Shamanism Anthropologist, Poet and Actor
I visited Rob at his home in 93 acres of rainforest not far from Nimbin far northern NSW.  Rob tells some wild stories about his time in the late 1990's studying Shamanism in the Amazon, before the tourist hoardes had arrived. As well we talk about eastern mysticism, the state of the world and generally shoot the shit. https://rblobetree.bandcamp.com
97:53 4/29/23
Deejay The Backyard Enthusiast on Yopo, Amanita and Pycnantha
In this podcast I talk to Deejay about his journey through foster care, drug addiction, pharmaceutical medication and his consequent exploration of esoteric psychedelics including yopo, Amanita Muscaria and Australia's national floral emblem, Acacia Pycantha aka the Golden Wattle. You can reach out to him on:
128:32 3/22/23
Julian's True Tale of Fairies shared with the Supernormalized Podcast
Today I am sharing an interview with Chris Barnaby of the Supernormalized podcast, talking about my experience of meeting fairies in the rainforrest of Northern NSW in late 2001.
66:56 3/14/23
Vanessa Alia : Psychic Inquisition of Reality
Vanessa Alia is a psychic, naturopath, medical intuitive, somatic therapist and counsellor.You can reach her and hit her up for her services at:alia.auryn@gmail.comMy documentary "Contemplations: On The Psychedelic Experience" can be watched at: 
133:25 1/25/23
Gregg Lahood : Relational Spirituality
Dr Gregg Lahood is a Kiwi therapist and facilitator based in Byron Bay, Australia. Gregg has written for various psychology journals, trained in Holotropic Breathing with Stan Grof in the late 80's and specialises in innovative relational inquiry groups.
130:55 9/22/22
Etheric Parasites (EP's) to Knowtice : A talk by Julian Palmer at Dandry Deconstruction
This was a talk I gave at a little festival in western NSW on the 9th of May 2022. I start off talking about Cactus Walks and then largely talk about Etheric Parasites and also have a little Q and A with the crowd at the end. 
77:42 9/1/22
Wojtek Bereza : Neuropsychopharmacist and Explorer
Wojtek Bereza comes on the podcast to talk about the hidden science on Sci-Hub, stroboscopics and about the sold out lectures he has recently been holding in Sydney. We also delve into the world of psychedelic medicalisation  and have  a jolly good discussion about the territory of altered states as it converges with industry practices.
96:21 8/2/22
Rohan Sacré : The Path of an Exorcist
Rohan and I talk for a good 2 and a half hours, delving deeply into his life story,  from becoming a Theologian, then a miner and how he was introduced to psychedelics. He then talks about his initiations into becoming an exorcist, the process of entity dispossession and then we also discuss some finer points regarding the nature of evil and the entities which prey upon humanity.
152:01 5/23/22
Dale Carruth: Healing Trauma with Psychedelic Therapy
 "One who breaks an unjust law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for law. "- Martin Luther King JrDale has just released her groundbreaking book which is now available most everywhere online, ordered from your local bookshop, on kindle and from Book depository with free shipping.
78:47 4/20/22
Rak Razam The Moving Man
Rak talks about the psychological mechanics of the psychedelic renaissance, how he sees things moving forward in the psychedelic scene, we discuss spiritual bypassing, the convergence of the 5-MeO-DMT/Bufo revelation with consumer culture, cultural perceptions on the entities and beings, the growth of the ayahuasca scene in Peru and the conservation of the toad and ayahuasca. 
99:11 3/1/22
Psychic abilities, Relationships and Life Purpose with Greg Riley
Greg Riley is a medium, psychic, coach and counsellor based in Melbourne, Australia. the podcast we firstly talk about Greg becoming Australia’s “Most Gifted psychic” on Channel 7’s TV show “The One” in 2011 and then continue to talk about Greg’s journey into becoming a psychic, the perils and boons of the psychic paradigm, sex therapists and relationship coaches, the ins and out of intimate relationships, how people can find their purpose in life, hypnotherapy and past lives, the growth of the soul and the value of psychedelics and the mystical experience.Some other individuals that Greg mentions in the podcast. https://alanwatts.orghttps://sydneybanks.orghttps://www.petercrone.comhttps://www.michaelneill.orghttps://theultimatecoach.com
99:02 1/30/22
Entheopolitics with Sebastian Job
Sebastian Job is an associate lecturer at the anthropology department of Sydney University, and has been seriously exploring psychedelics for many years within an academic context.He has given lectures on various psychedelic subjects including this one on youtube, 5-Meo-DMT - The Metaphysical Tribes and he has approached the subject of DMT entities in an anthropological context. In this podcast we primarily talked about "entheopolitics", the intersection of where political thought and entheogenic revelation meet. We discuss the most essential meanings of socialism and communism, psychedelics and their capacity to bring awareness of deeper human potential, analysis of the political left and right, and forces that have shifted both factions within society, various political and social issues in our world and ruminations on the potential for constructive collective  action in the context of psychedelic illumination.Unfortunately Sebastian's microphone wasn't working properly when I recorded the podcast , so his voice might not sound as sharp and resonant as mine!
87:18 1/4/22
Electrotherapy and EMF protection with Cyril Bourke
Cyril Bourke is a pioneer in the field of electrotherapy and now is a professional in the field of EMF protection consultant for individuals, government and multi-national corporations. miHealth link's EMF protection company's Youtube Channel NES health system Fraser's book "Decoding The Human Body Field" Zory Glaser archives"The Invisible Rainbow: A history of Electricity and Life" can email Cyril
105:43 11/10/21
Tell me about your first paddlin' : Tim Ferson
Tim Ferson is a musician and therapist based in Sydney who specialises in working with psilocybin mushrooms. I spent some days with in the rainforest  with Tim in far North Queensland in early July of this year where we recorded this podcast. Tim tells his story about how mushrooms changed his life, and we reflect on a number of topics including societal disassociation, diagnostic labels, disorganised attachment, sexual abuse, how psychedelics can assist the healing process, the use of bodywork, ayahuasca, working with clients, polyamory and sex and psychedelics. Get in touch with Tim here:omcollective.orgListen to his mushroom inspired music here:
108:52 9/14/21
The Mysteries of Acacia Tryptamines : A conversation with Jef Baker
This is a conversation with Jef Baker, head of the Sydney chapter of the Australian Psychedelic Society. We covered a broad range of topics including the transforming nature of the psychedelic community in Australia, 5-Meo-DMT and my research into 5-MeO containing plants, the nature the entities and beings in the tryptamine space, understanding the different qualities of tryptamine containing Acacia species and we also speak about a mystery acacia with reported indigenous usage. 
112:40 8/19/21
Group Discussion with Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapist Pete Coles
Pete Coles is a psychotherapist based in Melbourne who specialises in Psychedelic integration therapy. Here he talks about his own struggles coming to terms with psychedelic states, his insights into these states and how he supports the process of people who come to see him. We conducted this group discussion on the group chat feature on the Wattle Tea Garden Hangout telegram channel, around the last half of the chat is a group discussion which becomes quite tangential and informal in nature.
121:40 7/10/21
Discussion with Spiritual Healer Luis Fernández
In this podcast with Luis Fernández talks about his journey to become a spiritual healer, through some unique adventures with 5-MeO-DMT. We also talk about the relationship to helper beings and their role in his work, releasing trauma in the body, the importance of posture, coming to terms with spiritual information, among many other things. Our friend Imogen also joins us and talks about her experience of Luis’s work and how it has effected her. Luis can be reached by email:
78:07 6/19/21
Traversing the Currents of Psychedelics and Culture with Krusty
Krusty or Eugene NRG is a former event producer, now full time filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. In this discussion we talked about Electronic Dance music culture, psychedelic culture, current world events and unseen currents in our world, among other things. You can find Krusty's film production house web site here.
115:31 5/17/21
Introduction to Revelations with Julian Palmer
This is a little ramble explaining the intention behind this podcast, what it is about and various stuff like that! Check out my web site here:
05:16 5/17/21
Interview with Friederike Meckel Fischer
This interview I conducted with German Psychedelic Psychotherapist Friederike in Switzerland in February 2020.  In this interview we talk about her personal history, how she came to work with psychedelics in therapy, how she works with people in these states and the legal challenges she has faced doing this work. 
107:00 5/17/21
Discussion with Nick Sun in Darwin on Wattle Day 2020
This is a discussion with Nick Sun, the former comedian, turned plant medicine maestro, who now lives in Darwin. Here we talk about my personal history and processes, psychedelic states,  philosophical musings, perspectives on current events in the world and generally just shooting the shit in an irreverently serious manner.  You can find his medium blog here.
137:42 5/17/21

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