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Find Your Clear Vision Podcast

Welcome to Find Your Clear Vision, a personal branding and mindset podcast. This is the place to get deeply connected to who you are through inner mindset work and how to express yourself in the world through personal branding and thought leadership. Lisa Guillot’s intention is to help you reignite your connection to your highest self and clear away any cobwebs that are keeping you stuck, because the best leaders and personal brands are created from the inside out.


Find your clear vision with me LIVE in July!, Episode 57 19:22 06/22/2022
Aura readings and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Dr. Sandra Schur, Episode 56 38:36 06/15/2022
3 Steps to build your inner leader with confidence, Episode 55 15:22 06/08/2022
Investing in you is an investment in your business. Interview with Stephanie Posey, Clear Vision U member, Episode 54 26:17 06/01/2022
4 ways to get unstuck so you can find your clear vision, Episode 53 16:02 05/25/2022
Make decisions from your heart with Intuitive Lauren Wingate, Episode 52 39:37 05/18/2022
What is personal brand strategy and how to do it, Episode 51 19:47 05/11/2022
Dream Design and Direct your life and brand, Episode 50 26:35 05/04/2022
Move from “feelings” to thought work, Interview with Toni LoCasto, Clear Vision U member, Episode 49 25:22 04/27/2022
Efforting or Endurance, find your next steps to build your life by design, Episode 48 19:19 04/20/2022
Bright Thoughts with my 11 yr. old about friendship, Episode 47 15:28 04/13/2022
Resistance to Activate your Clear Vision, Episode 46 13:07 04/06/2022
Find your personal style aesthetic with personal stylist, Suze Solari, Episode 45 34:58 03/30/2022
Build a monthly game plan in 3 steps, Episode 44 23:56 03/23/2022
Creatives are the best visionaries until it comes to their career: interview with Loren Greiff of PortfolioRocket, Episode 43 45:49 03/16/2022
What a limiting belief is and what to do about it, Episode 42 18:57 03/09/2022
How to easily launch and shine online with Robin Newberry of ShinePages, Episode 41 40:24 03/02/2022
Inspirational leaders make clear decisions, Episode 40 16:20 02/23/2022
How to budget your energy, Episode 39 19:09 02/16/2022
Pop your creative energy using the Map of Consciousness, Episode 38 41:22 02/08/2022
From idea to purpose-driven business with Megan Wenstrup, Episode 37 38:04 02/02/2022
How to work with Lisa in 2022, Episode 36 23:09 01/26/2022
Know, Like, and Trust Factor in Personal and Professional Branding + Giveaway!, Episode 35 21:30 01/19/2022
Giveaway + How to work with a Professional Photographer, Episode 34 36:55 01/12/2022
How to Communicate Using Your Throat Chakra with Reiki Master, Kristine Masopust, Episode 33 46:00 01/05/2022
Energy Prediction for 2022 with spiritual light worker, Lisa Almquist, Episode 32 42:26 12/29/2021
Bright Thoughts 2021 Wrap Up, Episode 31 17:14 12/22/2021
Shift your thoughts and change your life using The Dickens Process, Episode 30 28:27 12/15/2021
Healing your Inner Child with soul guide, Kerri Hummingbird, Episode 29 43:54 12/08/2021
Set Your Intention and Release the Pressure This Holiday, Episode 28 20:13 12/01/2021