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A show about technology, work, careers and life in the Konaverse.


Jason Wilkerson on Texas, Minnesota, Music, and Technology 54:21 05/16/2022
Molly Bolte on Military Upbringing, Austin (Texas), and Public Administration 51:59 05/09/2022
Mamie Cruse on Minnesota, Washington DC, and a Career in Partnerships 45:41 05/02/2022
Roger Connolly on Mount Vernon (NY), Career, and Moving to Europe 56:47 04/25/2022
Rob Huffstedtler on North Carolina, Technology, Leadership, and Career 45:05 04/18/2022
Dan Ganancial on Growing Up, Extreme Sports, Investing, and Technology 59:23 04/11/2022
Donovan Brown on Life, Career, and the Entrepreneurial Mindset 49:13 04/04/2022
Women's History Month Special with Stacey Grant-Lewis, Anisa Stoli Sanipe, Arthi Morekonda, Candela Aznarez, and Hannah Cormier 34:21 03/31/2022
Alison Sainsbury on Australia, Career, and Technology 65:00 03/28/2022
Ashley Cummings on Utah, Writing, and Career 42:56 03/21/2022
Heather Margolis on Massachusetts, Babson College, Entrepreneurship, and Channel Marketing 47:14 03/14/2022
Polly Pospelova on Ukraine, England, and Digital Marketing 42:46 03/07/2022
Michael Andrews on Arlington (VA), China, and Content Strategy 52:26 02/27/2022
Anisa Stoli Sanipe and Stacey Grant-Lewis on Life, Race, and the Global Experience 38:18 02/21/2022
Andrew Kumar on Vancouver, Fiji, and Entrepreneurship 43:04 02/14/2022
Michael Thompson on New Hampshire, Sales, and Family 45:06 02/07/2022
Grace Hussein on Queens (NY), Military, Digital, and Adoption 54:07 01/31/2022
Eight Konabos Team Members Earn 2022 Sitecore MVP 17:58 01/30/2022
Bart Omlo on Military Service, the Netherlands, and Kontent by Kentico 49:46 01/23/2022
Bill Snyder on New Jersey, Entrepreneurship, and a Life in Creative 72:34 01/16/2022
Tamas Varga on Hungary, Sitecore, and Community 54:50 01/09/2022
Konabos Origins with Kamruz Jaman, Akshay Sura, and Dennis Augustine 46:11 01/03/2022
Konaverse in Reverse: Reflections on 2021 36:38 12/21/2021
Rich Carroll on Chicago, Photography, and Career in Technology 43:31 12/13/2021
Petr Palas on Founding Kentico and the Czech Republic 50:44 12/06/2021
Michael D'Orio on Maine, Tennessee, Learning, and Farming 55:14 11/28/2021
David Wright on Entrepreneurship, Sales, and Growing up in New Jersey 44:23 11/22/2021
Mark Demeny on Canada, Technology Strategy, and Language 47:11 11/15/2021
Pieter Brinkman on The Netherlands, Sitecore, Windsurfing, and Home Automation 48:38 11/08/2021
Anisa Stoli Sanipe on Greece, Canada, and the Pivot from Teaching to Entrepreneurship 54:17 11/01/2021