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Matteo Frana on Bergamo, Entrepreneurship, and React Bricks
Matteo Frana is Founder and Lead front-end at and  In this episode, Matteo talks about Bergamo, Italy, growing up, family, his start with techology, the advent of the web, entrepreneurship, artificial intelligence, and stories behind the founding of and React Bricks.
67:32 5/14/24
Mick McGurk on London, America, and Toastmasters
Mick McGurk is Interim Chief Information Officer at Toastmasters International.  In this episode, Mick discusses growing up in London, England, sports, photography, career, moving to America, Texas, leadership, technology, Toastmasters, and so much more!
67:11 3/26/24
Joel Varty on Douro-Dummer, Canadian Football, and Agility
Joel Varty is the Chief Technology Officer at Agility.  In this episode, Joel talks about growing up in Douro-Dummer, Ontario, living and working on a farm, music and playing guitar, The Canadian Football League, building a career in technology, Toronto, the Agility story, advice to his younger self, and much more!
53:00 3/11/24
Balaji Kandasamy on Tamil Nadu, Pittsburgh, and Sitecore
Balaji Kandasamy is Practice Director at CEI, a 4x Sitecore MVP, a Digital Experience Community MVP, and Organizer of PGHSUG and PGHDOTNET.  In this episode, Bala discusses growing up in Tamil Nadu, schooling, childhood interests, family, running a 100-employee garment company as a young man, finding his place in technology, moving to America, San Diego, Pittsburgh, food reviewing, community, Sitecore, and so much more.
48:59 2/20/24
Brian McKeiver on Grand Rapids, BizStream, and Kentico
Brian McKeiver is Co-Owner at BizStream, a Microsoft Azure MVP, Kentico MVP, MVP, Speaker, Podcast Host, and much more.  In this episode, Brian talks about growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan, family, sports, the Detroit Lions, technology, the BizStream story, great partnerships, building a culture, exercise, selling SaaS, and so much more.
54:32 2/5/24
Bill Rogers on Massachusetts, Ektron, and Artificial Intelligence
Bill Rogers is CEO and Co-founder of ai12z and has founded several companies, notably Ektron among them.  In this episode, Bill talks about growing up in Massachusetts, family, childhood interests, electrical engineering, and a life of startups and entrepreneurship, beginning with a firewood company as a youngster, and moving through hardware and software as an adult and in industries like healthcare and video conferencing solutions.   He breaks down how Ektron came to be and what it was like in the early days of the Content Management System. Lastly, he discusses his history with conversational AI and his future with next-generation AI.
47:36 1/9/24
Jason Cardillo on Cleveland, Career, and Marketing Leadership
Jason Cardillo is a Global Marketing Executive who has held such roles as Vice President Experience and Digital Marketing at Emplifi and Director Of Web Marketing at Sitecore.  In this episode, Jason talks about growing up in Upstate New York and Cleveland, Ohio, family, childhood interests, Elmira College, hockey, moving to California, career trajectory, marketing, Emplifi, Sitecore, and so much more.
56:07 12/6/23
Ben Haynes on Connecticut, Entrepreneurship, and Work-Life Balance
Ben Haynes is the CEO & Co-Founder of Directus.  In this episode, Ben talks about growing up in Connecticut, family, entrepreneurship, military service, mergers and acquisitions, business leadership, the intersection of technology and design, personal pursuits and interests, and so much more!
53:48 11/29/23
Mickey Aharony on Delaware, Entrepreneurship, and Content Strategy
Mickey Aharony is a Director of Content who has worked at Uniform, Cloudinary, among others.  In this episode, Mickey talks about growing up in Delaware, family, archaeological digs in Israel, traveling the world, business school, owning a moving company, living around America, entrepreneurship, content strategy, imposter syndrome, restlessness, and so much more!
50:11 11/20/23
Jesper Ravnsgaard on Copenhagen, Technology, and Entrepreneurship
Jesper Ravnsgaard is CEO & Founder of Copenhagen Mist ApS.  In this episode, Jesper talks about Copehagen, family, childhood interests, technology, entrepreneurship, Sitecore, and so much more!
53:43 11/7/23
Kentico Connection Nashville (2023) Day 2 with Bill Cunningham, Dan Ardelan, Dean Mavrikos, Michael Hennessey, Andrew Aquilini, and Brendan Maseda
Recorded in person and on location in Nashville, Tennessee on Day 2 of Kentico Connection 2023, we welcomed several members of Kentico's North American team, including new Chief Revenue Officer Bill Cunningham, Channel Growth Managers Dan Ardelan, Dean Mavrikos, and Andrew Aquilini, Senior Customer Success Manager Michael Hennessey, and Account Executive Brendan Maseda.  Stay tuned for more of our coverage of Kentico Connection 2023, including video interviews from Day 1!
37:21 10/30/23
Jenda Perla on Brno (Czech Republic), Social Media, and Kentico
Jenda Perla is VP Marketing at Kentico.  In this episode, Jenda discusses his name, growing up in Brno, journalism, politics, being a social media "maniac," digital marketing, community, leadership, technology, family, and so much more!
54:32 10/23/23
Petr Klouda on Czech Republic, Northern Ireland, Sales, and Kentico
Petr Klouda is VP Global Sales at Kentico.  In this episode, Petr discusses growing up in Czech Republic, the shift from communism to capitalism, family, Northern Ireland, sales, doubt, Kentico, and so much more!
45:22 10/16/23
Debbie Tucek, PhD on Australia, Education, AI, and Kentico
Debbie Tucek, PhD is Director of Product at Kentico.  In this episode, Debbie talks about growing up in Australia, childhood interests, education and learning, teaching, living and traveling the world, a career in product and technology, artificial intelligence (AI), working at Kentico, and so much more!
48:14 10/9/23
Sean Wright on Akron, Entrepreneurship, and Kentico
Sean Wright is Lead Product Evangelist at Kentico and Founding Partner of Craft Brewing Business.  In this episode, Sean talks about Akron, Ohio, living in the home he grew up in, LeBron James, family, entrepreneurship, remote work, mathematics, Kent State, diabetes, career trajectory, moving outside your comfort zone, starting and continuing to run a digital craft beer publication, the publication industry and content management systems, the beer industry, Kentico's MVP program, how he came to work at Kentico, digital Experience platform evangelism, and much more.
72:00 10/2/23
Christian Bach on Copenhagen, Entrepreneurship, and Netlify
Christian Bach is the Co-founder/CSO at Netlify, Board Member at MACH Alliance, and angel investor.  In this episode, Christian talks about growing up in Copenhagen, family, childhood struggles with Asthma, creative pursuits, storytelling, digital strategy leadership, career trajectory, entrepreneurship, investing, co-founding Netlify, and so much more.
55:00 9/18/23
Malena Manterola on Argentina, Technology Career, and World Travel
Malena Manterola is a Senior Software Engineer at Konabos.  In this episode, Male discusses growing up in Argentina, family, childhood interests, educational pursuits, finding her career in technology, community, and world travel, including her whirlwind past year working and traveling around Europe and North America.
48:05 9/12/23
Nishant Patel on India, America, Entrepreneurship, and Contentstack
Nishant Patel is CTO & Founder of Contenstack.  In this episode, Nishant talks about growing up in India, family, childhood hobbies, emigrating to Columbus, Ohio as a teenager, Ohio State University, calculators, entrepreneurship, moving to California, building a career in San Francisco, starting technology companies, Contentstack, and so much more! 
51:49 8/7/23
Lauren Johnston on Liverpool, Language, and Strategic Partnerships
Lauren Johnston is Manager Strategic Partnerships at XTM International and a Growth Council Member at the MACH Alliance.  In this episode, Lauren talks about growing up, family, Liverpool, interest and hobbies, language and localization, travel, teaching English in Bogotá, Colombia, career, education, and so much more!
44:56 7/31/23
Rasmus Leth Skjoldan on Copenhagen, Creativity, and Product Leadership
Rasmus Leth Skjoldan is Chief Evangelist at Magnolia.  In this episode, Rasmus talks about growing up, Copenhagen, Buffalo (NY), childhood interests, family, the creative process, business, technology, Apple, and so much more!
53:22 7/25/23
Paul Bratslavsky on Russia, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Coding
Paul Bratslavsky is a developer advocate at Strapi.  In this episode, Paul talks about growing up in Russia, family, moving to America, Connecticut, education, interests, parenthood, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, technology, Austin (Texas), Coding After Thirty, and so much more!
53:48 7/17/23
Dawn Bobeck on Northeast Pennsylvania, Entrepreneurship, and Leadership
Dawn Bobeck is the Chief Executive Officer of Vintage Tub & Bath.  In this episode, Dawn talks about Northeast Pennsylvania, childhood, family, schooling, career, entrepreneurship, leadership, and so much more!
56:46 7/11/23
Bob Cotton on Great Yarmouth, Travel, and International Business
Bob Cotton is a Consultant and Executive Coach in the Technology industry.  In this episode, Bob talks about growing up in Great Yarmouth (UK), travel, education, University of Nottingham, International Business, BP, Supply Chain, Oracle, living in America, hobbies, and so much more.
41:43 7/4/23
Sheila Armitage, Ph.D. on England, Austin (Texas), and Leadership
Sheila Armitage, Ph.D. is Principal at Sheila Armitage: Wind Horse Journey.  In this episode, Sheila discusses growing up in England, family, education, law, moving to the United States and Austin, Texas, career, executive coaching, leadership, and so much more.
46:16 6/26/23
Dominik Pinter on the Czech Republic, Entrepreneurship, and Kentico
Dominik Pinter is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Kentico.  In this in-person interview recorded in New Hampshire, Dominik talks about growing up in the Czech Republic, family, technology and entrepreneurship at an early age, education and schooling, his evolution with Kentico, the five years he stepped away from the company, leadership, and so much more!
38:25 6/19/23
Chris Byrne on Ireland, Entrepreneurship, and Sea Swimming
Chris Byrne is the CEO of Sensorpro.  In this episode, Chris talks about growing up in Ireland in a big family, interests as a child, college, starting his career in America, returning to Ireland, entrepeneurship, sea swimming, Generative AI, and so much more!
51:18 6/6/23
Paul Abdool on Guyana, Toronto, and Relationship-Building
Paul Abdool is Global Director of Partnerships at dotCMS.  In this episode, Paul discusses growing up in the Greater Toronto Area, Guyana, family, interests, career, the importance of relationships, and so much more.
58:14 5/31/23
Janel Joseph on Colorado, Psychology, and Executive Coaching
Janel Joseph is Owner/Founder of JE Joseph Consulting and has worked for the likes of Apple and Dell.  In this episode, Janel discusses growing up in Colorado, family, education, interests, a career in Human Resources, psychology, executive coaching, and so much more!
51:25 5/22/23
Chris Bryce on Toronto, California, the B-Corporation, and Entrepreneurship
Chris Bryce is CEO, Digital Foresight & Innovation, at Dotfusion.  In this episode, Chris talks about growing up in Canada, childhood interests, getting his start in technology, California, building a B-Corporation, hobbies, and so much more!
54:44 5/17/23
Justin Sanders on Mississippi, Politics, and Technology Strategy
Justin Sanders is Vice President of Strategy at BlueModus.  In this episode, Justin discusses growing up in Mississippi, early political aspirations, entrepreneurship, sales, strategy, finding a career in technology, remote work, and so much more!
50:40 5/8/23