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Food Founders Interviews

Stories, experiences and advice from people who've started and scaled a food or drink business.


Mission: Make plant-based mainstream
Hear how Angel Food founder Alice Shopland is making plant-based mainstream, satisfying the cheese cravings of vegans and flexitarians alike.
22:56 6/4/24
How do you win 14 Great Taste Awards?
Ros Heathcote has grown Borough Broth to a 35-strong B-Corp keeping the taste and quality that has won a whopping 14 Great Taste Awards.
39:09 5/21/24
Helping people remove ultra-processed foods from their diet
Shocked by the additives and unrecognisable ingredients in so many products, Hunter & Gather help people cut out ultra-processed food.
48:43 3/27/24
Honestly Tasty: Plant-based cheese loved by vegans and non-vegans alike
Learn how Mike Moore of Honestly Tasty created products like Bree, Shamembert and Blue and got listed with M&S, Ocado, specialists and more.
29:35 2/27/24
'Venomous' products that taste good and do good
Find out how Black Mamba founder Claudia Castellanos is creating products that are good for you, the planet and the people that make them.
32:55 1/31/24
Juspy's Great Taste-ing functional goodness
Hear how Juspy founder Leonie Lynch created the product, built the brand, pivoted, found funding, got listings, won a Great Taste Award + more.
29:26 12/29/23
Growing, funding and listing Nix & Kix's refreshingly different drinks
Nix & Kix, the refreshingly different soft drinks, give people better options for the 3pm slump. Hear how founder Julia Kessler is doing it.
28:11 12/11/23
Inside the Free From Food Awards
The Free From Food Awards are the UK’s only awards dedicated to free-free food and drink products and innovation. Hear all about the awards, how the free-from landscape has changed in that time and lots more with Cressida Langlands and Nicki Clowes.
33:52 11/30/23
Better Nature Tempeh: Nutritious, tasty, sustainable and listed
Hear how Better Nature's range of tasty, nutritious tempeh products has won listings in Tesco, Planet Organic, Selfridges, foodservice and more.
38:05 11/16/23
Oatsu: From home kitchen to Holland & Barrett
Hear how Oatsu’s Lauren O’Donnell took her plant-based overnight oats from idea to Shopify, Holland & Barrett and a successful crowdfunder.
29:46 10/31/23
Grow With Iris: Innovating for children with severe allergies
Grow With Iris founder Amy Langfield's innovation and business journey began when her daughter Iris was born with multiple severe allergies.
28:02 8/1/23
Riddim Snacks: Caribbean-inspired, Vegan and inclusive
Jared Spencer founded Riddim Snacks to authentically represent the stories, flavours and ingredients of the Caribbean. Listen in to discover how he’s achieving that goal.
22:45 7/4/23
Buzz with or without the booze: GOOD KOFFEE's social mixers
Inspired by the tastes and experiences he'd had travelling the world, Chris Crocker has created a range of exotic, delicious coffee mixers. Hear all about his journey and how the business is doing good too.
27:45 5/30/23
Rummy, Rummier, Rummiest: The evolution of Vie's Jamaican Rum Cakes
Turning a beloved family recipe into a product was deeply personal for Elaine Rémy, founder of Vie’s Jamaican Rum Cakes. Baked in small batches in Cumbria to a traditional recipe, they’re generously infused with the finest Jamaican white rums. Listen to find out how the business came to be, how Elaine has balanced the business […]
24:46 5/3/23
Innovative drinks that put health and wellbeing first
Established by England rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson, No 1 Living creates delicious, living drinks for gut health and overall wellbeing.
29:17 3/27/23
Buyers, Selling and Buyer-ology with Karen Green
Being comfortable, even confident, with buyers and selling is key for founders. Karen Green has been on both sides and shares her experience. Find out more at
29:58 2/28/23
Secrets of the shopper stalker
What is 'shopper stalking' and what does it tell you about consumers, their habits, preferences and how they buy? Hear it all from Tessa Stuart.
30:01 1/30/23
Snacks that boost gut, brain, and immune health
Monica Martini left a career in architecture to launch Be100% - delicious snacks that boost gut, brain and immune health.
33:18 12/21/22
The wellbeing drink with a serious mission
Cornel Sampson founded Revive after turning to nature to boost his well-being and treat his aches and pains.
28:18 11/29/22
Launching Luxwells' Great Taste Award-winning drinks
Luxwells Great Taste Award-winning infusions combine wellbeing, taste, refreshment and luxury. Hear from founder Kristal Baker on the podcast.
35:41 10/30/22
Scaling-up plant-based deliciousness
Find out how Origin Kitchen has gone from kitchen table to commercial kitchen with their delicious plant-based products.
30:21 8/15/22
Building a Borough Market Biscuit Business
Launched at Borough Market in 2008, Cinnamon Tree Bakery has been trading there ever since and selling in South London and beyond.
34:13 7/14/22
Creating a revolution in sustainable farming and ingredients
Hear all about Wildfarmed and how it's creating different ingredients, products and relationships with it's sustainable approach to farming.
25:42 6/21/22
Scaling-up a food business with Marieke from Snackzilla
Snackzilla founder Marieke Syed tells us all about creating and scaling-up a food business.
36:30 5/18/22
Seriously Low Carb and Keto - from startup to 15 countries
Triathlete Andy Welch founded Keeto Life because he was “tired of eating salads twice a day”. His Seriously Low Carb products are now sold in 15 countries.
32:35 4/14/22
Sipp'd: a drinks business with a twist
Ash and Oli founded Sipp’d in 2020 and are on a mission to create great-tasting drinks with quality, natural ingredients.
30:42 3/14/22
Innovative Eastern-inspired soft drinks
Find out all about how Ros and Subha left their careers in banking to start Bodha Drinks, the innovative, Eastern-inspired soft drinks brand.
33:02 2/14/22
Launching bold, fun snacks into Sainsbury's and more
Cheeky P’s are healthy, tasty chickpea snacks, based on a Malaysian street snack. Gracia and Greg talk starting-up, NPD, listings and more.
25:28 1/15/22
Creating delicious reduced sugar luxury chocolates
Find out Catrin Burr of Auroso Chocolates has successfully developed, launched and promoted her luxury reduced sugar chocolates - from home.
29:44 12/15/21
What Independent Retailers Want From Producers
Tara Mei of Mahalo Supplies (and Bread & Jam) on establishing a wholesaler and what independent retailers want – and need – from independent producers.
29:02 11/15/21