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Are you longing to express your unique gifts or discover them? Perhaps you have ideas + dreams that are “whispering” in your heart that go unrealized or unanswered? Tune in every Wednesday for interviews with best-selling authors, leading experts, and extraordinary entrepreneurs who share their best tips to elevate your life and business. The show is hosted by Michele Lamoureux, the author of “Design a Life You Love: A Woman’s Guide to Living a Happier and More Fulfilled Life”. Michele goes deep with her guests to extract the most value for your time, but keeps it light-hearted and entertaining. If you love learning, this is the show for you. To access the show notes, visit


Ali Brown - Leadership Redefined (rerun) 48:09 08/10/2022
Laura Berman Fortgang - How to Navigate Transitions, Find your Purpose, and Tune into Your Intuition 47:30 08/03/2022
Jay Bradley: The Healing Power of Breathwork and Chakra Balancing (rerun) 50:54 07/27/2022
George Brescia - How to Style Yourself To Look + Feel Confident (rerun) 53:32 07/20/2022
Stacy Madison: Founder of Stacys Pita Chips on How to Be Bold in Business + In Life (rerun) 55:19 07/13/2022
Anna DiGilio: How a Teacher went from Teaching 7-Year-Olds to Making 7 Figures (rerun) 51:27 07/06/2022
Michele Lamoureux: The Power of the Feminine 19:02 06/29/2022
Romilly Hodges: Learn About Immune Resilience to Protect Your Body 56:35 06/22/2022
Cynthia Besteman - Cancer Warrior + Green Beauty CEO (rerun) 51:03 06/15/2022
Michele Lamoureux: Update, Having Covid, and The Next Season 05:17 06/08/2022
Julia Hayes: Foundations for Optimal Health (rerun) 36:07 06/01/2022
Heather Dominick: Are You a Highly Sensitive Person and How Does That Impact Your Leadership? 40:18 05/25/2022
Dr. Sara Gottfried: NYTimes Best-Selling Author on Learning the Language of Our Hormones to Live Healthier (Re-run) 59:52 05/18/2022
Michele Lamoureux: How To Figure Out What You Really Want 13:34 05/11/2022
Dr. Uma Naidoo: How Food Impacts Mental Health - Author of "This is Your Brain on Food" (Rerun) 42:55 05/04/2022
Michele Lamoureux: A Meditation to Connect to Love + Humanity 09:03 04/28/2022
Dr. Thema Bryant: Author of Homecoming: Overcome Fear and Trauma to Reclaim Your Whole, Authentic Self 52:37 04/20/2022
Dr. Kara Fitzgerald: How to Reverse Your Biological Age to Live Longer + Healthier 52:57 04/13/2022
Deepa Purushothaman: How Women of Color can Redefine Power in Corporate America 44:03 04/06/2022
Dr. Monica Gandhi with a Pandemic Update: Data on the Latest Variant, Vaccine Efficacy, Masks, and Rational Management 37:46 03/30/2022
New York Times Best-Selling Author Brian Moran Discusses his New Book "Uncommon Accountability" 33:09 03/23/2022
Rochelle Seltzer: How to Live Big 39:30 03/16/2022
Kelly DuFord Williams: Policy Confusion? A Litigator Weighs in on Mandates (Vaccine + Masks) 49:54 03/09/2022
Derek Notman: A Philosopher's Perspective on Navigating Fear 46:28 03/02/2022
Michael Roderick: How to Become a Referable Brand 47:22 03/02/2022
Mary Michele Nidiffer: How to Create Your Personal Style 28:52 02/23/2022
Julia Hayes: Foundations for Optimal Health 36:00 02/16/2022
Tammy Gooler Loeb: How to Design a Career That is Meaningful and Fulfilling 48:01 02/09/2022
Dr. Uma Naidoo: How Food Impacts Mental Health - Author of "This is Your Brain on Food" 42:26 02/02/2022
Mary Lou Andre: Five Steps to Dressing Well and Feeling Your Best 40:21 01/26/2022