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Beginning Balance

Jesse Mecham and Mark Butler teach you how to manage your business cash flow, hone your business model, and not freak out about money.


Running Your Business on YNAB: Mark's Complete Onboarding Process 58:03 07/29/2022
Employers, Employees, and Their Financial Stress 30:58 07/22/2022
When Is It Time to Retire? Deciding to Be Comfortable 16:46 07/15/2022
Clear Thinking, Team Dynamics, and Clear Organization Direction 16:34 07/08/2022
Mark and Jesse Start a Business: What Do They Pick? 19:36 07/01/2022
Accounting Is Cooler Than You Think: Contribution Margin and Breakeven Analysis 31:12 06/24/2022
Exceptional Process, Not People 22:21 06/17/2022
ARC: A Few Easy Steps to Prevent Fraud 21:39 06/10/2022
A World Without "Email," Mark Actually Likes a Book 27:53 06/03/2022
Q&A: Can You Run a Coffee Shop on YNAB 17:20 05/27/2022
Scarcity by Design: The Four Day Workweek 32:39 05/20/2022
Profit Sharing: A Tool for Employee Alignment or a Dangerous Precedent? 32:24 05/13/2022
Focus, the Pickaxe, and Mining the Vein 26:20 04/22/2022
Marriage and Partnerships 27:04 04/16/2022
How to Do YNAB in Your Accounting Software 22:47 04/01/2022
W-2's vs 1099's: Don't Mess It Up! 23:56 03/25/2022
Realized vs Unrealized Debt: Rule Two by Another Name? 35:29 03/18/2022
Mark and Jesse Share Their Investment Asset Allocation (Secrets Revealed!) 26:31 03/11/2022
If Your Business Isn't Growing, Is It Dying? 28:02 03/04/2022
Messy Books... Messy Business 25:11 02/25/2022
How to Do Meetings Right 31:39 02/18/2022
An Inside Look at Hiring at YNAB 17:18 02/11/2022
Battling New Shiny Syndrome 24:27 02/04/2022
Leading Indicators for Growth, and A Little Groveling 31:07 01/28/2022
Your Team Isn't Your Family 22:12 01/21/2022
Four Thousand Weeks: Mortality, Time, and the Paradox of Choice 39:39 01/14/2022
Forecasting, Modeling, and Planning 28:02 12/24/2021
Who Doesn't Need a Budget? 23:12 12/17/2021
Luck, Success, and Increasing Your Surface Area 22:27 12/10/2021
Creation Over Consumption: The Danger of Books and "Content" 37:12 12/03/2021