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Friday Fraudster

We are three friends discussing fraud on Fridays. We take a few news stories, talk about lessons learned and try to educate people that fraud can happen to anyone. Kelly Paxton is the Pink Collar Crime guru. Look it up. It’s not what you think. Jo Erven is the culture queen. She addresses cultural issues in organizations. Robert Berry is the process guy. He helps you clean up broken processes. Join us for a fun fraud experience. Is that an oxymoron? Reach out to us... Kelly Paxton Jo Erven Robert Berry


Pilfering From The Pulpit 36:52 05/05/2022
It's the "principal" of the matter 48:35 04/25/2022
A Fair Fare 38:49 04/17/2022
The Ivy League Incident 37:29 04/10/2022
She Graduated From The School of Fraud 44:49 04/06/2022
Don't mess with forbidden fruit. Apple employee theft 40:28 03/28/2022
The Baby Bump That Was Not 43:06 03/22/2022
Sometimes You Have to Feed Fraud 33:08 03/21/2022
3 Strikes and You're Out...Of a Job 39:13 03/21/2022
Printing Money 41:04 02/26/2022
The money well is running dry 43:44 02/19/2022
Swipe Right: Is Tinder Ripe for Swindlers 40:05 02/13/2022
Is She Incompetent or Embezzling 62:54 02/07/2022
Can I Adopt a Million Dollars? 36:47 01/31/2022
What a steel 52:52 01/24/2022
Going Holmes 50:42 01/16/2022
Not Again. Recycle Fraud 37:07 01/15/2022
The Fruity Fraud 47:17 12/19/2021
Blood is Thicker Than Fraud - Elizabeth Holmes Trial Discussion 57:27 12/14/2021
Frying up Fake Employees 41:42 12/14/2021
Solar Cell Hell and The Price of Romance 62:20 11/14/2021
Blinded by Love and Coffee Cons 52:08 11/05/2021
Potential Pension Fraud and Bad Bank Bandits 56:56 10/31/2021
Who's Checking the Checks & You're Sicker Than You Thought 64:26 10/23/2021
Double Daily Alex & Mental Health Mess 55:23 10/19/2021
Chief of Staff is Driving Away With Fraud 61:48 10/09/2021
Driving up Fraud & You can't fraud a fraudster 54:19 10/03/2021
It's a Shoe in and The Coupon Queen 66:37 10/03/2021
National Fraud League and Horrible Hardware 65:21 09/11/2021
The Unemployed Employee & Healthy Audits 69:04 09/09/2021