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We are redefining self-care while having real life conversations. Self-care looks different for each of us. Sometimes self-care means hitting the reset button, setting boundaries, or finally putting yourself first. Join me every Tuesday for new episodes as we talk about how music, relationships, family, health and, everything in between effects self-care. Become empowered as you find motivation, self confidence, and strength. There is no subject off limits. Take this journey of growth, healing and personal development. Share in the laughter, success, and victories. Don't for get to click here and leave a review


Rediscovering Feminine Energy with Amanda Rolph
In today's episode of Time for Tea with Mikita, Amanda Ross of Intuitive Wisdom shares her expertise on feminine energy, explaining what it is, how to connect with it, and why it's important."I think one thing that I wish people understood and that I'm learning to understand is I think perhaps the concept of feminine energy is misunderstood by a lot of people."Amanda Rolph is a mum of two, healer, and intuitive who helps others connect with their feminine energy.This is Amanda Rolph's story...Amanda Rolph is a podcaster who talks about the importance of feminine energy. She discusses how it is often misunderstood and how it is important to find a balance between masculine and feminine energy. She shares her own journey of finding her feminine energy and how it has helped her to heal after some difficult life experiences.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. What is feminine energy, and how can we embrace it more fully?2. How can we release ourselves from the expectations and limitations of traditional gender roles?3. How can we find balance and harmony between masculine and feminine energy within ourselves?Resources:[Insert links to any other lead magnets or Calls to Action from Guest here]Chapter Summaries:Time for Tea With Mikita is a podcast about Redefining self-care. It's about looking at every aspect of our life, from music, career, family, relationships, and everything in between. Makita and her co-hosts are not afraid to have conversations that are sometimes hard to have. Amanda, Ross, and Mikita are meeting for tea today. Makita is grateful for Amanda's time and energy. She couldn't find her teacup, but she left it downstairs. Amanda is talking about the importance of feminine energy and intuitive wisdom today. Amanda is a healer and an intuitive. She is approachable and friendly. She likes to connect with people and have real conversations. Mikita finds Amanda's energy real and down to earth. Amanda is one of the nicest people she's talked to.After the difficult birth of her baby, she developed posttraumatic stress disorder. Reiki helped her to calm down and calm her mind. Before she became a mother, she was very independent and didn't need help from anyone. Now, as a new mum, she needed practical and emotional help.Support the show
36:11 09/20/2022
The Power of Self-Care: Carly George on Healing from Trauma
Healing is the key to everything."I just really want people to know that everything that they need is inside them already."Carly George is a self-love coach and trauma specialist who helps women to heal from their childhood trauma and to practice self-care in a way that is healing.This is Carly George's story...Carly George is a woman who helps other women heal from trauma. She began her journey of helping others when she realized that the official health system wasn't helping people in the way she thought it should. Carly helps people to understand that everything they need is already inside them and that they don't need to go to an authority figure to get help. Instead, they should create practices that nurture and support them.In this episode, you will learn the following:1. How our childhood trauma transitions into our daughter and how you and how all of us are affected by that 2. How we can practice more self-care in a way that is healing 3. How do you  move past suffering in your emotions, in your lifeResources: Summaries:[00:00:04] - Ms. Carly George is a guest on Carla's show today. We are going to talk about trauma and how it affects us. [00:01:14] - Carly Jordan is on the path of helping other women to heal. She is inquisitive and she has always read loads of books. Carly believes that people are their own spiritual guidance, and healing is tapping into that spiritual connection to who you are and doing the hard work. People are afraid of their feelings because they don't know how to listen to them. When they learn to reprogram their emotions, they can breathe through them in 90 seconds. It's hard work to do, but when they get used to the process, it's beautiful. Sometimes people get into toxic dynamics with people and they become their own abuses. People can't make you happy, and if that's what you're depending on, then you're never going to find the happiness that you're looking for. It's important to talk to yourself about what you want out of your relationship and then walk away. With each chapter, with each thing there you unlock a different part of who you are. They always should be a level of growth with each chapter. It's like you are like the seasons or the ocean. Not ever the same. Always moving, always flowing. Carly is launching her first group coaching program for women at the beginning of October. It's going to be 8 weeks long, and it's about spiritual, emotional, physical, and self-care. Carly is on Facebook under the name Courageously, and she has a group called Awakened Women reclaiming Emotional Sovereignty.Connect with Carly: episodes you'll enjoy:Zavonda Parrish: How To Embrace The Past To Step Into Your PurposeAyesis Clay: Recognizing The Symptoms Of Compassion FatigueConnect with me: this podcastSupport the show
37:35 09/13/2022
Stepping Away To Take A Break
Trust and believe everyone needs and deserves a break from it all. I remember when my kids were little when we lived in California I use to pray for just 10 minutes or even 30 minutes to just breathe. You are strong so much of the time that it is hard to know when to stop and break. Your mental health demands that you rest. I have been there and understand the feeling of doing it all and being everything to everyone.  It's okay to say "I need a break".You don't have to live in this never stop world of hustle. Working nonstop does not always equal success. Sometimes you have to take a step back to see the bigger picture. Nonstop work leads to burnout, anxiety, and depression. The key is to find balance. Take the time to connect with yourself by doing simple and easy breathing exercises.Benefits of Breathing: Breathing allows you to slow down and listen to what you need. Breathing also helps you to clear your mind and focus on what matters to you the most. For more follow me on IG your daily dose of inspirational tea https://www.thyme4teawithmikita.comSupport the show
23:24 09/06/2022
Zavonda Parrish - How To Embrace The Past To Step Into Your Purpose
People love to remind you of your past but rarely congratulate you on your future. If you find yourself unable to heal and move on from your past then this my friend is for you. If you are unsure how to heal then this my friend is also for you. This message is for anyone who needs to feel uplifted, loved, seen, and heard. Today I am spilling tea with the one and only Slayer of the Word, Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Author of Two Books I AM Because He Is Vol 1 and Vol 2. The inspirational Zavonda Parrish. In this beautiful conversation Zavonda shares some of her personal journey. (for all the tea read the book) She shares challenges that we all have faced when needing and wanting validation from the people close to us as well as how not having that can leave us damaged. Ride with us on this journey of acceptance, understanding, and forgiveness. Learn how you can heal by reading this amazing book. Get Zavonda's book on Amazon or directly from her connect on FB healing starts on the inside. Support the show
46:37 06/21/2022
Yeve Chitiga Bridging The Gap For Diversity in Children's Literature
From  Lawyer to children's book author Yeve Chitiga is not new to challenges.  Yeve is a multi talented native of Zimbabwe, Public Speaker, and founder of Philisa Creatives, a media company that celebrates and amplifies African Heritage. In this amazing conversation Yeve shares her journey as well as the struggles she faced after having her 1st child and looking for books that represented her heritage. Black and African only make up 5.8% of authors. With these statics Yeve decided she would do something about it. She wrote her first children's book My First Book Of Shona & Ndawana Words that represents the difference in cultural between her and her husband. This conversation is about coming together and daring to go beyond the dream but to take action. Sometimes in life we are called to do hard things. Find courage in Yeve's words as you dare to live unapologetically. Join in the conversation by going over to my IG and share your experiences I would love to hear your story. Connect with Yeve Looking for a place to unwind and reset then join me for Wednesday Night Cap a free 40 minute space designed to hit pause so that you give the best of you instead of what's left. Bring a glass of wine (bottle) your fav tea. I can not wait to see every third Wednesday to rest and relax. See you soon my friend. Click here more more source the show
31:01 06/14/2022
How To Take Your Career To The Next Level And Feel Empowered
We've all been there. Staring at the screen trying to think of all the qualifications you know you have to apply for this new career opportunity. The one thing that keeps you from getting that dream job is not having a good resume. Well not anymore Giselle Galper has taken the stress out of resume writing and made it simple and easy. Giselle is the founder of Chea Seed an app built for career women to track all of your accomplishments in one place. What makes this so great.  affordable easy to use you set your goalsMaybe your just getting started in your career. If so this is a perfect space for you to begin tracking your daily work responsibilities to use when that new position opens up. Or maybe you have been in the job field for a minute like me. Then perfect this space allows you to take your time set your goals and keep track of everything in one simple easy to use place. Want to know more or connect with Giselle the conversation going I want to here from you to hit pause and just have a moment to sit back and chill. Then join me for Wednesday Night Cap. This safe space is designed for you. We all need a moment to hit pause so you can focus on what matters most. Click here to signup the show
36:25 06/07/2022
Jackey Neyman Jones - How To Start Your Season Of Healing
How do you start the process of healing? Join the conversation on how to start your season of healing. There is no one size fits all when it comes to healing yourself or our relationships. We get tips, tools and resources that may guide us in the direction of healing. However true healing takes a vulnerability and a willingness to not just try but to do. In this amazing conversation I sit down with Jackey Neyman Jones Author of (Growing Up With Manos: Hands Of Fate) as she describes what it was like to grow with a father who battled depression. The movie he produced and she starred in "Manos: Hands Of Fate" that was named the worst movie ever in history. Jackey also shares how she had to find her season of healing in order to mend the relationship with her father. Join the conversation and while your at it please share yours too.  The tea is getting hot as we dive into how healing starts from within. Signup for my FREE Wednesday Night Cap relaxation space. This space is for you if you need a break from the stress of the world, feel like you just needs a safe place to vent, want to connect with other's that know what its like to always take on the problems of the world, or you just need a few minutes to pause and hit reset. Then you have found it. Click the link and I will see you for Wednesday Night Cap! has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies with Jackey her book the show
43:44 05/31/2022
Why Your Mental Health Matters
Have you ever :Felt depressedLost someone you lovedHad to start overStruggled to get out of bedFelt lostExperienced PTSDThen you are not alone. In this conversation, I share my journey with the struggles of mental health. How to have conversations with the ones you love. Tips on how you can cope with mental health. This is not a one-and-done conversation it's the start of healing. You can not heal without first learning to forgive yourself. To have compassion and love for all your imperfections. You matter. Join the conversation and please share your story.  Looking for a safe space to leave the stress of the day behind then you are not alone Wednesday Night Cap is a chance to hit reset and find clarity around your goals. Bring your wine glass, a cup of tea, or water. Your time is now. Everyone has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies the show
22:28 05/24/2022
How to Bounce Back From Life's Setbacks
If your like me then you have experienced that feeling of emptiness like your not truly living your purpose yet your not even fully sure what that even means. Yes I have been there too.  But guess what so has by amazing guest Kate House of Live By Design Podcast. Kate takes us on a journey on what it was like to have a quarter life crisis. Sometimes in life we have set backs things don't go as planned. The keys is to make your setback a comeback. Join in the conversation as Kate shares her tips on how finding support from those closes to us, the value in finding your own community, and always trust your heart. Just like Kate says you can do hard things. You can even do really scary things. Everyday is not a good day. From working 8 or 12 hour shifts, building a business or hustling on the side. You need a break. Join me for Wednesday night cap. This is a once a month community designed for you to hit reset and realign with  your goals.  Girl you deserve to create an oasis of space just for you. Join this free community here Want to connect with Kate then click here: the show
45:00 05/17/2022
Shatara Oliver - Discover How You Can Use Boundaries To Protect Your Energy
Go on a journey with Shatara Oliver Relationship Coach &  a.k.a  The Boss of Boundaries as she shares how boundaries changed her life and strengthened her relationships.Boundaries are not meant to punish instead boundaries help us to communicate our needs, and expectations and establish how we want to be treated by others. You have permission to set boundaries in every area of your life from work relationships, family, and romantic relationships. Just remember it requires both people to be accepted each others needs. Building healthy relationships is not always easy but it is worth the effort. Join the convers as Shatara spills the tea and simple tips to help you get over the guild of setting meaningful boundaries. Everyone has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies Connect with Shatara : the show
58:35 05/11/2022
Ayesis Clay- Recognizing The Symptoms Of Compassion Fatigue
Compassion Fatigue is something that is rarely thought about when it comes to our educators. If you have kids or grandkids, a blended family then you know that our children spend more than 8 hours with our kids. However it's just not our kids it's children from all different backgrounds, and economic classes and they come with the stress of the world. These educators take on those children's hurts,  and fears. They too become fatigued with the weight of challenges that come with being an educator.Join in the conversation with the Ayesis Clay Educator, Actor, and Founder of Sculpted Clay. From her journey through the school system to finally recognizing she needed healing. In this heartfelt talk learn how you can identify compassion fatigue as well as tips and strategies to help you manage stress. This is for anyone who knows what it feels like to want to help but understands that as a hero you can't save everyone.Everyone has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies with Ayesis Clay : the show
35:14 05/03/2022
Paula Bohland - Learn How You Can Live A Life Of Abundance
Living a life of abundance means something different for all of us but if you have ever questioned why is it that you work so hard without seeing the benefits then this conversation is for you.Join in the conversation as Paula Bohland A.K.A  The Million dollar Maker takes us on a journey. Change your mindset about money. In this conversation, you will discoverHow you can manifest abundance by recognizing your worth.Find inspiration in the least expected places.Learn to love yourself flaws and allHow you can bring in the moolah Connect with Paula has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies the show
41:50 04/19/2022
How WEAR RVA Is Using Fashion to Give Back and Empower Young Teens
Wear RVA is a non-profit dedicated to empowering young girls to live with confidence. This year they are headed back to the runway with all High School Models. This show is more than fashion it's a way to give back. Amber Kay and  Taylor Pitera are dedicated to inspiring the next generation to live a life of endless possibilities and they do this by raising money for their Scholarship foundation. Learn how yo can give by following WEAR RVA with the link below. has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies the show
34:36 04/12/2022
Karla Jones-Wilson - Simple Tips On How To Build A Legacy With Real Estate
Do you know the power of real estate in today's market? Have you ever wanted to buy a home but felt like you just didn't know where or how to start? You are not alone my friend!Today I have Karla Jones - Wilson Real Estate Lawyer & Coach sharing some juicy tea on how you can not only buy a home but turn real estate into a legacy to leave your children. This conversation is for the whole family. Key Take-Aways:You don't have to be rich to buy a home you just have to get honest about your finances and decide how you want to approach the market. Regardless of where you are in your home journey, this conversation is for everyone.  Feeling a little unsure about the process it's okay with so many tools at your fingertips it's easy to find information. Connect with Karla has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies the show
32:42 04/05/2022
Kelly Mallinson - Discover The Health Benefits of Essential Oils
If you have ever cooked then you have used some type of herb. Did you know that herbs are not only great for making our food taste better? Herbs have been around for centuries helping us to heal. Essential Oils are diverted from those oils. They can be used in your diffuser, candles, and teas. In this week's conversation, I am joined by Kelly Mallinson Doterra Consultant here to spill all the tea on how you can use essential oils to reduce stress, anxiety, and more.Did you know that essential oils are great to deepen your mediation practice as well as yoga practice? You can also put on a dap to enjoy its calming scent throughout the day.Everyone has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies Connect with Kelly and find out how you can get your essential oil the show
33:26 03/29/2022
Jatorra Commodore - How Do You Find Calm In The Mist Of Chaos
Ever felt like you were drowning from the weight of the world? Trust me I am there with you sometimes life's pressures are reminders to slow down and put the most important things first. (YOU)Jatorra is here to spill the tea on how you can slow down and find calm on the inside. Jatorra Commodore received her  BS in Psychology at Marymount College Tarrytown, New York. In the midst of her own turmoil, she took a chance and trusted that there was more to her purpose. She is a Life Coach, Meditation Facilitator, and Educator empowering people all over the world.   One lesson that I have learned is that I can not control the world around me but I can control my response. Learn amazing strategies to quiet your thoughts when anxiety strikesReal-life tips on the importance of meditation and how you can start your own routine.The importance of finding joy from withinConnect with Jatorra: has a story and I would love to hear yours. Email me at thymeteamikita@gmail.comLet's keep the conversation going on IG't forget to check out beautifully unbalanced for some free self-care goodies the show
54:34 03/22/2022
Going Beyond Dieting with Ida Blake
Holistic Health Coach  Ida Blake is spilling all the tea on never ending cycle of dieting and the lasting  effects' of  body shaming.  We have at one point in our life vowed to diet maybe it was for a wedding or go get your summer time body. Some of us has even asked the question Do I look Fat in this.  Join us in this diverse conversation about how we view food. If your like me I know you're tired of the diet game and what you really want is to be the best version of you. Today Ida Blake is going to take us on a food journey that goes beyond dieting and challenges us to dig deep to find the why. Also learn easy ways that you can change the way you define diet as well as your relationship with food.  Regardless of what generation you were raised in self acceptance is something each and everyone of us has learn to love the body we are in. In this conversation we will look some of the outside sources that contribute to this image of body perfection. Connect with Ida Black :FB Community Group a Free Discovery Call weightlosscoachingFollow on IG at idab@360weightlosscoah.comKey Takeaway:All food serves one purpose and that is to nourish our bodiesSelf-awareness will help you to discover the why behind your food choices so that you can understand the reason you are craving a particular food.Have compassion and grace for yourself. The journey to self is never easy but it is always worth the effort. Don't forget to leave your review by click here the show (
40:58 03/15/2022
Documentary Film Director Skye Wallin Heats Up SXSW
Skye Wallin is Spilling Tea!Skye Wallin is the Documentary Film Directory of American Gadfly. In his latest film American Gadfly released Jan 2022. He follows teenagers as they convince late Senator Mike Gravel to run for President. This year at SXSW Skye Wallin is leading an amazing conversation with Marianne Williamson and two the teenagers from American Gadfly entitled “Guerilla Tactics & Asymmetrical Political Activism. Considering everything happening in the world today this is a must needed conversation. Don’t miss your chance to catch this amazing conversation on March 14, 2022, in Austin TX from 2:30 - 3:30 pm at the Hilton Austin Downtown Salon H.So, what exactly is a Gadfly? A gadfly is a person who interferes with the status quo of a society or community by posing novel, potentially upsetting questions, usually directed at authorities. American Gadfly challenges you to start having the necessary conversations about what is happening in the world. It forces you to find something you believe in and fight for it. Our Democracy is worth fighting for. This documentary so is inspirational as it reminds you that no matter your age it’s never too late to make a difference. Each one of us has the power to create change. Watch American Gadfly on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Vudu, Vimeo, and YouTube Pay PerView. Key Takeaways:Self-care is about how you show up in your everyday life. What values do you hold true and why? Be okay with questioning everything. Stand in what your truth is. Don't forget to leave your review here Support the show (
45:48 03/10/2022
Rob McCarty CEO Illust Space talks PoP! A new way to connect Artist through NFTs
Get ready to experience Digital Art like never before as we spill some hot tea with Rob McCarty Co-Founder and CEO of Illustrative Space. What happens when you combine AR + Art + NFT you get (PoP) Proof of Presence. From bring the world the first ever traveling AR Ghosting in 2021 get ready for an experience like never before with  ( Pop ) Proof of Presence at SXSW. This year Illustrative Space is teaming up with Mint Gold Dust and the Hope Campaign to connect you and artist through a whole new experience that allows you to connect in real time with artist. This event Kicks off at SXSW in Austin TX on March 11-13th 2022. As we enter into this new age of Digital Art it is important for artist to have the creative freedom to create a space that allows them to show up on their terms.This unique storytelling experience will be captured in real time giving validation and authenticity to the artist as well as their artwork. Want to know how you can Pop at SXSW and get access to a Secret Party then click here more illustrative Space follow on Twitter Takeaways:-Each and everyone of you are creative. You have the power to create anything you want the key is in finding what you want to create.-As we shift into a new season of change it is important to continue to create a space that allows you to show up on your own terms. -Art has a way of capturing a moment a feeling and tell a story all in one one. As an artist it is so important to have freedom as well as control of that. Illustrative Space is helping artist to do just that create a space by artist for artist to take their artwork to a new level. Want more hot tea then join me every Tuesday. Let's connect the show (
38:35 03/08/2022
Create A Life On Your Terms with Marissa Poppens
Marissa Poppens knows what it means to find strength in the mist of our darkest days. As the Director of Msterious Miracles a non profit on the mission to end the  Mystery of Multiple Sclerosis One Miracle at a Time. In 2015 Marissa was diagnosed with MS. After facing the harsh realities that a lot of people face when it comes to being diagnosed with a crippling illness. Marissa lost her job her home but with the help of her friends and family she was able to create a life on her terms. This story is about finding purpose even in the darkest moments of our lives. I TRUELY believe that growth happens in the dark. When you feel like you have endured everything and your on the verge of defeat hold on tight because a break through is coming. Discover how a party meant to raise money and offer support turned into a non profit to help others. Purpose is found when we least expect.Want to DONATE or see how you can support this mission click here Take Away:Live bold and freeDon't ever be afraid to stand in your truthNever shrink for anyone stand tall and stand proudFollow me on IG the show (
32:04 03/02/2022
Make Your Money Have Purpose with Kristina Johnson
Kristina Johnson is not new to investing  with a  Master Degree of Business Administration. As a  Business coach she is passionate about helping other female entrepreneurs build their online business step by step for long term success while learning how to create passive income for paying for their business and living expenses.Today she is spilling on how to teach our kids finical literacy by leading by example. She has devised easy tips on how you can have easy conversations with not just your kids but also your significant other. Learn unique ways that you can learn how to give your money a job so that you can start building for the future. Get your freebie click here Connect and learn more click here  https://www.visionarymindsetacademy.comChic Business Boss Framework Leave your feedback click here the show
49:04 02/22/2022
Defying The Odds with Ben Parrish Founder of Ground Hog Entertainment
Ben Parrish Founder of Ground Hog Entertainment is defying the odds and stereotype. What was once a dream is now a reality.  The tea gets extra hot as he shares how he overcame adversity, setbacks and lose. Ben is known for his inspirational quote "All love, No Hate" and he practice what he preaches by creating opportunities for other artist. In life we all have people that count us out, people that try to dictate our level of success. At the end of the day this is your story.  Each day you have a blank canvas so do something that will make your future self proud. You don't wanna miss this raw and real conversation about what it really means to live your dream.Key Take A Ways:1. Surround yourself with people that motivate you and encourage you.2. Use others people doubt as fuel to keep going. Know that the only person you owe anything to is yourself.3. Don't be afraid to dream big. Failure is only a state of mind nota  destination. Support the show
41:16 02/15/2022
What It Means To Be Heroic with Author Gregory Diehl
Gregory Diehl is an Author, Personal Development Mentor and Founder at Identity Publications.  From his own experiences he has crafted this amazing book The Heroic And Exceptional  Minority this book takes you on a journey of self-awareness, growth as well as gives you a  few Aha moments. Key takeaways:-Hero's don't have to wear a cape, they don't need mystical powers the only thing the need is the courage and wiliness to say I stand in my belief. It takes some of us a life time to find that type of courage that challenges the very core of everything we were taught to believe. Each of us has a past with it's own unique experiences that has shaped us into the very person we are today. -Self-acceptance is key. It is easy to the the person everyone wants you to be but it is empowering to step into everything you were meant to be.-Take the time to examine who you are. Over the course of my own journey I find myself being curious about my choices or decisions. I ask myself why did you choose this or that or why does this bother you so much. Taking the time to ask myself those question really helped me to know myself. It also helped me to heal. I want to challenge you here to dive deeper and be honest with yourself. Let this lead you into growth. Get your copy of The Heroic and Exceptional Minority on Amazon or click here't forget to leave a review as well as your key takeaways @ to connect email me at thyme4teamikita@gmail.comSupport the show
43:00 01/25/2022
Growing Into Your Truth With Leigh Huxley
Don't forget to leave your review by clicking here This week we talk about what it means to face challenge yet come out of stronger. This week I am joined by a special guest Leigh Huxley. How  would  letting go change things for you ?   What are you holding on to now?My key takeaways :-Life serves up many setbacks but how you should never measure yourself but what you went through but by how you chose to come out of it. The choice is yours.-It is so easy sometimes to look at other peoples accomplishment and we forget that everyone has to go through something to grow into someone. Now that was some great tea. I hope you have some great takeaways of your own that helps you to move into a place of growth. Want to connect with Leigh click here I love hearing your thoughts and what topics that you want to hear about email me @ thyme4teamikita@gmail.comSupport the show
49:36 01/19/2022
Finding Inner Peace with Suzaita Hipolito
Self-care can be redefined however you want. It's also about getting to know who you are as a person and connecting with every aspect of yourself. Each of us work so hard sometimes to be whatever everyone wants us to be that we forget to listen to what we need. In this episode I have Spiritual & Mindset Coach Suzaita Hipolito to take this process to the next level. Inner peace is a sense of knowing who are. It takes healing and self acceptance but is so worth the journey. This episode we will talk about the power of letting go. Letting go is not done for no other purpose than to free yourself and find peace. Commit to loving who you are flaws and all while growing into your true self. Focus on how you want to show up in your life. Remember where your focus goes so does your energy.Start this year by thinking of 3 things you want to let go of this year. Then write down ways you can accomplish this. This should be measurable so that you know when you reach your goal. So think about what it would look like and feel like for you but understand that no one is perfect so do not aim for perfection. You have to decide when your sick and tired of being sick and tired then let go to heal. Let's start the process today plant the seed of healing then step into your purpose. Self-care is about allowing yourself permission to care for every aspect of you and that includes your inner peace. Connect with Suzaita @ more tea connect with your host Mikita the show
50:35 01/11/2022
I am claiming that this year will be the year that I know longer dress up my fears and hide them behind perfectly gift wrapped excuses. It is so easy to just make up reason for not applying for the job, or why you don't have time to put your health first. This year is one of healing and allowing ourselves permission to say " Yes I am afraid" "Yes I am scared I am going to fall flat on my face" " Yes there are times that I don't know what I am doing" Yet despite all of that you get up and do it anyway. So what if your knees are shaking  and your heart feels like it's about to jump through your chest. You got this. Self-care is about planting the seeds or growth, nurturing them into fruition then harvesting that positive energy and sharing it with the world. I am also letting go of situations, places, people, bad habits, food addictions that do not help me to grow into everything I was meant to be. No this will not be an easy process it takes small steps that eventually become bigger, bolder and more confident with each decision we make that brings empowerment. This is your year of healing. You get to decide what your next step is. Just remember to do it Loud and Bold. Dare 2 Be You!Check out my website for more tea and more ways to connect. Support the show
27:10 01/04/2022
Redefine Self-care with Anne Okafor
Most of us spend most of time at work. That workspace may look different for each of us. Some of us work outside, at home, with nature, in a building, or travel for a living. Regardless of where your at the one thing that we forget is that self-care also extends into the work place. Join me and my special guest Anne Okafor as we talk about how self-care shows up in some of our non traditional workspaces such as construction. Learn how she is making a difference to change the cultural by redefining it to met the needs of the construction workers. Also let's talk about the many opportunities that are in construction that you may not know exist. We live in the age of technology yet some of us forget that every building we enter or admire was designed or built by someone then constructed by others. This is one episode you will not want to miss. Connect or follow Anne Okafor on IG @ with me or request to be a guest the show
38:25 11/30/2021
Taking Off The Mask with Genie
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32:45 11/16/2021
Burnout with Sarah Alysse
Are tired of being tired? Do you feel completely done done? I have been there I know exactly how it feels like if one more thing happens your going to lose it. Join me and special guest Sarah Alysse Stress, Gut Health & Fitness Coach as we spill tea on burnout anxiety and,  stress. Learn  helpful tips to help you prevent burnout before it starts. Life get's busy fast. Sometimes we get stressed and overwhelmed because we don't ask for help. Why don't me ask for the help we so desperately need? 1. Because I can do it myself 2. I don't need anyone 3. No one will ever say I owe them anythingI know that person, I use to be that person. Why do you feel you have to struggle and do it all by yourself. Do you secretly think you don't deserve the help you need. Well you do deserve it and so much more. The same way you love to help others sometimes people want to show their love by giving back to you so please allow them that. Buckle up and get ready for some hot tea!Connect with Sarah Alysse http://www.livewellenhanceyou.comLet's connect so that you can find clarity by hitting pause in your already busy life. Connect me @ https://www.beautifully-unbalanced.comSupport the show
35:25 11/09/2021
Let's Talk Anxiety with Stephanie Dalfonzo Hypnosis Expert
Anxiety is the feeling I usually get before I start to go into complete burnout when I am stressed.  Sometimes anxiety starts the night before I am about to get on a plane. The truth is we have all experienced anxiety from stress, fear, or uncertainty. The key is how do we deal with it. How can we stop it before it because so big that it takes over. This is the question me and my guest Stephanie Dalfonzo talks about. Stephanie is a Hypnosis Expert and Author of Good Bye Anxiety Hello Freedom. From her own journey and experience she shares tip and skills to help you go from overwhelm to okay now I can breathe. Self-care does not fit in a box we are all different you decide what you need as well as what works for you. Want to connect go to to connect with Stephanie click on her links the show
43:36 11/02/2021