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The Warblers by Birds Canada

The Warblers shares Canadian information, insights and inspiration on the world of birds and bird conservation. The lively discussions are hosted by Andrea Gress and Andrés Jiménez whose curiosity leads them to discover fun facts and useful tips as they travel uncommon flight paths to learn from expert guests. We would love to hear from you, let us know what you think about the podcast here or which topics you will love ->


The Wake-up Call: Piping Plover 35:17 06/20/2022
Minisode: Piping Plovers - A Love Story 08:04 06/09/2022
The Wake-up Call: conserving Canada's most threatened bird species 23:44 05/26/2022
Minisode: More awesome band recovery stories from Stu Mackenzie and the importance of bird safety 05:10 05/18/2022
A bird banding day at Long Point Bird Observatory 36:24 04/29/2022
Minisode: Getting Ready for Spring Migration 16:41 04/07/2022
The Bird Friendly City 35:43 03/21/2022
Minisode: did Jurassic Park get it wrong? 06:27 03/10/2022
Dino Watching: Are Birds Dinosaurs? 42:58 02/23/2022
The Year in Birds Minisode: Positive News Stories of 2021 13:45 02/09/2022
The Year in Birds: Canadian bird and birding highlights from 2021 48:59 01/25/2022
Drinking what we love: the case for a bird-friendly coffee revolution 27:58 12/10/2021
Drinking what we love: the link between birds and coffee 36:36 12/07/2021
Feeding Birds the Right Way 40:46 11/23/2021
Minisode: The Epic Annual Migration of the Sabine's Gull 12:21 11/08/2021
The seabirds you did not know you love 33:40 10/25/2021
Minisode: Migizi 07:30 10/14/2021
Bneshiinyik 41:47 09/29/2021
Minisode: Using Merlin Sound ID for Pros 10:22 09/09/2021
Who’s singing? AI powered bird sound identification at your fingertips, free. 48:14 08/26/2021
Minisode: Tips for Attracting Birds to YOUR Garden - wherever you are in Canada 04:47 08/18/2021
ANYONE can garden for birds. We tell you how. 42:44 08/04/2021
The case for including humans in the frame 38:22 07/07/2021
Monitoring an icon - the story of the Common Loon in Canada 31:52 07/07/2021
Lessons from Ferruginous Hawk research on the prairies 44:16 07/07/2021
The Warblers - Teaser 12:07 05/26/2021