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The new podcast covering current trends and intriguing topics in automation and beyond courtesy of Bank Automation News, the definitive source for insights and news surrounding automation in financial services. Formerly Bank Innovation, since 2009 Bank Automation News has been at the forefront of tracking the evolution of digital banking. With the future of innovation pointing to opportunities in automation, we have transitioned the focus of our coverage to continue to provide insights and information that guide industry professionals to better results. Automation is the next frontier of financial services technology. It will improve or transform most banking processes from customer experience to compliance, lending solutions and investment. Automation technology will create the greatest transformation at financial institutions since the digitization of financial services in the wake of the Credit Crisis. Banks that are not already investing in automation technologies must begin shifting their focus to remain competitive. This transition requires investment in training and educational resources. Bank Automation News is the first and only news and education source dedicated to fostering this emerging segment of financial services technology.


Weekly Wrap explores lessons learned from Canadian earnings week 19:54 12/03/2021
3 fintechs partner on distributed access to tax refunds 06:45 12/01/2021
Opportunities in crypto for banks, FIs 17:13 11/29/2021
Finastra’s head of cloud, core and digital banking talks banking strategy 17:06 11/24/2021
Weekly Wrap discussion on how Temenos is accelerating innovation 10:40 11/19/2021
Weekly Wrap discussion on crypto as an asset or investment 20:37 11/15/2021
WorkFusion is focusing on cloud-based strategy 11:22 11/05/2021
How analysis of cross-border payments busted a child trafficking ring 19:38 10/25/2021
The latest CX trend in digital banking is on-screen voice 11:10 10/07/2021
Bank overtakes Facebook in hackers’ playbook 10:16 09/28/2021
Despite fintech rush, most payment options are still manual 17:56 09/21/2021
Temenos on cores, clouds and a virtual COO 20:14 09/15/2021
Banks deploy bots to ease mergers and acquisitions 12:38 09/07/2021
Automation Anywhere expands support for citizen developer programs 13:40 08/30/2021
Startup seeks to leverage AI, automation to reach unbanked population 12:32 08/27/2021
Separating AI cybersecurity hype from reality 13:14 08/20/2021
How AI can automate and cut the cost for compliance 14:24 08/13/2021
How banks can protect themselves against cybersecurity risks 18:16 08/03/2021
How the FDIC and Duke University are driving bank innovation 29:28 07/30/2021
Armed Forces Bank’s automation underlies its service-member friendly mission 17:00 07/28/2021
Kearney’s Nagarsheth on internal and customer-facing bank automations 21:11 07/26/2021
Leveraging AI to gain Gen Z customers 10:53 07/23/2021
How AI-enabled automation benefits the KYC process 22:54 07/21/2021
Weekly Wrap: Erica grows its presence at Bank of America, JPMorgan plays disruptor on digital rails 10:19 07/16/2021
How automation helps community development financial institutions and minority depository institutions improve loan turn time 18:52 07/12/2021
Weekly Wrap: White House executive order points to stepped up regulation on tech, health care  12:08 07/09/2021
Weekly Wrap: Federal Reserve vice chair disses digital currency 08:37 07/02/2021
Automation fintech Blend plots public offering and defining fairness for AI 09:40 06/25/2021
How legal and mathematical notions of fairness affect AI-driven credit underwriting 19:06 06/24/2021
How machine learning reduces false positives in AML 12:58 06/23/2021