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How to be a successful artist? How to get over creative blocks? Best tips for creativity ? Finding a arts community that makes you feel at home? Building a thriving art business & studio practice? Welcome to the Arts To Hearts Podcast. A show where we take a peek into the hearts and lives of our favourite artists. From running a creative business & studio art practice to success mindset. Charuka arora talks with her guests about everything that goes behind into making a life & career that you adore as an artist. Think of this as your happy hour with your favourite artists in your studio. Hear charuka & her guests share the messy and the wonderful side of creating and living a heartfelt creative life, within and outside our studios. As you tune in, be ready to be inspired and encouraged. I am your host charuka arora. An artist, designer, entrepreneur and founder of arts to hearts project. Thank you so much for being here! Find more on


Kick starting a thriving art career & achieving dream goals in her art business with Canadian Artist Celine Gabrielle 102:54 11/25/2021
Three things that got me through my massive creative block 20:58 11/22/2021
‘HOME’ : OPEN CALL FOR WOMEN ARTISTS (Last of 2021) 03:50 11/22/2021
Finding her dream collaboration via Instagram: Collaborating w/ Nykaa & Bollywood star Katrina Kaif w/ Artist Gaurvi Sharma 36:12 11/18/2021
The Role of fear in your creative life & career 26:31 11/15/2021
THE ART GIRLS CALL: Hardships, Purpose, Priorities & more that goes behind running creative communities/Platforms w/ Mona, Victoria & Charuka 40:27 11/11/2021
The Art of Portraiture & Painting on Self with Artist Sophie Derrick 39:39 11/04/2021
Embracing Transitions: Financial Independence, Isolation & Getting Back Into The Arts As A Mother 108:29 10/28/2021
4 Powerful ways to build your confidence as a creative 27:54 10/25/2021
Taking the life changing creative leap & celebrating hidden mothers with Artist Sarah detweiler 94:31 10/21/2021
Increase your revenue by creating in demand digital product/courses 21:12 10/11/2021
Building from scratch (ah! Twice), Social media pressure and healing from within as an artist with artist Laura fedorowicz 69:13 10/11/2021
FACADE: Open call for mixed media artists | Art Exhibit in collaboration w/ I like your work 05:48 10/05/2021
Drawing from life experiences & memories and creating community through art with Erika B Hess, Artist & podcast host I Like your work 75:00 09/30/2021
Fuel your creativity through rituals, values and reflective practices with guest host & artist Priscilla george 15:45 09/27/2021
Weaving facets of human experience into vibrant & symbolic art with Artist Phyllis Gorsen 44:45 09/23/2021
Teaching & Creating Inspiring, Functional and Engaging art using clay with sculptress Jen Dwyer 44:59 09/16/2021
Why you must have an authentic & compelling personal brand as an artist & creator 08:59 09/13/2021
Creative Mindsets, Arts Entrepreneurship and Snacking on Color with Artist Volta Voloshin-Smith 48:42 09/02/2021
Become an Instagram Famous Artist by using these Reels and TikTok Hacks with Artist Tara Bach 15:06 08/30/2021
Weaving Resistance, Dissent and Realms of Womanhood with Artist Carmen Mardónez 54:59 08/26/2021
Dealing with Fears, Taking Control & Leap of Faith with Artist and Host Charuka Arora 36:05 08/19/2021
How to Start your Creative Business as an Artist by Expert Mona Lerch 13:52 08/16/2021
Melting Away into Moments of Culture, Creativity and Joy with Artist Betsy Enzensberger 49:44 08/12/2021
Dreamland: Open call for artists | Art Exhibit curated by Ekaterinas Popova , Create! Magazine | 03:43 08/09/2021
Creating a fresh inclusive art world with Gallerist & writer Alicia Puig of Pxp Contemporary 51:21 08/05/2021
Tips For Art Educators on how to create an Authentic Learning Experience in the Classroom by Artist & Expert Victoria J. Fry 13:20 08/02/2021
Curating, Coaching & Communicating with Curator Gita Joshi 45:24 07/29/2021
Elevating your Creativity by Creating a Routine which keeps you Inspired by Charuka Arora 28:46 07/22/2021