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The Los Feliz Murder Mansion

Abandoned for 60 years after a murder-suicide, this infamous Los Angeles murder house finally gets the deep dive investigation you’ve been craving. Nearly a decade in the making, in this 7-part series, a documentary filmmaker takes you on a wild ride as she investigates this infamous property. By the end, all your questions will finally be answered. View exclusive content and footage at


Sneak peek at the podcast series coming May 12th.
01:45 04/16/2021
Episode 1: The Murder House
A documentary filmmaker begins her journey investigating the infamous Los Feliz Murder Mansion, a supposed crime scene frozen in time since 1959.
51:01 05/12/2021
Episode 2: The Making of a Legend
The origin of this urban legend is uncovered, and some of the grisly details start getting spun out of control.
46:02 05/12/2021
Episode 3: The Perelsons
The tragic story of the Perelson family is investigated, as well as the details of the horrific crime scene.
41:18 05/19/2021
Episode 4: History Repeats Itself
Take a trip through old Hollywood as the one hundred year old past of this mansion is revealed. Turns out, the deaths in 1959 were not the first.
48:16 05/19/2021
Episode 5: The New Owners
We hear from the recent owners of the property and wonder, is this house really cursed?
42:58 05/26/2021
Episode 6: Fangirls
Something goes missing from the murder house, and Stacy and her team are determined to solve the mystery.
36:04 05/26/2021
Episode 7: The Enriquez Mystery
The mystery of the Enriquez family, and why they never moved into the home they purchased in 1960, is finally solved.
74:53 06/01/2021
Update! July 2022
A special update: the Los Feliz Murder Mansion is back on the market!
02:55 07/11/2022