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The Writing Sparrow is all about writing, publishing and marketing your book, so you can go from unfinished draft to published novel no matter where you are on your indie author journey! We're here to motivate and encourage you.Also find us on Facebook: and Instagram:


How to Stop Procrastinating and Foster Consistency with Aluko Deborah JB 36:30 06/20/2022
What to Include on Your Author Website (& Do You Even Need One?) with Marisa Mohi 44:41 06/06/2022
Worldbuilding with Bekah Berge 56:28 05/23/2022
How to Market Your Book with Chloe Hodge 37:27 05/09/2022
How to Write About Sensitive Subjects with C E Hoffman 45:45 04/25/2022
Writing Routines: Kirsten McNeill 40:47 04/11/2022
Holding One Another Accountable - Sarina's April-June 2022 Goals 21:24 03/28/2022
Patreon for Authors with R.S. Williams 46:18 03/14/2022
How to Successfully Launch Your Book with Alice Ivinya 43:28 02/28/2022
How to Write Romance vs Erotic Romance vs Pure Smut with Lyra Thorsson 46:57 02/14/2022
How to Market Your Book with Lyndsey Hall 61:06 01/31/2022
Writing Routines: Tris OR How to Write with a Baby 51:40 01/17/2022
Holding One Another Accountable - Sarina's 2022 Goals AND January-March Goals 26:22 01/03/2022
How to Read with Intention with Faith Rivens 51:04 12/13/2021
How to Put Together an Anthology with Stephanie Ellis 60:58 11/29/2021
How to Write Cross-Genre with Dani Hoots 39:54 11/15/2021
How to Nurture Your Creativity with Jon Tilton 50:29 11/01/2021
Writing Routines: Becky Wright 63:06 10/18/2021
Holding One Another Accountable - Sarina's October-December 2021 Goals 27:25 10/04/2021
How to Write Fan Fiction with DovahTobi 39:54 09/20/2021
Writing a Non-Linear Series with Eden Sharp 32:15 09/06/2021
How to Write Poetry with Holly Ducarte 39:26 08/23/2021
Writing Routines: Ash Oldfield 52:56 08/16/2021
How to Fast-Draft Your Novel with B.T. Frost 37:53 08/09/2021
How to Meditate - Writer Edition! - with T.L. Clarke (+ short meditation!) 40:17 08/02/2021
How to Arrange Author School Visits with C.M. Healy 43:08 07/26/2021
How to Create and Sell Your Own Bookish Merchandise with Dana Fraedrich (+ GIVEAWAY) 40:23 07/19/2021
Writing Routines: Beverley Lee 44:22 07/12/2021
Holding One Another Accountable - Sarina's July-September 2021 Goals 23:12 07/05/2021
How to Choose a Pen Name with T.L. Clark 30:51 06/28/2021