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thistbh – A podcast about design

ThisTBH is hosted by Michael Pinney and Will Thomas. We release a new episode every month discussing all things design leadership and career growth.


ThisTBH Live! with Nat Buckley, Camila Diaz & Rachel Ilan Simpson on Product led growth
This month we’ve got a very special, live edition for you. We were invited to host the panel at Product Party with Octopus Ventures, so we figured we would record it and share with you all!We were really excited to take part, we’ve wanted to record the podcast with a live audience for a long time now and when the opportunity arose to interview such a wonderful panel, we jumped at the chance.You can find all the panelists on Twitter:Nat Buckley Diaz Ilan Simpson
26:35 10/24/22
Cennydd Bowles (Twitter, ClearlLeft, ICO) on ethics in design and why we all need to start considering our design decisions more deeply
This month, Mike & Will are talking to the designer and ethicist Cennydd BowlesHe is a principal technology adviser at the ICO, author of Future Ethics, and a visiting lecturer at the RCA and Manchester Met.Cennydd’s views on the ethics of technology and design have been quoted by Forbes, WIRED, and The Wall Street Journal. He has spoken on responsible innovation at Facebook, Stanford University, and Google, and is currently studying practical ethics at the University of Oxford.Further Reading:
40:56 9/19/22
Vuokko Aro (Monzo & Citymapper) on being your authentic self and how pragmatism can further design
This week Will and Mike are talking to Vuokko Aro, VP of Design at Monzo. Joining 5 years ago from Citymapper, when Monzo was a pre-paid app and there was just one product squad, they've been a part of that incredible journey from 100k customers and  less than 100 employees to 6 million customers and a few thousand employees.We discuss a whole bunch of topics this time round, from the importance of being your authentic self at work to how pragmatism and appreciation for topics beyond design actually help further the case for design.
30:10 8/16/22
Jaime Robb (Product Design Director at TotallyMoney) on getting that seat at the table and figuring out what to do with it.
This week Mike and Will are talking to Jaime Robb, Product Design Director at TotallyMoney.Jaime has recently been promoted up to the role of Director, we talk about where having a seat at the table differs from her expectations as well as the her initial transition into management when she became Head of Design at Totally Money.
34:39 5/16/22
Nat Buckley (Bulb Energy, Attest) on creating the best work through an environment of fun and psychological safety
This week Mike and Will are talking to Nat Buckley. Nat is currently the Head of Design at Attest and before that headed up the team at Bulb Energy, the fastest growing energy company in history who at their peak were one of the UK’s most recommended businesses, with 30% of new sign-ups coming from referrals.We’ll be talking about creating the best work possible by ensuring an environment of psychological safety, how fun can help us achieve this goal and how they approach this crucial part of the puzzle for their teams.
39:54 4/19/22
Matt Vagni and Simon Rohrbach (Plain, Deliveroo) on making the transition from designer to founder.
This week Mike and Will are talking to Matt Vagni & Simon Rohrbach who for the past year have been building a company called Plain. An an API-first customer service platform, focused on helping modern companies easily build great customer service tools tailored to them.Most recently Matt was a Senior Software Engineer at Echo Pharmacy and Simon was advising start ups at Index Ventures. But they both met while working at in the Design team at Deliveroo which Simon built.
52:22 3/14/22
Henrique Gusso (Wise & Memrise) on why design systems are about more than just consistency.
We chat to Henrique Gusso about why Design systems are important not just for keeping design consistent but for exposing more people to design.
27:47 2/14/22
Daniel Burka (Resolve to Save Lives, Google Ventures, Digg, Tiny Speck) on designing for healthcare in low and middle income countries.
Mike and Will chat to Daniel Burka about the work he’s doing with Resolve To Save Lives - to combat hypertension in India, Bangladesh and Ethiopia.Daniel is currently the Director of product and design at Resolve To Save Lives, but he has a long and storied career that has undoubtedly shaped the landscape of the internet as we know it today.Daniel worked as the Creative Director for Digg, Director of Design for Tiny Speck the company that later became Slack, and was a Design Partner at Google Ventures.https://www.simple.org
41:28 10/21/21
Mike Nagle (Trouva, Memrise & World Remit) on how to hire more effectively
This week we’re talking about interviewing and the hiring process.We’ll be talking to Mike Nagle about some common misconceptions about the purpose of conducting interviews, how to get the most out of candidates, and even how he structures his hiring process.Mike is currently the VP Design at Trouva and has been heading up design in companies such as Memrise and ITV for the last 8 years. He has looked at 1000s of CVs and portfolios and Built and managed teams from scratch. This all makes him an excellent person to speak to about the hiring process. We also have a new project to announce and we're excited for you to all get involved too!
55:46 7/13/21
Sandra Pallier (Microsoft & Climate Action Tech) on designing for sustainability
This week we’re talking about green design and how we can become more environmentally conscious in our practice as designers. We’ll be talking to Sandra Pallier the Co-organiser of and an Interaction Designer at Microsoft. We cover a wide range of topics with Sandra, from advocating for business buy in to metrics you can use to benchmark your carbon output. We also cover some practical strategies you can adopt to start having a positive impact through your work now.
34:34 6/16/21
Matt Robinson founder of GoCardless and Nested on culture, defining company values and working with designers.
This week we’re talking about working culture and company values with Matt Robinson the CEO and co-founder of Nested, a London based prop tech company that’s changing the way we buy and sell homes. You may also know Matt as the CEO and cofounder of GoCardless.Matt tells us about how when he founded his second start up, he decided to start with values and culture and think carefully about the type of place he wanted to work.
37:28 6/1/21
Caitlin Goodale (Drest, Memrise, King & Microsoft ) on adapting to leadership and making digital products feel luxury
This week we’ll be talking to Caitlin Goodale, Head of UX Design at Drest, a product that sits on the crossroads of fashion, e-commerce and video games.  Caitlin has a eclectic background starting as a pixel artist, moving into augmented reality game design at Microsoft and then product design at Memrise. This uniquely qualifies her for the role of Head of UX Design at Drest, a role she assumed late last year.We’ll discuss how she has adapted to her new leadership role, and what it’s like not just working with product managers and engineers, but also fashion gurus and game designers.
47:36 5/25/21
Triangirls (Rachael Grocott & Liz Hamburger) on the importance of improving diversity and inclusion
 In our first ever double interview Will & Mike chat to Rachael Grocott and Liz Hamburger from Triangirls, a community centred on for women and non-binary folk who work in tech.We dive into some of the frankly shocking statistics around diversity and representation. We discuss why this is an issue and how others can be more proactive in making change happen.Further reading:Tech gender split: of women older than 35 are still in junior positions: earn 29% less than men: women are leaving tech: studying design: More about graphics but valid still: 70% of graphic design students at London’s internationally distinguished arts university, Central Saint Martins (CSM), are women, compared with 50% in the late 1990s. Yet the number of female graphic designers that currently feature in the curriculum is only 30%. spreadsheet
34:01 5/3/21
Clare Ridd (Farewill, on the importance of user research
Mike & Will chat to Clare Ridd about the benefits of user research, how we can integrate it into our processes and the type of environment needed for a culture of research to thrive.Clare started her career at the UK Home Office but now leads research at Farewill, a company helping people to deal with death.
35:18 4/22/21
Martyn Reding (Remingo, Zoopla, Virgin Atlantic) on making the jump to leadership
This week we’re talking about making the jump to leadership, whether it’s suitable for you, and the choices you should consider along the way. We’ll be talking to Martyn Reding to find out what he thinks great leadership can bring to a design team, and how he made the jump from an individual contributor to head of design. Most recently Martyn was head of design at Zoopla, and was formerly Head of Digital Experience at Virgin Atlantic. He's currently working on a new stealth mode startup.
37:00 4/6/21
Luke Murphy (ZeroHeight, Memrise) on building effective design teams
This week Mike and Will talk with Luke Murphy. Luke is a Design Advocate at Zeroheight, the former Head of Design at Memrise, and co-host of the music and beer podcast, Rhythm & Brews.We discuss how to juniors and seniors can come together to form effective teams.
37:11 3/21/21