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Constant Variables takes a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to build and grow digital products. Focused on helping non-technical people become more comfortable with the nerdy jargon related to mobile software development, we break down technical topics to make them less complex and more accessible, because as Steve Jobs said, “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.” From project managers charged with managing a digital project, to app-based startups looking to scale, to organizations tackling digital transformation initiatives, we share our insights and regularly interview individuals who have "been there, done that" to leverage their expertise and learn from their mistakes.


118: Serverless: Oofda! with Bryson Tyrrell of Jamf and AJ Stuyvenberg of Datadog 54:12 06/07/2022
117: APIs: Oofda! with Eric Caron of Caribou Coffee 53:33 05/24/2022
116: Agile: Oofda! with Sarah Peete of MentorMate 44:21 05/17/2022
115: AI, ML and DL: Oofda! with Slater Victoroff of Indico Data 44:12 05/10/2022
114: Quantum Computing: Oofda! with Alexander Braun of Duesseldorf University of Applied Sciences 58:16 04/26/2022
113: Technical Recruitment Trends and Tips with Hannah Staal of Open Systems Technologies 40:59 04/19/2022
112: Landing Your First Job as a Developer with William Bushee of MarketBeat 57:24 04/12/2022
111: Account Deletion in Apps: What You Need to Know About Apple’s Latest Requirement 24:13 04/05/2022
110: Slowing Down to Move Fast with Kelvin Johnson of Brevity Pitch AI 48:35 03/29/2022
109: Building a “Simple” App with Megan Hanson of Little Free Library 45:07 03/22/2022
108: Web 3.0: Oofda! with Chase Thompson of Arena 28:54 03/15/2022
107: Software Dependencies: Oofda! with Jason Walker of American Airlines 49:18 03/08/2022
106: NDA, IP, & Patent: Oofda! with Susan Markey of Maslon Law 42:49 03/01/2022
105: Robotics: Oofda! with Aaron Oesterreich and Katie Youtsos of Useabot 45:39 02/22/2022
104: Blockchain & Crypto: Oofda! with Chase Thompson of Arena 28:54 02/08/2022
103: Walk and Talk with Mick White of the 100 Year Manifesto 58:55 02/01/2022
102: All-In-One Web Apps with Tom Spaniol of ZenLord Pro 48:07 01/25/2022
101: Educator-First Technology with Paul Johansen of Edmentum 52:58 01/18/2022
100: The Team Behind Constant Variables 47:46 01/04/2022
99: Mixing Business with Podcasts with Ryan Estes of Kitcaster 55:49 12/21/2021
98: Uncovering Bias in Algorithms with Eri O’Diah of SIID Technologies 58:30 12/07/2021
97: Empowering Underestimated Innovators with Nick Tietz of ILT Academy 54:48 11/23/2021
96: Advocating for Junior Developers with Joe Karlsson of SingleStore 57:02 11/16/2021
95: Easier Software Integrations with Michael Zuercher of Prismatic 51:25 11/09/2021
94: Startup Mentality, API Management, and Corporate Apps with Eric Caron of Caribou Coffee 55:23 10/26/2021
93: Bridging the Bank-Fintech Partnership Gap with Trent Sorbe of Central Payments 42:43 10/12/2021
92: The Role of Tech in Smart Cities with Mike Grisby of the City of Sioux Falls 59:40 09/28/2021
91: Native App, Hybrid App, & PWA Battle Royale with Austin Betzer of Strides Development 59:37 09/14/2021
90: Moderating Digital Toxic Waste with Chris Wexler of Krunam 56:47 08/31/2021
89: The Art and Science of Data with Solomon Anderson, Infrastructure Engineer 55:31 08/17/2021