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SLAM Presents “No Pump Fakes”, The official podcast of the basketball bible. Host Theus McBee and Ahmad Smith will talk about the pureness of the game while giving in-depth analysis and providing special guests. Welcome to No Pump Fakes! A podcast made for those who truly love the game.


Is Anthony Davis a Top 3 Player in the NBA?
We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Kemba Walker is back in the league! How will he fit into the Mavericks roster and will he be productive? Welcome back Anthony Davis! He has been balling and maybe a little adversity is what he needed to get back to playing like a star. Is he a top 3 player in the league? Maybe a top-10 player? Who ranks above him? Also, where does a guy like Jimmy Butler rank in these conversations? Also, should the Timberwolves look to move on from Karl-Anthony Towns? Will the Timberwolves be able to figure it out? They have all the pieces but the fit appears to be off. Who is their number 1 option? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
23:52 11/29/22
Will Kyle Kuzma be an All-Star in the Next Two Years?
Today we are joined by Chase Hughes from NBC Sports Washington. What should be the Wizard’s goal for next few years? Bradley Beal is doing his thing but who else is stepping up for this team. What is Bradley Beal’s overall impact on the community? Has Kyle Kuzma found his NBA home? Will Washington be able to keep him? Can Kuzma make an All-Star team? Also, can this be a team that makes the playoffs and continues to build out their roster? Let’s talk about Russell Westbrook. Could he find his way back to the Wizards? How does the Beal and Porzingis combination compare to other teams? Finally, what Wizard would you build around in their prime? Chase says Jordan Goodwin is a young player to watch! Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
27:20 11/22/22
Is Shai Gilgeous-Alexander a Top 5 Player in the League?
We are joined by Oklahoma City Thunder beat writer, Brandon Rahbar! Discussion begins with Shai Gilgeous-Alexander. He’s a three way scorer and nobody can stop him in the paint. What does the future look like with Shai and Chet leading this team? How does SGA compare to a player like Ja Morant? How would their teams preform if they were to switch places? Can SGA be the number 1 option on a championship team? What will Chet Holmgren’s impact be on this team when he is back? There is definitely a bright future ahead for OKC. If Russ and Kevin Durant stayed, how many championships would this team have? Finally, is their a world where Russell Westbrook comes back to the Thunder? Make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you don’t miss conversations like this! Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram  
27:56 11/18/22
Is Joel Embiid the Best Big in the League?
The conversation starts with the big man who is making a serious statement, Joel Embiid. 100 points over 2 games is a little crazy. Have we seen a 3-level big that is such a pure scorer? Who in the NBA do we think could drop 70 points in a game? Curry? Giannis? We then transition to the Golden State to talk about their struggles. Do they have a guard that can guard? Reigning champs but can they make it back to the finals? Also, can they keep this team together? They have a lot of young talent but are these players getting lost behind the vets? Make sure to subscribe to the podcast so you can stay caught up with the league. Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
23:25 11/15/22
Can Paolo Banchero be the Rookie of the Year?
We are joined by Orlando Magic beat writer Khobi Price! The Magic are a young team on the rise! Listen to us break down the roster and hear our thoughts. The conversation starts with Paolo Banchero. Looking like a definite Rookie of the year candidate but can he be the guy for the future? Is he maybe a Lebron James disciple? Also, Franz Wagner is killing it. Does he really have All-Star potential? Who else stands out on this roster? Things are looking bright for the Magic’s future. When can we expect them to be in the playoffs? Finally, let’s get into the top 5 Magic players of all time and talk about SLAM's six classic digital collectibles.
45:49 11/11/22
Are the Utah Jazz Playoff Contenders?
Are the Utah Jazz serious playoff contenders? They are playing hard and they are a fun team to watch! Did anyone think they were going to be this good? How many games does it take in a before we know what we can expect from teams. We then transition to talk the greatest trades of all-time. Is it the Garnett trade to the Celtics, Gasol to the Lakers or maybe Kawhi to the Raptors? Finally, who are the most athletic guys in the league? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
22:25 11/8/22
Who is the Best Player on the Knicks?
Who is the best player on the New York Knicks? Is there a clear-cut answer to this question? Hear our thoughts on Jalen Brunson and the leaders of this franchise. Underrated and underappreciated…What players fit into this category around the league? Are Fred VanVleet, Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton and maybe even De’Aaron Fox in that discussion? We then shift the conversation to the Memphis Grizzlies. Is Desmond Bane on his way to stardom? Finally, let’s talk about the Brooklyn Nets. It looks like Kyrie and Durant might need some more help. Is Steve Nash placing his team in the right position to succeed? Do the Nets have a higher chance of making the playoffs than the Lakers? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
33:36 11/4/22
Have the Lakers Turned the Chapter?
It took six games but the Lakers are finally in the win column! Russ makes a move to the bench. Hear our thoughts on what this means for the Lakers. How will Russ adapt to his new role? Also, if Russ isn’t going to be traded, will the Lakers still make some moves? The discussion then shifts to the LA Clippers. They haven’t wowed us quite yet but they still have a ton of talent and should be able to figure it out. Cap or no cap…Oklahoma City will make the players in the next three years? Hear our thoughts on SGA and what his future may hold. Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
22:21 11/1/22
Is John Wall a First Ballot Hall of Famer
The discussion starts with the Cavs and Donovan Mitchell. Can they be one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference? How far could they go come playoff time? Can they defend the top wing players in the NBA and what are their greatest weaknesses? Also, what positions do guys like Pascal Siakam and Kyle Kuzma actually play? There are a lot of teams that could legitimately win a championship this year. Who will it be? Finally, are Kyle Lowry and John Wall first ballot Hall of Famers. How important are championship rings when discussing players on the fringe of making the hall of fame? Tune in to hear some active players who we think could be first ballot! Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram  
29:57 10/28/22
Can Damian Lillard Lead the League in Scoring?
Damian Lillard is off to a hot start. Will he lead the league in scoring this year? The Trail Blazers are going to be relying on him more than ever. Hear our thoughts on some of the best young players in the league. Will there be a new MVP this year? Are Ja Morant, Jayson Tatum and Luka Doncic in the mix to take home that award? There are so many talented young players in the league but who is going to be the one that separates themselves from the rest? Also, we weigh in on the Russell Westbrook dilemma. Will he be a Laker by the end of the year? Is there a team that would be a better fit? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram  
26:23 10/25/22
Will Tyrese Haliburton Win the Most Improved Player Award?
The NBA season has begun and we are joined by Pacers beat writer Scott Agness! A young team on the rise, the Pacers are definitely an interesting talking point. Listen to us break down their roster and talk about their outlook for the season. What will we see from Tyrese Haliburton and be ready to hear our opinions on that blockbuster trade that brought him to Indiana. Also, we talk about the Pacers franchise as a whole. Our thoughts on upper management and how they can retain top talent! Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram  
28:14 10/21/22
Will Nikola Jokic join elite company as a 3x NBA MVP? We get active with our predictions for the 2022/23 NBA season. Is there a world where Pat Bev wins DPOY, and do we see a first-time All-Star in Jamal Murray? Plus our comeback player of the year! Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
33:43 10/18/22
Who’s The Greatest Raptor Ever?
Hello to our listeners up North! Today we have a Raptor’s special! We are joined by Toronto Raptors NBA beat writer/reporter, Josh Lewenberg! Discussion starts with a focus on Scottie Barnes and the level of growth we should see from him this year. How will the Raptors finish in a stacked Eastern Conference and who will be the players that leads this team? Is Kyle Lowry a Hall of Famer? Listen in to hear us breakdown key players on today’s roster and breakdown the best Raptors of all time!    
37:05 10/14/22
What Should The Warriors Do With Draymond Green?
Did Draymond Green go too far? If you were Jordan Poole, could you stay on the team after the events of the last week? Also, we talk about how Victor Wembanyama stacks up against the previous number-one overall picks. Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
22:55 10/12/22
The Redeem Team!
There are only a few teams that can be considered for the title of G.O.A.T. Was it the ‘92 Dream Team? Or, the ’08 Redeem Team? The Redeem Team wrote one of the greatest comeback stories of all time, with Kobe, Lebron, D Wade and Melo all playing during the peak of their careers. Now, you can hear this story right from the athlete’s themselves in Netflix’s newest documentary, The Redeem Team. From filmmakers that brought you The Last Dance, bring you this inspiring film on a team that had everything to lose, and everything to prove. Out now, only on Netflix!   Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
26:43 10/7/22
Do We Really Care About Preseason Basketball?
Do we really care about preseason basketball? The Suns took an L to an NBL team… but do we put any stock in it. PSA - The top 250 players in the league are elite, the last 200 may be a situation or because of relationships. Theus is sick of the Laker conversation about Russ, Pat Bev, Buddy Hield and all these different pieces. Anthony Davis should be the main discussion… point blank period, the expectations are here and aren’t going anywhere. How good will the pelicans be with Zion returning to form and on the court. With load management… will any NBA superstar ever play 82 games again? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
30:55 10/4/22
Top 5 Centers Heading Into The 2022/23 Season
Who should be ranked #1, Nikola Jokic or Joel Embiid? Can we really talk about greatness without Championship hardware…regular season vs post season matters. Do you have Christian Wood on your radar, now that he’s playing with Luka don’t be surprised if he’s in the running for Most Improved! Does Deandre Ayton make the cut?   Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram  
30:07 9/30/22
Top 5 Power Forwards Heading Into The 2022/23 Season
#1 is easy, its Giannis. AD when healthy is scary and there's not many in the league who are better when he’s locked in. The first three picks are unanimous, especially with Zion #3. Where does Ben Simmons fall? Pascal Siakam is an NBA Champion and can't be looked over. Do we have Karl-Anthony Towns in the category or is he a center? Does Draymond make the cut? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
21:48 9/27/22
Top 5 Small Forwards Heading Into The 2022/23 Season
Is Giannis a small forward? We get into the most anticipated position starting with Kevin Durant! Kawhi is a lock for the top-5 irrespective of him missing a year. Is Tatum in your top-5? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
31:03 9/23/22
Top 5 Shooting Guards Heading Into The 2022/23 Season
Let's get it! Top 5 Shooting Guards heading into the season. Let's clarify who fits the bill. Devin Booker is leading the charge and has shown it in his development, all he's missing is a Chip. Where does Anthony Edwards land? Is James Harden going to have a redemption year? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
34:35 9/20/22
Top 5 Point Guards Heading Into The 2022/23 Season
Before we start…Nikola Jokic is a DOG! The Denver Nuggets are in the mix this season. Let’s jump into our top-5 point guards ranked in order for this upcoming season. Are Luka and James Harden point guards? Starting with the unanimous #1 in Steph Curry through to the guys who are on the fringe. The East is tough!  Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
31:53 9/16/22
Is Manu Ginobili a Top 25 International Player Of All Time?
Where does Manu stand? Are there players he should be ahead of in the NBA Top-75? The international Top-25 is heavy with the likes of Luka, Giannis, Embiid, etc. James Harden and Manu Ginobili comparisons need to stop. Manu is stamped but he wasn't leading a championship team as the #1 option. Congrats on the Hall of Fame.  Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
18:18 9/13/22
Who Is The Most DOMINANT Player In The World?
Quality tank jobs don't happen often, outside of Philly what other teams come to mind. It’s September, and we get to thank international basketball for some great entertainment. What's the difference between the best player vs most dominant player? Shaq was the best and most dominant player in the league during the Laker's 3-peat, is Giannis? Is there pressure for Ben Simmons to score? Cap or No Cap, will Brandon Ingram will a Chip before his career is over? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
44:26 9/9/22
Can Donovan Mitchell Be The #1 Option On a Championship Team?
Who are we congratulating the Cleveland Cavaliers or Donovan Mitchell? Does anyone in the East really scare you outside of Milwaukee? Spida has proved that he can be the #1 option but now he has help that will allow him to thrive. Will he be the #1 option on this Cavs team? How deep are these Cavs and do they have what it takes to challenge in the playoffs? Happy Birthday Donovan Mitchell  Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
27:46 9/7/22
Is James Harden the best offensive player of all-time
Shout out to James Harden who just turned 33! Where does he rank all-time offensively? Does he deserve to be in the conversation with the likes of Jordan, Kobe and even Curry? Also, Ahmad and Theus cover what truly makes Giannis so special and what players can turn it on come playoff time. Come check out the NPF pod to hear the best basketball banter.   Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram  
39:00 8/30/22
We're back! Patrick Beverley is LA-bound; what does that mean for Russ? Is this Ben Simmons' best team fit so far in his career? Are the New Orleans Pelicans taking the next step?   Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
42:05 8/26/22
Will LeBron Win Another Championship Before He Retires?
LeBron James is staying in LA, congrats on the extension and we look forward to seeing him play with Bronny! With LeBron signing this extension what does this do for LA…are they going to be a contender? What can we expect from Russell Westbrook, do we see the ball in his hands or tucked away in the corner? Anthony Davis is an immediate first-ballot Hall of Famer right now, has he hit his prime yet? Will LeBron retire a Laker?   Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
32:48 8/19/22
Is Kawhi Leonard A Top 5 Player In The League?
Shoutout to Tim Duncan who will present Manu Ginobili at the Hall of Fame ceremony. When looking at free agency and who’s still on the market, you have to look past talent and understand teams look for fit. Where will Collin Sexton play this coming season? If Anthony Davis “plays” he can be the best big in basketball! Kawhi Leonard will be back in a big way this season, the Clippers have the depth to go all the way. Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
29:53 8/16/22
Which NBA Players Have The Most To Prove This Season?
Kyle Kuzma just dropped Wilt Chamberlain numbers in a pro-am and Gelo snapped in the Drew League, all of this shows how good you have to be in the NBA. Redemption season is on the way for Anthony Davis, time for him to remind the world why he is great, we’re tired of seeing him injured. James Harden has lots to prove, just a few years removed from a top-3 talent in the league, which James Harden will we get this upcoming season? Will Dame lead the Trailblazers back to the playoffs and what can we expect from Zion Williamson?  Don’t sleep on the Denver Nuggets! MVP season coming for AD! Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
46:10 8/12/22
Dejounte Murray vs. Paolo Banchero; Who’s Your Favorite Hooper From Seattle?
Paolo Banchero and Dejounte Murray got into it at a summer pro-am. We love to see the competitiveness but keep it on the court. Seattle has always had a strong hoop culture, ranking our favorite hoopers from the likes of, Jamal Crawford, Brandon Roy, Nate Robinson and Zach LaVine. Nets owner Joe Tsai has a decision to make, Steve Nash/Sean Marks or Kevin Durant. This entire situation with the Nets is bad, and it re-sparks the conversation, was Steve Nash really the right man for the job? Ahmad Smith on Instagram Theus McBee on Instagram
30:33 8/9/22