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One Side Is Always Right | A Friendly Debate Podcast

Want to listen to two white guys debate the greatest questions of our day? Look no further. At One Side Is Always Right, we have a friendly and healthy debate on topics that span art, history, culture, and politics. Don't take this too seriously - we're having fun.


Is Objective Morality Possible?
This week, our intellectual adventurers tackle another question out of their depth: Is Objective Morality Possible?Support the show
88:34 5/31/22
Enjoying Work or Life Outside of It?
In this lightning round: Our two heroines discuss the whether it is better to be fulfilled in work or fulfilled outside of work. Or rather, to quit or not to quit.Support the show
98:20 12/3/21
Is Modern Art Bullsh*t?
On this weeks episode, our two white-knights debate the value and legitimacy of "modern art." In one corner, our art loving hippy co-host defends a line on a piece of canvas. In the other corner, a Neanderthal claims that all art is bullshit if he doesn't understand it immediately.Support the show
90:49 7/10/21
Far Left / Right vs Centrist: Who Get's More Accomplished?
In this episode, our two esteemed hosts debate the merits of far left / right positions and centrist positions. Which is better to get things done in our current political structure?It turns out - maybe one side is not always right.Sit back, relax, and listen to our conclusion after 1 hour of research into this complex topic.Support the show
86:47 6/7/21