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A D&D comedy improv podcast, where two retired adventurers give questionable advice to the next generation of heroes. Starring Oliver Redboots & Swan Maulsmith, and broadcast every week from the Yawning Portal Tavern in Waterdeep.  Send your questions to:


Episode 33: Verbal Bludgeoning Damage
- Season 2, Week 2!- Shaking off the rust with an old fashioned donnybrook- Our next product launch- Climbing the ladder at Third Leg- Stormy's unpaid internship- Carry jerky or become jerkySend us your adventurer questions!
40:27 1/30/24
Episode 32: Brightside People
- We're back!- Our new roles in ThirdLeg Adventuring & Consulting LLC- Swan's separation from the Temple of Gond- Oyster Beer- Kodar Grimsbane announces Adventurer Wipes- Potion side effects
37:02 1/16/24
Episode 30: Colleges & Traditions
Highlights:- Question-palooza!- How to write an entry essay to your Bard College- Your party member may be a serial killer- Monastic traditions leave a lot of unanswered questions- Feather Fall etiquette- Where-wolves?- Revisiting sky daddies
53:28 12/22/21
Episode 29: The Winter Solstice
Highlights:- Boots returns from the Astral Plane- We go deep on Elven high cuisine with Chalmont Percil, of Percil's Parcels- The slow food, low heat movement- Chalmont's specialties: chicken-seasoned hay, salted water, artisanal light, beef broth and lemon seeds- Serving at Persimmons through a policy of Culinary Inclusivity- Richard the Mimic joins us to discuss mimicry- Permission eating- The safety smoked turkey legHappy Winter Solstice!
55:16 12/15/21
Episode 28: Post Mirt-em
Highlights:- Getting arrested in Waterdeep after bar hopping with Mirt- Swan taking over some Luskan engineering- When upcasting goes wrong- Boots opens the chest, and finds something unexpected- Thou shalt not mix pocket dimensions- Some monks will love you to death- Beholder reproduction- Donations to the (recap) Salvation Army are appreciated
50:33 11/24/21
Episode 27: Mirt (with very special guest Ed Greenwood)
We are joined this week by the legendary Mirt the Moneylender, played by the legendary Ed Greenwood - creator of the Forgotten Realms.Highlights:- An episode preamble by Elminster of Shadowdale- The importance of a consistent policy in adventuring- How Laeral keeps her wand at the ready- How Mirt and Durnan tackled the Undermountain- The secret to long life- Preferred method for dealing with tax collectors- Why tradesman don't all have Rings of Featherfall- The real scourge of The Forgotten Realms: nepotism- Mirt's favorite magic weapon- The statute of limitations on bounties- The history of Durnan's facial hair- How to handle Waterdeep nobility- What keeps Mirt up at night
47:47 11/15/21
Episode 26: The First Rule of Adventuring
Highlights:- Boots is part of the Order of Mages and Protectors- Swan has a picnic- We find an office- Spell Slots & Implosions- Bullywugs & Banshees
43:56 10/19/21
Episode 25: The Value of Wall Sconces
Highlights:- Oliver has his chest stolen, and he's not happy- Developing that sixth sense for treasure- We need a work office- Gnolls are worse than you think- Brains in a jar fail the trolley problem- Coffee is magic, but not magic magic- Parting ways with a swordasexual - You can't stare your foe to death
39:08 10/12/21
Episode 24: Double Freedom Daggers
Highlights:- Assembling the Stupidology- What kind of toenail?- Stormy is dating a young woman from a family of Eldath- Specters are Swan's weak point- Otyughs at the shore- Dying in a cool way- Grease is the word- Also please check out our friends at RPGsAnonymous ( ) who are featured in the mid-show breakSee you next week, don't die.  Praise Gond.
40:46 10/6/21
Episode 23: Not the Brightest Light Spell
Highlights:- We're joined by Tygram, Warlock for Graz'zt, to share some road stories- How Tygram crashed a flying tower- The power of walking sticks- Swan's healing potion testing- The deplorable habit of trying to seduce dragons- Research is important- Everywhere doesn't mean everywhere
39:38 9/29/21
Episode 22: Tiefling Music
Highlights:- Swan talks podcast audio quality from the Yawning Portal- A blue tie fling musician writes us our new intro- Monsters of the week: Rust Monster & Harpy- Find Traps is a stupid, stupid spell- Tasting Healing Potions- Best potions, if you can pick- The new outro
39:56 9/21/21
Episode 21: Hot Forge Talk
Highlights:- Swan gives Boots & Morgan a tour of the Forge- Swan explains working with first year acolytes- Early success as quest givers, and our quest giving rates- Round two of Don't Poke The Owlbear: drums, rhinos, gods, and the Giant steeplechase- Take care of your monks, and they will take care of you
37:27 9/14/21
Episode 20: Caveat Emptor
Highlights:- A message from the High House of Wonders- The start of our cataloging bad ways to die- This week's sponsor: Wandsworth Gently Used Wands- Kicking off our new feature (Don't Poke the Owlbear): Flying Swords and Trapped Rugs- Enchanters are terrifying- The man with the Iron Flask
42:08 9/7/21
Episode 19: Funeral for a Friend
Highlights:- The unfortunate passing of Paco The Ranger- Stupid ways to die while adventuring- From quest takers to quest givers- Boots was once approached to help rule a level of the underworld- Staying in shape in retirement through unorthodox means
43:00 9/1/21
Episode 18: Serial Cultists, Featuring Balthazar The Grim
Highlights:- We rekindle our on-again, off-again acquaintance with Balthazar the Grim, a serial cultist- Cult free-lancing, the new old gig economy- Knowing your lane- Benefits of being in cult middle-management- Young liches are impatient- The importance of a good tailor, that can make 800-year old fashion
53:33 8/24/21
Episode 17: Awkward Treasures
Highlights:- First world sorcerer problems- Random encounters of the worst kind- Order of the Ancient Philosophy lacks conviction- The treasure you don't want- Terrible sorcerer parents- The flying halfling problem
45:15 8/17/21
Episode 16: Fruit Basket Diplomacy
Highlights:- The unwilling transition to semi-retired adventurers- Swan discovers a bad spy- How to apologize to high level adventurers- Kobolds are not pets- The spell 'Heat Metal' for smelting- How not to tip a squire- Boots is angry
40:02 8/10/21
Episode 15: Live, Laugh, Love, Abjuration
Highlights:- Boots and Swan take on their biggest challenge yet: fundraising- Artistic genius of destruction- The paperwork of producing golems- Abjuration wizards and you!- Meathead fighter, meet tanning paladin- Tips for dealing with embarrassing moments from high school- The best magic items are not the same thing as your favorite magic items
41:20 8/3/21
Episode 14: Forget it Swan, it's the Feywild
Highlights:- Boots & Swan return from an unplanned trip to the Feywild- The Feywild is amazing and annoying for so many reasons- Ajax the Warpoodle delivers an important question from Dr. Zed (@RPGsAnonymous1), and we deliver well-meaning advice of questionable value- The absolute wrong use for a Bag of Holding- The worst Club Sport at Waterdeep Community College
42:27 7/27/21
Episode 13: A Pan-tastic Wedding
Highlights:- The amazing wedding of the Clerics of Pan- The Zhentarim dishwasher intercepting the mail- Blow drying your weasel- Using a doppelganger to get out of jury duty - Bathing your owlbear- The clothing stipend for your werewolf- Druids protecting horrible monsters to save the environment- Read your weapon's manual
42:24 6/22/21
Episode 12: Waterdeep HOA
Highlights:+ Swan gets annoyed by the Castle Ward HOA+ Boots tests his magic on Vincent+ Messing with warlocks+ Apologizing through prayer+ The factions of Waterdeep+ The fancy balls of the Lords Alliance+ Planning to crash a wedding
39:08 6/15/21
Episode 11: Thief Emeritus
We're back after our short time away!  This week's highlights:Swan visits his sister in Tribor and does some forge sightseeingBoots has Thieves Guild business that involves a dinosaurTen foot poles are beyond stupidCarry the tiny shinyNever trust a weapon that thinks for itselfYou could do worse than a Warforged companion
38:54 6/8/21
Episode 10: Dimension Door Dash (Featuring Nora The Dwarf Barbarian)
Highlights:- Boots and Swan return from Amphail- Nora the Barbarian makes her first appearance- Barbarians in retirement- Dimension Door Dash- Morgantha is something we still need to deal with- Sandwiches are the key to happiness- Magic Mouth Mementos
38:29 5/24/21
Episode 9: Live from Amphail
Highlights:- Our first remote show, from Mother Gothal's in Amphail- Swan is very cranky- We recap the week's travel and how much mentoring Boots' niece's adventuring group really needed, with the absolute fundamentals of adventuring- Barbarians up front, finger wigglers in the rear- How an encounter with a Beholder can go spectacularly wrong, in so many ways- Taking the comfortable way back to Waterdeep
42:17 5/17/21
Episode 8: A Crude Golem and a Hangover
Highlights from this episode:- Middle-aged adventurer hangovers- The Zhentarim pay Boots a visit- Potion Crate saves the day- Stormy's first golem - Saint Darkfern's Day- Next week from the road!
46:13 5/10/21
Episode 7: The Dungeon Flippers
Our first guest interview show with special guests, the Swede Brothers!  Edwin and Hugo Swede are the premier dungeon Real Estate agents in all of The Sword Coast, and can help you or your cult with all of your dungeon and lair needs.  Highlights:The magic of DomestomancyDungeon and trap renovationStaging a dungeon to sellDungeonConWhy open concept dungeons are terribleHow to find a good magma guyPressure Plate PaulHiring bards to promote your businessThank you to this week's sponsor, Potion Crate!
45:24 5/3/21
Episode 6: The Waterdeep Itch
Highlights:- Why we still don't have intro music- Boots goes to the Styx Oarsman in Sigil in the least menacing way possible- Gond sends a signal- Wizards are hoarders- The modern tragedy of The Waterdeep Itch- Optimal party construction isn't a real thing, until it is- The upsides and downsides of Illusionists- Leaning-in to the murder hobo life
42:48 4/26/21
Episode 5: So you want to be a religion (for tax reasons)
Highlights:- Beardless Dwarf Hipsters- Don't Eat Morgantha's Mince Meat Pies!- How to make sure your party's rogue doesn't rob you blind- Don't mug a wizard- Warm toilet seats are only good in Neverwinter- Sorcerers are so much better than wizards, according to Boots- Why dwarves like to dig- How to get your cult tax-exempt statusThank you to this week's sponsor: Rosie's Temporary Hero Temp Agency!
45:06 4/19/21
Episode 4: Wizarding Duels of Tax Season
Highlights include:- How to prepare your taxes as a wizard- Boots and the Bone Devil- Continuing Magical Credits- Thud enters the tournament- What you need to know before going to Undermountain- Where Druids trainThank you to this week's sponsor: Magoot's Boots!
43:07 4/12/21
Episode 3: I had access to ducks
Highlights from this episode include:- The rod helps Oliver's language- The Cassalanters won't buy you lunch- The JV Zhentarim team visits Swan at the Forge- Pocket Bacon- Beware the Time Traveling Wizard scam- The morally gray area of killing bandits- Necromancy is the laziest form of wizardyWe got a sponsor!  Try Morgantha's Mince Meat Pies!
43:06 4/5/21