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Birthing and Justice with Dr Ruth De Souza

Childbirth is supposed to be empowering, but for many birthing people it is not. For Indigenous women, immigrant women and women of colour, birthing within the western healthcare system can be anything but affirming. It can feel unsafe. In this raw and challenging talks series, health researcher, clinician and nursing educator Dr Ruth De Souza (RMIT University) hosts conversations about birth, racism and cultural safety with change makers working within the maternal health-care sector to break down the structures built on colonisation. This is a series that will give birthing people hope and power when they’re at their most vulnerable.


Series 3 Episode 7: Carla Pascoe Leahy on connecting the past and future in the Anthropocene 41:30 06/14/2022
Series 3 Episode 6: Ritodhi Chakraborty and Aline Carrara on intergenerational happiness and joy in an era of climate change 50:30 06/08/2022
Series 3 Episode 5: Janelle Da Silva on the right to be born into love 40:27 06/01/2022
Series 3 Episode 4: Natalie Kon-yu on writing, birth trauma and medical sexism 41:46 05/26/2022
Series 3 Episode 3: Aruna Boodram on abolitionist parenting and surviving the NICU 43:50 05/20/2022
Season 3 Episode 2: Lucinda Canty on racism in institutions and birthing care 41:51 05/10/2022
Season 3 Episode1: Cherisse Buzzacott on opening the door for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander midwives 38:12 05/05/2022
Introducing Season 3 of Birthing and Justice 02:50 04/27/2022
Season 2 Episode 7: Eleanor Jackson on the poetics and politics of birthing 35:22 02/06/2022
Season 2 Episode 6: Helen Ngo on bilingualism, the habits of racism and embodied experiences of parenting 22:32 01/30/2022
Season 2 Episode 5: Dr Nisha Khot on making a difference in obstetric care 40:35 01/23/2022
Season 2 Episode 4: Annabel Farry on finding the sweet spot 41:27 01/17/2022
Season 2 Episode 3: Habiba Ahmed on reclaiming power and joy 30:39 11/22/2021
Season 2 Episode 2: Donna Cormack on transformation for Māori health 31:39 10/28/2021
Season 2 Episode 1: Gina Bundle & Storm Henry on trust in hospitals 42:58 10/13/2021
Coming up in Series 2 of Birthing and Justice 03:29 10/11/2021
Season 1 Episode 3: Dr Mimi Niles on birthing bodies 27:20 06/12/2021
Season 1 Episode 2: Karel Williams on birthing on country 25:28 06/11/2021
Season 1 Episode 1: Dr Naomi Simmonds on decolonising birth 24:42 06/10/2021
Welcome to Birthing and Justice 01:15 06/09/2021