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How Not to Screw Up Your Kids

The How Not To Screw Up Your Kids podcast is for parents, grandparents, educators, and anyone else who wants to be part of a movement to raise confident children who grow up believing in themselves. The greatest gift we can give our children is self-belief. It will get them further in life than any qualification and is absolutely possible for each and every child; we just need the right information and support around us to teach them. The old saying ‘it takes a village to raise a child” couldn’t be more true than now. Parenting has got a whole lot harder; not just because we are busier than ever but because our children are growing up in an ever changing, fast-paced world, which is so different to the one we grew up in. Our children have more pressure to be better, look better, do better, and in a world where lives are so publicly scrutinised and commented on through social media it’s really no wonder we’re seeing mental health problems sky rocketing amongst children, teens, and young adults. What you can expect from this podcast are honest conversations about parenting. We’ll talk confidence resilience, anxiety, managing tech, and all the topics you’d expect as well blowing the lid off the widely help misconception that children are innately resilient. They’re not! This podcast is for people who want to get real about parenting. You understand it can get messy sometimes and aren’t afraid to admit it. I have had more than my fair share of messy and I will no doubt share these with you along the way. I won’t dress things up but I will always give you something practical to take away and use in each and every episode. My guests and experts will be real people who have overcome their own adversities and bring with them a message to us as parents, as well as inspiring stories. So pour yourself a cuppa, find a comfy seat, and enjoy the conversation.


Ep 061: Being a Step-Mum with Katie Harrison 37:02 08/03/2022
Ep 060: We Need to Talk 28:43 07/27/2022
Ep 059: Toxic Friendships - How to Spot Them and Support Your Child 31:46 07/20/2022
Ep 058: School Holidays – Beyond Surviving! 33:42 07/13/2022
Ep 057: Has My Child Got an Eating Disorder? 29:00 07/06/2022
Ep 056: Should I Be Worried About My Child's Mental Health 29:07 06/29/2022
Ep 055: 6 Essential Skills Your Children Need You to Teach Them 26:32 06/22/2022
Ep 054: Promoting Healthy Body Image 27:29 06/15/2022
Ep 053: One Million Moments 17:56 06/08/2022
Ep 052: Helping Children Succeed at School 24:10 06/01/2022
Ep 051: Helping Children Feel Confident About Their Future with Stephanie Haynes 45:37 05/25/2022
Ep 050: Promoting A Growth ‘Can-Do’ Mindset 25:29 05/18/2022
Ep 049: Let’s Talk Children’s Mental Health 35:00 05/11/2022
Ep 048: Interview with Anna Mathur 42:15 05/04/2022
Ep 047: Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll! When should we have these difficult conversations? 28:08 04/27/2022
Ep 046: Raising Independent Children 33:50 04/20/2022
Ep 045: Listener Questions 43:32 04/13/2022
Ep 044: The Secrets to Raising Happy Children 39:32 04/06/2022
Ep 043: A Letter to All Ambitious Mothers 28:33 03/30/2022
Ep 042: Parenting the Child You Have and Not the Child You Secretly Wanted! 29:28 03/24/2022
Ep 041: Real Parenting - Parenting Consistently When You're Knackered 29:51 03/17/2022
Ep 040: Mental Health Is A Whole Family Project 25:34 03/10/2022
Ep 039: How to Talk to Children About Scary World Events 31:58 03/03/2022
Ep 038: If Only I Knew 18:04 02/24/2022
Ep 037: Back-Chat and Pushing Boundaries 30:07 02/17/2022
Ep 036: Children’s Willpower: A Battery Which Needs Recharging 23:37 02/10/2022
Ep 035: Help! I’ve Completely Lost It with My Children 26:00 02/03/2022
Ep 034: Play - A Child’s Work 25:10 01/27/2022
Ep 033: Friendships - The Highs and Lows 32:34 01/20/2022
Ep 032: Navigating Uncertainty Successfully 32:39 01/13/2022