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Alright, imagine this: Josh Wilson isn't just a guy who trains dogs. This dude is a mastermind when it comes to flipping a backyard gig into an empire of dog training and other ventures across the US. We're talking about a real-deal journey from hustling in Hampton Roads, Virginia, to running a powerhouse that's setting the bar in the dog training game.Now, Josh isn't just about teaching dogs new tricks. He's meshed his love for these four-legged buddies with serious skills in business, finance, and even real estate to craft something that's not just a service—it's an experience. And he's not keeping this recipe for success to himself. Every week, Josh dives deep with the titans of various industries. These are the Real Big Dogs, folks. We're tearing down the walls on entrepreneurship, marketing, the grind of family and business life, relationships, and the art of making that sale. It's unfiltered, straight from the hip, packed with stories that'll hit you where it counts.But here's the kicker: Josh's ride to the top of the dog training world over the last 10 years isn't your typical success story. This guy's a serial entrepreneur with a heart that beats for his faith, his family, his passion for dogs, and just life itself. Through sharing his own saga and bringing in some of the most inspiring minds from his circle, Josh aims to light a fire under your ambitions. This show? It's not about the glossy highlight reel. It's about getting real with the tough stuff—because that's where the gold is found. Tune in, get inspired, and maybe, just maybe, you'll start seeing the losses as lessons.


Letting Go of Yesterday: The Power of Discipline and Staying Present
What if you could let go of yesterday’s triumphs and troubles to truly seize today? Join us as we explore the transformative power of staying present and maintaining discipline in your daily life. We share how past successes and failures should serve as lessons, not as obstacles. A hilarious story about an earwig in a headset reminds us that tiny setbacks shouldn't throw us off course. We also delve into the importance of emotional stability, discussing how avoiding emotional extremes can help you seize new opportunities and ensure continuous growth.Is motivation overrated? Hear our take on why discipline, not motivation, is the true driver of success. Through my own struggles with technology, I illustrate how perseverance and disciplined effort led to success. We break down why so many of us fail at keeping New Year's resolutions and how you can flip the script by focusing on disciplined daily actions rather than fleeting bursts of motivation. Learn practical tips on living in the present and applying lessons from the past to fuel your current and future endeavors.In our final segment, we share personal reflections on balancing the chaos of family life with professional aspirations. Listen to relatable stories of overcoming setbacks like bankruptcy and the daily juggle of responsibilities. Enjoy a lighthearted recounting of family dynamics, including a comical episode involving my son's first attempt at making smash burgers. The overarching message is clear: despite life's unpredictability, each of us deserves to pursue success and happiness by showing up each day with a renewed sense of discipline and fresh perspective.
29:25 6/13/24
Episode 102: "Beyond the Bullsh*t"
Ever wondered how maintaining a positive attitude can shape your daily life and relationships? Join us on this engaging episode of the Big Dog Podcast as my son Logan and I share personal stories and valuable insights on self-reliance, confidence, and handling life's challenges. From Logan's exciting developments in photography to our recent upgrade to a new podcast recording platform, we catch up on some significant events and reflect on the importance of self-awareness and growth. Plus, hear all about my expanding tattoo collection and the surprising return of Logan's sister, Jenna.In this episode, we delve into how our attitudes influence our experiences and the power of focusing on current progress. We'll explore the concept of viewing setbacks as opportunities for growth and the critical role of self-talk and supportive social circles. By sharing candid personal struggles and triumphs, we highlight the importance of controlling our responses to external factors and appreciating the present moment. Whether you're facing external negativity or striving for personal improvement, our conversation offers practical advice and encouragement to help you navigate life's ups and downs with resilience and a positive mindset. Tune in for an enlightening discussion that promises to inspire and motivate!
17:48 6/6/24
Episode 101: "The One With The Nose Guy" with Special Guest Cameron Ford"
Discover the transformative power of dog training from the insights of Cameron Ford, the brilliant mind behind Ford Canine. This episode is a thrilling journey through the evolution of canine training, blending heartfelt personal narratives with groundbreaking scientific research. Prepare to be inspired by Cameron's transition from military to civilian life, his forward-thinking approach at Duke University with Dr. Brian Hare, and the dynamic interplay of traditional and scientific methods in enhancing the art of dog training.Feel the pulse of the dog training industry's ever-changing landscape, as we unwrap the stories behind podcasting's shift from audio to YouTube, examining the effect of technology on how we share knowledge. My own path intertwines with Cameron's, bringing to light the nuanced experiences—from a childhood fear to guiding others in the field—that have shaped our philosophies. The episode peels back the layers of our careers, revealing the pivotal moments that sparked growth and the synergy of fusing passion with technological innovation.Join our celebration of collaboration, where respect and openness in dog training are not just encouraged but proven to be essential. This conversation is a treasure trove of shared wisdom, touching upon the compassionate human element that drives successful training and the powerful connections formed between handlers and their canine companions. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an aspiring trainer, this episode is a testament to the collective spirit that propels the dog training community forward.
91:35 5/30/24
Episode 100: "The New Yellowstone"
When the stakes are high and the fields are wide, you can bet Steven McBee and his family are there, thriving against the odds. Their leap from hunting enthusiasts to first-generation farmers is a story of grit and growth that's nothing short of inspiring. On the Big Dog Podcast, I sit down with Steven to unearth the roots of the McBee family's agricultural empire, which spans everything from corn to exotic meats, and how they've cultivated success while others are scaling back. Listen in for a candid conversation that reveals the resilience required to sow seeds of prosperity in today's farming landscape.Running a family business is no picnic, and when your portfolio includes not just a farm but a car wash and a meat processing plant, the challenges multiply. Our latest episode delves into the McBees' tale of diversifying revenue streams, the relentless hustle of entrepreneurship, and the strategic moves that keep their ventures flourishing. Steven and I examine the delicate balance of stress management and decision-making that's essential when your income is at the mercy of Mother Nature. This is a hearty discussion for anyone intrigued by the intersection of tradition and innovation on the modern farm.As reality TV finds its way onto the ranch, the McBees face a whole new world of exposure and opportunity. We peel back the curtain on the family's foray into the limelight, discussing the pros and cons of life under the camera's unblinking eye. Steven shares the behind-the-scenes drama and the business savvy that comes from turning real-life into reel-life. The episode wraps with a heartfelt reflection on leadership, the nuances of family dynamics in the public eye, and how authenticity can be your strongest asset in business and beyond. If you're a fan of true entrepreneurial spirit with a side of reality TV, this is one conversation you don't want to miss.
52:15 5/9/24
Episode 99: "Today is Sunny AF" with Special Guest Sunny Dwyer
Embark on an intimate journey with Sunny Dwyer, whose infectious zeal and entrepreneurial acumen shine as brightly as her camera flash. Our conversation meanders through the rich tapestry of her life, from embracing motherhood to nurturing a thriving family business. Sunny's candid tales of parenting offer a glimpse into the delicate dance of instilling leadership in her children, while her anecdotes of entrepreneurship reveal the steadfast resolve needed to not just survive but flourish, especially in the demanding world of photography.It's not every day you meet someone who can turn the trials of a pandemic into their most prosperous year yet—Sunny and her husband Shane did just that. Their story is a masterclass in seizing unexpected opportunities, from the impulsive purchase of a commercial property in Dallas to the strategic narrowing of their business focus. The Dwyers' studio, specializing in pet and family photography, stands as a testament to their belief in the profound simplicity of black and white imagery and the emotional resonance it captures.But beyond the lens, this episode delves into the heart of what makes relationships—both professional and personal—truly valuable. As Sunny shares the tools and practices, like the Ask Bay app and monthly retreats, that keep her marriage with Shane joyful and grounded, you too may find yourself inspired to nurture the bonds that matter most. Join us for a tale of love, laughter, and the nuanced art of living a life intertwined with family, work, and the enduring pursuit of happiness.
61:55 5/2/24
Episode 98 "The One With XDOG" with special guest Stan Smith
When Stan Smith first laid eyes on that Craigslist pit bull, little did he know it would pave the way to founding X-Dog and revolutionizing the canine supplement industry. Join us as we uncover Stan's journey from a troubled childhood companioned by loyal dogs, to breaking into and rising above the pushback of the established dog community, and onto the inception of X-Dog, a testament to his dedication to improving dog well-being. We tackle the challenges of e-commerce, the significance of quality in pet supplements, and how Stan's personal mission morphed into a thriving business that's setting new standards in the canine world.Navigating the intricacies of product quality and inventory management, the episode reveals the hurdles and eureka moments in the development of the X-Dog V4 series. We'll share how this functional dog harness is changing the game in canine fitness and weight management, maintaining an impeccable safety record while combating dog obesity. Our candid conversation also highlights the lessons learned in business management, the impact of strategic partnerships, and the future plans for X-Dog as we gear up to reach our ambitious goal of impacting a million dogs a year.But it's not all business; we open the door to the personal side as well. Balancing entrepreneurship with family life, the pride of raising bilingual children, and the hard-earned rewards of a successful venture, we explore the multifaceted life of a CEO. We wrap up with a crucial discussion on leadership, the value of accountability, and the transformation that comes from embracing collaboration. So, if you're passionate about dogs, interested in the intersection of personal growth and business, or simply looking for a story of resilience and success, this episode is ready to captivate and inform.
47:51 4/18/24
Episode 97 "The One With White Beard K9" with Special Guest Howard Young
When Howard Young entered the mental health field, little did he know that his journey would lead him to revolutionize police K9 training. This episode peels back the layers of Howard's three-decade story, from his initial fascination with Rottweilers to becoming an authority in the canine training world. Alongside sharing my own experiences with Rocky, my beloved Rottweiler, we delve into the nuances of dog training, debunk breed misconceptions, and underscore the importance of preparing our four-legged partners for every scenario imaginable.If you've ever wondered what it takes to transform an eager pup into an elite law enforcement K9, this episode is your backstage pass. We examine the meticulous selection process, the full spectrum of training, and the ongoing commitment required to fashion these canines into confident, adaptable, and reliable officers. From understanding the value of environmental soundness to maintaining the agility of these canine athletes, the conversation with Howard sheds light on the intricate world of K9 units that often remains hidden from public view.Rounding off our discussion, Howard and I celebrate the power of podcasts to forge connections and champion the spirit of community within the dog industry. Reflecting on the growth of my show, Working Dog Depot, I share the transformative journey from its humble beginnings to a platform that now resonates with a wider audience. As we express gratitude for the insights Howard and his wife have brought into our lives, we leave listeners with an open-hearted invitation to engage, question, and join us in honoring the human-canine bond that enriches our lives.
41:27 4/12/24
Episode 96: "The One With Throw Away Dogs" with Special Guest Carol Skaziak
Picture a dog, discarded and forgotten, now imagine it becoming a hero in a police uniform. This is the heart of our latest episode, where Carol Skaziak of the Throwaway Dogs Project takes us on a riveting journey from obscurity to glory for canines who prove to be much more than meets the eye. Carol, with roots that run deep in PR, marketing, and law enforcement, unveils the transformation of rescue dogs into indispensable assets for police departments, offering a narrative that intertwines second chances with societal impact.Throughout the episode, we traverse the tales of breeds like pit bulls, shattering long-held stereotypes as they emerge as champions in scent detection and arson investigation. We spotlight a particular pit bull whose journey to becoming Law Enforcement Dog of the Year redefines the role these dogs can play in law enforcement. Carol and I engage in a rich discussion about the meticulous selection process, the victories of dogs finding their calling, and the invaluable training that prepares them and their handlers for the field's challenges.As we wrap up our conversation, Carol's passion and sense of purpose shine through, revealing the tenacity it takes to spearhead a mission-driven nonprofit in a competitive industry. We touch upon the complexities and the fulfillment that come from uniting a community to back a cause that offers more than just a service—it provides a transformative experience for both the dogs and the departments they join. So join us for an intimate exploration of dedication, impact, and the indomitable bond between humans and their four-legged partners.
52:50 4/4/24
Episode 95: "There's Really Only Three Options"
Navigating the choppy seas of workplace dynamics can be as complicated as it is crucial, and we're here to be your lighthouse. On the latest Big Dog podcast, we engage in a heart-to-heart about supporting team members through rough patches at work, debating whether it’s more beneficial to offer a helping hand, allow space for self-correction, or if it's time to bring in new blood. And of course, we couldn't resist throwing in some playful banter about height—because let's face it, who doesn't want their stats to measure up in more ways than one? Stay tuned for a hearty blend of wisdom and wit, as we promise an improved visual treat for our video viewers without compromising the audio quality our listeners adore.Remember the days of college campus tours, feeling that mix of excitement and anticipation? I take you down memory lane with tales from the road, as my daughter Kiki and I set out to find her future alma mater. From the stately grounds of UVA to the quaint charm of Mary Washington, we unpack how these institutions tell their stories and how their evolving narratives might resonate—or clash—with the expectations of tomorrow's leaders. It's a candid journey through the lens of a parent, paralleling the commitment organizations must make to cultivate their talent and set the stage for success.As we wrap up, we hone in on the art of managing staff expectations with finesse. We lay out the leader's playbook on fostering successful teams, stressing the importance of clear communication and the delicate balance between guidance and autonomy. And when the time comes for new leadership to emerge, we tackle the tough love aspect of knowing when to step aside. Share in the laughter and learning as we sign off with a promise of reinvention for our studio, sure to dazzle your senses in episodes to come. Join us again on the Big Dog podcast, where helpful tips and humor go hand in paw!
19:59 3/28/24
Episode 94: "thepaymentsdude"
Welcome to the latest episode of The Big Dog Podcast! In this episode, join hosts Josh Wilson and Logan Wilson as they dive deep into the world of business payments with special guest Adam Niec.As the landscape of business transactions evolves, understanding the nuances of payment systems is crucial for success. Join us as we explore the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in business payments with Adam Niec, a seasoned expert in the field.Tune in now to gain exclusive insights and stay ahead in the ever-changing world of business payments! Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe for more exciting episodes. #payments #transformationjourney 07:00 Payment processing26:00 My family is my focus39:00 Limitless Opportunity48:00 I'm not a new year's resolution guy56:00 The Yin and Yang of the businesswww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
65:31 3/14/24
Episode 93: "Less Talking, More Doing. Get Obsessed"
Welcome to The Big Dog Podcast, where we delve into the mindset of winners and achievers, uncovering the secrets to their success. Hosted by the dynamic duo, Josh Wilson and his son Logan Wilson, this episode is a deep dive into the power of obsession and its role in driving remarkable achievements.Join us as Josh and Logan explore the difference between merely wanting success and being truly obsessed with achieving it. Drawing from personal experiences and insights, they discuss the importance of dedication, sacrifice, and relentless pursuit of excellence in both professional and personal endeavors.From business moguls to sports icons, the Wilsons examine how obsession fuels greatness, pushing individuals to surpass their limits and reach unprecedented heights. Through candid conversations and thought-provoking anecdotes, they challenge listeners to evaluate their own passions and commitments, urging them to channel their energy into pursuits that truly serve their growth and aspirations.So, if you're ready to ignite your inner drive and unleash your full potential, tune in to The Big Dog Podcast with Josh Wilson and Logan Wilson, and embark on a journey of transformation and success. Remember, it's not just about what you want – it's about what you're truly obsessed with achieving.02:20 - I here, I want all the time04:30 - If you want something great, it's gonna require OBSESSION07:30 - What are you OBSESSED with?10:00 I believe in you! You can do it12:00 I'm going to achieve x, y, and zwww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
14:15 2/29/24
Episode 92: "Excel Daily: Constant Growth"
Welcome to The Big Dog Podcast, your premier destination for unleashing excellence and driving constant growth in the world of business.Hosted by visionary entrepreneur and business strategist Josh Wilson, this episode is dedicated to empowering ambitious individuals like you to rise above mediocrity and reach new heights of success.Join us as we embark on a journey of continuous growth, innovation, and excellence.Remember, in the world of business, only the big dogs thrive.So, are you ready to unleash your potential and dominate the competition? Tune in to The Big Dog Podcast with Josh Wilson and start your journey to greatness today.03:00 - "Josh didn't understand"07:00 - Mediocre can't be here!10:00 - It's a big deal!15:00 - We have to learn18:00 - Why are you so focused on the?www.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
24:22 2/22/24
Episode 91: "The VP You Didn't Know You Needed" (feat. Scott Rammage)
Dive into the realm of virtual assistants/professionals with hosts Josh Wilson and Logan Wilson in this enlightening podcast episode.Joined by special guest Scott Rammage, founder and owner of Hire VP, they set out to dispel common horror stories surrounding virtual assistance.From debunking myths to sharing real-life success stories, this episode offers invaluable insights into the world of remote work.Tune in as they navigate the evolving landscape of virtual assistance and empower listeners to make informed decisions.Don't miss out on this eye-opening discussion! #VirtualAssistants #RemoteWork #businesssuccess #VirtualProfessionals01:30 The man of the hour!07:00 Virtual Professionals22:00 This is the way!31:30 The trust building piece39:00 True Entrepreneurs don't retire, we just diewww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
51:08 2/15/24
Episode 90: Gotta Level Up!
Join us on 'The Big Dog Podcast' where every second counts! From the first tick to the last tock, dive into a whirlwind of wisdom and wit. Buckle up as we navigate through life's lessons, from personal growth to professional triumphs, all served with a side of humor and humility. Don't miss a beat as we explore the relentless pursuit of self-improvement, leadership insights, and the occasional birthday shenanigans. Tune in for a rollercoaster of anecdotes, musings, and real-talk moments that will leave you both inspired and entertained! This is where time flies, and wisdom thrives!04:26 Surprise Dinner at Crown BLOCK: A Downtown Dallas Adventure07:29 Values Alignment: The Key to Organizational Success08:38 Transition Talks: Navigating Workplace Departures10:56 Transitioning Positivity: Navigating Change in Business17:18 Focus on Yourself: Winning in Business and Relationshipswww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
27:53 2/8/24
Episode 89: Enhance Not Replace
Welcome to The Big Dog PodcastIn this episode, the intricate relationship between artificial intelligence and human activities is explored.Josh, leads a captivating discussion centered around the idea that AI tools should be valuable aids, enhancing human capabilities rather than replacing them outright.This podcast shares how Josh believes AI can be like a helpful sidekick, making our abilities even better. It's not about replacing humans but working together.Join Josh Wilson for a friendly talk on how AI can make people's lives cooler without forgetting the awesome things that make them human.Don't miss out on this chat about hanging out with technology! #AI #Technology #HumanAndAI #Podcast #Innovation01:00 Let's talk AI03:00 We use AI05:00 Zero grammatical errors? You know that's AI05:40 Use the tool to enhance what you're doing09:30 Use the tool to get more efficient and to get more intentionalwww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
14:56 2/1/24
Episode 88: Virtual Assistant
Get ready to unleash the remote revolution in the latest Big Dog Podcast episode! Join the dynamic duo, Josh Wilson and co-host Logan, as they spill the beans on the untold secrets of Virtual Professionals.In this electrifying episode, they debunk myths, showcase the mind-blowing talents of their overseas team, and bring in the wizard himself, Scott Rammage of Media Machine.  From podcast production to social media mastery, discover how VPs are transforming businesses and taking them to new heights!Buckle up for a wild ride of insights, laughs, and insider tips on building your very own remote dream team. If you're ready to skyrocket your business without the overwhelm, this is your ticket to success. Don't miss out – tune in to The Big Dog Podcast and become part of the remote staffing revolution!04:12 Revolutionizing Work: Unveiling the Overseas Advantage of Virtual Professionals05:07 Year in Review: Unleashing Virtual Professional Excellence Globally06:57 Effortless Remote Staffing: No Micromanaging, Just Results!09:00 Maximize Productivity: Virtual Staff Tips & Air Leveraging Hacks10:28 Remote Staffing Triumph: A Win-Win-Win Story on The Big Dog Podcast!
11:27 1/25/24
Episode 87: Wait What, Ten Years?!
In the latest episode of The Big Dog Podcast, brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey back to the frosty beginnings of Off Leash K9Training! Envision a backyard battleground, a lone space heater valiantly warding off the winter chill, and an indomitable trainer paving the way for a decade of canine excellence.Hold onto your tails as we revisit clients conquering snowstorms for doggy lessons, weaving tales that are now etched into the very fabric of our incredible ten-year journey. Fast forward to today, and that backyard tale has exploded into a nationwide extravaganza—multiple locations, boarding bonanzas, and a K9 community that's not just national but downright legendary!But wait, this episode isn't just a stroll down memory lane; it's a thunderous celebration! Brace yourself for jaw-dropping throwbacks, guest appearances that'll send shivers down your spine, and intimate conversations with the orchestrators of our unparalleled success. The Big Dog Podcast – where every episode is a heart-racing joyride through the extraordinary universe of Off Leash K9 Training!01:58 Setting the Stage for Success03:56 Barking Backyard Beginnings: A Decade of Dog Training Tales04:48 Crazy Heel Chronicles: Unforgettable Moments with Rachel Gardener06:21 Unleashing Dreams: A Decade of K9 Magic and Family Bonds09:41 Decade Delight: Monthly Celebrations Unveiling Our K9 Chronicles!www.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
09:41 1/17/24
Episode 86: Happy New Year
Welcome to the Big Dog podcast, where it's all about embracing the unfiltered truth of who we are! Forget the 'New Year, New You' hype – it's time to get real. Join host Josh Wilson and his son Logan as they dig into the gritty, no-nonsense reality that personal growth isn't about reinventing yourself, it's about refining who you already are. In each episode, get ready for unapologetic conversations that strip away the glossy facade of resolutions and get straight to the heart of authentic self-improvement. From embracing strengths to confronting weaknesses, Josh and Logan serve up raw insights and practical advice to help you become the best version of yourself – no gimmicks, no fluff, just real talk. Tune in and let's chase the best versions of ourselves together!01:45 We Played Pickleball09:55 New year New me11:30 New year resolution failed16:22 What are you doing to better you?18:28 I see who you arewww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
19:29 1/10/24
Episode 85: Delayed Not Denied
In the latest episode of The Big Dog Podcast, Josh Wilson, joined by his son and co-host Logan, takes an empowering dive into perseverance and faith in the face of challenges. The episode centers around the unyielding commitment to progress, emphasizing that the only control one truly holds is the decision not to quit. With powerful anecdotes and unwavering conviction, the discussion unfolds, highlighting the importance of taking action, maintaining faith, and pushing forward despite obstacles. Josh impassioned call to fight for one's dreams and beliefs resonates throughout, urging listeners across various industries and walks of life to embrace resilience. From instilling belief in oneself to impacting others and weathering tough times in business, the episode champions unwavering determination and the relentless pursuit of success. Share this insightful episode with someone in need of motivation, as Josh and Logan sign off with a heartfelt reminder to persevere and keep pushing forward, leaving listeners inspired to tackle their challenges head-on. #Perseverance #FaithInAction #NeverQuit #KeepSwinging03:50 Pickleball05:23 Things Change06:35 How Money Flows: Injected and Spent09:53 What did you do then, that you are not doing now?20:15 What if's?www.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
32:28 1/9/24
Episode 84: Choose To Give
Welcome to The Big Dog Podcast, where Josh Wilson and his son Logan Wilson engage in candid, heartfelt conversations about the essence of generosity, kindness, and making a lasting impact.In this episode, Josh and Logan share their thoughts on the upcoming holiday season, discussing everything from the excitement of Christmas and New Year's to the stark realities that lie behind the picturesque scenes shared on social media.The hosts delve into the true meaning of giving, highlighting the struggles many families face, especially during the holidays. They passionately encourage listeners to nominate families in need through the Team J.W. Gives Back initiative, emphasizing the importance of providing essentials rather than just material gifts.Josh and Logan share personal stories and experiences, urging listeners to reflect on their blessings and find ways to pay it forward. They stress that small acts of kindness can have a profound impact on someone's life, encouraging listeners to consider the power they hold in making a positive difference.The Big Dog Podcast isn't just about raising awareness for a charitable cause; it's a heartfelt call to action. It invites everyone to be part of a movement that extends far beyond the holiday season, promoting a lifestyle of generosity and empathy.Join Josh and Logan in this inspiring narrative of compassion, empathy, and the incredible influence of selflessness as they navigate the spirit of giving on The Big Dog Podcast.01:14 Excitement for Holidays02:01 I am 25 years old with a 19 years old son03:54 Social Media Algorithm08:20 Incessant Need12:20 Team JW Enterprise Gives Back Help Make the Holidays Brighter for Families in NeedThis holiday season, we have a special opportunity to bring joy and support to families facing challenges. In the spirit of giving, we're inviting YOU to nominate a family who could use a little extra help during these festive times.  Whether it’s a neighbor, friend, or someone in your community, your nomination can make a real difference in their lives. Our Holiday Family Assistance Program aims to provide essential support and holiday cheer to those who need it most. Nominate here: process is simple: Fill out a brief form with some details about the family and their specific needs. Share a bit about their situation and how we can help bring them holiday joy. Submit your nomination and be a part of spreading holiday magic!Your privacy is important to us. All information provided will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.Let's come together as a community to support each other. Every nomination counts, and every bit of help makes the holidays a little brighter for those in need.  Spread the word! Share this post to reach more who may be willing to help. Together, we can make a difference!www.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
19:31 12/22/23
Episode 83: New Levels Brings New Devils
In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, host Josh Wilson delves into the concept of "levels" alongside his son and co-host, Logan. The discussion revolves around the analogy of life as a video game, where each level presents new challenges rather than making things easier. From sporting achievements to personal milestones, Josh emphasizes the misconception that reaching higher levels leads to smoother journeys. #LifeLevels #ChallengesAsLevels #EmbracingFailure #KeepPushingForward00:42 Exploring the nature of failure04:00 Insights into creating margin08:00 Opportunities within the challenges13:15 Sharing success stories20:30 Identifying unique skillswww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
12:15 12/7/23
Episode 82: Thanksgiving!
Join us on The Big Dog Podcast's Thanksgiving special! In this episode, Josh Wilson with co-host Logan and Kiki share their gratitude and reflect on the year's highs and challenges. From family moments to business triumphs, they dive into the essence of thankfulness amidst life's rollercoaster. Tune in for a heartfelt message and a dose of positivity! #ThanksgivingSpecial #Gratitude #BigDogPodcastwww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
02:49 11/23/23
Episode 81: Gimme My Darn Theme Music!
Welcome to The Big Dog Podcast with Josh Wilson and co-host Logan. In this episode, we dive into the winning mentality and the incredible transformation happening at Colorado with Coach Prime, also known as Deion Sanders.Coach Prime, a legendary athlete in football, baseball, and sportscasting, has a knack for winning. He's brought Jackson State from obscurity to a national program and is now leading the Colorado Buffaloes to potential success. His ability to turn around a losing culture is remarkable.What's fascinating is how Coach Prime instills this winning mindset in his team. He doesn't just turn around a program; he rebuilds it from the ground up. He knows the personality, grit, and work ethic it takes to win, and he expects nothing less from his players.However, Coach Prime's approach isn't without its critics. Some see his confidence and style as arrogance, but he doesn't care. He's not here to win at your worst; he wants to beat you at your best. He brings a unique and effective approach to coaching, focusing on the long-term development of his players, not just winning games.Winners like Coach Prime know that success is a way of life. They don't make excuses; they adapt and keep pushing forward, no matter the obstacles. And that's the key to their continuous success.In the end, the message is clear: Winners win, and it's not about comparing yourself to others. It's about finding your own path, doing things your way, and becoming the best version of yourself. So, are you a winner or a loser? The choice is yours.03:10 Winners Don't Crumble to Challenges05:29 Embracing Confidence and Doing Things Differently07:03 The Importance of Doing Things Your Way11:12 Beating the Best, Not Settling for the Worst16:31 Winners vs. Losers: The Mindsetwww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
22:41 10/26/23
Episode 80: The Rant
In this episode of The Big Dog Podcast, host Josh Wilson and his son Logan discuss the challenges they faced with their podcast equipment and the frustrations they experienced. They reflect on the importance of creating margin in a business and how it allows for opportunities to grow and diversify. Josh emphasizes the need to hire the right people to free up time and create value. They also touch on the misconception of not supporting larger companies and the impact on local staff. The episode is a mix of candid conversation and valuable insights into business growth and development.00:42 How many times do we fail?04:00 Creates Margin08:00 What are the opportunities can you create? 13:15 Successful people aren’t afraid to show other people what they’ve done20:30 What is it that you do best that nobody else can do?www.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
23:34 9/18/23
Episode 79: Happy Father's Day
In this episode of The Big Dawg podcast, host Josh Wilson expresses his excitement about being in the studio, which is actually a corner of his office. He introduces his son, Logan Wilson, who joins him in the production room. They have special guests, Chris Swindell and Mark Rosati, who are two of the best dads Josh knows. The episode is recorded during graduation week and with friends and family in town. Josh emphasizes the importance of cherishing time and how it goes by quickly. He reflects on the lessons he has learned from being a father and the value of raising self-sufficient children. The conversation revolves around different phases of fatherhood and the experiences and challenges each guest has faced. The goal of the episode is to share insights and celebrate Father's Day while acknowledging the unique journey of parenthood.01:12 "Two of the best men I know"17:41 Having adult kids44:35 "There's people that come and go in our path"58:47 Dads grew up taking risk01:04:49 Having people that would do anything for you in your lifewww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
78:18 6/18/23
Episode 78: First Response
In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, host Josh Wilson and his son Logan kick off the show with some casual banter, discussing graduation week in the Wilson household and their recent trip to Dallas. They share their excitement about the upcoming Apex annual event and the value of investing in their team and their families. Josh expresses gratitude to Ryan Stillman and the Break Free Academy team for organizing an epic event, featuring influential speakers and performers like Fat Joe and Master P. However, the episode takes an unexpected turn as Josh recounts a car accident they experienced on the way to the event, which becomes a significant incident in his 44 years of driving.Josh reflects on the impact location and the safety features of their van, emphasizing how fortunate they were to minimize potential harm. He also emphasizes the importance of having loved ones to rely on during such incidents. As a business leader, Josh realizes the responsibility he carries, knowing that many people's lives depend on him. Despite feeling shaken, Josh finds inspiration in his son's calm demeanor and perspective. Logan compares the experience to a previous flight landing that was even scarier, reminding Josh to appreciate loved ones and make the most of every moment.Overall, this episode of The Big Dog podcast combines lighthearted banter, excitement about the Apex event, and the unexpected car accident that serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of family and appreciating every moment.01:34 Logan's graduation05:16 Invest in your team09:38 Car accident19:21 Logan's calmness on accident27:40 We're not scared to die; we're scared of losing our loved oneswww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
32:55 6/16/23
Episode 77: If You're Gonna Scale You've Gotta Spend
In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, host Josh Wilson and his son Logan discuss the importance of advertising on Google for business growth. Josh emphasizes that advertising on Google, particularly through pay-per-click campaigns, has the potential to generate immediate and valuable leads for businesses, especially in the home services industry. He highlights the significance of targeting the right audience and capturing hot leads who are actively searching for specific services on Google. Josh emphasizes that investing in pay-per-click advertising on Google can yield better results than traditional marketing methods such as direct mail or magazines. He encourages business owners and salespeople to consider implementing pay-per-click campaigns as a powerful tool to scale their businesses effectively.4:06 We're talking SALES7:46 Anyone searching for what you do is a HOT LEAD9:09 Go on Google13:11 It's not about the volume of people, it's about the right people16:07 If You're Gonna Scale You've Gotta Spend
19:58 5/24/23
Episode 76: Time Suck
In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, host Josh Wilson is joined by his son Logan to discuss the importance of time management and taking action towards your goals. Josh stresses the value of time and how it cannot be regained once it's gone, unlike other resources such as money or friendships. He encourages listeners to be intentional with their time and use it wisely by focusing on activities that add value to their lives. Josh also advises against waiting for the perfect moment to take action and instead advocates for taking imperfect action, which is better than not taking any action at all. The podcast aims to provide valuable content to help people move forward in their personal and professional lives.1:53 Time and resource of time3:05 Average american lifespan8:58 Is happiness and feeling good get you where you’re trying to go?14:30 What would happen if you put that 4-5 hours everyday into getting a little bit better?18:42 You’ve got to be intentionalwww.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
22:25 5/5/23
Episode 75: Holes in Walls!
In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, host Josh Wilson introduces his son Logan who is helping with the production. He discusses their new setup and how they are getting closer to the end result they desire. Josh emphasizes the importance of taking imperfect action instead of waiting for perfection, as it can cost a lot in terms of progress and results. He reflects on his experience of waiting for the perfect setup before launching the podcast and how it resulted in leaving a lot of content on the table. He encourages listeners to take a step forward, start taking action towards their goals and track their progress. The podcast aims to provide valuable content to help people move forward in their personal and professional lives.2:09 What are you waiting on exactly?4:49 What is the cost of waiting for perfection?8:18  What can I spend my time doing that I'm an expert at?10:53 Put a hole in that wall11:25 Do you really need all of those things to happen? or is it an excuse?14:11 Are you just creating excuses because we're scared?​www.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
15:50 4/27/23
Episode 74: Quarter 1 baby!
In this episode of The Big Dog podcast, we will talk about the end of the first quarter of 2023 and how time is flying by. He also introduces his son Logan, who has been helping with the podcast and expresses his excitement about Logan coming to work for him. Josh emphasizes the importance of being intentional and paying attention to your progress toward your goals. He asks listeners to reflect on their progress toward their health, job, family, and personal projects and encourages them to be focused and dialed in as we move into quarter two. Josh shares his progress toward his business goals and emphasizes the importance of having a plan and system to achieve his goals.1:41 Show some love and honor to your dad.4:22 Q1 Production Results.5:24 Where are you at with your goals and goals?7:26 Get up, prioritize, and take action.9:35 How to overcome procrastination.11:33 Mel Robbins’s Book 5.​www.teamjw.comIG: that_dog_trainerFB:
13:02 4/13/23