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End of the Tunnel – CFRC Podcast Network

Get to know the KFL&A arts scene, both virtual and in-person, with host Sadie McFadden (Arts ’22) with this limited-time summer program. With interviews with Indie rock bands to experimental artists, “End of the Tunnel” aims to uplift local artists while informing listeners of upcoming events in your region. Tune in to CFRC 101.9FM on Thursday at 10am to hear the show LIVE or just listen to the podcast here!


What is Live Digital Art?
Sadie and her special guest, Michael Wheeler who is the co-curator of the Festival of Live Digital Art (FOLDA), talk about what live digital art is and what can be expected from FOLDA in the 2021 season. The festival runs from June 9th to 13th with tickets costing $20/per show.  Website:
26:50 8/9/21
Music in COVID
Join Sadie as she talks to Sean, an attendee of the Berklee College of Music who plays guitar for the beloved local band Oakridge Ave., about their new release Endless Nights (Jasvins Remix). In addition we chat with Julia Finnegan regarding the struggles about being a musician during COVID-19 and how the pandemic has impacted […]
59:20 8/9/21
Jivin Juke Box County
Join Sadie and Rick Tyo whose stage name is Juke Box county to talk about mental health and the release of Juke Box County’s debut album on May 23rd. This indie psychedelic rock album has something for everyone from Cage the Elephant influences, to a country twang, to some smooth jazz. Listen to Sadie and […]
29:52 8/9/21
Sadie Chats with Daniel Green
In this chat, Sadie chats with student artist Daniel Green.
59:13 6/28/21
Calling All Guitarists!
Join Sadie and two members of The Wilderness, Nick and Jonas, in talking about the band’s upcoming auditions as their previous lead guitarist, Sacha, returns to Geneva, Switzerland. With audition portfolios due May 26th, CFRC gives you the inside scoop on what they are looking for. IG: @thewildernesskingston website: All music in this show […]
29:35 6/11/21