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Women Your Mother Warned You About

Women Your Mother Warned You About™ is the podcast that makes business sexy again. Co-hosted by Gina Trimarco and Rachel Pitts, the show is a blend of best business practices and “real life” hacks, filled with laughter, practical advice, irreverence, random chatter and some serious moments. Add to the mix the occasional guests and special segments, such as “That’s What He Said” (featuring the male point of view). Gina and Rachel stress “we love men”. This is a show for women and men, while embracing all things female – from body image issues and mom challenges to how to show value in a sales conversation while wearing the best shade of lipstick. The goal of their podcast is to break down all types of barriers in business and life, making money while making others happy … and laughing as much as possible while they do it.


Discovery: Listener Questions Answered 55:57 06/30/2022
Training, Skill-building, and Listening to Your Voice with Amy Franko 46:57 06/23/2022
Standing In Your Brand with Alex Husner and Annie Holcombe 43:11 06/16/2022
Selling The Price Increase with Jeb Blount!! 48:19 06/09/2022
Everyday I'm Hustlin' 52:32 06/02/2022
Shut Up and Listen with Joe Caruso 46:38 05/26/2022
Your Voice with Jeff Bajorek 58:27 05/19/2022
Who Murdered The Deal with Amy Hrehovcik 54:20 05/12/2022
Sales Leadership, Listener Questions Pt.2 54:53 05/05/2022
Sell Without Selling Out with Andy Paul 46:16 04/28/2022
Equity and Resiliency with Cynthia Barnes 49:57 04/21/2022
Leadership Redefined with Beth Incorvati 55:17 04/14/2022
Don't Push - Pull with Nick Capozzi 48:08 04/07/2022
Be Better with Amy Hrehovcik 53:47 03/31/2022
Invest In Your Future - ETF's Explained with Camille Clemons 33:57 03/24/2022
The Power of Your Personal Brand with Kristina Jaramillo 38:23 03/17/2022
Value Over Volume with Phil Gerbyshak 39:25 03/10/2022
Sales Leadership - Listeners' Questions Answered! 48:02 03/03/2022
Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Taken with Camille Clemons 38:44 02/24/2022
Going Rogue: Creative Selling 37:37 02/17/2022
Make It Mean Something with Christina Brady 44:40 02/10/2022
Celebrity Service with Geoff Ramm 49:26 02/03/2022
Gina Exposed (Becoming Confident In Sales) 49:10 01/27/2022
Play Time! with Jordana Zeldin 51:27 01/20/2022
Recruiting as Sales 53:04 01/13/2022
Cultural Intelligence with Susanna Gray-Jones 42:40 01/06/2022
Why Is The Price On The Price List That Price? With Keith Walters 50:29 12/30/2021
The Gift of Great Advice 29:39 12/23/2021
You Can Lose the Deal, But Not the Lesson with Shari Levitin 61:13 12/16/2021
Clear Over Clever with Sara Frandina 35:55 12/09/2021