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Find Calm Here Community Strategy

Welcome to the Find Calm Here Podcast, I’m your host, Deb Schell. On this podcast, I share conversations I have with creatives and community-builders who share what's worked in the process of building, launching, and growing a paid online community. During the episode, we talk about tech tools that support community-building in onboarding, how to cultivate conversations, and encourage members to connect, participate, and invite others to join. The strategies that are discussed can be used on any online platform and are focused on offering a great member experience and help others transform. We love people and gravitate towards helping others as community-builder. My goal is to help you find calm in any stage of your community-building process to lead your network with joy, energy, and abundance.


Episode 61: Find Calm co-creating community content with Suzi Hunn 38:29 01/09/2022
Episode 60: Find Calm making connections with Todd Nilson 49:38 12/26/2021
Episode 59: Find Calm with a slow launch strategy with Ray Green 47:31 12/12/2021
Episode 58: Find Calm mastering your mindset with Jackie Cote 51:57 11/28/2021
Episode 57: Find Calm pivoting to entrepreneurship with Carol Aranos 41:59 11/14/2021
Episode 56: Find Calm earning your community members' trust with Paul Bradley 54:39 10/31/2021
Episode 55: Find Calm creating a purposeful community with Ayelet Baron 54:30 10/17/2021
Episode 54: Find Calm getting your daily dose with Jeff Turner 40:53 10/03/2021
Episode 53: Find Calm helping others do good with Dale Wilkinson 34:09 09/26/2021
Episode 52: Find Calm becoming visible with Maria Tan 41:51 09/19/2021
Episode 51: Find calm envisioning your zone of genius with Kelly Pratt 42:04 09/12/2021
Episode 50: Find Calm creating your community strategy with Jenny Weigle 34:16 09/05/2021
Episode 49: Find Calm validating your online community offers with Hudson Phillips 35:23 08/29/2021
Episode 48: Find calm with B2B Tech Communities with Piper Wilson 24:56 08/22/2021
Episode 47: Find Calm hosting your next virtual event with Sheri Bennefeld 47:40 08/15/2021
Episode 46: Find Calm onboarding community members with this guide 63:03 08/08/2021
Episode 45: Find Calm bringing together a community of conscious leaders with Tigrilla Gardenia 39:55 08/01/2021
Episode 44: Find Calm Creating a Safe Space with Karen East 47:37 07/25/2021
Episode 43: Find Calm Rethinking The Way You Sell with Jeff Bajorek 38:56 07/18/2021
Episode 42: Find Calm building a wellness community with Dr. Jody Stanislaw 33:18 07/11/2021
Episode 42: Find Calm managing a Mighty Network with Lynne Nieman, Spotlight Location Indie Community - Part 3 46:01 07/04/2021
Episode 41: Find Calm discovering your tribe with Callie Mickle, Spotlight Location Indie Community - Part 2 36:36 06/27/2021
Episode 40: Find Calm building a successful community with Jason Moore, Spotlight Location Indie Community - Part 1 62:23 06/20/2021
Episode 39: Find calm creating a community you're passionate about with Nitika Chopra 39:51 06/13/2021
Episode 38: Find Calm Rewiring your Thinking with David Taylor-Klaus 43:53 06/06/2021
Episode 37: Find Calm creating a successful network with Carol Dockum 46:48 05/30/2021
Episode 36: Find Calm dreaming big with Jayme Ward 39:06 05/23/2021
Episode 35: Find Calm launching a Mighty Network with Mackay Rippey 56:16 05/16/2021
Episode 34: Find Calm reinventing your life with Alyssa Sulli 41:33 05/09/2021
Episode 33: Find Calm cultivating a community with Stephanie Powell 47:10 05/02/2021