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Matt and Dex talking... sometimes with Lee and Thom! * it's recorded live, but not distributed live.


00:00 Some general banter about old tv shows, the movie Nope, and the first few episodes of She-Hulk.25:00 -  Dexter and Matt saw Jaws in IMAX
74:23 09/20/2022
She Hulk & We admit to being writers
Dexter and Matt talk about initial reactions to She-Hulk as well as talk about the books we're writing.
58:10 09/07/2022
57: Lightyear Movie Review
Matt plans a birthday party and we watched Lightyear and over analyze it - spoilers so should you.
46:16 08/22/2022
56: Obi-Wan Episode 6
Wrapping up our conversation about Obi-Wan season 1.
56:29 08/08/2022
55: Thor Love and Thunder REVIEW
00:00 - Catch-up - Dexter went to Maine, Matt listened to the Hobbit audio book and there some Boba Fett toy talk. 53:44 - We talk about Thor Love and Thunder. - check out our merch!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!!! and find us on Socials Media, we on all the ones the other millennials are on.
104:23 07/26/2022
Obi-Wan Kenobi REVIEW
We mosty talk about Obi-Wan Kenobi - But Matt is also playing Lego Star Wars.
51:05 07/11/2022
We go to a Con! Among Other Things.
Matt and Dexter go to Des Moines Con, Matt likes the new Star Trek, Dexter did some wood working, Chrono Cross banter, Matt plays Mario on the Switch and Zelda Breath of the Wild, Pre/Early Obi-wan talk, some Sonic talk
54:07 07/11/2022
Doctor Strange and Moon Knight
66:32 06/13/2022
The Batman - Review
Dexter and Matt talk about the Batman, some Obi Wan and then more Batman.
84:52 05/24/2022
Moon Knight and more Star Trek
Talking about Moon Knight and Star Trek.
91:54 04/19/2022
49: Catchup with Thom!
Thom's back! We complain about internet providers, Dexter saw The Batman, Matt started the Boba Fett Gun, Matt talks about watching old movies, Picard, talking about movie special effects and recasting actors, video Games like Link to the Past, Star Wars on Disney+ and much more!Check us out at
89:32 03/29/2022
48: 3D printing, Agatha Christie, & Resident Evil
3D printing Boba's Gun, Murder on the Orient Express, Resident Evil movie, and Chrono Cross comes to modern platforms.
73:28 03/07/2022
47: The Book of Boba Fett
We're talking The Book of Boba FettGet our Merch
93:41 02/21/2022
46: January is Cold
Batman eye makeup, Batman who laughs, IDW losing Transformers and GIJoe, Matt watched A Quiet Place 1 & 2Matt watched Paranormal moviesMatt watched Rise of Skywalker again... not a great movie stillSome more talk about putting deceased actors in moviesBook of Boba Fett talk - ignore the nay sayersOrdering exclusive toys is hardare Legos really that cool?More MCU... sorryNic Cage Isle of DogsDexter struggles through remembering Wes Anderson moviesDexter's daughter had a birthdayDexter's watching Escape to the Castle (British show about a couple moving to a castle)Dexter's playing Dishonored... again... leads into RPG (Chrono Trigger, Cross, Final Fantasy, etc.) and other video game talk... again
124:50 02/07/2022
45: Catch Up: Spider-Man, Matrix, Hawkeye, Boba Fett, Shang Chi
Spider-Man No Way Home and other Spider-Mans, Matrix Resurrection, Mulan & other Disney live actions, Hawkeye, Book of Boba Fett, Eternals, Shang Chi, New Halo Game, Army of Thieves, We're making Boba Fetts Gun
103:59 01/27/2022
44: Ghostbusters: Afterlife
Dexter and Matt talk about Ghostbusters Afterlife and some upcoming MCU
75:16 01/04/2022
Hawkeye (the first two Eps.)
Matt and Dexter talk about the first two episodes of Hawkeye on Disney+ and Matt has started to rewatch the MCU.
70:35 12/13/2021
42: Oh Fudge Beans and talks of Boba Fett and Peter Parker
Matt opened up his insta to the public: Cowboy Bepop - cartoonMatt gets a new TransformerMatt finishes his Mando toy setStar Wars banter and Boba Fett trailer reviewSpider-Man trailer reviewNerd bander
110:51 11/22/2021
41: NERD 💩
Follow Matt on Instagram to see updates on his kids books Billy the Zombie Boy - for the title Lisa!)Matt and Dexter record right before trick-or-treating in Dexter's office. Dexter's co-worker guesses that he has a podcastStar Wars banterMatt watched 10.5 hrs of Treehouse of Horror (all of them)Matt watched some horror moviesMarvel banterMatt played Back 4 BloodIllustration banterQR Codes in BooksThen they trail off on Crypto... sorry folks
66:37 11/22/2021
Loki (pt 2) & Venom Let There Be Carnage
20:04 Loki53:57 Venom Let There Be Carnage
88:07 10/11/2021
Loki Pt. 1
We're talking Loki the first 4 episodes. Follow us on the socials, as well as check out our merch all linked to from our websites www.recordinglivepodcast.comThanks for listening
59:28 10/01/2021
It's impolite to kiss and tell
Matt and Dexter talk about what they refuse to talk about and what's they're most afraid of.
112:28 09/02/2021
37-1 Article C - 💩🔫
Matt Talks about first half of The Suicide Squad - does he like it? Watching the Jason moviesThe Chip Challenge - facebook videoOmaha Trip - Adventureland - Daddy daughter date with Legos - Bump in the NightSkybound Unlimited Comic - Beast Wars Comic Matt gets more Transformers ToysScarlett Johansson suing DisneyDark Wing Duck remakeMighty Ducks TV showKim's Convenienceand some old TGIF-ish showsMatt and Dexter argue about future show plans. 
87:06 08/19/2021
Black Widow & Family ({ [ SPOILERS ] })
Remember to find us online with merch at{ [ SPOILERS ] })({ [ SPOILERS ] })({ [ SPOILERS ] })0:51 - What's new with Matt and Dexter1:20 - Matt's Master's of the Universe review - It's not great and some other Netflix show thoughts30:13 - Dexter's quick review of Ted Lasso Season 1 and first episode of Season 2.36:02 - Black Widow({ [ SPOILERS ] })({ [ SPOILERS ] })({ [ SPOILERS ] })
87:59 08/02/2021
35-2 Article B - Monthly Trailers
Let us know what you think hello@recordinglivepodcast.comTwitter: @reclivepodcastFacebook: /recordinglivepodcastInstagram: @recordinglivepodcast24:41 Picard Trailer talk1:02:40 Snake Eyes - G.I. Joe Origin1:19:26 Master of the Universe on Netflix
92:28 07/24/2021
FCLC, Batman Long Halloween, & movies
7:29 FLCL sequels15:37 Batman the Long Halloween Pt. 1 and other Batman cartoon movies and comics45:50 Knives Out 2 cast announcements and general talks about movie54:55 Transformers Rise of the Beasts1:03:00 Dexter went to a cabin1:04:50 Dexter is listening to Audiobooks - currently Dune leads into woodworking banter about clamps1:14:35 Matt's reading comics - Ninja Turtles Comic leads into other comic book banter
94:55 07/24/2021
Shooting the Shoot
1:00 introduction and banter4:00 Loki and other MCU, 16:45 going back to movies in the theatre,18:48 The Bad Batch and other Star Wars,37:00 Audio book narrators - leads into conversation about accents59:50 Matt's been watching Parasite1:03:37 Joker Movie leads into Venom1:06:51 Spider-Man reboot ranting 1:15:00 MCU rants - Moon Knight - She Hulk - Secret Invasion - Nick Fury in the movies1:26:14 How I Met Your Mother1:37:30 Matt's Brian Posehn story1:4030 Dexter's Shatner story1:45:50 Matt's Zander Cannon story1:47:05 Matt's Cinema Snob story - leads into other con talks
117:41 06/25/2021
Army of the Dead - Review with Spoilers
Listen in to Dexter and Matt talking about Army of the Dead, which as of this recording is a movie you can currently watch on Netflix.And while you watch head over to our social medias and tell us what you thought of the movie then go to our store and support the show by buying merch!
115:30 06/09/2021
Our Favorite Comic Book Illustrators
37:09 - Favorite Illustrators38:37 - Mike Mignola, Chris Bachalo, Phil Hester53:54 - Ryan Ottley56:48 - Colorists: Rico Renzi, Ryan Cody, Justin Ponser, Josh Burcham, Joanna Lafuente, Priscilla Tramontano, Cliff Rathburn, Matt Wilson1:02:50 - Jim Lee, Todd McFarland, Nick Dragotta, Tim Sale, Sean Phillips, Charlie Adler, Tom 1:14:24 - Kei Zama1:20:14 - Daniel Warren Johnson, Jerome Opeña, Matt Hollingsworth1:29:18 - Jeff Lemire1:32:55 - Nick Roche1:36:56 - Casey Coller
107:34 05/24/2021
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier w/ SPOILERS
Dexter and Matt talk about The Falcon and The Winter Solder which you can now watch on Disney Plus... so go do that.Get some merch at or go to for links to our social medias.
133:18 05/13/2021