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At 16, I lost my dear friend Andrea to suicide—a profound loss that became both the best and worst gift, guiding me through the darkest of times. Welcome to ”Suicide Zen Forgiveness,” where we dig into stories of suicide loss, ideation, and mental health, weaving threads of hope into every narrative. Each story shared has the power to touch someone who needs it most, offering a beacon of light in their journey. Join us in adding to our well of hope by sharing your story. Together, let’s #ChooseLife and #KeepBreathing, nurturing resilience and healing. Interested in sharing your story as a guest? Reach out to us at


The Alchemy of Healing: Dr. Rani Thanacoody’s Path to Self-Discovery s8 e3
Empowerment through Healing: Dr. Rani Thanacoody's Journey   This episode of the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast features an interview with Dr. Rani Thanacoody, a UK-based entrepreneur, founder of Amazing You, and expert in holistic wellness. Host Elaine Lindsay discusses dr Thanacoody's multifaceted approach to empowerment and healing, emphasizing the importance of addressing childhood trauma, the power of gratitude, and the transformative impact of self-forgiveness and inner work. Dr. Thanacoody shares her personal story of overcoming loneliness and trauma through various healing modalities, including clinical hypnotherapy, astrology, and chakra practice, ultimately finding joy and purpose. The episode also highlights her contributions as a co-author in books alongside Dr. John Gray and Susie Dent, focusing on overcoming emotional and physical abuse. Key themes include the significance of self-investment, the therapeutic role of acknowledging past traumas, and the crucial aspect of forgiveness in healing and personal growth.   00:00 Meet Dr. Rani Thanacoody: A Visionary in Holistic Wellness 00:39 Introducing Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 03:14 Dr. Rani's Journey: From Academic to Holistic Healer 06:09 Unveiling Personal Traumas and the Path to Healing 11:12 The Power of Inner Work: Transforming Pain into Purpose 27:27 Embracing the Wisdom of Trauma 20:07 The Power of Forgiveness and Self-Acceptance 31:37 Embracing Forgiveness as Self-Care 33:33 The Transformative Journey of Self-Discovery 35:46 Healing and Honoring Our Inner Child 40:41 Gratitude: A Foundation for Healing and Growth 42:39 The Importance of Gratitude Towards Our Body and Earth 47:38 The Next Generation's Awareness and Gratitude 49:37 Sustainability and Leaving a Legacy for Future Generations 50:51 Closing Thoughts and Acknowledgments Bio Dr. Rani Thanacoody is a visionary entrepreneur based in the United Kingdom. As the esteemed Founder of AmazingYou, she has carved an indelible mark in the field of holistic wellness. Armed with a diverse array of qualifications, Dr. Rani is an international clinical hypnotherapist, a certified Mars Venus Life and Relationship Coach, a skilled Breathwork Coach, a compassionate Chakra Healer, a proficient Lifeforce Compassion Practitioner, a seasoned Past Life Regression Practitioner, a perceptive Tarot Reader, and an insightful Astrologer. Driven by an unwavering passion for empowering women, Dr. Rani adeptly employs various modalities to guide individuals through their transformative journeys towards self-discovery and healing. Her podcast and YouTube channels, under the banner 'AmazingYou by Dr. Rani Thanacoody', serve as beacons of inspiration, offering solace and enlightenment to those navigating through life's tumultuous waters. An esteemed co-author alongside Dr. John Gray in the Amazon No. 1 Best Seller, 'Love and Coaching', Dr. Rani's chapter, 'The Best Investment You Will Ever Make', stands as a testament to her profound insights into relationships and personal growth. Her contribution to 'Bare, Naked and Beautiful' further underscores her commitment to uplifting others through her words. As an international inspirational speaker mentored by the legendary Les Brown, Rani’s eloquence and compelling presence have graced platforms such as e360Tv, where she continues to touch hearts and inspire positive change. Rani has been nominated among the 100 women entrepreneurs globally and is featured in the Global Woman Magazine in March 2024 edition. Dr. Rani champions the importance of holistic health, emphasizing the transformative power of nutrition. Her partnership with JuicePlus underscores her dedication to spreading awareness about the profound benefits of a well-balanced diet for overall well-being. Weblinks: Rani can be contacted by email: Social  links: Instagram:@thanacoodyrani and @ranithanacoody Twitter:@ranithanacoody - Instagram: - Podbean: - Buzzsprout: -Spotify: YouTube channel: @amazingyoudrranithanacoody Websites  Love and Light  
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Breaking Silence: Stories of Resilience and Recovery
Empowerment Through Healing: Exploring Suicides and Forgiveness In an episode of 'Suicide Zen Forgiveness,' hosted by Elaine Lindsay, guest Nancy Debra Barrows shares her transformative journey from experiencing sexual abuse and struggling with mental health to finding healing and empowerment. Nancy discusses the role of therapy, the impact of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), and the importance of vulnerability and self-care in her recovery. The episode closes with a note of gratitude towards guests and sponsors, emphasizing the show's commitment to suicide prevention and mental health advocacy. It encourages listener participation and promotes future episodes aimed at breaking the silence on critical mental health issues.   00:00 Welcome to the Show: Introducing Nancy Debra Barrows 00:45 The Mission of Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 03:33 Nancy's Journey: From New York to Healing* 05:51 Confronting the Past and Embracing Therapy 06:21 The Struggle with Anorexia and Seeking Control 08:30 College Challenges and Dropping Out 12:21 Finding a New Path in Los Angeles 13:35 The Power of Sharing and Healing 13:38 Embracing the Real You: #RadiatingReal Campaign 15:56 The Impact of TMS on Depression 17:27 The Importance of Sharing Your Story 39:58 Learning to Forgive and Love Yourself 41:45 Unpacking Emotional Abuse and Its Repetition 42:44 The Comfort in Discomfort: Understanding Domestic Abuse Dynamics 43:18 Exploring the Human Psyche: Love, Needs, and Survival 46:03 The Power of Perception: How Our Brains Shape Our Reality 49:23 Embracing Vulnerability and Building a Virtual Toolbox 52:03 Acts of Kindness: A Personal Journey Towards Healing 55:04 The Importance of Self-Care and Setting Boundaries 01:03:34 Challenging Gender Norms and Embracing Emotional Expression 01:16:15 Finding Passion and Purpose Later in Life 01:16:49 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude   *FootNote Mandated Reporter In the United States and Canada, a mandated reporter is a person who is legally required to report to Child Protective Services if they observe or suspect abuse or neglect in children. Mandatory reporting laws generally apply to professionals who come into contact with children (for example, physicians, nurses, teachers, therapists, and childcare providers) while in other places, it applies to all adults regardless of profession. If a mandated reporter fails to report, they may incur civil penalties, criminal prosecution, or both.  -From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia About Nancy  Nancy Debra Barrows M.S. CCC-SLP (She/Her) * 5 Time #1 Best Selling Author * 5 Time LinkedIn TopVoice * Top 50 Most Impactful People of LinkedIn * Please use to set up an appointment * Top 50 Most Inspired Connections On LinkedIn * Top 250 Rising Stars and Influencers to Watch on LinkedIn * Chief Excitement Officer/Founder; The Chick With The Toolbelt  * Chief Engagement Officer, VoiceYourVibe * Co-Host/Producer of the Global Award winning LIVE shows "Shout Out Saturday" & "What's Good Wednesday" * Creator/Host of "Connected Human Conversations" * Keynote Speaker * Creator, The #RadiatingReal Movement   "The challenges you overcome become your superpowers."  ~ Nancy Debra Barrows   For more ways to connect, click below  
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Scars of Survival: The Long-Term Consequences of Weight Loss Surgery
(The surgery was undone after 20 days) Elaine Lindsay's Journey: The Hidden Dangers of Weight Loss Surgeries and Medications   In this heartfelt solo episode, Elaine Lindsay shares her personal journey and the aftermath of losing a dear friend to suicide. Elaine discusses the immense societal pressures on appearance, particularly for young women, and the impact on her own life. She recounts her traumatic experiences with experimental weight loss surgery in 1983, the severe complications she suffered, and the long-lasting health issues that resulted. Elaine emphasizes the importance of being cautious with modern weight loss medications like semaglutides, urging for more research and informed decisions. She encourages listeners to share this message to help others make better choices regarding weight loss solutions. This episode serves as both a cautionary tale and a call for greater awareness and empathy towards those struggling with self-image and weight issues.   00:00 Introduction and Personal Appeal 01:24 The Pressure of Societal Expectations 05:04 Struggles with Self-Acceptance 05:45 The Impact of a Life-Altering Accident 06:54 The Journey to Self-Improvement 11:22 The Decision for Weight Loss Surgery 13:42 The Aftermath of Botched Surgeries 18:29 Living with Long-Term Complications 24:20 A Warning About Modern Weight Loss Drugs 29:41 Final Thoughts and Call to Action   BIO Driven by a profound mission to shatter the silence, stigma, and shame surrounding suicide loss, ideation, and mental health, Elaine is passionately committed to open, often challenging conversations around the critical topics of her mission.     Elaine writes on Medium, and has articles featured in "Brainz," "Women Rock," and "Media, Marketing, and Money" magazines, and appearances in three books on Social Media and SEO, Elaine’s expertise is widely recognized. Her insights have also been shared on prominent platforms including CTV, CBC, and Rogers TV.    Now, at 68, she is crafting a lesson-rich biography that promises to be a testament to her journey through grief, self-loathing, and rebirth, embracing life with unapologetic vigor.    Her forthcoming work aims to empower and enlighten, offering a roadmap of resilience and joy that she has lived and continues to advocate for every day. Links and Socials  Personal website:  Podcast:  SEO|Social Media Foundations Specialists:    Bluesky Facebook Personal  Podcast  Business  BBPTVShow   Instagram Personal Podcast  Business    LinkedIn Personal    Podcast  Business   Pinterest    Twitter X Personal  Podcast Business    Telegram @TROOLSocial   YouTube: Personal Podcast Business  BBPTVShow   Vertical banded gastroplasty* NOTE: I had my short-time VBG in September 1983.. None of the early complications were the expected because the doctor caused a gastric leak, and tried to cover it up. 3 surgeries in three weeks.. and in the third.. he had another surgeon slit my throat and divert my esophagus out my neck -NOT a normal procedure.   Vertical banded gastroplasty (VBG), introduced by Mason in 1982, is now discarded because of important long-term complications and technical difficulties to do revisional surgery.    The rate of reintervention is high. Long-term complication can be severe, especially with gastric stenosis that could lead to esophageal cancer. A second reintervention could be technically demanding, especially by laparoscopy, and the patients should be referred to a specialized center.  
36:27 5/28/24
Words Heal: The Intersection of Poetry, Suicide Prevention, and Community
Transforming Pain into Poetry: A Discussion on Suicide, Hope, and Healing   In this emotionally rich episode of the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast, host Elaine Lindsay sits down with poet Icess Fernandez Roja to discuss her debut poetry collection, 'The Opposite of Breathing is Cement.' The collection explores themes of identity, love, mental illness, and suicide. Icess shares her personal journey of overcoming suicidal ideation and how it led to writing poetry as a means of healing and reaching out to others experiencing similar struggles. The conversation delves into the importance of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide, providing support for those in need, and the power of finding and sharing hope through creative expression. The episode highlights the significance of talking about mental health openly and using one’s experiences to help others feel less alone. Icess's story is a testament to the strength found in vulnerability and the transformative potential of art in navigating the darkest of times.   00:00 Introducing Icess Fernandez Roja and Her Poetry on Mental Health 00:42 The Mission of Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 01:25 A Deep Dive into Identity, Suicide, and Healing Through Poetry 08:29 The Journey from Darkness to Diagnosis 14:59 Finding Hope and Purpose Through Sharing and Connection 20:40 The Power of Kindness and Community in Healing 24:12 Using Art to Open Conversations on Mental Health 27:11 Revolutionizing Customer Service: A Personal Touch 28:23 The Power of Genuine Compliments 29:54 Breaking the Cycle of Robotic Interactions 30:50 The Impact of Positive Feedback 31:13 A Lesson in Kindness from a UPS Driver 33:06 Sharing a Poignant Poem 37:59 Navigating Depression and Suicide Ideation 40:15 Preemptive Measures Against Depression 48:11 Finding Hope in the Smallest Things 49:47 Concluding Thoughts and Gratitude Summary Icess Fernandez Rojas is a highly acclaimed international writer, Houston educator, and former journalist. Her debut poetry collection, "The Opposite of Breathing is Cement: Poetry and Prose," delves into the intricacies of life, touching on themes of healing, identity, love, and mental illness. A graduate of Goddard College's MFA program, Rojas's work has earned international recognition, gracing the pages of prestigious literary journals such as Queen Mobs Lit Journal, Poetry 24, PANK Magazine, Rabble Lit, Minerva Rising Literary Journal, and the Feminine Collective's anthology, "Notes from Humanity." Her compelling Houston-based story, "Happy Hunting," found a place in the esteemed "Houston Noir" anthology. Her latest work is called: "The Opposite of Breathing is Cement: Poetry and Prose" and is available in bookstores and online now. Notably, Rojas's nonfiction and memoir pieces have left an indelible mark in publications like Dear Hope,, HuffPost, and the Guardian. Her exceptional contributions to the literary world have garnered her numerous accolades, including the Owl of Minerva Award, and she is celebrated as an alum of the VONA/Voices of Our Nation Arts Foundation, a Dos Brujas Workshop alum, a Kimbilio Fellow, and a member of the illustrious Yale Writers’ Workshop. Website links: And the book links: Barnes and Noble:   Amazon:    Bookshop:
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Soulful Recovery: The Journey Beyond Loss with Deva Neely S7 E19
Navigating Grief and Finding Hope: A Deep Dive into Suicide Loss and Healing   In this episode of Suicide Zen Forgiveness, host Elaine Lindsay invites guest Deva Neely to share her poignant journey through trauma, loss, and personal growth. Deva, a former music and French teacher who lost her brother to suicide in 2013, discusses the profound impact this event had on her life, including the isolation and stigma she faced and how it launched her on a path to healing. Deva and Elaine address the taboo surrounding discussion of suicide, the importance of honest conversations about mental health, and the need for improving support systems. Deva, now a psychic medium, emphasizes the transformational power of reconnecting with her abilities to aid her healing process and assist others in navigating their grief. The episode highlights the critical role of education, resilience building, and open dialogue in preventing suicide and fostering a supportive community for those affected.   00:00 Introduction to Diva's Journey and Mission 02:23 The Impact of Suicide: Diva's Personal Story 03:25 Navigating Family Dynamics and Personal Healing 06:47 The Importance of Naming and Remembering Lost Loved Ones 09:55 Breaking the Silence: Discussing Suicide and Mental Health 20:20 The Role of Education and Support in Suicide Prevention 25:24 Addressing Trauma: From Personal Experience to Broader Implications 27:46 Understanding Trauma and Resilience 29:37 The Emotional Journey of Animals vs. Humans 31:49 The Struggles and Resilience of Teachers 38:37 The Importance of Mental Health Awareness 47:33 Connecting with the Beyond: A Psychic Medium's Journey 51:39 The Power of Connection and Kindness 55:29 Closing Thoughts and Acknowledgements Bio: Deva has worn many hats over the years including spending 20 years in the classroom teaching music and French and running her own performance academy to young, up and coming singers and actors. Life changed drastically for Deva when she lost her brother in 2013 to suicide. The trajectory of her life catapulted her into realms she wasn’t expecting. On her grief journey she tapped back into a gift she had since childhood and it was her brother who helped her get it back. Deva is now a psychic medium and grief coach helping others on their grief journeys teaching people that death is not a finality. Deva now helps people tap into their own intuitive abilities to learn how to communicate with their departed loved ones, sealing the gap between the human and spirit worlds. Socials Facebook: Grief Relief FB Group: Instagram: Tiktok: LinkedIn: YouTube:   Website
57:13 5/14/24
Champion of Change: Michelle E. Dickinson’s Advocacy for Mental Health
Empowerment Through Resilience: Michelle E. Dickinson's Journey and Mission This episode of the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast features Michelle E. Dickinson, a workplace resilience coach, speaker, and author, who shares her personal journey of growing up with a bipolar mother and how it shaped her understanding of resilience and mental health. Host Elaine Lindsay dives into Michelle's revolutionary perspective on mental health, emphasizing the importance of emotional well-being, self-reliance, and personal mastery to thrive in life. Through her TED talks, memoir, and work with various organizations, Michelle aims to empower individuals, particularly educators facing burnout, by equipping them with resilience tools. The podcast also underscores the significance of addressing mental health proactively to avoid burnout and encourages breaking the silence around suicide and mental health issues.   00:00 Introducing Michelle E. Dickinson: A Force of Nature in Mental Health Advocacy 01:21 The Mission of Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 02:13 Michelle's Journey: From Caregiver to Resilience Coach 04:04 The Power of Resilience and Personal Mastery 11:14 Understanding Mental Illness Through Personal Experience 13:08 The Path to Healing and Empowerment 22:59 Shifting Perspectives: From Treatment to Prevention 25:44 The Importance of Self-Care and Mindset Shift 26:55 Breaking the Silence: Advocacy and Resilience 27:42 The Power of Positivity and Connection 28:26 Building Resilience: Practical Tips and Tools 28:43 The Impact of Simple Acts of Kindness 29:38 Digital Disconnection and the Quest for Authentic Interaction 31:41 Navigating Negativity: Strategies for a Positive Outlook 37:44 Supporting Educators: A Mission to Prevent Burnout 42:30 Empowering Teachers: The Need for Systemic Support 46:15 The Future of Education: A Call to Action 48:48 Closing Thoughts and Gratitude BIO Michelle's journey is not just about her own triumph over adversity; it's about inspiring others to discover their own capability, and ability to self-heal while enriching their lives. Through her engaging talks, transformative workshops, and insightful book, she invites individuals to embark on their own journey of self-discovery, where they break free from limitations, embrace their inner strength, and create a life filled with purpose, fulfillment, and unyielding joy. Michelle is not your ordinary Workplace Resilience Coach, TED speaker, and bestselling author. She is a force of nature, igniting powerful shifts and critical impact in the national education space, Fortune 500 companies, and even among our brave first responders.   Drawing from her own experiences as a caregiver to her bipolar mother, Michelle understands the immense challenges life throws our way. But instead of merely surviving, she believes in thriving. She has shattered the traditional notion of mental health, and instead, champions the path of emotional well-being, self-reliance, and personal mastery. Michelle's revolutionary perspective has resonated deeply with people from every corner of society, empowering them to lead more fulfilling lives.   Book   LINKS & Socials  Website Website #3 LinkedIn URL Facebook URL Twitter URL YouTube URL Instagram
51:45 5/7/24
The Fabric of Us: Stitching Connections in a Fragmented World
A Deep Dive into Mental Health, Suicide, and Personal Growth with David Amerland   In this episode of 'Suicide Zen Forgiveness,' host Elaine Lindsay engages in a comprehensive and thought-provoking conversation with David Amerland, an acclaimed author and speaker known for his works on business, marketing, and the intersection of neuroscience with critical decision-making. As the conversation unfolds, David shares insights from his diverse body of work, including the books 'Intentional' and 'The Sniper Mind,' touching on themes of emotional regulation, the importance of social connections, and the complex landscape of mental health and suicide. The discussion also reminisces about the unique community experience of Google Plus, reflecting on how digital platforms can foster community and support. Elaine and David reminisce about personal stories and professional findings, exploring how understanding our brains and emotions can lead to a more meaningful life. They advocate for the importance of discussing mental health openly, aiming to destigmatize topics surrounding suicide and encourage better societal support systems.   00:00 Meet David Amerland: A Deep Dive into His World 01:37 Launching into Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 02:49 Revisiting the Google Plus Era: Community, Connection, and Impact 04:51 The Power of Social Connections for Mental Health 14:50 Exploring the Brain's Social Needs and Mental Health 29:42 Navigating the Complexities of Medicine and Personal Health 36:06 Exploring Misconceptions in Women's Health 37:01 The Evolution of Veterinary Medicine and Its Lessons 38:10 Comparing Animal and Human Medical Ethics 41:45 The Emotional Complexity of Euthanizing Pets 43:47 Understanding Suicide and Mental Health 51:40 The Journey of Personal Growth and Emotional Regulation 01:07:28 Closing Thoughts and Future Conversations   David's Bio David Amerland the author of eleven books on business, marketing and search including The Tribe That Discovered Trust and the best-selling Google Semantic Search. He writes for Inc.,  Forbes, and HP UK and blogs on his own website, When he is not writing or surfing the Web he spends time giving speeches internationally on how search, social media and branding are changing. He’s the author of “The Sniper Mind” a deep dive in the world of neuroscience, critical decision making and brain analytics and their application in real-world business. His latest book is “Intentional: How To Live, Love, Work and Play Meaningfully”.   Links More on David Amerland's website: Useful Books The Sniper Mind - Intentional - Social Media Presence: Twitter: Instagram: Threads: LinkedIn: BlueSky:   1c016786d18586c75556d142ed112b91b4291a27
71:29 4/30/24
Breaking the Stigma: Humor, Healing, and Hope
The Power of Humor in Suicide Prevention: An Enlightening Conversation with Frank King   This episode of the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast features Frank King, a renowned speaker on suicide prevention, former Tonight Show writer, and TEDx trainer. Hosted by Elaine Lindsay, the discussion delves into Frank's journey from comedy to suicide prevention, highlighting his personal experiences with suicidal ideation and how humor can offer a rare comfort and connection to those struggling with similar issues. Frank shares powerful anecdotes illustrating the profound impact of openly discussing mental health and suicide, emphasizing the importance of language, empathy, and understanding mental health nuances. The conversation also touches on the significance of pets in providing a sense of responsibility and preventing suicide. Additionally, Frank's work, including his upcoming book and his remarkable record of delivering TEDx talks, is discussed, showcasing his dedication to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and suicide through comedy and heartfelt storytelling.   00:00 Breaking the Stigma: Humor, Healing, and Hope 01:31 Introducing the Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 02:03 Personal Journeys and the Power of Sharing 05:04 Frank King's Impact and the Importance of Talking About Suicide 09:28 The Stigma Around Mental Health and Suicide 10:04 Using Humor to Address Serious Topics 15:56 Frank King's Career Highlights and Contributions 19:07 The Evolution and Importance of Audiobooks 23:52 Navigating the Quirks of Pronunciation 25:28 The Impact of Generational Language Shifts 26:54 Exploring Regional Dialects and Mispronunciations 28:20 The Evolution of Language and Communication 29:29 The Value of Education and Personal Growth 35:16 The Importance of Pets in Developing Empathy 37:20 Addressing Mental Health with Humor and Hope 45:00 Wrapping Up with Gratitude and Humor   About Frank  "You can make a difference. You can save a life. I can show you how." ~Frank King  Now  with 12 TEDx under his belt, Frank King has a new one coming in Nov this year. In 2016 Frank King began coaching potential TEDx Talkers, when a number of his speaker coaching clients approached him and asked if he would coach them on scoring a TEDx Talk opportunity. Since then, those half-dozen clients have all done their first TEDx Talk, one of those is scheduled to do her second early in 2019, and four of them are also in the second round of auditions for Duke TEDx!   Frank King was a writer for the Tonight Show for 20 years, and he holds the record for the longest non-stop comedy club road trip ever. Beginning the day after Christmas in 1985, he and his wife (who must have the patience of Job) were on the road 2,629 nights in a row, comedy club to comedy club and cheap motel room to cheap motel room, with no home, just a PO Box and voice mail.   Along the way he worked with Jerry Seinfeld, Jeff Foxworthy, Ron White, Adam Sandler, Dennis Miller, Ellen DeGeneres, Rosie O'Donnell, Kevin Nealon, Bill Engval, Dr. Ken Joeng, Rita Sirleaf and Kevin James among others.   Socials Links etc   858.405.5653   Born to Be Funny Mental With Benefits A Matter of Laugh or Death Suicide, The Secret of My Success Suicide-ality.. Its always an option for issues large and small
47:23 4/23/24
Mental Health Insights with Paula Sima
Beyond the Smile: The Impactful Journey of Paula Sima Join Paula Sima, owner and host of 'Talk Shit With P Podcast', as she illuminates her personal journey dealing with mental health issues, in the episode, “Breaking the Silence: Mental Health Insights with Paula Sima”. Despite the struggles of depression, Paula offers a ray of hope, using her personal experience as a three-time panelist at Podfest and her podcasting platform, to inspire others. Through powerful discussions and a healthy dose of humor, she highlights the importance of self-care, open communication, and embracing life's realities. In this deeply insightful conversation, gain a fresh perspective on depression, empathy, societal norms, and the healing process. Learn from disclosed personal battles against self-harm and suicide ideation, brought forth by our brave guests. Understand more about suicide aftermath, the significance of support communities, and the concept of grief's timelessness. Paula encourages authenticity, self-exploration, and rejects the practice of labeling and 'cancel culture'. She advocates for understanding over judging, bringing to the fore the essence of empathy. Be prepared to unlearn stereotypes and embrace diverse discussions, as the episode ends with a poignant message advocating for a stigma-free world, where all can sincerely be themselves. Get ready to dive into this emotionally charged yet uplifting discourse, and better comprehend the often misunderstood aspects of mental health. Tune in for a transformative journey of courage, hope, and empathy.   Socials and LINKs  Instagram LinkedIn TikTok   Talk Shit with P on Apple        
52:56 4/16/24
Comedy as Medicine: Tackling Mental Health One Laugh at a Time
For the past 15 years, Susan Stewart has been entertaining and inspiring audiences across North America. Susan is best known for her ability to make people laugh while helping them to meet their challenges with a sense of humour. Susan is the author of 3 books including her latest title, You Gotta Laugh: Wit And Wisdom About Not Taking Life (Or Yourself) Too Seriously. Susan's podcast, Still A Hot Mess, and her comedy album, Relentless, are available on iTunes and Spotify. You can learn more about Susan at   Links:  Instagram: @susanistewart Facebook: ComedianSusanStewart X: SusanIStewart LinkedIn: susanstewartcomedian  YouTube: @SusanStewartToronto  Show Notes Humor, Healing, and Hope: A Comedian's Battle with Mental Health   In this episode of 'Suicide Zen Forgiveness,' host Elaine Lindsay talks to Susan Stewart, a Canadian comedian and author, best known for her humorous approach to overcoming life's challenges. Susan discusses her personal journey with mental health issues, including clinical depression that led her to quit comedy 20 years ago. She talks about the importance of not taking life too seriously, the healing power of laughter, and how she uses comedy to deal with and educate others about mental health. Susan shares her story of recovery from a recent mental health crisis, emphasizing the role of medication, therapy, and the support of loved ones. The conversation highlights how comedy can be a therapeutic tool, bringing light to the struggles many face with mental health, and aiming to destigmatize mental illness through laughter and open discussion. Finally, Susan talks about her new comedy show, 'A bit more than a rough patch,' focused on mental health, and her plans to raise awareness and funds by touring. The episode is sponsored by several organizations and individuals supporting mental health initiatives and suicide awareness.   00:00 Introducing the Guest: A Comedian with a Message 00:50 The Mission of Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 01:23 Meet Susan Stewart: Comedian, Author, and Speaker 03:24 Susan's Journey Through Comedy and Mental Health 05:28 The Healing Power of Comedy and Self-Deprecation 11:08 Susan's Recent Mental Health Crisis and Recovery 14:01 The Importance of Managing Our Inner Critic 21:41 Susan's New Show: A Comedy Take on Mental Health 26:09 Taking the Show on the Road: A Journey Through Mental Health Awareness 28:57 The Power of Comedy in Conveying Hard Truths 31:55 Navigating the New Normal: Comedy, Mental Health, and the Pandemic 32:50 The Global Impact of COVID-19 on Mental Health and Society 40:26 Adapting to Change: The Shift to Virtual Platforms and the Importance of Laughter 43:42 Finding Hope and Resilience in the Face of Adversity 45:51 Closing Thoughts and Acknowledgements  
47:58 4/9/24
A Beacon in the Night Willie Nealy’s Journey to Self-Discovery and Service
Unlocking Love's Language: Willie Nealy's Quest for Connection From Darkness to Light: Willie Nealy's Journey of Transformation   This script features a captivating conversation between the host and Willie Nealy, a relationship and life coach with a profound story of personal growth and redemption. Willie shares his challenging journey, starting from his upbringing by a single mother, joining the military for guidance, facing a failed marriage, and struggling with suicidal thoughts after a toxic relationship. He reveals how he found hope and purpose in his darkest moments, leading him to restructure his life through self-improvement and a deepened relationship with God. Willie highlights the importance of understanding love languages, setting clear expectations in relationships, and the transformative power of practicing gratitude and positive energy. His story is a testament to overcoming adversity through resilience, faith, and the support of loved ones, inspiring others to find their purpose and build fulfilling relationships.   00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Willie Nealy 01:46 Willie's Journey: From Military to Relationship Coach 04:08 A Dark Chapter: Struggles and Realizations 09:36 Finding Light in Darkness: The Turnaround 11:42 The Philosophy of GLUE: God, Life, Universe, and Energy 12:35 Becoming a Beacon for Others: Willie's Mission 13:59 Personal Faith and Comparative Human Nature 16:18 Empathy Through Experience: Willie's Approach to Coaching 23:36 Marriage Insights: Expectations and Agreements 25:15 The Impact of Parental Relationships on Children 26:50 Learning from Past Relationships 27:45 The Power of Understanding and Compassion 28:52 The Importance of High Expectations and Gratitude 32:07 Navigating the Darkness of Suicide Thoughts 38:58 Embracing Gratitude and Positive Change 47:46 The Value of Being Seen and Heard 48:42 Concluding Thoughts and Gratitude  About Willie  Willie was born and raised in Detroit Michigan to a single mom. He is a happily married man of over 15 years and a father of 5 as well as a grandfather of 6. Willie is a military veteran that served in the United States Navy for 4 and 1/2 years.    He is a marriage and relationship coach that has helped couples overcome challenges such as infidelity, trust, communications and fear, while gaining a renewed passion for each other without having to endure years of therapy or counseling.   Willie has blessed several stages such as the: The 2023 Ultimate Speaker Competition Military Veterans Edition, where he won 1st place, The Heart-Centered-Summit and The 2024 Ultimate Speaker Intensive where he again took home 1st place. Willie has also been featured on several Podcasts such as: The Coaches Journey, Life’s Checkmark, Grow-n-sexy and more…   Willie continues to be the “LIGHT” needed in the darkness! Standing upon his 4 principles: Faith, Honesty, Compassion, and Respect. Willie's goal is to impact and inspire the world utilizing his gifts and experiences!     Socials and Links Website: ⁠ Facebook Instagram Amazon : g.l.u.e by willie nealy    
53:05 4/2/24
Jon Emery: From Job Loss and Divorce to Personal Growth and Podcasting
Overcoming Life's Checkmarks: Jon Emery's Journey from Personal Loss to Empowerment In this podcast episode, the host welcomes guest Jon Emery to share his personal journey and experiences with mental health, suicide loss, ideation, and the transformative power of overcoming life's challenges. Jon discusses his childhood, the impact of his sister joining the Navy, his parents' secret divorce, and his own job loss after 20 years with the same company, followed by a divorce. He reflects on the trauma these experiences brought, his ventures into life insurance, and the hardships of starting over professionally and personally. Jon candidly talks about joining men's groups for support, engaging in fitness and church activities, and the importance of communication in relationships. He emphasizes personal growth, the significance of community and finding one's tribe, and the lessons learned through podcasting. The podcast highlights how turning points in Jon's life led to self-improvement, a deeper understanding of masculinity and femininity, and the importance of taking action despite fear.   00:00 Welcome to the Podcast: A Conversation with Jon Emery 01:36 Jon's Personal Journey: Family, Work, and Major Life Changes 04:31 The Impact of Job Loss and Venturing into New Beginnings 10:00 Navigating Divorce and Personal Growth 16:41 Embracing Fitness, Faith, and New Opportunities 20:24 Jon's Reflections: Learning, Growing, and Moving Forward 22:02 The Journey of Self-Improvement and Sobriety 22:36 Understanding Coping vs. Avoidance Mechanisms 23:27 The Power of Positive Choices in Personal Growth 24:15 Navigating Divorce with Grace and Positivity 25:52 The Importance of Community and Support Networks 27:02 Embracing Change and Personal Development 27:22 The Impact of Trauma on Mental Health and Recovery 30:01 The Role of Communication in Relationships and Healing 33:48 Finding Your Tribe and the Value of Men's Groups 34:19 Launching a Podcast: Overcoming Fear and Finding Your Voice 38:29 The Significance of Taking Action Against Fear 46:59 Gratitude and Persistence in the Journey of Growth BIO Jon Emery’s journey is a testament to resilience and self-discovery. After losing a 20-year job and navigating a divorce, he embarked on a transformative path. This journey led him to authenticity and a deep desire to connect with others, creating his podcast, "Life's Checkmark." Through this platform, Jon offers comfort and understanding to those feeling alone on their journeys. This quest for authenticity extended to his role as a father, allowing Jon to forge deeper connections with his children. Alongside family, he enjoys the companionship of an amazing dog and finding peace in nature through hikes and outdoor adventures. Beyond personal pursuits, Jon's passion lies in aiding others, particularly in helping them find their voice through podcasting, fostering empathy and connection among individuals. In essence, Jon Emery's life narrative embodies resilience, empathy, and the power of forging genuine connections. His journey from adversity to self-discovery reflects the beauty of understanding and empathizing with others, both in personal relationships and within the wider human experience.   Sites & Socials Life's Checkmark Podcast Watch the Episodes on Youtube   Course - Prevent Podcrastination   Facebook
53:27 3/26/24
Navigating Life’s Challenges: A Journey of Growth and Gratitude
This episode features an intimate conversation with guest Danielle Cobo, a mother of twins, NLP practitioner, and team leader, who shares her inspiring life journey. The discussion covers her upbringing by a single mother who rose from adversity to success, Danielle's personal and professional challenges, including dealing with grief, her husband's deployment, and her battle with postpartum depression. The conversation also touches on the importance of supportive language in coping with challenges, the impact of mental health issues, and the significance of gratitude towards military and service families. Danielle introduces her book 'Unstoppable Grit,' which offers insights into overcoming life's hurdles and achieving one's goals. The episode emphasizes resilience, the power of positive framing, and the importance of acknowledging the sacrifices of service members and their families.   00:00 Meet Danielle Cobo: A Dynamic Leader and Mother 01:35 The Power of Drive: Danielle's Inspirational Background 04:17 Embracing Parenthood with Energy and Grit 06:01 Navigating Life as a Military Spouse with Young Twins 08:23 Facing Personal and Professional Challenges in 2020 09:34 The Journey Through Grief and Finding Acceptance 18:17 Introducing 'Unstoppable Grit': A Guide to Overcoming Life's Obstacles 28:10 The Importance of Language and Mindset in Daily Life 32:28 Conclusion and Gratitude   BIO Danielle was raised to be resilient, fueled by Grit and Courageous to the core.  After 8  months of marriage her husband joined the military. Danielle became a mom to 6-week premature twin boys and survived Category 5 hurricane just weeks after returning from the NICU - Husband deployed and became the sole caregiver to toddler twins while leading a team with 60% overnight travel. In 2020 she lost mother to suicide, faced a global pandemic, and left a toxic work environment- all within 6 months…  Wrote the book "Unstoppable Grit: Break Through The 7 Roadblocks Standing Between You and Achieving Your Goals", recently released February 2024 Sites & Socials  LinkedIn: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Website:  TikTok: Unstoppable Grit YouTube: Unstoppable Grit Podcast with Danielle Cobo on Spotify:  
36:35 3/19/24
The Silver Cop Chronicles: A Story of Hope, Growth and Transformation
A Journey Through Recovery and Embracing Life with Robin Ferrie Season 7 Episode 10 Elaine reconnects with Robin Ferrie, a police officer known as @TheSilverCop, to discuss significant changes in his life, including a recent remarriage. Ferrie shares insights into the importance of support in life's journeys, whether in happiness or in struggles, emphasizing how mutual support with his partner has been pivotal for him, especially during times of personal challenges. The conversation explores Ferries' coping mechanisms, including therapy, inner child work, and mirror work, shedding light on his path to overcoming trauma and guilt. The discussion further explores generational differences in emotional expression, societal pressures on men to conceal vulnerability, and the transformative power of self-reflection and emotional intelligence. Ferrie's engagement with coaching and his passion for helping others navigate mental health struggles and the relief found in expressing and sharing one's vulnerabilities are highlighted. The episode touches upon the importance of decluttering one’s mind, akin to tidying one’s home, and seeking growth by focusing inward and asking oneself the hard questions.   00:00 Welcome Back, Robin Ferrie: A Journey of Resilience and Support 01:36 The Power of Support in Overcoming Life's Challenges 03:53 Reflecting on Progress and the Importance of Inner Work 08:44 The Impact of Sharing and Connecting on Mental Health 12:14 Navigating Identity and the Journey to Self-Acceptance 19:36 Embracing Vulnerability and the Path to Healing 25:40 The Influence of Family and Society on Personal Growth 31:29 Finding Strength in Vulnerability and Authentic Connections 32:58 Embracing Emotions: A New Perspective 33:52 The Power of Letting Emotions Flow 34:52 Learning from Nature: Emotional Release in Animals 36:20 The Importance of Emotional Expression in High-Stress Jobs 37:49 The Healing Power of Vulnerability and Community Support 46:44 The Journey of Self-Reflection and Emotional Intelligence 47:22 Confronting and Overcoming Personal Traumas 52:22 Embracing Self-Talk and Mirror Work for Personal Growth 55:50 The Path to Emotional Well-being: Practical Steps and Advice 59:18 Closing Thoughts and Acknowledgments BIO Robin Ferrie always wanted to be a police officer... never did he think his first training shift would be the brutal start to his terrifying story. Self-healing and his desire to serve other first responders make this a success story. First time Guesting April 2021 Honoured to share the podcast with such a caring, individual. #ChooseLife  #KeepBreathing  #NotToday #gratitudeattitude   Socials Facebook Instagram
63:39 3/12/24
Resilience Amid Grief: Exploring Personal Loss and Healing Stacey Short s7 e9
Navigating Grief, Empathy, and Mental Health: One Family's Journey   This episode features an in-depth and personal conversation with Stacey Short, who shares her poignant journey through grief, mental health struggles within her family, and the transformative power of empathy and support. The discussion touches on the challenges of dealing with a family member's mental illness and addiction, the societal and systemic barriers to receiving appropriate care, and the profound impact of suicide. Stacey recounts her brother Nathan's life, his struggle with bipolar disorder and addiction, and the circumstances that led to his tragic passing. Through her narrative, Stacey emphasizes the importance of presence, understanding, and not shying away from the complexities of grief and mental health. The episode serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing need to end stigma, always include empathy, and support one another through life's most challenging moments.   00:00 Introduction and Personal Connection 01:27 Stacey's Empathy and Personal Loss 03:21 The Struggles of Grief and Loss 04:42 The Impact of Suppressing Grief 06:32 Nathan's Early Life and Struggles 07:24 The Downward Spiral: Drugs and Mental Health 10:36 The Tragic End: Nathan's Suicide 15:03 The Aftermath: Dealing with the Loss 25:47 The Legal Battle and Injustice 29:19 The State of Mental Health Facilities 29:50 The Impact of Grief on Family Dynamics 30:21 The Influence of Military Culture on Mental Health 30:59 The Struggles of Growing Up in a Military Family 32:03 The Stigma of Mental Health in the Military 32:55 The Impact of Mental Health on Parenting 33:32 The Struggles of Dealing with a Family Member's Mental Illness 36:26 The Impact of Mental Health on Family Relationships 37:09 The Struggles of Being the Oldest Child in a Family Dealing with Mental Health Issues 37:27 The Impact of Generational Attitudes Towards Mental Health 39:30 The Struggles of Dealing with a Family Member's Suicide 41:17 The Impact of Suicide on the Family 44:06 The Journey of Healing and Finding Purpose After a Family Member's Suicide 52:18 The Importance of Remembering Loved Ones Beyond Their Struggles 54:18 Conclusion: The Power of Sharing and Remembering Bio: Stacey Short, an Air Force BRAT, always aspired to improve lives. In 2002, she earned a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma. Her life took a turn when her newborn son was born without an immune system in 2005, prompting her to return to the service industry for his care. In 2016, tragedy struck when she lost her baby brother to suicide, leading her into a deep depression. With help from health professionals and medication, she gradually emerged stronger. In 2020, embracing her calling, she pursued certifications in health, life, mental fitness, and clarity, dedicated to helping women who feel lost in life's roles. Today, she lives purposefully, knowing growth is perpetual. A proud mom of two teens and cherished pups, Stacey also published her first collaborative book, "Self Love Project." Her story resonates with resilience and empowerment, inspiring positive transformations.   Links:  FB Business: FB: IG: LinkedIn: TikTok: Site: YouTube:  
58:59 3/5/24
Navigating the Long Goodbye: A Journey through Dementia
Living with Dementia: A Personal Journey   Host Elaine Lindsay shares her deeply personal experience with her aging father's dementia diagnosis. And decline. Following the ‘SPECAL’ method recommended by the Contented Dementia Trust, she explores the loneliness and grief but also the unexpected gifts of the journey. Elaine emphasizes the need for a balance between compassion and honesty, while advocating for open discussions on mental health. She encourages listeners to seek help and be grateful for life’s positives, no matter how small.   Note that the podcast deals with potentially triggering subject matter and should not be used as a substitute for professional help.   0:00 Navigating the Long Goodbye: A Journey through Dementia 00:54 Introduction and Personal Story 01:13 The Diagnosis and Early Struggles 04:38 The SPECAL Method and Caregiving 05:56 The Power of Storytelling 08:18 The Heartbreaking Phone Call 09:53 Navigating Grief and Memory Loss 12:31 The Importance of Support and Love 14:08 Dealing with Suicidal Thoughts 15:45 The Power of Positivity and Gratitude 16:53 Conclusion and Final Thoughts   1c016786d18586c75556d142ed112b91b4291a27
21:09 2/27/24
Through the Fire: Stewart Thompson’s Journey of Survival and Advocacy
Surviving Childhood Abuse and Suicidal Attempts - An Interview with Stuart Thompson   Welcoming Stuart Thompson, host of an abuse survivor based podcast in Toronto. Stuart recounts his experiences of childhood sexual abuse, moving from Ottawa to Richmond, breaking his silence and turning towards meaningful conversations around this trauma. He speaks about his involvement with the Gatehouse Centre in Toronto, a support centre for men, women, and children who've suffered child abuse. Stuart's story of recovery and ongoing efforts to help others through similar personal tragedies becomes a beacon of hope and resilience. However, Stuart emphasizes that there's no 'magic pill' to healing; patience, hard work, and self-discoveries are all vital parts of the healing journey. Now Stuart is committed to breaking silences, extending help, and becoming an active agent of positivity and change in the community. Stewart has gone on to speak in front of the World health Organization.   00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Host 00:12 The Mission of the Podcast 00:35 Warning and Disclaimer 00:55 Introduction of the Guest 01:33 Personal Stories and Shared Experiences 05:04 The Impact of Childhood Abuse 07:07 The Struggle with Trust and Relationships 10:43 The Journey to Recovery 14:02 The Importance of Suicide Awareness 22:01 The Positive Side of the Journey 22:09 The Role of the Gatehouse in Recovery 25:56 The Importance of Understanding and Expressing Feelings 29:52 Embracing Emotional Healing 30:09 Journey into Volunteering and Facilitating 30:47 Finding My Voice Through Art Therapy 31:37 The Struggles of Working with Trauma 32:08 The Power of Finding My Voice 33:20 Creating the Survivors Council of Canada 35:02 The Lifelong Impact of Childhood Trauma 36:46 The Power of Belief and Self-Understanding 40:16 The Goal to Expand the Gatehouse Across Canada 44:52 The Importance of Self-Care and Gratitude 49:56 The Unforgiven Warrior: A Personal Reflection 54:57 The Rewarding Aspect of Mentoring 55:41 Closing Remarks and Future Plans   From Stewart: My name is Stewart Thompson I am a survivor, probably more like a Warrior from my child hood sexual abuse, I guess my 1st statement brings you to where I am coming from a little better to what I am here to talk about today. I started my healing journey 13 years ago, being a 60+ male I was taught never to talk about my feelings, definitely not about my child abuse as you can see that plan did not go well. After volunteering at the Gatehouse for 10 years, I never considered or thought possible that I would become an employee (Program Assistant Trauma Informed) my role is to support men coming into our programs and women too when needed. My advocacy over the years has given me a podcast (Personal Transformation) starting in 2014 and 2018 podcasts later I am still here talking about a subject that many stay away from not stopping me, that has also has given me the gift of speaking Internationally for World Health Organization/ISPCAN International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect with a documentary and presentation 2020. Proud to announce that starting in Jun 2022 co-founding Survivors Council of Canada in conjunction with the Gatehouse.  Links: Stewart on YouTube     Survivors Council The Gatehouse
59:06 2/20/24
Mindfulness as a Mental Health Tool: An Interview with Debbie Hampton S7 E6
The Science of Mindfulness: A Discussion with Debbie Hampton Debbie Hampton, a guest with personal experience of using mindfulness as a mental health tool. Debbie speaks about her new book on using mindfulness from a scientific perspective. She narrates her personal journey from depression, suicide attempt, brain injury to conscious self-recovery through mindfulness. She emphasizes that mindfulness is an effective tool to combat anxiety and depression and maintain mental health. The discussion includes an in-depth exploration of how mindfulness exercises can influence neuroplasticity -- the ability of the brain to form new connections. Debbie offers various tips for easy-to-apply mindfulness exercises that can redirect negative thought patterns into more positive ones.   00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation 01:04 The Power of Mindfulness in Mental Health 03:59 Debbie's Personal Journey and Struggles 05:29 Understanding Neuroplasticity and the Brain 08:43 Rebuilding Life After Trauma 10:32 The Role of Mindfulness in Recovery 15:01 Practical Mindfulness Techniques 19:05 The Impact of Affirmations and Grounding 32:42 Conclusion and Final Thoughts   Debbie Hampton Author | Writer | Online Marketer Creator of The Best Brain Possible How to Use Mindfulness as a Mental Health Tool   Beat Depression and Anxiety by Changing Your Brain Sex, Suicide and Serotonin   Socials FB X P LI
36:54 2/13/24
Lightening the Load: Finding Strength in Shared Stories Michael Wood S7 E5
Sharing Stories and Breaking Stigmas: An Inspiring Conversation with Michael Wood on Suicide Zen Forgiveness   In this episode of Suicide Zen Forgiveness, host Elaine Lindsay welcomes guest Michael Wood to discuss his experiences with suicide and mental health, primarily focusing on his late brother, Jeff. Elaine emphasizes the importance of normalizing conversations around these topics to end the silence, stigma, and shame associated with them. Michael recounts his brother's struggles with addiction, triggered by the pandemic's restrictions. Citing his own experiences in the music industry, he signals the potential harms of excessive money and hedonistic lifestyle. The podcast also addresses the inadequacy of emergency services in transferring distress calls across cities, highlighting Michael's proactive efforts to modernize this system, inspired by his own inability to offer immediate help for his brother. Lastly, both Elaine and Michael urge listeners to reach out for assistance, to be aware of individual struggles, and promote kindness.   0:00 Lightening the Load: Finding Strength in Shared Stories Michael Wood  S7 E5 00:57 Introduction and Guest Welcome 01:10 Personal Connection and Conversation Flow 02:02 Michael's Story: His Brother's Life and Challenges 06:08 Michael's Personal Journey and Career 06:39 Remembering Jeff Wood 07:12 Comparing Personalities and Lifestyles 08:58 Michael's Music Career and Encounters 11:31 The Importance of Connection and Support 12:35 The Challenges of Emergency Services 12:47 Michael's Advocacy for 911 Call Transfer 16:17 Personal Experiences with Emergency Services 19:02 Continued Advocacy and Achievements 19:48 The Impact of Personal Loss 22:49 The Importance of Reaching Out and Kindness 30:41 Conclusion and Final Thoughts  
32:56 2/6/24
A Mother’s Battle: Confronting Cancer and Mental Health with Losa McCoy S7 E4
The Power of Positivity and Gratitude in Overcoming Mental Health Struggles and Cancer   In this episode of the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast, host Elaine Lindsay speaks with Losa McCoy. The conversation broaches the subjects of suicide ideation, mental health, depression, and Losa's personal battle with stage two breast cancer. The episode sheds light on the importance of ending stigma associated with mental health struggles, building empathy and understanding amongst caregivers, families, and society at large. They stress adopting mindfulness and gratitude as personal practices, and discuss the significance of empathetic human connection, importance of instilling gratitude, and changing stigmatized narratives surrounding mental health for future generations. The episode concludes with the call to appreciation for life, even amidst challenges and pain.   00:00 Introduction to Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 00:56 Introducing the Guest: Losa McCoy 01:41 Losa's Battle with Depression, Suicide Ideation, and Cancer 02:31 The Impact of Cancer on Family and the Concept of 'Mom Guilt' 05:00 The Struggles of Parenting While Battling Cancer 08:56 The Loneliness of the Cancer Battle and the Importance of Support 09:49 Suicide Ideation Amidst the Cancer Battle 11:00 The Importance of Self-Care and Mindfulness in Overcoming Challenges 16:48 The Need for Open Conversations about Suicide and Mental Health 20:02 The Stigma of Mental Health and the Need for Change 27:04 The Importance of Empathy in Healthcare 28:13 Personal Experiences with Medical Stigmatization 29:20 The Power of Human Connection 29:45 Discussing the Works of Renee Brown 31:10 The Struggles of Medical Procedures 33:16 The Journey from Medical Field to Computers 36:11 The Power of Mindfulness 46:02 The Importance of Gratitude 48:08 Closing Remarks and Appreciation 48:54 Podcast Outro and Sponsor Acknowledgements Losa's journey is a testament to the power of personal growth and healing. Drawing from a profound well of life experiences, she has emerged not only as a survivor but as a beacon of hope for those navigating their own paths of transformation. Her story, marked by trials and triumphs, has cultivated a deep understanding of the human spirit and a genuine empathy for the struggles that shape us all. As the luminary force behind From Suffering to Serenity, Losa has created a sanctuary where individuals embark on a transformative journey toward inner peace and well-being. Her holistic approach embraces the mind, body, and spirit, offering a diverse range of tools and practices tailored to each unique individual seeking solace. BIO Losa's commitment to building an environment of growth extends beyond her professional endeavors. She is not only a mentor but a compassionate guide, walking alongside others as they navigate the intricate path from suffering to serenity. Her passion for empowering others to reclaim their lives is evident in every facet of her work. Email: Phone: 1-801-631-4002 SOCIALS Facebook:  Instagram:  Pinterest:  X (Twitter): 
50:35 1/30/24
Ending the Silence: A Death Doula’s Take on Suicide and Mental Health S7 E3
Deeper Conversations about Mental Health, Grief, and Education In this episode of Suicide Zen Forgiveness, host Elaine Lindsay talks to death doula Jill McClennan about ending the stigma around suicide and mental health. Despite societal norms, they delve deep into the importance of opening up about grief and pain. They also talk about the critical role of educating children not only about suicide or death but also about understanding their thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, they discuss how societal judgment often causes certain actions and how addressing the root cause could bring about positive change. Lastly, the conversation illuminates the shortcomings of societal norms on victim-blaming and the urgent need for empathy and community support.   00:00 Introduction to Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 00:11 The Importance of Normalizing Conversations about Suicide and Mental Health 01:00 Introducing Guest Speaker: Jill McClennan 01:52 The Importance of Conversations about Death and Dying 02:54 Personal Experiences with Grief and Loss 03:26 The Impact of Unprocessed Grief 05:05 The Unique Grief of Losing a Pet 09:23 The Importance of Honest Conversations about Grief 12:17 The Impact of Divorce and Absent Parents on Children 17:07 The Importance of Honesty and Openness in Parenting 23:14 The Need for Better Mental Health Education 25:45 The Role of Meditation and Self-Reflection in Mental Health 28:33 The Impact of External Influences on Our Thoughts 28:56 The Cyclical Nature of Life and Adaptability 29:31 The Power of Choice and Empowerment in Thought 30:04 Understanding the Spectrum of Human Behavior 30:49 The Strength in Being Different 31:44 The Struggle with Unprocessed Trauma 33:19 The Importance of Addressing Root Causes 34:16 The Power of Self-Reflection and Processing Trauma 34:50 The Challenge of Society's Expectations 36:52 The Impact of Victim Blaming 42:05 The Importance of Teaching Life Skills 45:05 Closing Remarks and Future Conversations 46:04 The Power of Community and Uplifting Each Other 47:26 Post-Show Notes and Acknowledgements   Jill McClennen is a certified death doula, grief coach, and the "Seeing Death Clearly" podcast host. Jill offers compassionate support, practical preparation, and deep emotional healing to clients and their families. She provides her services in person as well as virtually. Beyond her role as a death doula, Jill is also a trauma-sensitive yoga instructor. She incorporates movement, reiki, and shamanic healing techniques to assist clients in addressing their fears surrounding death, coping with grief, and finding peace around the end of life. Her journey as a death doula has profoundly shaped Jill's perspective on life's priorities. This transformation fuels her mission of helping others clarify their core values, regardless of the time they have left. Through her podcast, Jill engages in meaningful discussions with various guests about death, dying, grief, and how to live life fully. She advocates for open, honest dialogues about death, dying, and grief among friends and loved ones, including age-appropriate discussions with children from an early age. Jill C. McClennen Death Doula - Death and Grief Coach - Podcast Host Seeing Death Clearly Podcast
49:02 1/23/24
16 Years Undead: Madeline’s Fight Against a System Error S7 E2
Surviving Against All Odds: Madeline Michelle Carthen's Battle with the U.S. Government Elaine Lindsay, host of Suicide Zen Forgiveness, discusses with Madeline Michelle Carthen her 16-year-long battle with various government agencies that erroneously declared her dead. Madeline details her enormous efforts to prove her existence, from learning law to appearing in court. Despite the harrowing experience and its toll on her mental health, Madeline remains resilient and is determined to eventually get in front of the Ways and Measures Committee to rectify the error. She also observes the security flaws in governmental systems and suggests possible improvements. The conversation extends to discuss the value of faith in difficult times, the importance of personal resilience, and the power of hope. 00:00 Introduction to Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 00:17 Elaine Lindsay's Mission and Podcast Disclaimer 01:11 Introduction to the Episode and Guest 03:07 Guest's Personal Story: The Beginning 03:56 The Unfolding Mystery: Declared Dead 06:49 The Struggles and Consequences of Being 'Dead' 09:47 Media Coverage and Legal Battles 14:15 The Impact on Personal Life and Mental Health 22:14 The Search for a Solution: Legal Research and Self-Representation 23:57 The Struggle with Erroneous Death Letters 24:42 The Impact of Identity Errors on Personal Life 25:51 Navigating Legal Challenges and Name Change 27:25 The Aftermath of Name Change and Identity Restoration 29:18 The Media Attention and Its Consequences 30:42 The Ongoing Battle with Social Security Administration 31:31 The Intricacies of Identity Theft and Financial Impact 32:26 The Struggle with Government Agencies and Privacy Breaches 36:08 The Discovery of Unclaimed Benefits and Financial Anomalies 38:57 The Plan to Approach Congress and Future Aspirations 39:59 The Continuous Breaches and the Fight for Privacy 41:14 Closing Remarks and Call to Action   People  Article New York Post    BIO Proficient in Entrepreneurship, Urban ministry and mentorship, Madeline-Michelle continuously works with men, women, and at-risk youth in urban communities who have been limited in their spiritual and mental growth.  She understands more of youths’ nature stems from their societal hindrances and their environment, since she has traveled throughout West Africa and supporting her South India international ministry. Professionally, Madeline-Madeline experience varies and includes working with Fortune 500 companies, schools, and the Information Systems Technology Department at Florissant Valley Community College in St. Louis.  Madeline-Michelle have been a 29 year volunteer, spiritual advisor and advocate throughout the Missouri Eastern Region Department of Correction Institution.  She have received the Volunteer of the Year award for diligently volunteering her time as a spiritual mentor to incarcerated men and women. For five years, Madeline-Madeline served as an associate minister and “right arm” for her former pastor at Covenant Church Christian Center, before being ordained as a minister in June 1999. Later, as a full-time minister, Carthen who also is an advocate for justice and public safety has helped implement pilot training programs for probation staff and coordinators in the City of St. Louis Department of Corrections.  She served as a Certified Mentor working with St. Louis County Juvenile Detention Center. Madeline-Michelle, role was to conducting weekly, non-custodial fathers support group meetings at the St. Louis County Justice Center with the assistance of the Father Support Center reunifying families. Madeline-Madeline a former Associate Pastor affiliated with United Methodist Church (UMC) in, Missouri and the youngest of three siblings. At the age of 24 years old, she dedicated herself to Christian ministry full-time.   Madeline-Madeline graduated from the Adults in Ministry program at St. Louis Christian College, where she minored in Urban Christian Ministry.  She was a former Master of Divinity candidate attending Eden Theological Seminary.  Soon after a few years Madeline-Michelle enrolled as a professional student who was appointed as an Ambassador through Missouri Trade and Business Office.  This appointment was on behalf of Webster University International Business Intern Exchange Program that granted Madeline the opportunity to study Entrepreneurship with a Minor in International Business at Legon University in Accra Ghana.   Minister Madeline-Madeline: Carthen, a published author who is still advocating her life existence with the hope of her identity being restored. The U.S. Social Security Administration declared her deceased over 16 years ago in Missouri. Formerly known as -Rev. Madeline M. Coburn: books, biography, latest update Look for a copy @ Bakers and Taylor C.R.I.E.D A Pastor’s Life Behind Bars Credentials: Ordained Minister Entreprenuer  Author  Public Speaker    CONTACT: Madeline-Michelle: Carthen EMAIL: MMCOBURN1@GMAIL.COM  +1(314) 546-9388   Facebook: madeline michelle carthen LinkedIn: carthencornerstonesolutions
50:53 1/16/24
Victim to Vegas: Kevin Lepine’s Powerful Transformation Journey S7 E1
Surviving Abuse, Suicide and Building a Supportive Community with Hypnotist Kevin Lepine   In this episode of 'Suicide Zen Forgiveness', host Elaine Lindsay interviews professional hypnotist, Kevin Lepine, who survived an abusive childhood and suicidal thoughts. Kevin's journey from being a bullied, adopted child in Detroit to becoming a headliner in Las Vegas has been filled with adversity. He attributes his growth to the supportive community that helped him build resilience. The discussion also covers the importance of community for mental health, the detrimental effects of isolation, and the need to normalize conversations about mental health issues. Kevin and Elaine further delve into the effects of negative self-talk and the role of acceptance and gratitude in overcoming life's challenges. The episode also emphasizes the necessity for immediate help for people experiencing grief or mental health problems, encouraging those affected to reach out to local health services. Kevin also discusses the inspiration behind his book 'Deep Into My Eyes from Victim to Vegas Headliner.'   00:00 Introduction to Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 00:54 Introducing the Guest: Kevin's Journey 02:44 Kevin's Struggles and Triumphs 03:23 The Importance of Community 04:21 The Power of Negative Self-Talk 12:03 Kevin's Personal Experiences with Suicide 13:32 Building a Supportive Community 14:18 Dealing with Trauma and Grief 22:31 The Role of Trust in Healing 24:19 The Impact of Changing Family Dynamics 26:45 The Comfort of Predictable TV Shows 27:45 Analyzing the Dark Side of Classic Cartoons 28:10 The Misinterpreted Message of Rudolph 29:48 The Power of Community and Mentorship 31:20 The Journey to Success in Entertainment 32:03 The Importance of Seeking Help and Advice 34:30 The Power of Positivity and Community Support 36:36 The Impact of Community on Mental Health 39:31 The Role of Hypnosis in Personal Growth 41:31 The Power of Gratitude and Acknowledging Mentors 44:04 Closing Remarks and Future Plans 47:40 Podcast Outro and Sponsor Acknowledgements   Bio Before opening his show "HYPNOSIS UNLEASHED” in Las Vegas in 2010, hypnotist Kevin Lepine was touring around the world making people laugh and showing how fun the power of your mind really is. His dynamic speaking abilities make him a keynote speaker for professional industries. He is also a multi-time "Best of Vegas" winner. Learn more at His autobiography “Deep Into My Eyes: From Victim to Vegas Headliner” tells how he  started as a child from Detroit who was adopted, bullied, and abused and managed to become a headliner in Las Vegas. Despite facing depression, suicidal thoughts, abuse, and addiction, Kevin refused to give up. Through his journey, he discovered the importance of finding support and belonging in communities that embraced him and helped him heal. His journey has not only transformed his own life, but it has also empowered others to find the strength to overcome their own struggles.   Links:   Socials Facebook Instagram TikTok  
49:16 1/9/24
Canada Offers 988 | Thank You Season | Hiatus
Show Notes Shattering the Silence: Conversations on Suicide and Mental Health with Elaine Lindsay.   In this episode, wrapping up season 6, Elaine talks about Canada's new 988 Suicide prevention line, offers heartfelt, 'Thank You' to each of our Guests and covers our 'December Hiatus' - while Elaine is gone there will be clips from past shows with thanks to all our guests...   We return on January 9th, 2024. May your holiday season be Safe, be calm, and most importantly, be kind to yourself and others..    In 'Suicide Zen Forgiveness', host Elaine Lindsay shares the poignant stories of those affected by suicide and mental health issues. The podcast aims to disintegrate the silence, stigma, and shame that often surround these difficult topics while encouraging an open dialogue. Listeners are reminded that this podcast is educational and might be triggering; immediate assistance is advised for those going through mental health struggles. The show wraps up by encouraging listeners to subscribe, review, and share the podcast, and introduces the sponsors who are all supporters of mental health causes. Potential guests with a story to share are also invited to participate.   00:00 Introduction to Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 00:11 The Mission of the Podcast 00:35 Important Disclaimer 00:51 Introduction to the Host 15:22 Appreciation and Encouragement to Subscribe 15:48 Sponsors of the Podcast 16:41 Invitation to Share Your Story 16:54 Closing Remarks
16:59 12/5/23
Laying the Twenty Year Old Me to Rest S6 E11
Laying to Rest: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing In this episode of the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast, host Elaine Lindsay shares her personal journey of recovery and self-discovery following a devastating car accident in 1976 which resulted in numerous physical injuries and the loss of her pregnancy. After meeting with Kimothy Walker, a journalist who had been through a similar experience, Elaine reevaluates her perspective towards her own identity, learns to lay her pre-accident self to rest, and embraces her current self wholeheartedly. Elaine also discusses Andrea, a friend who passed away, and shares the empathy and forgiveness she received from her afterlife experience. This episode discusses suicide and mental health issues and urges those struggling to reach out to local resources for help. Elaine stresses the importance of seeking help, sharing burdens to lighten the load, and asserts that empathy, gratitude, and resilience can be found even after the darkest days. 00:00 Introduction to Suicide Zen Forgiveness 01:00 Elaine's Personal Story: The Night That Changed Everything 03:25 The Accident and Its Aftermath 06:39 Meeting Kimothy Walker: A New Perspective 09:32 Laying the Past to Rest: A Journey of Healing 16:36 Gratitude and Hope: Moving Forward 18:50 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgements 19:20 Sponsors and Invitations for Future Episodes
20:56 11/28/23
Cheryl Pankhurst Lost in the system S6 E10
Teen Minds Redefined: A Conversation about Suicide, Mental Health, and Community Support The episode of 'Suicide Zen Forgiveness' features host Elaine Lindsay in conversation with Cheryl Pankhurst, a retired Special Education specialist and host of ‘Teen Minds Redefined’ podcast. They discuss the story of a student 'Bella', who was deeply affected by unresolved mental health issues leading to a tragic suicide. Cheryl emphasizes the importance of sharing vital information about a child's mental health with educators to ensure necessary support and prevent similar tragedies. Additionally, Cheryl promotes her newly established podcast intending to nurture better relationships between parents and their teenagers. The episode ends with a call to action to normalize conversations about mental wellness and suicide. 00:00 Introduction to the Podcast 00:11 The Mission of the Podcast 00:54 Introducing the Guest: Cheryl Pankhurst 00:58 Cheryl's Personal Life and Interests 01:42 Cheryl's Professional Life and Passion 02:22 Cheryl's Yoga Practice 02:56 Beginning of the Interview 03:05 Cheryl's Experience with a Troubled Student 10:29 The Tragic Incident at School 11:44 Bella's Time in the Institution 13:17 Bella's Release and Tragic End 15:40 Reflections on the Case and the Importance of Communication 23:22 Discussing Early Signs of Psychosis 24:07 The Importance of Seeking Medical Help 24:50 The Need to Break the Stigma and Share Experiences 25:17 The Role of Teachers in Supporting Students 26:06 The Impact of Silence and Isolation 26:16 The Tragic Disconnect Between Love and Self-Perception 27:06 Understanding the Struggles of Connecting with Feelings 28:18 The Hidden Pain Behind Social Media Posts 29:41 The Role of Empathy in Dealing with Negative Interactions 31:00 The Cycle of Bullying and Victimization 31:07 The Human Dynamic of Comparison and Jealousy 33:01 The Importance of Kindness and Respect 33:50 The Challenge of Responding to Negativity 36:33 The Importance of Starting Conversations about Mental Health 36:39 Introducing 'Teen Minds Redefined' Podcast 38:25 The Three-Pronged Approach to Mental Health Support 40:46 The Importance of Starting Conversations about Mental Health 41:06 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgements  Podcaster/Coach/Entrepreneur with “Teen Minds Redefined”   Youtube @cherylpankhurst
43:35 11/21/23
Alicia Christian Loss of a Sister S6 E9
My guest, Alicia Christian has agreed to join me today, for which I am very grateful. It's really wonderful when you can find guests that you feel aligned with immediately! I believe by the end of our episode you too will feel aligned with Alicia! Suicide Zen Forgiveness: Ending the Stigma and Sharing Hope with Alicia Christian   Host Elaine Lindsay welcomes Alicia Christian, a multi-faceted talent and pediatric nurse practitioner, on the podcast, Suicide Zen Forgiveness. Alicia shares her life experiences, particularly the loss of her sister to suicide, and the mental health struggles others in her family have faced, including her own experiences with child molestation. The podcast emphasizes the importance of ending the stigma and silence around suicide and mental health. The conversation includes the potential mental health impacts of child molestation and how religious beliefs may affect the approach to mental health and acceptance of LGBTQ+ members within a family. The host and the guest both advocate for empathy, self-love, and gratitude as tools to support mental health and wellbeing.   00:00 Introduction to the Podcast 00:59 Introducing the Guest: Alicia Christian 03:29 Alicia's Personal Journey and Struggles 03:54 Alicia's Sister's Battle with Mental Health 05:22 The Impact of Sexual Abuse in Alicia's Family 05:37 Alicia's Sister's Struggle with Identity and Religion 07:21 Alicia's Sister's Journey in the Mental Health System 09:52 Alicia's Sister's Impact on the Mental Health Field 11:24 Alicia's Reflections on Her Sister's Suicide 14:27 The Family's Reaction and Coping with the Loss 16:29 The Cycle of Sexual Abuse in the Family 25:27 Understanding the Impact of Poverty and Survival 27:17 Unveiling Family Secrets 28:12 The Power of Conversations and Shared Experiences 28:47 The Impact of the Me Too Movement 29:11 The Strength and Resilience of Younger Generations 30:28 The Importance of Standing Up for Oneself 33:15 The Struggle with Mental Health and Suicide 34:16 The Power of Reaching Out and Sharing 36:53 The Importance of Gratitude and Kindness 38:09 The Importance of Listening and Understanding Others 41:46 The Power of Curiosity and Continuous Learning 44:56 The Power of Positivity and Love 45:34 Closing Remarks and Acknowledgements Alicia Christian is a force to be reckoned with as an actress, singer, Doctorate in Nursing Practice, and the host of The Eating Me Podcast! After over 10 years away from the entertainment world, Alicia is ready to share her ability to engage an audience through her story telling, sultry and gospel based vocal stylings, or by way of interviewing individuals sharing stories about how eating has affected their lives on a personal or professional level. Beyond the entertainment realm, Alicia is a certified pediatric nurse practitioner. Children are magical and generally want to be their best selves each and every day. Alicia prides herself in assisting the pediatric population in providing preventative health education, as well as treatment to help them lead lives they are meant to have as they approach adulthood. “I’m a jack of all trades that has mastered how to do what I want in this life…what I want to do is be a blessing to those that I encounter…the hope is they go out in the world and do the same.”   Host of The Eating Me Podcast Website: Instagram: @thealiciachristian Facebook: Alicia Christian
47:42 11/14/23
AnneMoss Rogers The Power of a Mother’s Grief S6 E8
Normalizing Conversation on Suicide and Mental Health with Anne Moss Rogers In this episode of Suicide Zen Forgiveness, host Elaine Lindsay converses with guest, Anne Moss Rodgers. Moss shares her experiences of losing her son, Charles, to suicide and the journey that it spurred. The poignant conversation focuses on normalizing talks about suicide and mental health to lighten the emotional burden for those in the darkness. They discuss the significance of voicing pain and asking for help in battling depression and suicidal ideation. The episode touches upon the undervalued power of storytelling, ritual, and connection in healing. It underscores the irony of the digital world in both isolating people and creating platforms for connection. They stress on the importance of teaching coping skills and social emotional learning to kids from young age. 00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Host 00:54 Guest Introduction: Anne Moss Rogers 02:28 Beginning the Conversation with Anne Moss Rogers 03:12 Anne Moss Rogers' Personal Journey and Struggles 06:36 The Tragic Loss of Anne's Son, Charles 07:12 Understanding Suicide and Its Impact 12:17 The Importance of Connection and Conversation in Healing 15:30 Dealing with the Aftermath of Suicide 19:51 The Power of Sharing and Feeling Your Feelings 25:46 The Importance of Emotional Healing and Coping Strategies 29:30 Embracing Difficult Emotions 30:33 Understanding the Nature of Suicidal Ideation 31:24 The Guilt and Self-Blame After Losing a Loved One to Suicide 32:08 Coping Mechanisms: Allowing Yourself to Wallow 36:01 The Power of Gratitude in Healing 39:41 The Role of Humor in Coping with Loss 41:46 The Importance of Keeping the Memory of Loved Ones Alive 44:19 The Role of Rituals in the Healing Process 51:21 The Impact of the Digital Age on Connection and Community 54:38 Closing Remarks and Future Discussions 56:01 Podcast Outro and Sponsor Acknowledgements   We met on Twitter.. or should I say X. Anne Moss Rogers grief journey, is a lesson is strength. A lesson in grace. A lesson in fortitude.  I'\m honoured to bring you this guest..  One of the most sought-after motivational mental health speakers, Anne Moss has lived the ultimate tragedy and become an expert on emotional wellness, suicide prevention, and postvention, as well as youth mental health. She speaks most often at conferences, universities and schools, workplaces, and corporations. Her youngest son, Charles, was the funniest, most popular kid in school. As a teen, he wore the mask of a clown to hide his depression and anxiety and used drugs and alcohol to numb his thoughts of suicide. Ultimately, he became addicted to heroin and took his own life in 2015 at age 20. The most devastating loss of her life was a turning point. While it took time to accept that purpose with grace, she has never looked back or regretted that decision.   Links AnneMoss’ TEDx – Can a Blog Save Lives? AnneMoss’ books: Diary of a Broken Mind: A Mother's Story, A Son's Suicide, and The Haunting Lyrics He Left Behind Emotionally Naked: A Teacher’s Guide to Preventing Suicide & Recognizing Students at Risk AnneMoss’ books and free e-book library:   Socials FB: LI: YT: IG: TW:
57:37 11/7/23
Jaclyn Danielle Gee Trauma to Service S6 E7
Suicide Zen Forgiveness: A Candid Conversation with Jacqueline Gee This episode of the Suicide Zen Forgiveness podcast features a heartfelt conversation with the host, Elaine Lindsay, and guest, Jacqueline Gee. As a mental health advocate, mentor, and creator of the Doom to Bloom podcast, Jacqueline shares her journey with mental health struggles, trauma, addiction, and her commitment to breaking down their associated stigmas. A survivor of sexual assault and anorexia, Jacqueline provides valuable insights into her healing process and her work in the social services field with the vulnerable population struggling with homelessness, addictions, mental health, and legal involvement. She highlights the importance of conversation and normalized dialogue around mental health, asserting that sharing burdens lightens the load. The episode discusses the challenges of combating societal stigmas, the flaws in the justice, mental health, and foster care systems, and the need for empathy towards the unhoused. Finally, Jacqueline’s story serves as an inspiration and a reminder of the power of resilience and empathy towards mental health, trauma, and addiction.   00:00 Introduction to Suicide Zen Forgiveness Podcast 01:12 Meet Today's Guest: Jacqueline Gee 03:47 Jacqueline's Early Struggles with Mental Health 05:06 Jacqueline's Journey through Trauma and Recovery 06:39 The Impact of Sexual Assault on Jacqueline's Life 07:38 Jacqueline's Battle with Anorexia and Self-Harm 11:43 The Turning Point: A Friend's Murder 13:21 Jacqueline's Career in Social Work and Law 14:07 The Challenges of Working with the Unhoused Population 20:55 The Stigma and Stereotypes Surrounding the Unhoused 37:28 The Importance of Human Connection and Compassion 44:57 Conclusion and Final Thoughts She was born and raised in Ontario, Canada, and she's always been a mental health advocate and mentor. She is the founder and creator of the Doom to Bloom podcast. There, Jacqueline shares her journey of mental health struggles and her experiences with trauma and addiction alongside the guests she has who also share their experiences. As Jacqueline is active in the social services field, specifically with the vulnerable population struggling with homelessness, addictions, mental health, and legal involvement, she provides tactical tips and techniques to support both yourself and others during these struggles, as well as education around these stigmatized and taboo topics. Jacqueline is passionate about raising awareness of mental health, trauma, and addiction, as well as continuing to fight to break down the stigma surrounding these topics.  
46:18 10/31/23
Marie Hoag Estrogen and Suicide Ideation Mental Health S6 E6
After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 17, and going through hell, and suicidal times, Marie,  found her solution. Marie is now a clinical hormone coach, HRT physician educator, perimenopause and menopause specialist, and speaker with nearly 20 years of professional experience. Marie says "I have worked directly with hormone therapy physicians and patients utilizing the most advanced and cutting-edge hormone replacement therapy approaches on the market."  Marie started the MeNoPause Moxie website and blog to educate women after she realized that women (and doctors) lack knowledge and truth regarding menstrual cycle regulation, PMS, PMDD, perimenopause, and menopause reversal and prevention.  Marie also noticed the lack of education and clinical application training doctors are given in medical school about estrogen and adequate dosed female hormone therapies, and as a result, women are needlessly suffering from mental illness and physical decline at all ages. This is why Marie founded Panacea Sciences, a company dedicated to educating and training physicians about estrogen and how to prescribe and balance hormones in a manner so that generally healthy women can establish and maintain a regular menstrual cycle for as long as they choose, even if they no longer have all their parts. We are also dedicated to training health coaches to become clinical hormone coaches to help these doctors get their patients' hormones balanced and keep them balanced.    
69:35 10/24/23