Show cover of Enduring Hope with Christina and Scott MacIntyre

Enduring Hope with Christina and Scott MacIntyre

Blind American Idol alum Scott MacIntyre and his wife Christina know that hope is found in the hardest of times. No matter what you’re facing, the right perspective can change your life. Say goodbye to fear and discouragement, and find faith in the promises of God!


Get Wisdom
Are you confused with so many voices and opinions crashing into our minds today? God provides the wisdom needed to find clarity and define the path for our lives.
05:44 09/27/2022
Hall of Faith
When you fall short, remember some of the most faithful men and women in Scripture did too. Even a mustard seed of faith is incredibly valuable in God's kingdom.
05:12 09/20/2022
Flee Temptation
The battle of temptation - can we win? God knows our limits and will always provide a way of escape.
05:22 09/13/2022
I Can Do All Things
God does not promise an easy life but a fruitful one. He wants to give you freedom from fear and a calm of contentment.
03:55 09/06/2022
Hope Despite Hypocrisy
Hypocrites! How often do we hear this about today’s church? Humility is the antidote to hypocrisy and can transform hurt into hope.
05:02 08/30/2022
Angry With God
Often we ask 'how could God let this happen' when we should be asking 'who is God.' Come to the Lord in honesty, for he knows your pain and longs to comfort you.
05:20 08/23/2022
Never Rejected
Our hearts yearn to belong, and in God's family our belonging can never be shaken.
04:40 08/16/2022
Turning to God
It's never too late to make Jesus the center of your life. Honoring God with the time you have left can bless generations.
04:33 08/09/2022
Don't let what other people say about you steal your joy. God says you are unique and incredibly valuable, and he has a purpose for your life.
04:33 08/02/2022
Run The Race
The course is marked and the crowd is cheering. Lay aside every burden and run the race to which God is calling you!
05:12 07/26/2022
Have you ever longed for a miracle in your life? God is able to do far above and beyond what we ask, yet his purpose for miracles is greater than what we may realize.
05:32 07/19/2022
Even when outnumbered, God's people win.  What would revival look like for the church and for each of us?
04:19 07/12/2022
Finding Hope In Pain
God is no stranger to your pain. Run to him and experience his supernatural comfort as he conforms you into the image of Christ.
04:38 07/05/2022
Light of the World
God's love lights up even the darkest of nights, and as you allow his light to shine through you, you can help illuminate the path for others.
05:44 06/28/2022
Refined Like Silver
When the heat is on, our hearts are refined, and we emerge from the fire to bare witness about God's faithfulness.
04:48 06/21/2022
Rejoice Always
Joy springs from something far greater than our circumstances. By the empowering of God's Spirit, we find grace to rejoice through it all.
04:51 06/14/2022
I Am Hope
True hope does not remove us from suffering immediately, but it brings purpose in suffering as we endure it. Trust in Jesus who is hope personified.
04:19 06/07/2022
Hide and Seek
Life is not all fun and games, and there are parts of it we'd rather avoid. But God calls us not to hide from suffering but to seek Him in it.
05:38 05/31/2022
Son of God, Son of Man
The one through whom the universe was made is the same one through whom it was redeemed. We can gain a deeper understanding of who Jesus is as we reflect on his diety and his humanity.
05:29 05/24/2022
Wonderful Counselor
No one knows you better than God does. Take time to engage with his wise counsel, and experience the wonder of his love.
04:58 05/17/2022
Defining Moments
Our lives are shaped by the decisions we make. But no moment defines us more than the moment we choose Jesus.
04:14 05/10/2022
Whiter Than Snow
Shame can make us feel so dirty, but there is no stain too dark for God's love to wash clean.  No matter what you've done, God invites you to receive his forgiveness and reflect his love to the world.
05:22 05/03/2022
To Fear or Not to Fear
The spirit of fear seeks to destroy us.  But the fear of the Lord leads us toward God, and it’s His Spirit which continually empowers us to overcome.
04:39 04/26/2022
Open Up Our Eyes - Ukraine Special
Pray for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine that as many face death they may trust in the resurrection of Christ, through which all believers will be raised to new life.
06:15 04/19/2022
It Is Well
Hardships may surge like tidal waves, and sorrows may roll like sea billows, but none of these things are hidden from God. Trust in the one who sees past the storm!
06:24 04/12/2022
Longing for His Touch
God wants to touch your life, but it might not always feel like what you expect. No matter how our emotions may change, the Bible gives us hope that endures through all seasons.
05:53 04/05/2022
Light at the End of the Tunnel
In a dark world full of fear and division, it's tempting to follow the nearest light we see. But don't be fooled by counterfits - stay focused on the light at the end of the tunnel!
04:59 03/29/2022
Everything We Need
God will sustain and provide for his children in tough times. Moreover, he has blessed us with an inheritance beyond what we can imagine!
04:56 03/22/2022
The Call
It's healthy to seek God's direction in many areas of life. But don't lose sight of the greater call on your life - the call to hope.
04:29 03/15/2022
Never Alone
Loneliness plagues many of us today, but God's word says we are truly never alone. He will never leave nor forsake us.
04:31 03/08/2022