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Enduring Hope with Christina and Scott MacIntyre

Blind American Idol alum Scott MacIntyre and his wife Christina know that hope is found in the hardest of times. No matter what you’re facing, the right perspective can change your life. Say goodbye to fear and discouragement, and find faith in the promises of God!


Ears to Hear
The moment we hear the good news and accept Jesus as Lord, our lives are transformed, and we begin to see God at work all around us.
04:38 12/24/23
Commissioned by God
News this good has to be shared! Let's tell the world of the treasure which has been revealed to us and sing glory to God in the highest.
05:01 12/17/23
God's Way
It may not be what we expect, but it is the sure path. Instead of living for the world, live like Joseph did - for the one who gave his very life for you.
06:35 12/10/23
According to Your Word
Mary, the mother of Jesus, accepted God's plan for her life, even though she didn't understand it fully. We can do the same as we marvel at God's miraculous gift of a savior.
07:33 12/3/23
It's Not Over
Dead end?  God has the final word, and it's not the end until he says it is.
05:53 7/7/23
Doing the Hard Thing
It's not about our own strength but Christ's strength in us.
04:05 6/28/23
Eternal Joy
Fixing our gaze on the future God has in store for his children can dramatically shift our perspective about struggles we face today.
04:44 5/25/23
Where Trust Comes In
How could an all-powerful and loving God allow this to happen?  We may not understand in our limited knowledge of time and space, but that doesn't change who God is.
05:30 5/9/23
Believe Again
Even the best theological answers leave us unable to fully comprehend an eternal God. But God has revealed himself in the person of Jesus Christ, and he calls us to believe.
06:51 4/19/23
Supernatural Contentment
Just as God has a purpose in the ending of suffering, he has a purpose in the time of suffering itself.
04:28 4/5/23
Church Hurt
Don't be fooled. The church that Jesus Christ is building is grounded in love.
04:54 3/28/23
More Than a Kidney
God gave it all for you. Let Jesus take your sin and give you his righteousness.
05:45 3/21/23
True Joy
What happens when you find yourself facing the same obstacles you thought you'd already put to rest? Cast your gaze beyond this fallen world, and get to know God who is making all things new.
06:37 3/8/23
Can People Change?
Change?  I can’t do it!  Or can you?  Inviting the Holy Spirit into your life will remove the blinders of “can’t” and start the transformational process of “can."
05:37 2/28/23
The Living Word
The Bible is God's love letter to each of us — his answer to our need to be intimately known.
04:55 2/21/23
Fifty Second Chances
We all need second chances, and God uses even our failures to conform us into the image of Christ.
04:10 2/14/23
An Open Door
God has gifted you uniquely. Don't miss the opportunities he sends your way to use those gifts.
05:04 2/7/23
Freedom Back
For freedom Christ has set us free. Lift your eyes to the cross and follow Jesus out of the cage that once enclosed you.
04:26 1/31/23
At the Feet of Jesus
Serving others is one way we can bring glory to God. But what if, in our preoccupation, we miss the most important thing of all?
04:12 1/24/23
Best of - Believing Is Seeing
One of our favorite episodes... Faith opens our eyes to a greater spiritual reality. Seek first the kingdom of God, and He will illuminate your path.
04:45 1/17/23
Best of - Longing for His Touch
One of our most listened to episodes... God wants to touch your life, but it might not always feel like what you expect. No matter how our emotions may change, the Bible gives us hope that endures through all seasons.
05:53 1/10/23
Best of - Made New
One of our most impactful episodes... Trusting Jesus isn't just about eternity. In Christ you are a new creation, called to a new way of life on earth.
06:12 1/3/23
Best of - Safe in My Arms
One of our most impactful episodes... It's tempting to rely on safety nets even when we know they are prone to fail. But God's love never fails, and we can rest securely in the arms of Jesus.
05:02 12/27/22
Best of - Wave After Wave
One of our most impactful episodes of the year... Without question, difficulty and hardship are constant in a fallen world. Our refuge and joy is knowing we have Christ to walk through the deepest waters with us!
05:28 12/21/22
Heart of the Matter
It's not what's on the outside but what's on the inside that counts.
04:54 12/13/22
Covenant Hope
When you break a contract, there are penalties. When you break a covenant, you break a heart. God's covenant promise of forgiveness and redemption will never be broken and will heal the hearts of all who believe.
05:23 12/6/22
Getting Past the Past
Is ruminating on the past robbing you of the future? Break with the bondage of what is dead and embrace the life God has prepared for you.
04:58 11/29/22
Fellowship of Believers
"Organized religion..."  Why get involved?  Experiencing support during times of turmoil, finding strength to overcome division, and tangibly becoming the hands and feet of Christ are just a few reasons.
05:54 11/22/22
Walking through the Darkness
God is with us, even as we walk through the painful circumstances from which we'd rather run.
05:09 11/15/22
In Christ Alone
Jesus has the words of eternal life. Enduring hope is found in Christ alone, our cornerstone for a sure foundation.
04:40 11/8/22