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Welcome all freaks and Geeks! We are The Square Round Table. A collective of Blerds (Black Nerds) discussing all things Anime, Comics, Science and Pop culture related! Please join us for our weekly podcast. Jump right in. Don’t be scared, the water's fine!


Canada’s Mightiest Hero! W/ Richard Comely (Captain Canuck Creator) 63:59 06/28/2022
Voodoo Detective(Video Game) BTS With Eric Fulton &Eric Ackerman 59:26 06/13/2022
Everyone Is Tulip w/ Nicole Goux(Illustrator) 50:23 06/05/2022
Batman: Broken Promise BTS w/ Stephen Trumble(Animator/Creator) 118:01 05/22/2022
Dr. Strange: Multiverse of Madness Review 51:19 05/16/2022
The Artistic and Creative Freedom of Adult Swim 52:11 05/02/2022
Creating “The Daring Double Life of Ace Adams” with Nate Cosby (Comic Book Writer/Editor) 51:53 04/23/2022
A Matter of Ethics & Perspective 46:37 04/09/2022
Creating “Alter Ego” with Jacob Edgar(Comic Book Artist) 31:36 04/01/2022
Review of Batman(2022) 54:16 03/22/2022
Lights, Camera, Action Part 2 with Christopher Ward Jr 96:19 03/15/2022
The Inception of Aerosmith with Ray Tabano 56:30 03/05/2022
Poetry and Spoken Word with Yona Harvey (World of Wakanda Author) 55:39 02/20/2022
Why so serious? ( The Batman PG-13 problem) 58:01 02/09/2022
A Conversation W/ Michael Davis(Milestone Comics/ Motown Machine Works Publishing) 93:31 01/24/2022
The art of creating comic book characters with Chuck Dixon 94:09 01/09/2022
A Christmas Episode( What Makes a Christmas Movie) 74:24 01/02/2022
The Cinematic Artistry of “Umbrellas” (BTS with José Prats , Álvaro Robles and Alicia Canovas) 61:12 12/20/2021
The Harder They Fall Review/ Spiderman No Way Home Trailer 93:39 12/08/2021
Creating Video Games BTS with Jocelyn Mettler ( VFX Artist, Abby’s Face Model) 63:10 11/20/2021
Bringing Diversity to DC Comics with Tony Isabella (Creator of Black Lightning) 79:49 11/14/2021
Inside The Voice Actors Studio with Vivian Lu (Squid Game Edition #2) 47:40 11/06/2021
Beautifully Grotesque & Surreal: An Exploration of Art By Laurie Lipton 85:58 10/29/2021
Inside The Voice Actors Studio with Donald Chang ( Squid Game Edition #1) 83:07 10/22/2021
Film, Chemistry and “Enter Entropy” with Dr. Candice Michelle Goodwin 109:51 10/09/2021
Finding Community through Advanced Narrative Escapism ( Director: Dan Eckman) 80:54 10/01/2021
Spider-man:No Way Home Trailer (Review) 110:28 09/21/2021
Inside The Voice Actors Studio with Maurice Dean Wint ( Voice of Spawn ) 83:12 09/13/2021
College Humor ( A Conversation about Comedy & Writing ) with DC Pierson 79:52 09/06/2021
Inside The Voice Actors Studio with Tim Russ (Tuvok from StarTrek) 128:54 08/30/2021