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Welcome all freaks and Geeks! We are The Square Round Table. A collective of Blerds (Black Nerds) discussing all things Anime, Comics, Science and Pop culture related! Please join us for our weekly podcast. Jump right in. Don’t be scared, the water's fine!


Is Disney Choking on Their Aspirations with Star Wars
As Acolyte approaches its final episodes, We took a step back to ask whether we are still invested. 
83:24 7/11/24
Fallout Season 1 review
Join us as we discuss what we thought about the tv show based on the popular game, Fallout. This review will contain spoiler for the show! We discuss possible routes for season 2 as well as what we thought of the main three characters( Lucy, Maximus and The Ghoul)
69:53 6/6/24
The Bad Batch Series review!
Join us as we give our thoughts on the series as a whole and discuss possible options moving forward! _______________________________Squareroundtable Host social media Dmitri: @d_m33chiChad: @Stem.advocate.chadJosh: @input_output.JoshMarcus: @professorx_91Square Round Table social mediaInstagam: @squareroundtable1Twitter:@TheSquareround1
57:40 5/15/24
X-Men First 3 Episodes Review
Hey freaks and geeks! We are back with our reviews! Us being big X-Men fans we had to give our review of the X-Men '97 ( first 3 eps) Being that we grew up with the original 90s show and loved it, we were excited to see if this show could recapture the essence of the original.
61:14 4/3/24
Between Cartoons and Social Justice w/ Keith Knight
Being that the last day of Black History Month is upon us, you already know we had to end out the month with a fire 🔥 episode ‼️‼️ This week we had the honor of chatting with Mr. Keith Knight ( @iamkeithknight )✍🏾🎨💥 Keith Knight is an American cartoonist and Rapper known for his accessible yet subversive comic strips The K Chronicles, (Th)ink, and The Knight Life. While his work is humorous and universal in appeal, he also often deals with political, social, and racial issues. WOKE , a television series based on his work, debuted in 2020. If you want to see more of his work, his website is:
100:25 3/4/24
Electronic Afrofuturism with :3lon
Join The Square Round Table Pod this week for our conversation with our good friend :3LON ( @_goths ). :3LON is an autodidact singer/songwriter/producer based in Baltimore, Maryland, specializing in electronic soundscapes as well as multimedia. :3LON explores themes that examine the state of humanity from a futuristic lense with nods to classic anime and fantasy rpg. t we will deep dive into Afrofuturism and how Anime, Videogames and Sci-fi play a big part in music 👽👾🛸
118:06 2/3/24
Inside the Writing Studio w/ Rodney Barnes
Joining us as we chat with Rodney Barnes. Rodney Barnes is an American screenwriter and producer. Barnes has written and produced The Boondocks, My Wife and Kids, Everybody Hates Chris, Those Who Can’t, Marvel’s Runaways, American Gods, Wu-Tang: An American Saga, and is currently an executive producer/writer on HBO’s Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty.
15:53 1/24/24
Inside the Animator Studio W/ Henry Bonsu
Join us as we talk with Henry Bonsu about his work with the hit show lazor Wulf!
100:38 1/5/24
Inside the Actor Studio(A Christmas special) : Marice P Kerry
Join us as we talk with Marice about his career
79:45 12/22/23
Ashoka Season 1 Review!
Listen to us discuss our opinions on the Ahsoka Season 1
69:36 12/6/23
The Goosebumps( New Series ) Unboxing!
Tune in for a VERY SPECIAL episode. This is the perfect way to end the spooky season!!! Our good friends over at @goosebumpsseries and @sptv were nice enough to send us some Goosebump’s Goodies in honor of The new @disneyplus Goosebump’s Series! As a horror fanatic and a long-standing Goosebump’s fan it means the world to receive these wonderful gifts and accolades from a series so close to our hearts 💚💚💚. Huge Thank you to the Goosebump’s team!!!
100:26 11/13/23
A Chat with Gigi Murakami ( Queen of Black Horror Manga)
For this year’s Square Round Table Halloween Episode we are honored to sit down with The Queen of Black Horror Manga gigi_murakami ‼️‼️‼️‼️Gigi Murakami is an NYC native manga artist, illustrator, writer, content creator, and small creative business owner at the intersection of horror media, alt + nerd culture, and (schlocky) film. Her work blends Japanese manga art and vintage American comic and pulp aesthetics. She specializes in traditional ink and color illustrations, and manga art focusing on dark, fantastical, and dramatic themes!
102:13 11/6/23
Sentinel 6 with Anime Creators AsA Palmer & Patrick Stout
We are honored to chat with Some gentlemen that are doing HUGE things in the world of Anime and Afro-Futurism! We sits down with Patrick Stout(@stoutsaiyan) and Asa Palmer(@eyeofmasai ) The Co-Creators of The HIGHLY ANTICIPATED Anime Series “Sentinel Six”🔥🔥🔥
115:49 10/27/23
Sci-Fi & Super Heroes with Jaromir François ( Storyteller, Comic Book Creator )
This week we chat with Writer, StoryTeller and Comic Book Creator, Jaromir François ( @sky_surfer117 )‼️Jaromir is known for pushing the boundaries of Sci-Fi and Fantasy while simultaneously creating grounded and relatable narratives. Tune in for our chat about comics, diversity, anime, and more‼️if you want to show support for his work his kickstarter is :
87:49 10/16/23
How to Adapt an Anime! (One Piece Live Action Review)
Tune in as we deep dive into the amazing adaptation that is the One Piece Live Action
89:53 10/2/23
The Super Duper Podcast!(SuperDuperKyle)
Join us as we chat with Kyle Harvey AKA SuperDuperKyle(@superduperkyle) about his early life, what got him into music, anime that impacted him and many more!
53:47 9/24/23
Sam Hauge : Out of Isolation(interview)
Join Us as we talk with Sam Hauge(@samhaugemusic) about his incredible first album Out of Isolation. His album was created all by himself( he is a one-man band!) his website if you want to check out his album is
68:57 9/18/23
Summer of the Nerd : A Review of Across the Spiderverse
Join us as we review Across the spiderverse. Also giving our thoughts on all of the characters and how they were handle in the movie and what we think is going to happen in the follow up movie!
44:20 9/8/23
Summer of the Nerd: Transformers Rise of the Beasts Review
Join Us as we discuss the new Transformers movie.
57:22 8/11/23
The Summer of the Nerd: A review of The Flash
Join us as we give our thought on the new Flash Movie
41:48 7/14/23
A chat with Puppeteer: Noel MacNeal( Bear in The Big Blue House, Sesame Street)
Join us as we talk with Noel MacNeal who is famous for his roles in Bear in the Big Blue House and Sesame Street.
91:23 6/17/23
Mukbang(KFC edition)
Join us as we try the new KFC chicken sandwich and talk about current nerd new
110:20 5/20/23
An Animated Life with Carl Jones ( Boondocks Producer)
Carl is one of , if not the most influential person in Animation today! He has produced countless game changing cartoons including The Boondocks, BlackDynamite, Sugar & Toys and much more. Carl is also The Co-Founder of @wearemartianb ! We have him on the show to talk about all this and much more!!!!
81:12 4/25/23
Horror and Comics with Wendell & Wild Creator Clay McLeod Chapman
Join us as we talk with Clay McLeod Chapman(@claymcleod) about working with Monkey Paw Productions and writing his book (Whisper Down the Lane).
94:04 4/13/23
Ant Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Review!
Join Dmitrius and Marcus as we give our thoughts on the Antman movie!
42:22 3/23/23
A Conversation With Blacula Director, William Crain
Greetings Square Round Table Family! This week we have a truly special episode. As a horror fanatic this is very close to my heart. This week we have the honor of chatting with A Legend responsible for being the FIRST to bring nuanced Black Representation to The Horror Genre on a MASSIVE scale . This week we interview William Crain , Director of Blacula 🧛‍♂️ 🦇. From Candy man to Get Out and Black Panther, William Crain has continued to inspire generations of Black Creators to share their stories of Afro-Futurism and Afro-Horror .
62:04 3/1/23
The Art of Harry Potter with Mary Grandpre
Greetings Wizards and Muggles!!! This week The Square Round Table Boys are getting a peek inside The Wizarding World of Harry Potter ⚡️⚡️⚡️This week we are honored to chat with Mary Grandpré, The Artist responsible for bringing Harry Potter to life.Mary Grandpré is an Award Winning American illustrator/Visual Artist best known for her cover and chapter illustrations of the Harry Potter books in their First U.S. editions published by Scholastic!
57:24 2/21/23
Animation and Stop Motion Puppetry with Bona Bones
. Join us with Educator, Stop Motion Puppeteer, and Award Winning Animation Director @bonadona ✨✨✨Bona has a wide range of credits in commercial, feature, and television animation(Robot Chicken, Crossing Swords, etc ). Her primary focus is stop-motion animation and directing. While typically found in the animation department, she has experience as a seamstress, puppet/set fabricator, and production designer!
49:48 1/31/23
It was all a dream( Exploring The Surrealism of Atlanta)
It was all a Dream😴 . Or was it😵‍💫? Greetings Square Round Table family! This week we discuss the series finale of Donald Glover’s Atlanta! We will cover narratives surrounding dreams/nightmares and how this series compares to the works of horror masters such as Rod Serling and David Lynch!
54:04 1/18/23
All Hallows Eve!: With Original Art The Clown! (Mike Giannelli)
Everybody Loves a Clown 🤡🎈❗️❗️❗️This week The Square Round Table Boys sit down with our good friend @mike_giannelli and discuss his time portraying Horror Icon , Art The Clown ❗️Art is a homicidal Silent Clown created by @damien_leone . Mike originally Portrayed Art in the short films “The 9th Circle” ,”Terrifier” and “All Hallows Eve”.Tune in for all the fun, horror filled , behind the scenes content from the Terrifier Himself 🤡🔪🩸🩸🩸❗️
49:39 12/29/22

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