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Kristen Lascola from North Coast Church gives weekly insight and tips on how to build healthy leaders, teams and churches in Youth Ministry. With over 17 years in Student Ministry, Kristen shares her knowledge and experiences and frequently features guests from various ministries, churches and leadership roles so that you can use proven strategies to increase your impact from your leadership role. This podcast will help you grow your leadership skills, enhance your ministry, build a volunteer staff, grow your influence and create a healthy work environment so that you can help take the ministry God has you in to the next level. Hit subscribe and get ready to advance your leadership!


Youth Pastor Leadership: 8 Skills You Need to Master 34:56 12/02/2021
How Pride Can Steal Our Gratitude in Youth Ministry 19:16 11/18/2021
Youth Ministry Calendar - Youth Group Planning Ideas! 29:04 11/11/2021
Why You Don't Have What it Takes to Do Youth Ministry 32:58 11/04/2021
5 Simple Youth Group Games - Last Minute Games for Youth Ministry 29:58 10/28/2021
Youth Ministry Mission Statement - Vision Casting for your Youth Group 31:43 10/21/2021
Going from New Student to Student Leader in Youth Ministry 25:07 10/14/2021
5 Things That Can Hurt Your Youth Ministry's Growth 39:04 10/07/2021
Portable Church Set Up Ideas for Youth Ministry 25:28 09/30/2021
Youth Ministry Overnighter - Fun Lock In Games & Theme Idea 24:26 09/23/2021
How to Run a Youth Ministry on a Tight Budget - 6 Ways to Succeed! 31:33 09/16/2021
5 Ways to Motivate Your Students to Invite Friends to Youth Group 39:35 09/02/2021
5 Things Every Youth Pastor Needs to Start Doing 26:30 08/26/2021
ICEBREAKER GAMES for Youth Ministry - EASY Youth Group Games! 23:23 08/19/2021
Writing Effective Talk Sheets for Small Group Time in Youth Ministry 23:45 08/12/2021
How to Lead Your Youth Ministry Team: Training vs Coaching 26:36 08/05/2021
What's the BIG DEAL About SMALL GROUPS in Youth Ministry? 23:53 07/29/2021
How to Keep Your Youth Ministry's "Camp High" Momentum Going! 32:04 07/22/2021
Why Working as a Youth Pastor is the Best Job in the World! 32:52 07/15/2021
How to Prioritize Your Time as a Youth Pastor and Love Your Job 33:05 07/08/2021
Dodgeball Variation Games for Youth Ministry - 7 Youth Group Games! 31:18 07/01/2021
Leadership Skills for Youth Pastors - 9 Effective Leadership Traits (Part 2) 23:30 06/24/2021
Leadership Skills for Youth Pastors - 9 Effective Leadership Traits 34:31 06/17/2021
Getting Parents Involved in Youth Ministry 34:17 06/10/2021
How to Maximize the FUN in Your Youth Group Games! 29:17 06/03/2021
Get to Know You Games for Student Ministry! 17:21 05/27/2021
Youth Ministry Tips: Finding Motivation During Frustration 32:00 05/20/2021
How to Plan a Low Cost Summer Camp for Youth Ministry 30:02 05/13/2021
Small Group Leader Training for Youth Ministry 36:01 05/06/2021
Youth Ministry Planning - Youth Group Midweek Schedule 33:53 04/29/2021