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Hosted by Tony Nash, this podcast brings together current service members and veteran high performers to share their methods, strategies, and ideas delivered in an informative way and, most importantly, actionable ways that will help you lead yourself and those around you better from the battlefield to the boardroom.


077 The Ultimate Value of Capturing Veteran Stories with Joseph Reagan
6ers, in our country today, we are looking at less than 7% of Americans who have never worn our country’s uniform. This is a powerful example of how a simple number like that can tell a story. It speaks volumes about the brave men and women who raised their right hands and volunteered to serve. And for those that made the ultimate sacrifice, we owe it to them to make sure their stories are told. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Joseph Reagan, a veteran and the Director of Military and Veterans outreach for (Wreaths Across America). Joe is passionate about keeping the sacrifices and memories of veterans alive and believes (people) should take the opportunities they have and run with them.  You will learn about how sharing the stories of our veterans help shed light on the important role they played in our country so we can continue to enjoy freedom, liberty, and all the things that we hold dear. Helping the community have these valuable conversations about our veterans and understanding the personal aspect of the veteran experience is huge support that can make a positive impact in many ways. As a result, not only do we help destigmatize some of the issues that our veterans are facing unfairly, but it will also be easier for us to talk about facts and figures of what they have really gone through and the real extent of the sacrifice they made on behalf of this country. It starts a ripple effect of raising awareness that can turn into action on how we can truly honor our veterans and ensure their legacy lives on. ----- Resources mentioned: (Joseph Reagan: Let us never forget our solemn pledge) (Stories of Service: Former Army soldier talks about his experience with PTSD)   ----- 01:07 - Overview of Got Your Six partnership with Wreaths Across America 02:19 - A shared understanding of how a veteran’s ultimate sacrifice creates a bond  03:47 - Living up to the legacy of the men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice 07:08 - The reality of heroic acts. The Sammy Davis story. 11:12 - Why you need to stay focused on the mission  12:23 - Taking a tactical pause to make sure you are mission-focused  14:34 - The school pick-up line analogy shows the importance of where you have to be 16:53 - The greatest strength of learning military leadership 21:32 - The practical application of making your improvement measurable 25:02 - Growth mindset that is not solely focused on the individual but on the organization ----- Here is how to connect with Joseph Reagan: (LinkedIn) (Facebook) ​​ (Instagram) (Wreaths Across America)  ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony Nash: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
31:05 09/26/2022
076 What Continuous Learning Really Looks Like with Will Huff
6ers, how do you earn the right to win? I know for certain that talent alone does not guarantee success. I also know for certain that winning is largely based on one’s effort. A trained athlete who wants to increase his chance of winning will have thorough preparation and that means putting in countless hours of hard work and planning a strategy for every possibility. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Will Huff, veteran and Director of Partnership at (Soldiers to Sidelines) and a Board Member at (The Baltimore Station). Will is passionate about (sports) and believes (athleticism) is a valid path in the military to produce good combat leaders. Will Huff is a 1991 West Point Graduate and served in the Army from 1991 to 2015, retiring at the rank of Colonel. You will learn about what continuous learning looks like as a leader, how to be a good teammate, a coach, and a leader, and take care of all these distinct responsibilities all the same time, to nurture a culture of a learning organization. You’ll also learn the value of mastering the basic skills until everything becomes second nature to you. As a result, you will gain a better appreciation of why you need to earn the right to win and prepare yourself for success. You will then be more willing to accept and withstand the obstacles and roadblocks ahead knowing that the real challenge is keeping your commitment to the process itself. ----- Resources Mentioned: (Earn The Right To Win) by Tom Coughlin ----- 01:06 - Being a good teammate 02:27 - The value of proximity and preparation during any kind of transition journey 05:41 - Checking your ego and exercising humility as you move up the ladder and hone your craft 07:46 - Balancing being a teammate, a coach, and a leader 13:12 - What continuous learning looks like when you’re already a leader 16:26 - Avoiding complacency and fighting the monotony of mastering a skill 20:57 - A well-planned execution that failed can be a teachable moment about what you can still improve 24:25 - Communicating better and listening more as personal milestones ----- Here is how to connect with Will Huff: (LinkedIn) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
28:36 09/19/2022
075 Being Aware of Your Gear Shifts and Knowing Who You Are with Josh Green
6ers, as veterans we’ve been trained how to adapt to stressful situations and we are familiar with knowing when to shift our gears to adapt to a situation when it is necessary. While situations in civilian life may not be life and death, this particular skill comes in handy as jump into the exploratory journey of knowing our true selves. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Josh Green, a Chief Warrant Officer 2 in the US Army and a video creator as OnexPunchxDad on (Instagram) and (TikTok). He is passionate about (working on) Tactical data and communications between Tank systems while posting videos he believes are a (way to bring) awareness and change to some of the communication flaws in the chain of command through humor. You will learn about how a mindset that is prepared and trained to shift gears when necessary can actually lead you to new opportunities to express yourself and chase happiness and meaning. It is about not suppressing who you truly are but in fact about finding new challenges to expand yourself. As a result, you’ll understand that adaptability is a highly-valued skill. Combine it with mindfulness to keep you stable and grounded, and you will definitely gain interpersonal and creativity, and critical thinking skills. Throughout this process, being able to shift gears with the right approach is essentially a deep dive into knowing and exploring your authentic self. ----- 01:13 - How Josh began his exploring characters in video/content creator journey 03:02 - The process behind donning a character as a video and content creator 04:20 - Josh’s love for stand-up comedy and how it started for him 05:54 - Knowing yourself as an exploratory journey and not a one big moment 09:14 - Having a clear line between military professional life and what he does on Tiktok 13:01 - Josh’s transition from a staff sergeant to warrant officer 14:35 - Discouragements faced when he dedicated himself to becoming a warrant officer 18:35 - Becoming better every day through mindfulness ----- Here is how to connect with Josh Green: (TikTok) (Instagram) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
22:40 09/12/2022
074 How Taking Initiatives and Fighting For Opportunities Foster Growth with Greg Fischer
6ers, in this cutthroat world of commerce, consumers are now looking for authenticity. This means that in fighting for market opportunities, you need to be accountable to your customers. Authenticity is something we all want to see. But we all make mistakes and it is not always easy to deal with public mistakes. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Greg Fischer, a USMC veteran and co-founder of (Burn Pit BBQ). Aside from being passionate about (barbecue and grilling), he is also passionate about connecting with separating service members and veterans to help with their transition back into the civilian world. Greg believes (growth is a continual) process throughout life. You will learn about why fighting even for the smallest of opportunities and staying true and intact with your brand messaging. Authenticity is a winning strategy when you’re just starting out. You will also learn why putting yourself in an environment where you can get direct and honest feedback as well as actively seeking out mentors is the personal accountability that will open a lot of new doors for you. As a result, if you do this consistently you will have a circle of trust agents that can only further your improvement and foster continual growth. You will be more courageous than ever to go where your limits are always tested knowing that you have a supportive community behind you cheering you on to achieve new heights. ----- 01:01 - Common thread in the daily lives of being a Marine and entrepreneurship 01:37 - Preparing for the unknowns in the daily operations of an entrepreneur  03:13 - Practicing integrity and why you need to put yourself in uncomfortable positions to know yourself  05:04 - Being an introvert and growing as a leader 07:14 - Selecting your squad of trust agents that will help with your personal growth 09:13 - Taking initiatives and fighting for opportunities as a small entrepreneur  12:27 - How Greg and the team stand firm on the company’s mission while pursuing business profit 14:28 - A miscalculation in packaging was their biggest failure and how they turned it into an opportunity 18:49 - A minor tactical change for his business growth that happened with Amazon ----- Here is how to connect with Greg: (LinkedIn) (Facebook) (Instagram) (YouTube) (TikTok) (Burn Pit BBQ Website) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
21:27 09/05/2022
073 Solving The Connection Gap Between Military Friendly vs. Military Effective Organizations with Rob Arndt
6ers, a (recent study) showed that 59% of employers believe veterans perform "better than" or "much better than" their non-veteran peers. However, the connection gap in the hiring process of veterans remains high. Companies would tout they have ‘military-friendly’ culture but how many of those companies are actually ‘military-effective’? This week, Tony Nash is joined by Rob Arndt, a former US Marine Corps, an investor, founder/CEO at (BufferSprings), and a Veteran in Residence at (Bunker Labs). He is passionate about building military veteran talent acquisition, engagement, and retention solutions that provide immediate and ongoing results for smart companies. Rob is self-educated and joined the USMC in logistics in 2002 until his retirement in 2014. You will learn about what companies to look for and what questions you can ask them in terms of being a “military-effective” organization that can empower you and give you confidence when applying for a job. You’re a trained leader and team player, you’re goal-oriented and can thrive under stressful environments and these are all skill advantages that employers look for. Knowing the advantages, benefits, and unique skills you can bring to an organization will help feel more empowered and confident, as a result, to find a job and a career path that can truly fulfill you. This valuable mindset calibration can bring help you find more career opportunities that will bring you closer to the true meaning of success. ----- 01:29 - BufferSpring’s core mission as a vet-owned training and consulting firm 02:55 - Difference between military-friendly vs. military effective organization 05:17  - His transition journey from the military to exploring sales and marketing 09:07 - Career matching and not mere job placement for veterans 12:26 - BufferSpring’s criteria for choosing employers 17:08 - Rob’s struggles of feeling like a failure 19:10 - Being a student of the game you’re chosen to play ----- Here is how to connect with Rob: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) ​​ (BufferSprings) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
25:03 08/29/2022
072 Scaling Growth by Starting With Community and Purpose and Not The Product with Brett Kroll
6ers, there are many paths to growing your business, however, not all of them will lead you to a life filled with joy and purpose. Creating a community around your product is a more sustainable way to run your business and grow it. By engaging your community, you understand them better and thus cater to their needs better. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Brett Kroll, a US Army veteran pilot, and co-founder and Marketing Director for (Brotallion,) a veteran-owned company that provides military aviation-inspired apparel, gear, study materials, and mentorship.  Brett is also the chief financial officer of (The Brotallion Blue Skies Foundation), a non-profit that provides financial support for fallen Army aircrew and their families. You will learn about the importance of community engagement for your business growth and overall life satisfaction and fulfillment. By putting people and the community first, you are building a stronger foundation for your business. Product growth is tied to people exchanging value for something they believe in.  As a result, you will gain an understanding of how almost any business is fundamentally about people and the power of these authentic and strong connections can foster long-term benefits. People come before the product and service and true engagement with people creates a long-lasting relationship. ----- 01:06 - Living life with 4F Pillar (Friendship, Freedom, Flight, and Fitness) 03:18 - Fitness life as an anchor to consistency and stability 04:44 - Brett’s sources of inspiration to massively grow Brotallion 06:38 - Growing the company by sticking to your roots and not being a sell-out 11:25 - Scaling the growth of Brotallion community and its current challenges 15:00 - The importance of connecting with people from the inside and outside of your community 18:17 - Stick to your passion and foster your relationships 18:58 - Being grateful is a path to becoming a better person ----- Here is how to connect with Brett Kroll: Email (LinkedIn ) (Instagram) (TikTok) (YouTube)  ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
23:55 08/22/2022
071 Honoring the Veteran Community Career Transition Service with Matt Stevens
6ers, the transition challenges, and the ease of re-entry into the civilian workforce are growing issues faced by military veterans. Career change is already tough enough for life after service and the reality is, that there are other variables to consider that are just as important as giving them a job. To honor the military community is to ensure we respect their experience, recognize their skills, and give them a new sense of mission.  This week, Tony Nash is joined by Matt Stevens, a US Navy veteran, and the CEO of (The Honor Foundation). He is passionate about helping special operations veterans transition into civilian careers. Matt Stevens graduated from the Naval Academy with an Ocean Engineering degree in 1991. He served in different units - Naval Warfare, Seal Team, Joint Special Operations, and Special Operations - until his retirement in 2017. You will learn about how private organizations are helping veterans with their career transition journey and hear about some of the principles and actionable methods they teach in their programs, including how to overcome your fears as an introvert to grow your network, which you can implement on your own so you can create more opportunities for you. As a result, you’ll be able to acknowledge that accepting the connective tissue of where you came from to where you’re going is all part of knowing who you are. You will also gain new insights and better confidence in how to face one of the biggest challenges you’ll face after your military service: finding the right career path and pursuing a fulfilled and satisfying life. ----- 01:01 - What (The Honor Foundation) is about 02:11 - Honoring the passion for service of the ex-military community 03:26 - Meeting the individuals where they are at in finding gaps in their identity 06:12 - Matt’s moment of Finding the “Why” 08:56 - Teaching the concept of networking with 50 cups of coffee 11:13 - Growing your network with the right people that believe in your cause 13:51 - Coming full circle with the mentorship process 15:46 - Maintaining a connective tissue to the community you came from 18:08 - Starting the mindfulness practice and breathing exercises ----- Here is how to connect with Matt Stevens: (LinkedIn ) (The Honor) (Foundation Website) (Instagram) (Facebook) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
21:14 08/15/2022
070 Leveraging Veteran Skill Sets for Entrepreneurship Ventures with Jed Richard
6ers, there is a common misconception that military skillsets are not transferable skills to the civilian workforce. This is far from the truth. The underlying problem is actually in the translation of military skillset and how it fits in a civilian role. What this means is that your responsibility is to learn how to communicate the value of your military experience. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Jed Richard, a veteran, and a general contractor. Jed is also the president of (Richard Group), a building and civil General Contracting & Construction Services Company based in Glenview, Illinois. He graduated from West Point in 2004, the same year he enlisted in the Army as a commissioned officer. Jed retired from the 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in 2009 with the rank of Captain. You will learn about how bringing authenticity and transparency to your business can help you form a strong team and loyal customers. Business and growth are through people aligned with your vision and company culture. A strong team fosters cooperation and increases productivity while loyal customers become a profitable relationship. By the end of the episode, you’ll gain a new understanding of how you can leverage your existing and unique veteran skill sets for your entrepreneurial journey. It starts with gratitude and having the grit to bootstrap your way up through the arsenal of skills you may already have. ----- 01:08 - Bringing authenticity to business. Your word is your bond. 03:34 - Never fake the funk on anything in life 05:25 - Gratitude, accountability, and bootstrapping your own business venture 10:13 - The common failures of new vet entrepreneurs 11:48 - The unique value of a veteran’s skill set  16:59 - Creating a strong team through leadership with authenticity and transparency 21:10 - Jed’s biggest failure in growing his business  24:42 - Becoming a better person by having the ability to say, ‘No’ ----- Here is how to connect with Jed Richard: (LinkedIn) Email (Instagram) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
30:12 08/08/2022
069 Optimizing Tactical Efficiency with Objective Strategic Reality with Adam Braatz
6ers, while strategy and tactics are both terms that originated from the military, they have become common usage in business terms as well. However, they are often used interchangeably, and understanding the contrast and difference between the two is actually more important than people think. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Adam Braatz, a US Air Force veteran, content strategist, and founder of Braatz Enterprises LLC, a consultancy firm that helps organizations and businesses advance their brand and influence. He is also the vice president for communications and programming at the Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce. Adam is dedicated to empowering professionals, companies, and brands by discovering and leveraging their authentic voices. You will learn about how differentiating strategy and tactics can actually help you to recognize the most effective ways you can use each. Sometimes we get too lost in the weeds that we run the risk of getting confused in our own tactics without a clear understanding of whether we are actually making progress towards our strategic vision or not. As a result, you’ll understand that to reach your destination, your tactical plans must always align with your strategic vision and the goals you set for yourself. It’s so easy to lose sight of the big picture but there’s a good rule of thumb you can keep in mind, “Think strategically, act tactically.” ----- 01:09 - How Adam’s passion for serving other people began 02:35 - Adam’s piano teacher helped him recover from bullying and taught him empathy 07:06 - Meeting people where they are at and creating an environment of psychological safety 11:38 - Focusing on tactical deadlines instead of strategic reality 13:48 - The moral story around Breaking Bad 16:49 - The more you learn, the more you realize how far you have to go 21:18 - Objective self-reflection is not always the same, it can be situational dependent 27:18 - Real growth happens incrementally ----- Here is how to connect with Adam Braatz: (LinkedIn) (Website) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
30:11 08/01/2022
068 How to Utilize the Power of Storytelling in Your Life With Tony Holland
6ers, stories have been part of our daily lives ever since childhood. From the books we read, to the movies we watched, a story engages us and we give it meaning that will either strengthen us or hold us hostage in fear. It has always been a way of how we try to make sense of our own world around us and therein lies its power to change us. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Tony Holland Jr., a US Army Airborne Division veteran and an assistant at (United Talent Agency) (UTA). He graduated from West Point in 2015 with a bachelor’s in Law and Legal Studies and also holds a master’s in Motion Pictures Production from the University of Miami in 2022. Tony is passionate about the power of storytelling while maintaining a moral sense of responsibility and professionalism. You will learn about how you tell your own personal story can have an impact in how you see the world. By forming meaning in your experiences and thoughts, it engages you and you become more motivated and anchored in your values. On the other hand, hearing other people’s stories can also inspire you. As a result,  you’ll gain an understanding of how powerful storytelling can be in terms of teaching you how to influence and inspire your own self and others. It is a very effective tool for learning and when shared has the power to forge bold ideas. ----- 01:19 - The inevitable point of hitting a learning phase in our lives 02:40 - The key to any good story is conflict 05:45 - Being a voice of change takes conviction and commitment 08:32 - A deep dive into self-exploration after leaving the army 12:28 - Allowing other people to see so you can see yourself more clearly 14:03 - Vulnerability and striving to be a healthy version of yourself 15:39 - Failure and growth coming from selling windows and doors 18:16 - Yesterday is gone, today is all you have ----- Here is how to connect with Tony Holland: (LinkedIn)  ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
21:30 07/25/2022
067 Finding Common Ground With Diverse Stakeholders with Jason Zemcik
6ers, Leaders are entrusted with oversight, and one of their primary responsibilities is striking a balance between competing perspectives. Therefore, the ability to make decisions that involve multiple parties is crucial for fostering organizational unity, trust, and responsibility. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Jason Zemcik is an Iraq and Afghanistan veteran, speaker, and author. Jason is a US Army veteran, (author of nine books) on sports covering each of Pittsburgh teams, his hometown. He is currently a Vice President, Patient Affordability Practice Lead at (TrialCard). You will learn positive effects on stakeholder relationships and how to nurture rapport. Understanding those perspectives and evaluating their interests is the first step. When looking for points of connection with new people, a common interest in sports can be a good place to start. You will gain insight into the level of poise required to project leadership with various constituencies. Mutually beneficial relationships don't just happen; they require consistent, thoughtful work, including taking tactical breaks, planning activities that boost team effort, being adaptable, and always trying new things. ----- 01:17 - Understanding and leveraging different stakeholders 02:50 - Digging deeper for mutual understanding and finding commonalities 04:13 - The universal language of sports 07:34 - Keeping that 7-year-old perspective to adulthood 09:44 -Taking a tactical pause and maintaining a composure 12:52 - Dealing with failure in the military 15:37 - Taking experiences and not letting it be just points in time ----- Here is how to connect with Jason Zemcik (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TrialCard) (Website)     ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
21:03 07/18/2022
066 Why a True Leader Will Make Himself Replaceable with Erik Bartell
6ers, no one can reach the pinnacle of success without putting in significant effort, and there is no magic bullet to make it happen. Every success can be traced back to the initial willingness to begin at the bottom. It's a place where you're willing to feel out of your depth because you have no idea what you're doing and success will only come with time. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Erik Bartell is a US Army combat veteran turned business leader, brand endorser, and community builder. He was the former Executive Director of FitOps Foundation and Vice President for community at Bravo Sierra, the first military-native wellness company. Currently, Erik sits as the Brand Director for Echelon. You will learn being at the bottom means you're laying the groundwork for future success.  Knowing that true success is worth every hour and time you spend building a strong foundation, you take advantage of the fact that few people are willing to start from zero. As a result, this leads you to work hard and associate with positive influences. Getting your hands dirty alongside your squad is a deliberate strategy for honing your leadership abilities and putting your plans into action. So that you can pursue more opportunities and improve as a person, you work hard to ensure that you are replaceable. ----- 01:06 - Using his own stubbornness to propel himself to his dreams 03:34 - Showing leadership in the trenches 05:30 - Implementing esprit de corps in the civilian world 09:07 - Saying “No” in business as an ROI strategy 11:31 - Why you need to make yourself replaceable at the execution level  13:05 - Surrounding yourself with the right people 14:32 - The mental and physical failure when he experienced a torn meniscus 17:08 - There’s always something to learn and having natural curiosity ----- Here is how to connect with Erik Bartell: (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter) (Website) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
21:42 07/11/2022
065 Niche Down Twice to Discover Where Your Business Prop and Value Is with Scott Mackes
6ers, "When things don't add up, subtract." In life and in business, we get so easily lost in the endless options we have that if we’re not careful can lead us to suffer the paradox of choice. The reality is, sometimes simplifying your life by decluttering can allow you to think more clearly and lead to discovering your own competitive edge. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Scott Mackes is a US Navy veteran, entrepreneur, and leadership coach. Scott is the CEO and founder of Service Academy Business Mastermind (SABM) Group, a global community of military veterans who share resources, information, insights, and professional guidance to advance business ideas and opportunities. You will learn the benefits of clearing your own path from distractions and subtracting things that are draining you so you can create a positive impact on your life. This will help you avoid clutter and noise that becomes an obstacle and complicates your life. As a result, you will feel more connected with your purpose and you’ll be able to get the most out of anything and be exceptional. By eliminating and subtracting the unnecessary, your vision lens becomes clearer and more focused and expendable things can no longer slow you down. ----- 01:18 - How athletic mindset while in the Navy helped in building teams 02:31 - Thinking about what your competitive edge is 03:16 - Winning as a team and setting them up for success 04:35 - Developing grit and perseverance as a team 06:09 - Translating military skills to business and entrepreneurship 07:39 - Difference in experiencing failure as a military person vs. as a business owner 10:02 - Having a purpose and why it all comes down to your values during difficult moments 12:24 - Creating and ELF (Easy, Lucrative, and Fun) business by Joe Polish  16:10 - Be very clear about who your teammates or clients going to be 20:07 - The riches are in the niches: The strategy of niche down twice 22:34 - Having a niche allows you to be more connected 23:39 - The power of coaching and constantly innovating yourself ----- Here is how to connect with Scott: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Service Academy) (Business Mastermind (SABM)) ( ) (10X Vets),of%20the%2010X%20Vets%20program (Academy Fund) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
27:09 07/04/2022
064 Expect Nothing Through Acts of Giving with Mike Thirtle
6ers, a leader with a service mentality is one who provides guidance without expecting anything in return. In approach to leadership, one is motivated by something greater than themself, and is dedicated to the happiness of those around them. As part of their commitment to service, they maintain rigorous standards for themselves. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Mike Thirtle, a USAF Captain until his retirement in 2011 and the current CEO of (Gary Sinise Foundation), a non-profit that honors defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. You will gain an understanding of why it's important to return to the basics of leadership and how to remove obstacles to service. Your understanding of how to lead and give back to the community through mission-focused volunteerism and charitable works that provide a safe space for those who are struggling to heal and move forward in life through empowerment will grow as a result. ----- 01:00 - How Gary Sinise Foundation was built on the credo, ‘We can always do a little bit more, for folks” 03:52 - There are various kinds of service 05:39 - Reducing barriers to service 07:34 - The pillars of Gary Sinise Foundation and the R.I.S.E. (Restoring Independence Supporting Empowerment) program. 11:42 - Acting with grace and meeting people where they at 15:19 - ‘Avalon’ as a metaphor for healing place 20:22 - A leadership that is experiential-based 21:22 - Adapting leadership models outside of the military in an effective way ----- Here is how to connect with Mike: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Website) (YouTube) (Send Gary Sinise Foundation A Message)    ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
25:37 06/27/2022
063 The Power of Kept Promises with Dan Horgan
6ers, in any operations management setting, one of the most sought-after qualities is reliability because it helps ensure that the business is running at full efficiency. This quality is equally important in a team member within your organization. Trust is built around your dependability towards team members and this will help your business grow and scale to new heights. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Daniel Horgan is a US Air Force veteran, former police detective, and marketing expert. Dan is the former director of marketing operations for Black Rifle Coffee Company and is currently the Chief Marketing Officer of ARMED FORCES BREWING COMPANY, both are veteran-owned businesses. He is passionate about problem-solving and stablishing strong consumer relationships. You will learn about the 3Ps (Professional, Polite, and Positive) of the reliability factor, how being reliable and having a reliable workforce is your most valuable resource as it allows you to take opportunities to scale your business and help you develop professionally. As a result, you will also learn why it is much more important that you under promise and over deliver than the opposite. You will also understand that learning the lessons from having bouts of emotional decisions not grounded on factual situations can be an invaluable experience if you allow yourself to learn from it. ----- 01:06 - How Dan got into Black Rifle Coffee Company 02:50 - How reliability is a skill that is a great asset 04:44 - Patience and setting clear expectations for reliability 06:46 - Why Dan is still constantly challenging himself to provide value 09:11 - Transitioning work mindset from purpose-driven to profit-driven 10:33 - The 3Ps (Professional, Polite, and Positive) as reliability factor 11:54 - What a past emotional decision taught him about failure 14:40 - Managing and minimizing actions based on emotional decisions 17:50 - Becoming a better person than yesterday by staying positive and grateful ----- Here is how to connect with Dan Horgan: (LinkedIn) (Instagram) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
20:44 06/20/2022
062 Curiosity About Failure Forged an Olympian Mindset, and How We Can Apply This Intrigue in Our Daily Life With Kelly Curtis
6ers, we are all competing for our definition of Olympic gold everyday, we must be able to adapt and achieve an Olympian mindset. Being open to learning especially from your own mistakes, maintaining your work ethic, and adapting a growth mindset will help you achieve that peak performance. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Kelly Curtis, a world class athlete and airman in the United States Air Force, currently competing for Team USA Bobsled and Skeleton. Kelly is passionate about competing in the (Winter Olympics Games), while also obtaining a commission in the US Air Force. You will learn thatthe psychology behind an Olympian mindset is consistently learning from mistakes, challenging your own limits, seeking feedback, and having a never-say-die attitude. It is one that persists in the face of any adversity and continues to move towards the path to mastery. As a result, you will understand that this mindset is about improving your mental toughness and maintaining a consistent work ethic that will ultimately train you and push yourself to the next level of your potential. Events are won by hundredth of a second margins, you got this and we are cheering you on, 6ers! ----- 01:09 - Her recent experience of joining the Air Force 02:06 - A better appreciation for discipline since joining the Air Force 04:27 - What WCAP is about 06:10 - Breaking down a track to learn and understand 07:35 - What drew Kelly to joining Skeleton 09:41 - How curiosity allowed her to have a space to fail 12:05 - Mindset practices during race week 13:25 - Why Kelly tries to make all of her mistakes during training week 16:43 - How her failure in her last track and field competition propelled her success ----- Resources mentioned: (World Class Athlete Program (WCAP)) ----- Here is how to connect with Kelly: (Instagram) (Twitter) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
20:44 06/13/2022
061 Assembling Your Personal Advisory Board of Advisors with Spencer Payne
6ers, building an effective team that will help your business grow and prosper is not an easy task when you're transitioning from the military to the private sector. Making a team out of people with a wide range of skills and abilities is a great way to boost your agility, productivity and challenge your thought process. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Spencer “Smokey” Payne, a US Army veteran pilot and entrepreneur. Spencer is the co-founder and president of Brotallion, a veteran-owned company that provides military aviation-inspired apparel, gear, study materials, and mentorship. He is passionate about business and helping the Army aviation community by providing post-mishap support through their (programs). This episode will teach you how to build your own personal advisory board to help you through the transition from employee to entrepreneur. It is possible for small teams to outperform larger ones if trust and collaboration are fostered among the members. A global small team can help you manage today's entrepreneur's modern-day challenges as well as support your business during difficult and challenging times. ----- 00:57 - How Spencer’s military experience set him up for success 03:28 - How the,costs%20for%20school%20or%20training (GI Bill) became a huge asset for him 06:20 - Starting a business doesn’t always require going to business school 07:49 - Aligning past experiences to pivot into entrepreneurship 11:37 - How the book (Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight) changed his life 14:42 - The challenges of having an international team 16:53 - Maintaining a strategic mindset under circumstances you have no control of 18:38 - Failing to be in the naval aviation turned into a blessing 23:04 - Learning patience as an entrepreneur ----- Resources mentioned: (Veteran Professional ) (Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight)  ----- Here is how to connect with Spencer Payne: (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Brotallion LinkedIn) (Website)  ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony Nash: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
29:25 06/06/2022
060 Everyone Wants the Dream Life but Only Few Are Willing to Go Through Adversity with Billy O'Neil
6ers, one of the most important qualities you can possess in order to achieve personal success is the ability to persevere and thrive in the face of adversity. Without grit, even the most gifted and intelligent people can only go so far in today's world. In the face of adversity, staying focused on a goal is what helps anyone go the extra mile where only a few dare to go. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Billy O’Neil. He is currently an Intern Operating Partner at (Windjammer Capital Investor,) Veteran Integration Program (VIP) Intern at Goldman Sachs, Chief of Staff at (51 Vets), a marketing agency for the lower middle market, and Chief Analyst at the U.S. Marine Corps Special Operations Command. Grit is essential in a competitive environment, and we don't want you to have to learn this the hard way. At some point in any transition period, it's inevitable that you'll have to reevaluate your definition of success, lace up your boots and persist. As a result, you will gain a new perspective on how grit will help you understand that it's a mindset you can cultivate by stepping out of your comfort zone and taking on challenges. You will test your determination and resilience to thrive by achieving your massive goals by creating a seat in the boardroom. ----- 00:57 - Being called out on your own bullshit as you transition 02:39 - The PIE Chart (Performance, Image, and Exposure) from Lisa Fain’s book, Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring  03:53 - What is 51 Vets and what they do 04:02 - Implementing ‘grit’ from military to civilian life 04:47 - Ego is the enemy, and choosing a career in finance 06:14 - Translating skills is difficult but necessary 07:51 - Getting organizational leadership skills 09:03 - Pushing the envelope with confidence 10:01 - Transition is like death. It’s going to happen to all of us 12:46 - Tracking your goals 13:45 - Having no solid plan as his biggest failure 15:36 - Celebrate the little things ----- Resources mentioned: (Bridging Differences for Better Mentoring) by Lisa Fain ----- Here is how to connect with Billy O'Neil: (LinkedIn) ( Website) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony Nash: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
19:00 05/30/2022
059 A Pro Athlete’s Lesson on Keeping Your Competitive Edge Through Self-Awareness with Cole Christensen
6ers, in order for you to achieve peak performance and influence your life towards success, you must have a deep understanding of yourself. It is derived from the concept of mindfulness by paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in order to better understand yourself. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Cole Christiansen, a football linebacker for the (Los Angeles Chargers) of the National Football League ((NFL).) Cole signed with the Chargers as an undrafted free agent in April 2020. He is the first of three West Point graduates to go into the NFL after receiving waivers to delay their active duty commitment until after their playing career. In this episode, you will learn how to use self-awareness as a competitive advantage as you move up through the ranks. When things get tough, it's important to keep a realistic perspective and be an active listener who is open and receptive to constructive feedback. As a result, you'll gain a better understanding of the influence you have over your future and how to use it to your advantage. When you're aware of your own biases and assumptions, you're more tolerant of others' perspectives. In addition, it improves your ability to make sound decisions and cultivates stronger interpersonal relationships, both of which give you an advantage in the marketplace. ----- 01:19 - Implementing compatible discipline habits from West Point and NFL 02:37 - Why Cole considers West Point as one of the best things he’s ever done 06:27 - The mental preparation it takes when getting called off the bench 07:53 - Tactical pause and physical cues before going up 09:43 - What losing games and failure taught Cole 10:38 - How Cole is better today than yesterday ----- Here is how to connect with Cole Christiansen: (Twitter ) (Instagram)  ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony Nash: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
12:39 05/23/2022
058 Redefining Success on Your Terms by the Value You Provide Others with Rich Cardona
6ers, as most of us have already trained for, I'm confident that we'll be able to put in the time and effort required. However, in order to realize our full potential, we may have to make tough personal sacrifices. It's simple to have the desire to win, but not everyone is willing to pay the price. In some cases, sacrificing yourself means withdrawing from a race that you no longer want to participate in and starting a new one. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Rich Cardona, a US Marine veteran and personal branding strategist. He is the founder of Rich Cardona Media, a public relations firm that specializes in video content strategy and services. He previously hosted the (The Leadership Locker) and (NFTs for Newbies) podcasts. As long as you're willing to put in the time and effort, you'll be able to challenge your limiting beliefs, identify what you're willing to give up, and learn to raise your level of work in a way that separates you from what is holding you back. After all, the pursuit of your greatest potential can sometimes necessitate an adjustment in your definition of success. As a result of all the things you've given up, you'll appreciate the journey even more and will be able to stay focused on outlearning and outworking your current self. ----- (100M Offers How to Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No) by Alex Hormozi (The Game) hosted by Alex Hormozi (Clockify) ----- 01:14 - The significance of walking the plank military tradition, hard reset and culture shocks 04:28 - Climbing the corporate ladder for what? How Rich’s awakening was sparked. 06:34 - Leading a pack in a race you don’t want to be in 09:28 - Asking yourself a double-edged sword question of ‘What If?’ on both sides 13:23 - Everyone came from nothing 15:32 - The power of visualization and manifestation 16:51 - Creating the NFTs for Newbies podcast 18:27 - Auditing your life with where all your attention is going 20:30 - Gaining more by subtracting things that do not directly contribute to your goals 24:04 - Everyone is going to find a reason to leave you ----- Here is how to connect with Rich Cardona:  Email (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter) (Website) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony Nash: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
31:19 05/16/2022
057 Learning to Focus on a New Mission from the NFL Players to the Military Service with Nate Boyer
6ers, we must be inclined to adapt in order to live a meaningful life. You can serve others and grow personally in a variety of ways, through military service or as a professional athlete. When it comes to reinventing yourself, it doesn't really matter what it is as long as it aligns with your values and know you are not going through the process alone. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Nate Boyer, as US Army Special Operations Forces veteran and the executive director and co-founder of (Merging Vets and Players (MVP),)  a nonprofit that partners up combat veterans and former professional athletes to tackle the transition together. You will learn many things about what it is like to live a life with a mantra of “anything is possible” and understand that it is more important to try and fail than to live wondering what would have happened if you tried. You’ll learn that defeat can be valuable to your personal growth if you keep a good perspective. As a result, you’ll understand what a warrior’s mindset is really like. You’ll get an insider’s perspective of what it’s like to be in an environment where warriors can share each other’s strength and experience with the aim of being productive off the field and supporting each other to unlock their full potential. ----- (Unbreakable by Jay Glazer) ----- 01:44 - Continuously redefining purpose regardless of what uniform you take off 03:04 - How the military taught him empathy 05:42 - How multinational operations taught him how to truly listen 07:01 - Redefining purpose and serving in different ways 08:46 - How pushing for different endeavors resulted in his own personal growth 12:29 - Dealing with public failure of not making the final roster at Seattle Seahawks 14:21 - Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for clean water ----- Here is how to connect with Nate Boyer: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Website) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
19:40 05/09/2022
056 Reevaluating the Tools in Your Toolkit with Harrison Johnson
6ers, significant change is never easy, and it can feel overwhelming. Transitioning from the military service to civilian life is no exception.  New expectations and challenges arise when a person shifts from an environment of rigidity, strict routines, and well-defined structure to that of an individual. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Harrison Johnson, the former Director of Business Development for the University of Health and Performance. The UHP is an organization that offers world-class, immersive instruction where every student graduates as a health and wellness coach with a personal training certification and the tools for continued personal and professional growth in their chosen career. In this episode, you'll learn how to rethink your definition of success and how to chart a new course forward by combining your existing 'tools' with new ones. This is about implementing a new way of thinking for your continuous development in life after the transition. As a result, you’ll be able to reassess what purpose-driven mission you are on. You will begin to challenge yourself and disrupt the old mindset until you are able to master the natural way of transition and find success according to your own definition. ---- Resources mentioned: (The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results) by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan (Sign-Up Form: The University of Health and Performance) ----- 04:05 - Redefining the concept of transition 06:12 - Embracing the duality of good and bad in his military experience 07:34 - Harrison’s breaking point and embracing the natural way of transition 09:52 - Branching out the military skillset and toolkit to find success in the civilian world 11:11 - The best pathway to challenge yourself for a new role 14:18 - How UHP is helping veterans and individuals define their own success   15:14 - The power of setting up the stage where individuals can grow and learn 16:54 - The difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him how to fish 17:34 - From zero to veteran hero: the lifelong value of UHP camp experience ----- Here is how to connect with Harrison Johnson: (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (UHP Website)  ----- Connect with Got Your Six: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
25:12 05/02/2022
055 Regaining the Lost Art of What’s Possible with Lauren Hansen-Armendariz
6ers, when we see our failures as a chance to learn, then the process becomes iterative. An innovated approach largely relies on evaluation throughout and course correcting as we go. We can only find our best work by making small, consistent adjustments to discover our best work. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Lauren Hansen-Armendariz, a Deputy Division Innovation Officer for 101st Airborne Division, United States Army. She is on the cutting edge of tactical innovation as an agent of change. She helps others explore hands-on experiential learning and continuous innovation education and culture to help improve both the end-users (soldiers) and designers of innovation tools. You will learn about why you should protect your time for creativity, how small changes can add up to huge results. You’ll also learn that pushing for innovation especially at an institutional level can be exhausting but optimism can be your best antidote. An innovative mindset is ready to embrace uncertainty and possibility. It is being comfortable with being uncomfortable so they can have space for creativity, learning and experimentation. It is acknowledging that you can’t always guarantee success, but you can always guarantee learning. ----- 01:20 - Implementing real change through Innovation in the military 02:35 - Empowering innovation at an institutional level 03:54 - Why innovation requires experimentation and learning 05:30 - Learning through failure and why innovation needs to be iterative 07:43 - Protecting time for creativity 09:43 - The innovation space can be exhausting and why optimism is the best antidote 12:19 - Why transformation starts with soldiers 13:23 - You can’t guarantee success, but you can guarantee learning 16:06 - Being comfortable with being uncomfortable ----- Here is how to connect with Lauren Hansen-Armendariz: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) ----- Connect with Got Your Six: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
21:19 04/25/2022
054 Shared Adversity Can Foster Incredible Kindness with Dave Baillie
6ers, sometimes life throws a curveball at us, and it's hard to get back on track. One is losing a loved one to suicide. Even if it seems impossible right now, there are steps you can take to begin the healing process. This week, Tony Nash is joined by David Baillie, a US Navy veteran and founder of (TMRW project), a fitness and apparel company that aims to raise awareness and funds for suicide prevention. After his younger brother tragically ended his life, Dave’s mission has been to help raise money for organizations focused on suicide prevention and mental health research. Learn how Dave took personal accountability for such a tragic event and how he processed his grief by thinking of others and taking an action that he hopes will inspire one person at a time to live for the tomorrow. Healing is a communal effort, but it all starts with you. Being brave enough to tell others about your struggles, even if you're afraid to do so, is a sign of resiliency that can make you feel better about yourself and still allow you to live a meaningful life. ----- 01:21 - What inspired Dave to take the,total%20(or%2077%20kilometers) (4/4/48 Challenge) 02:01 - His life as an adrenaline junkie and putting positive pressure on himself 04:37 - Taking personal accountability while dealing with suicide from a family member 06:23 - How the TMRW Project enriched Dave’s life 08:44 - The mutual benefits of shared hardships and how it helped build a community 10:44 - Dave’s favorite run and how it became a turning point for his life 12:59 - Leaning on your support system and showing appreciation for them 14:37 - Dave’s experience of numerous failures while chasing his passion for the design industry ----- Here is how to connect with Dave (TMRW Project Website) (Instagram) (Facebook) ----- Mentioned in the episode: (K9 For Warriors )  ----- Connect with Got Your Six: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
18:58 04/18/2022
053 Being the Hungriest Person in The Room with Nick Witters
6ers, raising your bar is the first step toward success. People struggle to break free from mediocrity on a consistent basis, and this is due to their low expectations for themselves and their work, both personally and professionally. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Nick Witters, a US Air Force Military Police veteran, lawyer, and Talent Management at (Night). Nick represents some of the world’s most influential YouTube content creators with views in the tens of billions, yes billions with a B. Nick is passionate about working with talented, passionate, authentic individuals, content creators, athletes, influencers, entrepreneurs & veterans. As a result, you'll learn how leaders raise their own standards in order to lead by example. In addition, they know that high-performing teams focus on the process and create a culture of respect as they challenge each member of their team. Leading with a growth mindset is essential, as is being relentless in setting and maintaining one's own high standards. This way of thinking fosters a healthy environment for a team, encouraging learning and a high level of resilience, both of which are critical for team achievement. ----- 02:05 - What life lessons from joining the military straight from high school have taught him 04:40 - How his “young kid’s ego” forced him into a path of education while in the military 05:36 - Everything is based around respect 08:32 - Making yourself useful and diving with both feet 11:14 - Being vulnerable and leaning on your team 13:25 - Holding yourself up to a standard to build a team 14:27 - Removing your sense of entitlement and why you should always strive to be helpful 15:32 - It’s not how high you climb, it’s how high you bounce when you hit the bottom ----- Here is how to connect with Nick Witters: (LinkedIn) ----- Connect with Got Your Six: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
19:25 04/11/2022
052 Stakeholder Management: How To Get Everyone on the Same Page with Steven Weintraub
6ers, we've all benefited from great teamwork at some point. The common denominator for any combined effort is shared understanding. Being on the same page creates a sense of unity, which eventually leads to more adaptability along the road to success for the entire team. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Steven Weintraub, a Marine Corps veteran and Chief Strategy Officer for (Vet Tix - Tickets for Troops), which secures tickets to sporting events, concerts, and other activities to all branches of currently-serving military and veterans as well as the immediate family of troops killed in action. You will learn how leaders know that they are only as good as their team, so cultivating and nurturing personal and professional relationships is essential to fostering a positive work environment. When the team has a unified goal, everyone is more productive because of the clarity that comes with it. If you don't get the support of your stakeholders, you'll fail. With their needs and expectations evaluated and addressed, you foster alignment of priorities, which results in a massive gain for any business or project you are a part of. ----- 01:17 - Steven talks about the best concert he’s ever been to 02:16 - Translating military knowledge with business aptitude for Vet Tix 04:22 - Choosing the right tool in solving problems 05:15 - Leading a double life as a military person and a civilian 06:59 - Giving incentives through gratitude and sincere appreciation  09:39 - Learning to set expectations of others 11:19 - Shared understanding and expectation management within the organization to level the bubbles 15:24 - Steven talks about his own share of dealing with failure in life ----- Here is how to connect with Steven Weintraub: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Find Tickets on VetTix website)  ----- Connect with Got Your Six: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
20:41 04/04/2022
051 What Happens When You Own Your Mistakes with Frankie Margotta
“By being able to show up as a collaborator and as is, instead of this image of perfection, I was ultimately better for it. Ideas flow better, work is stronger, and mental health is better.” - Frankie Margotta 6ers, it’s time we talk about how we can take ownership of our failed plans. If you're serious about achieving your goals, you'll need to put your faith in yourself, pay attention to your gut, and hone your willpower. This week, Tony Nash is joined by his friend, Frankie Margotta, a USSOCOM veteran and a current brand strategist at (Siegel+Gale). Learn how even the best-laid plans can go awry, and how you need to take ownership of the situation while maintaining a growth mindset about the situation you've found yourself in. It's not easy to find happiness and success in life. Your actions and how you show up in the world are guided by the stories you tell yourself, just like in brand strategy. ----- 00:58 - Applying parallel principles in military training and Frankie’s career as brand strategist  02:25 - Translating knowledge and core foundational principles into skills application and life experience 04:33 - Making the best decision with different variables at play and taking ownership 05:18 - How Frankie ‘stumbled across’ his career path as brand strategist 08:54 - Leaning into storytelling and articulating words in a compelling way 12:12 - How storytelling is like vying for a mission by military analogy 13:40 - Betting on yourself and understanding that there’s intuition in all of us 17:37 - Showing up as a collaborator but taking ownership ----- Here is how to connect with Frankie Margotta: (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter) (Website)   ----- Connect with Got Your Six: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
21:57 03/28/2022
050 How to Get Back on Track When You Feel You've Lost Your Way with Mike Steadman
“It’s not just about having luck. It’s being able to receive that luck and maximize on it.” - Mike Steadman 6ers, it's time to go back to the basics and learn how to trust yourself when you're going through a rough patch so that your recovery time is reduced. We've all been there, but sometimes it's all about showing up and relishing the little victories. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Mike Steadman, founder and CEO of Ironbound Boxing, which provides free amateur boxing training, entrepreneurial education, and employment opportunities to the inner-city youth of Newark, New Jersey. Refocusing on your positive habits that you may have neglected or cut short because you were too busy will be discussed, as well as how to begin breaking free of self-critical thoughts. A high-performance mindset can only be achieved if you have mastered the art of showing up and developing systems that will allow you to succeed. ----- Resources Mentioned: (Slight Edge by Jeff Olsen ) (Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success by Cal Newport) (Got Your Six | 029 | Overnight Success 15 Years in the Making with Abraham Kamarck) (The Night Before Journal) ----- 01:17 - How high-performers build the mindset of taking on more than they can bear 03:05 - Doing the basics and getting small wins 03:45 - Compressing time and making the bounce back shorter 04:15 - The power of self-awareness and trusting yourself during low points 06:01 - How the initial rejection from Naval Academy taught him to trust his instinct and follow his passion 09:22 - The power of going back to basics 13:32 - Building systems for high performance to ensure success  17:50 - Business is a contact sport 21:08 - Understanding the power of relationships and protecting your energy ----- Here is how to connect with Mike Steadman: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Instagram) (Ironbound Boxing Website) (Ironbound Boxing Twitter) (Ironbound Boxing Instagram) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
25:03 03/21/2022
049 Playing Big in the Game of Life and Win Against All Odds With Justin Nassiri
“We’re able to really convince ourselves that we’re defeated when really, we’re not. That sometimes causes me to give up right when I should be digging in.” - Justin Nassiri 6ers, it's time to swing for the fences, play big, and be true to yourself in this week's episode. When you feel small because of the opinions of others, or because of your own inner critic, it's a sign you need to bet on yourself. This week, Tony Nash is joined by Justin Nassiri, a former Navy submarine officer, current President of Executive Presence, founder/CEO of, and the founder/host of Beyond The Uniform podcast. He also wrote a book called Veterans in Consulting. You'll learn the importance of allowing yourself to be vulnerable and say what you really want without fear of being judged, so that you can think bigger, operate bigger, and play bigger. If you want to succeed in life, you must let go of your limiting core beliefs and replace them with actions that celebrate your unique abilities and make the most of what you have been given. ----- Resources Mentioned: (A Message To Garcia) by Elbert Hubbard (Masters of Scale: Surprising Truths from the World's Most Successful Entrepreneurs )by Reid Hoffman (Play Bigger: How Pirates, Dreamers, and Innovators Create and Dominate Markets) by Al Ramadan (You Are a Badass at Making Money: Master the Mindset of Wealth) by Jen Sincero  ----- 01:04 - Military vets experiencing “A Message to Garcia”, no direction and figuring it out 03:18 - Why entrepreneurship is a lot like choose your own adventure book 04:19 - Why learning how to listen more and having a commitment to reading are common leadership traits 06:11 - Embracing discomfort and cultivating more openness and humility 11:23 - How limiting core beliefs are holding us back 14:42 - The power of gratitude and breaking away from limiting core beliefs 16:29 - Giving yourself permission to think about what you deserve and what you want 17:58 - When failures feel like it’s permanent 19:26 - Learning how to trust your intuition ----- Here is how to connect with Justin: (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (Executive Presence website) ( website) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
25:18 03/14/2022
048 Showing Authenticity Through Consistency with Chevy Cook
“I make sure that I’m honest with myself and share some grace with myself. I am my worst critic and I’m really hard on myself and I am trying to be better about that.” - Chevy Cook 6ers, this episode is about how having reliable practical methods can help you show up with your authentic self in a consistent way. This week, Tony Nash is joined by (Chaveso Cook,) who is currently a speechwriter for the Secretary of the Army and the Executive Director and co-founder of (Military Mentors,) a platform that aims to build a community among military professionals by educating and facilitating mentoring and upholding integrity. You’re going to understand the value of shared purpose alongside having the best skill sets from your team, and how in the midst of a tactical pause, you can focus on the 3H: head, heart, and hunch to be more in tune with your true self and emotion and how to express them. In the end, you will learn how bullet journaling and tracking your emotions can help you evaluate yourself and guide you towards your highest aspiration for yourself as a human. ----- (Military Mentors Emissary Program) (Ego Is The Enemy) by Ryan Holiday ----- 01:19 - It’s not always about the right skill sets, it’s also about shared purpose 04:31 - Chevy talks about Mama J, a next-door neighbor that adopted him 06:48 - Focusing on the 3H’s: Heart, head, and hunch in the midst of a tactical pause 09:18 - Working towards showing up more emotionally and practicing bullet journaling 10:29 - Chevy’s three-tier mood system plus additional way of categorizing emotions 12:53 - How the habit of bullet journaling changed Chevy’s life 16:10 - Measuring our humanity 18:25 - Dealing with a clarion call of a big personal failure moment 22:01 - Chevy’s public failure resume ----- Here is how to connect with Chevy: (LinkedIn) (Military Mentors Website) (Military Mentors Instagram) (Military Mentors LinkedIn ) ----- Connect with Got Your Six podcast: (Website) (Instagram) (Discord) (LinkedIn) (Twitter) (TikTok) ----- Connect with Tony: (Website) (LinkedIn) (Instagram) (Twitter)
29:52 03/07/2022