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This is advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to get a great deal and avoid the hassles. Why buy or lease, new or used, where to finance and what dealer is best. If it's about buying a car, truck or motorcycle it's here on Deal Talk


Tips for buying or leasing a luxury vehicle
Luxury vehicle buying facts So many Electric-Vehicle issues EV price range does not change the risk 80% mote problems Blood batteries Grid-Serve Charging network raises the cost to charge a vehicle What qualifies a vehicle as luxury Safety is the best The latest High tech Resale is still #1 Power and quality More affordable then you think Leases are best by far Due diligence requires same techniques Each issue is thousands Trade shopping is even more important OTD, CPI the same More polite but not your friends Used Car-fax or Auto-check Flood check on used
47:22 1/7/24
The dealership F&I hurdle
The dealership F&I hurdle F&I to finish the deal Tesla 2 million recall Electric vehicles fires galore Consumer report confirms electric vehicle issues Price savings for 1 years of fuel Current charging station additions be the fed….0 F&I profits are way up, what should you do? When things are this crazy, if you can, wait How to process F&I aka business office Forced pitch from F&I, get up and leave Business office and sales are separate CPI to stop payment packing Delivery after bank approval Dealer finance reserve is the biggest profit potential for the finance office Bank shopping pre dealer visit is paramount No to everything can be as bad as yes, listen to the pitch Geographic add-ons help resale OEM add-ons Always request the manufacturer of the vehicle’s extended warranty F&I is shop-able for most products Make add-ons part of the due diligence Read all the numbers in your paperwork, especially the fed boxes
51:26 12/19/23
Electric Vehicle Purchase , Yes or No?
Don’t be conned by the Electric Vehicle story Hybrid or full, they have a battery What are the limits? What about trade values? Charging takes time, lots of time No charge? What to do Fossil fuel taxes pay for roads, how will EV’s be taxed? Crash safety is important? Fire safety is paramount We need the minerals that are not here Find a power source Electric fuel can cost as much as gas Will the monopoly of electric sources raise the rates? The cost difference in new electric vehicles is huge. Maintenance happens on all vehicles Battery versus tuning, $ Are electrics a planned obsolescence? Who can fix them? Resale is a guess but my bet? Poor Poor resale makes them 40% more Environmental facts vs exaggerations Cost difference buys 15 years of fossil fuel
59:49 12/3/23
How to buy if you must hurry
What if you have limited time to make the purchase? Distance on EV is still an issue if you use accessories Most common models are $2000 more for Electric Fire departments train for EV battery fires Rush Rush Rush to buy Consistency means resale What was missed Time well spent Due diligence rush   Phone and Internet Is one-price a choice? One day, the whole day Be assertive, not aggressive Aftermarket exceptions What slows you down? Something is better than nothing The basics of the basic
42:01 11/19/23
Maximizing your trade or outright sale value
What you should do to get the most out of your vehicle 1.     Various medias say EV‘s are tanking 2.     More and more EV fires 3.     Price difference and depreciation could be $40,000 or more 4.     Rates are up so credit comparison shopping is a key 5.     Both rate and terms 6.     Which method, trade in, sell to a dealer or sell outright 7.     No matter what you trade in or sell, Recondition as much as you can 8.     Know why you are selling, they will ask 9.     What you should verify and know 10.Retailing pays 11.Preparation is the same 12.Know what you are trading 13.Deal first, trade second 14.Getting all the resale out of yours 15.Small investment, big return 16.No matter how old it is, prepare 17.Trade payoff planning before it is a problem
34:04 11/19/23
Due diligence research completed? Now what?
Due Diligence research completed? Now what?  EV sales are not up The public is aware of Electric vehicle Fires and deaths Manufacturers are hurting from EV failure Great negotiating requires great due diligence. Avoid cash or shopping talk. No matter what you offer, the dealer will try to bump you. Don't acknowledge the asking price Always ask for a better price at least twice before making an offer Talk what you know after they make 2 offers Assertive, not aggressive                                                     Hold your lips together tightly as the dealer plays his cards Don't take the dealership’s position or attitude personally ACV versus allowance. Either way works but one at a time works best Due diligence is your ammunition.
33:56 10/23/23
How to overcome automotive credit issue
How to overcome automotive credit issues Solar is better than electric but it also has issues Trucks are not feasible as electric Safety has become a key issue Battery fire death numbers are high Inflation oozes into vehicle interest rates The banks, more risk, more rate Know your budget and stick to it Down payment isn’t a lock Employment offers and testimonials help FTB, finance first, buy and negotiate second Don’t give up Shop every bank Financing has many sources Referral letters will help Cosigners are the best answer Recourse dealers Improve the risk Buy here pay here may be the last choice  
36:44 10/9/23
Dealers and the news, now it's all fake
Dealers and the news, now it’s all fake Colorado crazy trade doesn’t help 65% won’t even look at EV’s Battery prices have dropped to ridiculous Ev ads and the news are fake Bait and switch Switching stories Ridiculous trade values Guaranteed payoff is a hoax Rebate tricks Employee pricing, means what? Disclosures Plus everything Radio, newspaper, magazines, TV, social media, Government ads for Green new deal support FTC will help eventually Not a single number is factual A dealer’s ads indicate their ethical character Due diligence will protect you Still OTD and CPI
47:09 9/21/23
What is Due diligence?
Due Diligence means what? Hybrid low down Electric Bus goes belly up Due diligence is omnipotent 2022 Consumer Report has a great ratings section Brand tells the story best Great deals have no short cuts Knowing what comes first Use all the price calculation methods for used Use the Monroney label for online comparison of new The internet's only value is information but it must be real Get the facts and leave the rest. Beacon scores Bank rates and terms at least 4 Internet quotes or however possible Assertive not aggressive Shop dealer installed accessories before the deal Chose a few dealers Compare amenities from dealer to dealer Go in armed with the facts. There is no substitute
41:57 9/10/23
One price, fixed price, haggle free, only benefit the dealer
One price, fixed price, haggle free, only benefit the dealer Part 1 and part 2 used review Make a quality segment chart The one price stories There are no special deals just special methods Why are one price techniques uesd Cut the dealer ‘s expenses Enhance the profits It’s not about customer satisfaction 2+2 is not 5 No haggling does not mean a good price Ho Hum prices at best Shorter sales process, longer F&I time Don’t let your guard down for a second Negotiating is better for the customer and their satisfaction One price gives a dealer higher profits as a whole No matter what they say, haggle anyway, or move on
32:23 8/27/23
Buying used part two
Buying used part two Dealing on medium and low priced used EV market is dropping around the world Used vehicle Monroney style labels are worthless Get the original Monroney copy So many new vehicle tricks and gimmicks, go used Inexpensive is many things Used vehicle categories are different Priorities have a number Like everything, pay more, get more Many ways to save Clear title is always number one A check list to follow Low dollars are low value Banks always play a part Junk is just that Why was it salvage AS IS describes current condition Salvage title means brought back from the dead
41:46 8/15/23
Todo's for buying used
 To do's for buying lower Priced used vehicles Top scientists down play the CO2 story Climate crazies want to cancel stoves, light bulbs, large houses, cows,   Due diligence on a used is different No Monroney for equal comparison Resale is just as important You need wholesale and retail prices Use all the pricing guides Call for quotes For exact options you may need to buy more Special reports will help, like CR What are the keys What difference does the dealer make? Check for flood signs More due diligence Check the banks, there are more variables They will call if you walk OTD or CPI, always Cash pressure on the non-dealer only Trade works the same as new CPO is not a deal
58:21 8/5/23
The most important dealing do's and don'ts
  Things that always apply Skip the fake EV maintenance story 35 % more fatalities Crash tests are required reading Short cuts to dealing The major points list Some do’s and some don’t’s Always test drive Test driving?  No pricing Out of time Three choices as I see it Sometimes what not to do is just as big Take time for Due diligence Avoiding mistakes From basic to not so basic Leasing adds to the list
34:49 7/21/23
Why you should not buy an electric vehicle.
The electric story Dangerous Ship fire at sea can’t be extinguished Green new deal is a trap Mother nature has a plan Reviews and reports on electric So Many reasons to say NO The resale facts are huge Demand is down Deceptive charge station numbers CO2 isn’t a story Battery warranties at 70% They cost more, a lot more The cost of ownership is more Convenience has value Price, distance, time, safety Save enough to drive 80,000 miles Government pressure is always bad
48:40 7/10/23
Protect your vehicle credit in advance
Protect your credit before there is an issue EV issues are many Battery warranties for 70% or lower Battery average 5-15 thousand 68% fear autonomous Protecting credit score Score factors Reset the budget What are the questions you need to research? What hurts credit Too much buying power End the extra credit Communication is king Ask all sources Peter to Paul
33:41 6/29/23
Puchase timing can make a difference
Timing is huge when buying a vehicle Electric distance is wrong for so many reasons  Electric vehicles throw off  the average, way off My trip proved a lot Traveling with an EV, you are totally on your own When can make you a winner Day, week, month, time of day, all matter The Weather can change timing Holidays can help Last day or the 32nd Afternoon calm Hot just like cold Current, left over, late model used When not to buy, like right now Leasing times are similar, except now
33:24 6/21/23
Extended service plan, yes or no, plus after you buy do's
Extended service plan, yes or no? What else after the sale? Assuming good condition Extended service plans are not warranties actually Condition and care tell the story Warranty price plus the deductible are the first repair Extended warranties are a question Extended warranty does not add in the trade in value Keeping it? Yes If buying a extended service plan, always from the Brand With a warranty fix or trade is never a question Low repair record equals high resale Make sure you got what you paid for Check everything after the delivery as well Check all paperwork numbers Is everything there? Read the manual and if needed, get one Used, change fluids Clean it, if from an individual Get all the carry on adds Do the protections like sealant Set up maintenance record Air tag or tile Better offer after you purchase? Always ask for more
37:47 6/16/23
Resale value can save you thousands
Resale is the key factor Batteries require special metals Batteries store coal power 500,000 pounds to move CO2 is NOT the answer Tax credits mostly for the rich Resale value is always part of your cost A seemingly good deal might be the opposite Considered the least Around the clock Can you predict it? What determines the value? How to protect it There are many factors Brand can be big Think it through first
47:55 5/19/23
Negotiating that works
Negotiating your deal When is it time to say yes? Negotiating is part of every episode Many methods, varied results Knowledge is key Due diligence support Waiting for results Can you do better? Persistence Deal and trade separate if possible Talk when there is a need Offer and facts together You may need to walk No substitute for due diligence
28:04 5/12/23
How to deal with the F&I experience
Prepare yourself for the Business office experience Electric vehicles CO2 is NOT the problem Congress is buying EV stocks and then pushing them 3 trillion trees 37 billion vs 74 billion capacity F&I as a conversation Business office money Reserve commissions can be huge Be prepared, due diligence Myriad of products Every product can appeal to someone Payment packing is real How to guard F&I Menu approach Review you payment in the business office first 90 day bump Listen to the products info, it might be good for you Shop the F&I products before you go into buy The more you know, the less their advantage
38:34 5/7/23
Insurance is basic but you need to check it
  ·        Residual is important ·        They are burning ·        EV sales are not up ·        Diminution payments are real ·        Insurance pays resale loss? ·        EV insurance is not good news ·        Car, truck, motorcycle, motorhome or boat, Insurance is part of the process ·        Auto collision insurance is just another add on ·        Just because they sound cheap ·        Hundreds of companies, millions of quotes ·        Credit is the  key ·        Your driving record isn’t the number one factor ·        Loyalty? ·        Teen dollars ·        Bundling means nothing ·        Where are the discounts? ·        Shop Your insurance ·        With an inexpensive vehicle , do you need collision?
34:10 4/30/23
Piloting the crazy ads, in a crazy market.
Piloting crazy ads, in a crazy market 67% is a 1000% increase A tyrannical demand Toyota has made a good choice 190 years and it is still not right A super car seat deal Automotive ads explained Crazy ads are even crazier Disclosures that don’t help Vague is the norm Radio, TV, newspaper, socials Bait and switch Employee pricing Crazy trade values Surprises can be thousands Ads only indicate dealer character It doesn’t get better, it’s a culture Look for dealers that advertise what they offer other than price  
51:31 4/19/23
Deal problems need to have a plan
Deal problems have a plan Electrics have serious cold weather battery issues No jump starting with EVs Not a family vehicle Jump start tip If your deal has a problem Factory problems follow a plan Due diligence, due process Follow the Chain of command Salesperson, Manager, Dealer principal or GM Manufacturer ( and the bank   Better business ( Attorney general (your general) FTC (federal) UDAP statutes will help Attorney last Still no lease buy out relief Assertive and persistent, not aggressive
42:37 4/10/23
What is a factory certified pre-owned vehicle?
What is a factory certified pre-owned vehicle Electric used is worse Brand is the key factor in choice CPO vehicles and value Read all the material for a specific certified unit Check points sound huge but Just marketing another way Bank rates with CPO vehicles are the same Factory certified can cost several thousand more Why pay in advance for what might happen Low mileage and a clean car fax Only the brand can certify the brand The retail book value does not have an add on for certification Certification versus resale value, zero Sometimes the promises lower your guard Certify your own and save big
35:12 3/29/23
Should you buy an electric vehicle?
Electric versus gas facts, you decide Pro is a short list EV’s cost many thousands more Resale will be less making the effective cost of ownership even more Green new deal crazy Reviews and reports on electric Hybrid Plug in hybrid Total electric The resale facts Cost benefit ratio is High cost low benefit 1 Kw = 4 miles average Weight vs distance 32 Kw for 100 miles Kw’s cost between 25 and 50 cents Gas isn’t that much different Convenience has value Price , distance, time, safety The most recent concern  Safety Building batteries is a crazy program
48:35 3/23/23
The story on upside down, aka under water, aka minus equity
The story on Upside down, aka under water, aka minus equity Any list of quality brands, just use the top half Rate price, resale and repair record first Large wheel size usually doesn’t help you Under water, minus equity, upside down What can you do? Why does it happen? This market may have an opportunity Type 1 and type 2 upside down Due diligence To minimize minus equity Start with the right vehicle Eight tips for the future
40:53 3/10/23
Fix the old or get a new one
Should you keep and fix your current vehicle or trade it  Leasing and buying have different priorities What are CAPA stickers The crazy market can change plans How old is yours How does you vehicles future look You need about 2 more years If you must buy search outside of your market as well Forced savings for a new project Limit resale loss Short term lease, maybe Ask yourself the right questions Keep your old one could lower insurance cost as well
25:42 3/7/23
Reviewing the key dealing tips
Reviewing the dealing tips Electric shoe box with wheels $30,000  A fancy Corolla size $150,000 Problems are definitely an EV subject Processes vary but the basics are the same Having the info is key Getting the payment where you want can be a mirage Trust  but verify The work sheet is your friend Used vehicle checks must be thorough Leasing has rule changes, ask questions  Read what you sign Bike buyers don’t be an impulse buyer Finance in the extras if you can
32:57 3/2/23
Motorcycle buying tips and a gas saving list
Motorcycle buying tips and a gas saving list Who knows where gas prices will go? There are many ways to save on fuel Do as many on the savings list as possible A little, plus a little, plus a little, equals a lot Motorcycle buying is not as crazy as many markets right now Ask yourself the right questions Touring, sport, long, short? What culture? Insurance can be a huge factor Due diligence could be a bigger savings than a standard car Due diligence is the same Dealers can vary by huge numbers More for you to check on a used Avoid electric bikes
50:38 2/15/23
The current story on leasing
The current story on leasing Where will we get the materials for batteries? Many industries will be competing for those materials EV sales are on a downhill slide Leasing advantages list Different terminology To shop lease you must know the terminology Research is still key Closed end Open end No maintenance Divide or multiply by 2400 for the interest rate or the lease factor Acquisition, inception, termination Guaranteed resale value is wonderful residual sign and drive Wear and tear Annual mileage allowance Term is best 36 months or less Trading elsewhere is still a question
50:27 2/3/23