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This is advice on buying a car, truck or motorcycle. How to get a great deal and avoid the hassles. Why buy or lease, new or used, where to finance and what dealer is best. If it's about buying a car, truck or motorcycle it's here on Deal Talk


Extended service plans, yes or no 28:16 06/21/2022
The keys to negotiating 38:30 06/13/2022
Checking collision coverage and EV Update: Batteries 30:39 06/04/2022
Preparing for the F&I business office 32:26 05/27/2022
What to do if your deal runs into dishonest or ethical issues 36:03 05/20/2022
How to Avoid crazy ads in a crazy market 39:52 05/12/2022
The real factory certified preowned story 30:15 05/07/2022
The pro and con of buying an electric vehicle 33:28 04/24/2022
The minus equity, upside down, underwater story 38:22 04/15/2022
Should you fix your vehicle or trade Plus motorcycle buying tips 42:10 04/08/2022
Understanding the current leasing terminology 39:05 04/03/2022
The electric truck story and shopping without negotiating 30:27 03/26/2022
Truck buying tips and 14 ways to lower the gas bill 43:34 03/21/2022
After the purchase or preparing to keep yours 25:07 03/11/2022
Which automobile sales labels matter? 33:58 03/05/2022
What about luxury vehicle deals? 28:20 02/24/2022
How to work with a dealership's finance office during crazy times 38:21 02/18/2022
Critical dealing tips 32:42 02/10/2022
How to get the most money out of your current vehicle 31:24 02/04/2022
Limited effort - Limited results 23:35 01/21/2022
Odd ball used categorie points 28:05 01/18/2022
No credit or poor credit, here's what to do 32:08 12/22/2021
Common sense, Electric versus Gas 47:49 12/14/2021
Now you are ready, time to buy 27:45 12/07/2021
The due diligence you need to do 32:40 11/25/2021
The no haggle hoax 27:33 11/18/2021
The story on dealer advertising 35:53 11/09/2021
Buying a low priced used 33:45 10/28/2021
A plan for buying used 40:41 10/21/2021
The do not do this list 35:26 10/13/2021