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This is Capitalism: CEO Stories

“This is Capitalism: CEO Stories”, the intersection of the free market and entrepreneurial success stories. Here we speak with leading CEOs, academics, philanthropists and up and comers on their contributions and perspectives on the American economy. This podcast is a part of “This is Capitalism”, a branded content series sponsored by Stephens Inc., aims to educate and inform the public about the free market. Stephens Inc. is a full service investment banking firm headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas. Since its inception in 1933, privately held Stephens Inc. has served a broad client base which includes corporations, state and local governments, financial institutions, institutional investors and individual investors throughout the United States and overseas. For more information, visit or Member NYSE, SIPC.


Laura Swanton, Founder at Laura Michael Wines, Inc. 28:26 07/20/2022
Paul Sullivan, Founder at The Company of Dads 23:37 06/24/2022
Mac Gardner, CFP®, Founder and Chief Education Officer at FinLit Tech 24:03 05/04/2022
Tom Stewart, Chief Knowledge Officer at AchieveNEXT 20:25 04/22/2022
Drew Russell, EVP of Sports Properties & Media Assets at Intersport 26:08 03/30/2022
Ron Jaworski, CEO and Co-Founder of Trinity Audio 31:03 12/29/2021
Beverly Behan, author of Becoming a Boardroom Star 27:07 12/14/2021
Ramy Gafni, Founder and CEO, Ramy Cosmetics, LLC 27:21 11/10/2021
Mac Gardner, CFP®, Author, and Founder at FinLit Tech 22:17 10/27/2021
Nick Childs, Filmmaker, and Co-Founder at DIRT 28:45 09/21/2021
Nick Araco, CEO of AchieveNEXT, and Tom Stewart, Chief Knowledge Officer 26:47 09/09/2021
Dee Brown, President and CEO of The P3 Group 30:07 08/18/2021
Kevin Dawidowicz, Co-Founder of CoachMePlus 27:07 08/07/2021
Cher Grant, CEO and Founder of Wazzio, Inc. 23:55 07/01/2021
Christina Elson and Patrick Reasonover: They Say It Can’t Be Done 34:07 06/23/2021
Tiki Barber, Football Star and Co-Chairman of Thuzio 35:29 06/01/2021
Alaina Love, CEO of Purpose Linked Consulting 31:19 05/12/2021
Howard Breindel, Co-CEO at DeSantis Breindel 25:38 12/01/2020
Cortney Stapleton, Partner at Bliss Integrated Communications and Founder of Exponent Women 31:24 11/09/2020
Jill Houghton, President and CEO of Disability:IN 26:33 10/29/2020
Joe Strechay, Consultant for Blindness and Disability Employment Initiatives 52:20 10/07/2020
John Byrne, CEO and Founder of Poets & Quants 44:00 09/22/2020
Sara Hurst, CEO of Bella’s Kitchen 29:54 08/25/2020
Tom Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market at the Ohio State University, Returns 38:20 08/06/2020
Tom Stewart, Executive Director of the National Center for the Middle Market at Ohio State University 24:19 04/20/2020
Rachel Klausner, Founder and CEO of Millie 24:44 03/24/2020
Dr. Geoff Tabin, Co-Founder of the Himalayan Cataract Project 38:01 01/28/2020
Karla Mora, Founder and Managing Partner at Alante Capital 19:29 01/02/2020
Natalie Mangrum, CEO, Maryland Teacher Tutors 31:46 11/04/2019
Chris Farrell, Senior Economics Contributor for Marketplace 18:04 08/15/2019