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Narratives of Purpose

Narratives of Purpose is a podcast hosted by TEDx speaker Claire Murigande, that brings you inspiring individual stories. Every two weeks, Claire discusses with ordinary people making extraordinary social impact in various areas, such as: youth empowerment, healthcare initiatives and sustainable business. Claire's guests share their journeys, their passion and purpose, but also their perspectives on the future through fascinating conversations.


On Creating Illustrations for Social Awareness - A Conversation with Jean-Philippe Kalonji 27:05 11/22/2021
On Transformative Teaching for Social Change - A Conversation with Drisana (Dru) McDaniel 26:15 11/08/2021
On Building an African Market Access Network - A Conversation with Olawale Ajose 29:31 10/25/2021
On Enhancing Access to Cancer Treatments - A Conversation with Ndeye Makalou 41:22 10/10/2021
On Empowering Lives Beyond Disability - A Conversation with Oghenewaire Jennifer Nikoro 27:15 09/27/2021
On Destigmatising Handicap and Blindness - A Conversation with Thibault Trancart 29:21 09/20/2021
On Supporting Families of Special Needs Children - A Conversation with Eraina Ferguson 40:13 09/13/2021
On Advocating For An Inclusive Workplace - A Conversation with Vivian Acquah 36:27 09/06/2021
On Empowering Women in Tech - A Conversation with Anie Akpe 36:33 08/23/2021
On Transforming Healthcare - A Conversation with Mary Carbajal 43:32 08/16/2021
On Game-based STEAM Learning - A Conversation with Jade Li 28:31 08/09/2021
On Gamifying Diversity & Inclusion Education - A Conversation with Alma Moya Losada 33:19 08/02/2021
On Developing African Renewable Energy - A Conversation with Henri Nyakarundi 41:35 07/19/2021
On Creating an Eco-friendly African Brand - A Conversation with Kevine Kagirimpundu 26:56 07/05/2021
Season 1 Bonus 21:16 04/19/2021
On Repurposing Struggle into Strength - A Conversation with Lucy Antrobus 40:40 04/04/2021
On Learning Assertiveness - A Conversation with Alessandra Patti 38:14 03/22/2021
On Reimagining Education - A Conversation with Connie Nshemereirwe 35:03 03/08/2021
On Preventing Blindness - A Conversation with Dr. Sanduk Ruit & Thomas Bosshard 45:07 02/22/2021
On One Health - A Conversation with Fanny Kaufmann 33:07 02/08/2021
On Building Talents with Refugees and Migrants - A Conversation with Ana Maria Angarita & Isabel BrĂ¼cher 38:25 01/25/2021
On Leadership for a Sustainable Economy - A Conversation with David Fiorucci 27:30 01/11/2021
On Providing Professional Skills to At-risk Youth - A Conversation with Teresa Goines 30:55 12/21/2020
On Neglected Tropical Diseases and Antimicrobial Research - A Conversation with Emilie Alirol 34:42 12/05/2020
On Female Empowerment and Innovation in Africa - A Conversation with Pauline Koelbl 39:56 12/05/2020
Narratives of Purpose Trailer 00:53 12/02/2020