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The Encourager with Rebekah Scott

Located on a farm in Valley Springs, South Dakota, Rebekah Scott’s studio keeps her rooted to her loves – both her purses and her four growing tots. By keeping her heart close to home, she’s been able to keep her home close to her heart. Rebekah’s team is a woven fabric of creative moms and women who desire to stay at home. Rebekah remains at the helm – designing fabrics, creating new accessories, and sewing bags, with little ones discovering near by. Rebekah’s entrepreneurial spirit flows naturally and contagiously from her heart. Rebekah organizes accountability groups for female entrepreneurs and shares inspirational videos to encourage women in their own desires. Toting a tot on one hip and a rocking purse on the other, Rebekah Scott is ready for life’s next project! Her latest adventure, The Encourager podcast, aims at encouraging other women, aspiring to create an income for their family while being an active parent in their children’s lives. Each episode will focus on the various aspects of Rebekah’s family and business life, how they coexist, how she stays sane, and how she finds joy in each day.


Women I Admire Series: Rebecca Undem 56:44 08/08/2022
Where we are now and my word for the year- Cultivate 24:40 08/01/2022
17-196: How to invite whimsey into your life with special guest Bob Goff 38:21 12/13/2021
17-195: A Season's End 11:07 08/16/2021
17-194: what is branding with Melissa Heckel 26:22 08/09/2021
17-193: should I hire a graphic designer with guest Melissa Heckel 28:07 08/02/2021
17-192: My Number One Trick for Getting Things Done 22:35 07/26/2021
Episode 17-191: Should I Take on More? 12:11 07/19/2021
Episode 17-190: REPLAY of The 1% Change 12:31 07/12/2021
Episode 16-189: What Website Metrics Matter with guest Clint Brown - Part 2 33:17 05/10/2021
Episode 16-189: What Website Metrics Matter with guest Clint Brown - Part 1 27:16 05/03/2021
Episode 16-188: Parenting 101 26:52 04/26/2021
Episode 16-187: The Negativity Remedy with Guest Nicole Phillips 37:30 04/19/2021
Episode 16-186: 7 Reports You Must Run with guest Clint Brown – Part 2 37:38 04/12/2021
Episode 16-185: 7 Reports You Must Run with guest Clint Brown – Part 1 47:45 04/05/2021
Episode 15-184: Automation 25:53 02/08/2021
Episode 15-183: Don’t Let Imposter Syndrome Stop You with Guest Merritt Onsa 20:06 02/01/2021
Episode 15-182: Know Your Story, Know Your Strength with guest Jeremy Brown 33:09 01/25/2021
Episode 15-181: Root Yourself in Hope with guest Rebecca Undem 44:04 01/18/2021
Episode 15-180: An Annual Retreat 32:48 01/11/2021
Episode 15-179: 2020 Reflection and Review 16:44 01/04/2021
Episode 14-178: How to Be Intentional 15:34 11/09/2020
Episode 14-177: How I Group Tasks to Get Things Done 21:30 11/02/2020
Episode 14-176: How to Listen to your Body and Own Your Strengths with Anna Weinstein 32:19 10/26/2020
Episode 14-175: Healing with Jenny Eggers of 605 Roots 29:44 10/19/2020
Episode 14-174: Perform Your Way to Success with Lauren Forsch 28:49 10/12/2020
Episode 14-173: Understanding and Listening is Key to Communication 35:56 10/05/2020
Episode 13-172: Is Your Limiting Belief Sabotaging You with Rebecca Weiner 39:04 08/10/2020
Episode 13-171: Why Your “Where” Matters with Tiffny Hagan 31:07 08/03/2020
Episode 13-170: Revisiting Your “Me System” of Self-Care 18:36 07/27/2020