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Cubicle Confidential

Are your co-workers driving you crazy? Does your boss suck? Mary Abbajay and Chris DeSantis are here to podcast you to workplace (and social) success. We call it “Cubicle Confidential: Weekly Advice for the Working Stiff." Each week we'll meet you at the watercooler and respond to your most outrageous workplace questions, comments and concerns. Our advice is sometimes spot-on, sometimes funny, often a bit salty (Mary!) and always tempered (Chris!) by our years of professional experience in the corporate trenches. What happens in the cubicle… ends up here!


You Can't Say That Anymore! 32:33 08/10/2022
The Worst Advice Ever 37:06 08/03/2022
Recognition Misfires: When Good Praise Goes Bad 31:38 07/27/2022
LIar, Liar, Pants on Fire 30:15 07/20/2022
Change Is In The Air...Or is it? 33:18 07/13/2022
Put ‘Er There, Partner! 34:08 07/06/2022
If It Bleeds, It Leads 33:13 06/29/2022
I Know You Are but What Am I? The Opinion of Others 33:44 06/22/2022
Job Hopping, Moonlighting, & Hiring Remorse 32:06 06/15/2022
My Boss is a Ghost (and Other Tales of Woe) 29:59 06/08/2022
No Balls, No Babies: Women in Leadership 34:50 06/01/2022
In the Age of Ageism: Too Young, Too Old, or Just Right 32:49 05/25/2022
You’re Wearing That? Dis-Dressed for Success 32:41 05/18/2022
Thanks for the Feedback...Not! 32:01 05/11/2022
Who's Ready to go Back to the Office? 29:01 05/04/2022
Why I Find You Irritating: Navigating Generational Friction at Work 33:00 04/27/2022
The Brand of You: How to Build an Authentic Personal Brand & Reputation 33:30 04/20/2022
And the Survey Says.... 31:51 04/13/2022
Can I Pick Your Brain? The Art of Asking for Favors 31:21 04/06/2022
Should I Speak Up or Shut Up? Dealing with Annoying Colleagues 31:33 03/30/2022
Where Did My Mojo Go? Tips to Get & Stay Motivated 34:06 03/23/2022
Why Can't We Be Friends? Navigating Workplace Friendships 33:34 03/16/2022
What's The Big Idea? How to Get Others to Love Your Ideas! 31:21 03/09/2022
Introverts Are Humans Too: Tips for Working With Opposites 33:37 03/02/2022
Show Me the Money 33:58 02/23/2022
The Family Circus: How to Balance Career and Kids 30:38 02/16/2022
Can I Get a Thank You? Overworked and Underappreciated 31:29 02/09/2022
Cubicle Confidential: Live with the Lawyers of the Legal Counsel for Leadership Diversity 55:02 02/02/2022
Did You Really Just Ask Me That? How to Handle Inappropriate Questions at Work 30:56 01/26/2022
E is for Entrepreneurship: Do I have what it takes to start my own business? 32:48 01/19/2022