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Themes from The Apocalypse
This is part 8 of our series on Revelation - The Apocalypse of Jesus to John - What is the Millennium? Pre-millennial, Post-millennial, Amillennial.... What is all that about? We try to briefly explain the various millennium beliefs and encourage you not to be dogmatic about whatever you think about the millennium.
30:08 11/12/21
Themes from The Apocalypse
This is part 9 of our series on Revelation - The Apocalypse of Jesus to John - The Biggest Thanksgiving Celebration Ever! It is also the conclusion of this series. At the end of the age, when all is settled and heaven and earth are one and the dwelling of God is with humans, there is a massive celebration of which our current holiday celebrations are but a shadow!
23:39 11/20/21
Advent 1
It is the season of Advent. Jesus said, "Surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age." That's why we are able to bear the fruit of the Spirit today!
28:25 11/25/21
Advent 2
It is the season of Advent. God said, “I will put my Spirit on him and he will bring justice to the nations/Gentiles” As one preacher said it, “In Christ the chosen people is the human race and the holy land is the whole earth.”
26:49 12/4/21
Advent 3
Zechariah and Elizabeth were from the best families. They were blameless. So why wasn't life working out for them?
30:04 12/10/21
Advent 4
This podcast is a reading of many of the traditional scripture passages that we love to hear in the Christmas season. They focus our attention upon Jesus, and the circumstances around his birth to Mary and Joseph. There are angels! Prophets! An evil king! Wandering wise men! And, of course, a Savior.
17:58 12/15/21
Advent 5
Sometimes the gifts that God gives don't even seem like gifts, at least at the time.
18:37 12/25/21
Another Year
Trusting God for new things in a new year. Expectations.
20:18 12/31/21
James 1
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
23:28 1/8/22
James 2 and 3
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
24:59 1/15/22
James 4 and 5
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
24:59 1/22/22
Black History Month Conversation
Brooks and Ginder start a conversation around Black History Month.
31:08 1/29/22
Black History Month
Brooks and Ginder have a conversation about identity as part of our Black History Month series.
35:37 2/3/22
Black History Month Conversation - Context
Brooks and Ginder have a conversation about the context of African American History Month and why it matters to our church body.
31:08 2/11/22
Black History Month Conversation - Jesus' Way
Brooks and Ginder have a conversation about approaching oppression and injustice in the Jesus way. This was the way Martin Luther King, Jr. advocated speaking truth with power for change, peacefully, in love.
32:44 2/19/22
Jesus - Listen to Him
Moses, in a farewell address recorded in Deuteronomy, told the people that God would raise up a prophet from among them. They must listen to Him. On the Mount of Transfiguration, God's voice spoke from the heavens telling Peter, James, and John about His son, Jesus - that they should "Listen to him!" These three disciples reported these words of God for our benefit. So what did Jesus say? It's easy to grasp, but hard to trust Him and do what He said. His words are a fitting conclusion to Black History Month. Listen to Him!
25:13 2/26/22
Many things have happened in the world over the past months, and now Russia has attacked Ukraine and news and video and pictures of war are all over. What a mess! We are but dust, we are sick, and need.... what? who?  This episode is sort of an addendum to our Black History Month series - a one-time message responding to the spirit of war and fear that has come upon many. There's a continuity of underlying themes even if the symptoms of our need differ.
29:30 3/5/22
Foreigners and Strangers
Our prayers and actions as Jesus' followers are blessed and effective when we have God's heart and desires behind them. God is moving to literally change the world. In this episode we examine the history of his heart for strangers and foreigners, and include the example of Harriet Tubman. Who are the strangers and foreigners to us today?
32:50 3/12/22
This episode is particularly oriented toward our LBFC family and friends. How do we show that we are friends in this time and under the present conditions? Let's ask God together.
25:15 3/19/22
John - Introduction and Opening
This week we begin a new series on the Gospel of John. John seems to assume that we will have read the Gospel of Mark, which we recently studied. In this message, we introduce the new series and consider the first portion of John.
39:55 3/26/22
John - Jesus at a Wedding Feast
This week we consider John 2:1-13 in which Jesus blesses a wedding feast in Cana by turning six huge jars of water into wine! What is he doing? And what is he not doing in this the first of the signs of the new creation that John tells us about in his Gospel account?
26:13 4/2/22
John - Clearing the Temple Courts
This week we consider John 2:13-24, wherein John tells about Jesus clearing out the temple courts that were being used as a marketplace. Why was Jesus so upset? Perhaps it reminded him of another scene of idolatry involving a golden calf! The temple was the place of the Rock - or supposed to be.
26:26 4/9/22
Resurrection Sunday!
This week we pause to consider what we celebrate on Resurrection Sunday, particularly focusing on the testimony in John's gospel. The world is already a much different place than it was before Jesus, and the remarkable changes are still taking place! The goodness of the final re-creation is on the horizon.
18:56 4/16/22
John - Nicodemus, are you willing to change?
In this consideration of Nicodemus' after-dark meeting with Jesus, Jesus turns the question to whether or not Nicodemus will give up what he thinks he knows and embrace the life from above that Jesus offers. It's a while ride with many, many allusions to Hebrew scripture.
22:43 4/23/22
John - It's what God does that matters!
People argue a lot over rituals, historically. Who can do what? And what is the "right" way to do whatever? What matters is what God is doing. We must become less, and what He does is what we should join.
23:53 4/30/22
Mother's Day - Three Mothers
In this special Mother's Day message, we look at the examples of three mothers mentioned in the gospel accounts: Mary (mother of Jesus), Herodias (mother of Salome), and Salome (?) (mother of James and John, the "Sons of Thunder").
21:26 5/5/22
John - Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
Jesus goes back to Galilee through Samaria and meets a Samaritan woman when he stops at Jacob's well. And then things get very interesting!
38:33 5/13/22
John - Jesus Heals the Official's Son
In John 4:43-54, Jesus heals a royal official's son. Jesus talks about signs. Why? Just what did the official believe about Jesus?
20:37 5/21/22
John - A Healing at the Pool
Jesus heals a man who had been unable to walk for 38 years. And the authorities complain!
22:56 5/28/22
John - Jesus' Authority is Questioned
Jesus heals a man who couldn't walk for 38 years! Jerusalem leaders, instead of being grateful that one of ther people has been restored to health, are unhappy because Jesus "worked" on the Sabbath, and dispute with Jesus. Jesus tells them he's doing the work of Yahweh, and to believe because they see him doing what God does. Of course, there is more...
23:37 6/4/22