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Christian Felix and Shonali Bhowmik became fast friends while working as temporary workers at a huge law firm in Manhattan. They share a love of laughing and giving each other hell. They may be called hipsters, old school, mainstream, irreverent, classic, country, gangster, or rock n' roll. All labels apply. Special guests, music, and attitude every episode. Past guests include: Jeremy O. Harris, Chelsea Peretti, Hannibal Buress, Keisha Zollar, H Jon Benjamin, Amber Tamblyn, JD Samson, Sanjit De Silva, Patricia Clarkson, Eleanor Friedberger, Jon Glaser, Hari Kondabolu, Rebecca Vigil, Danielle Gray, Emily Flake, Ato Essandoh, Clare O'Kane, Selena Coppock, Har Mar Superstar, Sasheer Zamata, Melena Ryzik, Jeffrey Joseph, Tamara Best, Cole Escola, Maeve Higgins, Emily Wells, Janeane Garofalo, Mark Nadler, Starlee Kine, John Roberts, Rob Townsend, Hope Hall, Eric Lockley, Ted Leo, David Cross, Shannon Wright, Alison Leiby, Dolly Wells, John Feal, Myka Fox, Tessa Hersh, Holly Miranda, Felice Rosser, Kim Barker, Amanda Duarte, Tyson Meade, Yazan, M Lamar, Matt Higgins, Will Sheff of Okkervil River, Rob Cantrell, Graham Norwood, Patrick Waldo, Eugene Mirman, Kendra Cunningham, Mima McMillan, Elna Baker, Bobby Tisdale, Marina Franklin, Schaffer the Darklord, Howard Altmann, Ben Lerman, Naomi Ekperigin, Andy Beckerman, Mike Denny, Dave Hill, Ambrosia Parsley, Brooke Van Poppelen, Ahna Tessler, Adam Schatz, Lisa DeLarios, Todd Perlmutter, Saundra Williams, Adam Lowitt, Seaton Smith, Greg Barris, Dawn Landes, Tevis Trower, Todd Barry, John Early, Amy Ryan, Kenny Leinhardt, Miyuki Furtado, Katina Corrao, Roger Clark, Hadiyah Robinson, Joe Celej, Danny Cohen, Sharon Spell, Katie Compa, Jena Friedman, Rashida White, Duane Harriott, Phoebe Robinson, Marcellus Hall, Jo Firestone, Matt Whyte, Shalewa Sharpe, Early Riser, Jason Lam, Darell J. Hunt, Sarah Dooley, Charles Scott, Jason Butler Harner, Aparna Nancherla, Chris Maxwell, Adam Wade, Pete Miser, Bridey Elliott, Jeffrey Gamblero, Greg Johnson, Dakota Hall, Nimesh Patel, Renaud Villacis, Jason Trachtenberg, JJ Sosnowski, Terri Girvin, Mickey Rapkin, and our moms


WDEK Ep. 100: Marcellus Hall An Artist in New York City - 2/22/22
WE DID IT! We created 100 Episodes - which mean we stuck together for 100 months celebrating people from all walks of life, the comedy found in our lives and world, the amazing art created by those in our community and the voices of a wide array of inspirational people.  We are proud and we are not shy about saying we are excited about what is yet to come.  We open with the WDEK crew in different cities: Shonali in DC, Christian in Palm Springs and Justin in Brooklyn.   Christian reveals his first "Daddy" t-shirt.   When we look back over our 100 Episodes, we give shout outs to the many performers who delivered brilliant character performances throughout the years including (but not limited to): Alan Yaspan who played the Russian Hacker; Theo Koppel who played WDEK Dance Choreographer; Becky Chicoine who played Rhonda The Dog Trainer; Roy Koshy who played NXIVM cult leader Keith Raniere; Jordan Clifford who played the Grumpy Holiday Guy; Nat Towsen who played the Podcast Protestor; Matt Hunziker who played Mitch The Enthusiasm Coach; and Matt Little who played Gary the (Bad) Vampire.   In this celebratory episode, we celebrate the work and career of our long time friend, illustrator and musician Marcellus Hall. Our own Justin The Intern aka Justin Joseph Hall was the director via his Fourwind Films and worked with Marcellus in creating a documentary series titled Marcellus Hall An Artist in New York City.  For the first time we presented a virtual screening of a documentary and later interviewed and had a Q&A with the artist himself. Listen and enjoy!  We discuss the artistic interplay that Marcellus brings together in his music and illustrations, his approach to life not just music, his reaction to the pandemic as an artist and what's on the horizon for Marcellus including his upcoming Leestavall recording session - for which you should pre-order now! 
61:39 2/27/22
WDEK Podcast Ep. 99: Subhah Agarwal & Michael Cyril Creighton - 1/25/22
Happy New Year!  Justin, Christian and Shonali are together again virtually for their 99th episode. 99 months together and they start the year out with a bang. Insert - Shonali's video of a downpour in her apartment.  Christian coins the term twinergy.  Our first guest is stand-up comedian, writer, actress Subhah Agarwal (Late Night with Lilly Singh, Westworld, The Jim Jeffries Show.)  She's bicoastal which we find out is not as not as glamourous as you might think.  She started doing stand-up when she was 17 years old bc as she says, she was a "bizzarre" child! Subhah is getting married this year and is having an Indian wedding.  To her fiancé's delight, there will be no "big robes" used during the ceremony.  Follow Subhah on her socials and catch her live on a stage near you! For the first time ever Christian  shares his singing talents in singing his recent collaboration with Adele! It's an emotional performance. One you might want to watch for yourself on YouTube or FB Live.  Our last guest of the evening is actor, writer extraordinaire Michael Cyril Creighton (Only Murders In The Building, Dexter, Spotlight, High Maintenance.)  We find out what "character bleeding" means. Do you remember how self-centered we all were before the pandemic began? We discuss Michael's dream job working on Only Murders In The Building and what he's looking forward to in 2022.  Be on the lookout for Michael in the upcoming final season of Dexter.  Please join us next month for our 100th Episode of We Don't Even Know! It will be SPECIAL! 
67:14 1/29/22
WDEK Podcast Ep. 98: Julie Felix and Rashad Bashir - 11/30/21
Christian and Shonali are back with two celebrations under their bigger belt lines - Halloween AND Thanksgiving!  Our special guests are NYC comedian, actor, host Rashad Bashir and for the first time ever, Christian's twin sister Julie Felix, an expert leader in diversity, equity and inclusion join us on the show.  Don't tell us you can't figure out what Shonali and Christian's 2021 Halloween costumes are.  They discuss pandemic weight gain in the chest area AND the stress of Thanksgiving leftovers. Julie Felix, Christian's twin sister joins us for the first time on WDEK!  We delve into Christian and Julie's childhood which started out in the womb together.  Womb Wars Julie Christian illustration by Jasper Patch.   The two grew up in Deerfield, Illinois in which Julie says they were "99.9% of the 1% of diversity in Deerfield."   Shonali and Julie unite in their throat scratchers status which Christian hates.  Julie shares her pet peeves about her brother.  Can you guess what they are? Our next guest is comedian, actor, host Rashad Bashir!  We discuss Thanksgiving and Christmas with the Bashirs.  Don't get Rashad started on cooking.  He is also known as Chef Bashir in his home and we want some of his honey glazed brussel sprouts NOW.  Rashad can dance too, just ask his fiancée! We talk about the beginnings of Rashad's comedy career,  Dave Chappelle's recent controversial comedy special, and the show We're Here.   Rashad teaches us how to be better business people.  His Venmo, IG and PayPal QR codes are shared here.  Don't try to steal his Listerine flavored masks idea from him!  Follow Rashad on IG at @rbashir_comedy and/or see him regularly at Harlem Nights Bar - every Monday night at 6PM or on Saturday at 7PM EST.   We are taking December off to be with our families!  Happy Holidays and we will be back in 2022!
90:57 12/11/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 97: Joaquín Torres & Jordan Carlos - 10/26/21
It's October and the creepy crawly mood is upon us.  Shonali has her jack-o-lanterns lit. Christian says there's a chance that he'll be an N95 mask for Halloween.  Justin and his family will be "Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti" (3 Happy Dead Guys!)  Our special guests are former actor turned public servant,  Assessor-Recorder of San Francisco Joaquín Torres and comedian, actor, writer Jordan Carlos.  You ever consider what it would be like to leave your current occupation to embark on a journey as a public servant? Our first guest has done that. Joaquín Torres explains how attending the Obama inauguration in 2008 inspired him.  He quickly transitioned from a professional actor who received an MFA from NYU to working for a San Francisco mayoral campaign within no time.  Now he is occupying his first job title for which he will need to win an election as Assessor-Recorder of San Francisco. He explains that the acting bug never leaves you but the education that comes from acting always stays with you. Learn more about Joaquín at! Shonali's Game Changer this month emerged from the trauma of wearing a jumpsuit.  Christian endorses the fanny pack!  Writer / journalist Mickey Rapkin sends in a #GameChanger via text! Comedian, writer, actor Jordan Carlos joins us after putting the kids to bed and walking the dog.  Jordan loves history as it is a predictor for the future. We discuss grappling with what our roles are in the conversation surrounding race today.  For this conversation, Jordan puts on his glasses and shares his personal evolution as someone who was seeking white approval to someone who currently is only working on projects helmed by Black peers.  Check out Jordan's work on Tha God's Honest Truth with Charlamagne Tha God on Comedy Central on Fridays; his podcast #Adulting with Michelle Buteau which is coming back and Phoebe Robinson's upcoming 1/2 hour comedy Everything's Trash.   Jordan and his family have their Halloween costumes DOWN. Listen to Ep. 97 for the details.      
76:27 11/2/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 96: Lizz Winstead & Saidah Blount - 9/28/21
It's September! Fall has arrived and WDEK is not looking forward to the pumpkin spice lattes signage that will soon be everywhere!  Justin the Intern joins us from Duluth, Minnesota.  Christian and Shonali have just returned from visiting their parents in Chicago and Nashville.  They discuss the Jedi mind tricks of their respective parents.    The brilliant Lizz Winstead, comedian, co-founder of the Daily Show, founder of Abortion Access Front and co-founder of Air America amongst joins us from her abode.  Find out how a 16 year old Lizz Winstead's life experience is directly connected to her activism today as the founder of Abortion Access Front.  Do you know about the thousands of fake "clinics" in the US used to intimidate and spread misinformation to women regarding abortion?  We discuss destigmatizing abortion and how men should contribute to the conversation surrounding reproductive rights.   Follow Lizz on Twitter here! She's doing shows in Portland and San Francisco in November - you lucky West Coasters! Per her Twitter profile our second guest Saidah Blount describes herself as a music industry maven, corporate goth, Sonos Senior Manager, Global Content. She joins us along Game Changers! This is the first time ever we bring our guests together to share trivial tips and/or life lessons which have changed their lives.  We have some great ones for you this month including TSA Tips, bubble wrap tips, peeling egg tips, identity theft tips and more! Also Saidah's use of the term "frothed up" is a new one for Christian and Shonali.  As a woman of color who has worked in the music industry for years, we asked Saidah about her feelings regarding the long awaited conviction of R. Kelly in a NYC courtroom just the day before this show was taped.  Have you heard of the saying "Dance now.  Deconstruct later."?  Saidah contemplates whether "music is too big to fail."  Topics of discussion include the "shady" music industry, the non-stop work of a working performing artist, being the only WOC in the workplace, recently being "sweethearted,"  the the over-usage of the term "cancel culture" used as a "dog whistle."  We get into it!  We also have lots of fun. Saidah shares what brings her joy these days which is a new concept being that she's a workaholic. Christian shares an urgent urban wildlife PSA.  And Saidah shares some hot music tips including Serpent With Feet and NAO.  We could talk forever as you clearly can here!  Enjoy your September and we will be back with another episode live on October 26, 2021 - 8PM EST!      
99:52 10/5/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 95: Merrill Davis & Táhlia Audrí - 8/31/21
Justin The Intern is the father of a month old baby! Whoa! Christian was mask shamed in Justin's home state.  Shonali learns what "bussin" means.  It's US Open Tennis Tournament time in NYC and we needed this!  Our guests are comedian, performers, writers Merrill Davis and Táhlia Audrí! Merrill currently lives in Los Angeles.  She generously shares her expert napping techniques with us.  She's a pro napper and she and Christian may go into business together!  Merrill answers our questions about her experiences as a person with ADHD.  Merrill has been doing a solo show on the challenges she has faced and the misconceptions about ADHD called Merrill Means Well.  Follow her on IG to make sure you see her perform!!   Táhlia Audri, originally hails from Charleston, SC but came to NYC to fulfill her dreams as an all around performer. She shares the joy of drinking from a green goblet.  Táhlia is relatively new to cycling in NYC and loves it.  We talk biking attire and the videos she's been making while on her treks in Central Park! Táhlia sings, acts, writes and she performs a song live on our show. She's in search of the perfect hair care products for her 4C hair - she "needs more options."  So go to her Twitter and share your advice if you will!  Tahlia's QT 2020 musical comedy parody about quarantine life can be found here!  Special shout out to the Prospect Park Monarch Butterfly cyclist. If you know her, please let her know we love her. Special shout out to Duane Harriott - former guest, former co-host and dear friend to WDEK!  Today is his last day on the air doing the #DUANETRAIN show - a legendary show on #WFMU which weekly has brought us joy, good vibes, grooves and happiness for years!  We love you Duane! Follow Duane on Soundcloud here! 
78:57 9/8/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 94: Helen Nwosu & Jason Lam - 7/27/21
Congratulations to Justin the Intern and his fiancée Laura on the birth of their baby boy Zachary! While Justin is having a baby, Jason Lam takes over introduction honors.   Within a month, tides have turned and Covid-19 (Delta variant) is back.   The "normalcy" we discussed last month is no more.  Shonali attended her first super spreader event and Christian has a new nickname "Big Man!"  Everyone PLEASUHHHHH get vaccinated!  We are excited to talk to Helen Nwosu!  We met Helen at a mutual friend's dance birthday party just after we were fully vaccinated and thought we could be "normally" social again.  We were taken by her energy, humor and intellect.   Helen left a long standing career in fashion to start her own non-profit called Science Couture and it's "chief mission is to help consumers and fashion brands contribute to a more sustainable fashion system."  We also discuss upstate living;  youth activism; The Olympics - sexist double standard fashion, the athlete's' stories which pull at your heartstrings, the metal scoreboard & nationalism. Most importantly Helen gives us a rundown what we can do as consumers to align with sustainability in fashion! Christian promises to break fashion rules & wear a white bikini after Labor Day.  You heard it here first. Christian comes to us from his mother's bedroom in Chicago.  While he describes his time there, he gets shushed by his mom because he is LOUD!  We introduce our brand new segment Game Changers with a heavy metal jingle by Jason Lam. Shonali, Jason & Christian share very personal stories involving each of them learning a small lesson which forever change their life.  In this episode, we cover how to open a plastic bag in the produce department, how to get through YouTube videos more quickly, and how to use Google Maps while walking...DUH!   Oooh, it's also noteworthy that the words "culottes" and "gauchos" are used on WDEK for the first time in this episode.  Special shout out to the U.S. Capitol Police who offered  devastating and compelling testimony during the House Investigation Hearing on the Jan. 6 th Insurrection! They include Sgt. Aquilino Gonell, Officer Michael Fanone, Officer Daniel Hodges, and Capitol Police Pfc. Harry Dunn.  Surprise guest Justin The Intern stops by Shonali's WDEK studio (her apartment) to take a shower as his baby was born (the day before) in the hospital across the street and he has not left his wife's side which is the right thing to do. Notice here how Justin's baby's hair is exactly like his (courtesy of Jason Lam.)  Special note - Christian only got shushed twice by his mother during the show, or was it three times?  Christian let us know.     
71:38 8/7/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 93: Cisco Bradley & LaKendra Tookes - 6/29/21
Happy Pride Everyone!  We celebrate our friends and our fashion icon former guest Jack Dwyer!  June was the first month in a year and a half that we were social in a seemingly "normal" way.  Shonali's exhausted already. Our first guest is Cisco Bradley!  He's an Author, Professor of Cultural & Social History, Free Jazz & and Experimental Music Aficionado!  Just what is "cultural production?"   Cisco has just published a book about the genius free jazz bassist William Parker, titled Universal Tonality. We dig deep into the philosophy and inspiring music & words of this influential artist whose career has spanned over 5 decades.  We tie together Mr. Parker's philosophy of life and art to the current state of the world.  Cisco says "...the history of the United States is the history of racism and the struggles against it..." We discuss underappreciated artists in America & Shonali brings up Shannon Wright, our former Ep. 61 guest! Turns out Cisco is also her fan! Cisco knows what's up!  Father-to-be Justin The Intern gets his own Get It Off Your Chest segment and he surprises us all with what is annoying him today. We are all injured.  Christian insists everyone must get Zoom First Aid Kit.  Our second guest is comedian, former SNL writer, actress LaKendra Tookes!  LaKendra does not discount out all catcallers! She shares what is acceptable.  LaKendra gives us an honest account of her times down time during this pandemic.  She has decided "she only wants to do work that uplifts & celebrates black people and black joy." She is resilient and radiates hope! LaKendra shares her guilty pleasure - reality tv! Did you know LaKendra and her dog Savannah are not scared of rabid squirrels?!  And we leave you with the fresh summer dance hit by comedian Greg Barris! Check it out here on YouTube- Galimmimus! Enjoy and stay safe, mask up everyone.  The variant is surging across America! 
85:43 7/16/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 92: Brandon Collins & Sara Schaefer - 5/25/21
The warm weather has arrived, masks are slowly coming off and Christian comes out HOT.  Shonali is in Nashville, Tennessee doing yard work and Justin The Intern is prepping for his role as a new father.  George Floyd's murder was a year ago to the day.  We discuss the importance of the moment surrounding the pandemic and social justice.  Will we be forever changed or suffer from amnesia?  Comedian and film critic Brandon Collins comes to us on the high of interviewing Lin Manuel Miranda just the day before.  Brandon is from Ann Arbor, Michigan but has been in NYC for over a decade. He's doing cool things such as being a member of the African American Film Critics Association, hosting the Medium Popcorn podcast, a one man show called It's Not Going to Work Out.  We talk movies including White Christmas, A Quiet Place 2, and Sonic The Hedgehog.  Brandon is hosting his live comedy series, Drunk Black History on Juneteenth at The Bell House which will also be livestreamed! Don't miss it.   Shonali and Christian catch up! Find out why Christian takes a 30 mile bike ride and why does he wear athletic shorts called Chubbies? Comedian, writer, miniaturist Sara Schaefer joins us from her closet in Los Angeles!  Sara's Conspiracy Theory bit from her 2019 Comedy Central Special resonates even more today than it did in 2019.  We talk "reality", "both sides", the Q documentary and "what the hell does it all even mean?"  Sara has always been a hobbyist and is currently making a miniature comedy club called the Haha Hole which is blowing our minds.  Sara shares her creative journey in the past two years in which she has "gotten quieter" due to harassment on Twitter.  Focusing on creative work with her hands has made Sara think even more deeply about her creative work and her place in comedy.  We are fans of Sara's voice and the teaser for her new podcast truly has raising the roof!  Don't miss Sara's new podcast The Schaefer Shakedown.  For the first time within the WDEK Virtual age, Shonali performs her pandemic healing anthem, I'll Be Your Therapy.  You can get the recorded version with all kinds of strange drum loops on Bandcamp. Special thanks to Shonali's longtime friend Wes Adams, who donated his lighting, home and wine spritzers in a Mason Jar to Shonali & WDEK for taping the show in Nashville, TN.  Enjoy the sun and stay safe.  
80:17 6/1/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 91: Stefani Kuo & Meghan Linsey - 4/27/21
Shonali got her wisdom teeth pulled.  Justin got a sun tan and Christian shares new (not exactly accurate) CDC guidelines.  As more of us are vaccinated and we start to venture out more often, nature is not ready for us.  We warn Christian not to watch last week's viral rabid bobcat video in which this brave husband in North Carolina rescued his wife. Shonali loved it.  Christian as you all know is terrified of urban wildlife.  Our first guest is an award winning playwright, poet & actress Stefani Kuo!  Stefani makes powerful and compelling art which often features stories from the Asian American community.  She describes her recent work The Conservation of Parity about a brilliant female Chinese physicist, Chien-Shiung Wu who immigrated to America and worked on the atomic bomb.  Stefani shares her thoughts on the state of American theater, the general lack of awareness Americans have regarding the Asian American community, Andrew Yang's candidacy for NYC Mayor, and great hiking spots in the NYC vicinity!   Christian comes out of the Croc closet!  We discuss his new love of this controversial footwear and how far he is willing to take this new ugly journey.  Our musical guest is singer-songwriter Meghan Linsey! You may know her from either her time as half of a duo Steel Magnolia which hit  #3 on the country music charts or her runner up win on The Voice Season 8. Shonali met her at honky tonk night in Nashville years ago, not knowing any of the above and just thought she was a lovely person she wanted to stay in touch with.  As we all have had rough years, Meghan is no exception. Her studio was hit by the Nashville tornados, her wedding had to be cancelled due to the pandemic, and there has been illness within her family - yet she manages the stress with a "go with the flow" attitude.  We discuss Nashville, feeling like an outsider, kneeling during the National Anthem at a NFL game, standing up for social justice, Alaska, and having a green thumb!   Check out Meghan Linsey and Tyler Cain's duet Nowhere With You.  It's so beautiful! Congrats to #JustinTheIntern Justin Hall for winning the Platinum Remi Award for short film drama at the Houston International Film Festival as director, also written by our friend Piper Werle!  Lastly thank you for being with us! Follow us on @wdekpodcast on all socials! Also Christian Felix is high maintenance! Love you! 
77:41 5/2/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 90: Roxanne Khamsi & Rae Sanni - 3/30/2021
We are officially now a year into the pandemic! We are thankful for vaccines, our health, friends, family and this show.  Catching up on the heavy: Anti-Asian Hate, Chauvin trial, voter suppression & the good stuff: seafood enchiladas, the beach and puppy time!  Check out for ways to support the Asian American community now.  Our first guest is our longtime friend & acclaimed science writer Roxanne Khamsi and notably she has focused her writing on viruses for years.  Roxanne moved to Montreal, Canada just over a year ago from NYC. We discuss where we are at with regard to conversations surrounding the coronavirus, washing vegetables, empathy, soaking cilantro and Canadian living.  Christian gives guidance on some of his favorite Montreal spots.  Our second guest is currently Los Angeles based comedian and writer Rae Sanni who misses her hometown of NYC very much. Rae was a former staff writer for shows like The President's Show, The Good Place, A Black Lady Sketch Show.  We talk hoarding, comedy gigs during the pandemic, the virtual writer's room, & Rae's journey to making comedy a career choice.  Rae is OBSESSED with Reality TV.  She breaks down for us just why she loves certain reality tv shows over others.  Rae even makes Christian & Shonali want to become new audience members of the RHWOSLC (yes, there is now a Real Housewives of Salt Lake City!) When we get back to live performances, make sure you see Rae on stage!  In honor of Women's History Month, we suggest you watch the new Tina Turner Documentary.  As Christian says, Tina Turner is a shero. Her remarkable strength, grace, will and her perseverance through her life's struggles is inspiration to us all.   To all stay diligent, enjoy the sunshine & thanks for supporting us all these years!  Follow us on our socials.  
83:21 4/5/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 89: Anuvab Pal, Bryan Malone & Lori Schwarz - 2/23/21
We are celebrating a full month of having a new POTUS in the White House, Shonali's new jumpsuit, expectant father Justin the Intern and comedian Anuvab Pal guest joining us all the way from the UK where it is 2AM.  Anuvab is a comedian, screenwriter, playwright, author among many other things.  We discuss finding humor in the complicated history between Indian and Great Britain, the emerging Indian comedy scene, millenials and history, Zoom yoga, surviving the pandemic in India & the great Bollywood Classic Disco Dancer.  Our longtime WDEK friend & bartender Lori Schwarz joins us from the Red Room our old stomping grounds before the pandemic.  She teaches us how to make a Flirtini: 2 oz Vodka, 3/4 oz Chambord or any raspberry liqueur, 2 oz pineapple juice.  Make sure to listen to her shaker shaking techniques!   Musician Bryan Malone joins from Atlanta, GA!  Bryan is the frontman of the band The Forty-Fives and Bad Spell & pre- pandemic was the club booker/promoter for the legendary Star Community Bar.  He currently hosts the Post-Apocalyptic Malone Show weekly on Thursday nights on FB Live.  Bryan has come up with a way of staying creative &  connected to friends and the outside world during a time when we have all been trapped at home.  Christian reminds us of the importance of hygiene during the pandemic.   Bryan performs one of his Bad Spell songs called Wastin' Time On You.  Check them out on Bandcamp! and don't miss him every Thursday night 8PM EST on The Post-Apocalyptic Malone Show.  The WDEK Crew regroups to congratulate Justin The Intern on the big news! Justin and his fiancee Laura are expecting a little boy this year!  We will consider changing his nickname when he becomes a father to Justin the Father Intern.  
66:23 3/2/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 88: Kadine Anckle & Greg Humphreys - 1/26/21
Happy New Year! We survived 2020 y'all! Sure 2021 has already brought us an insurrection and an inauguration BUT here's some joy for you! Christian got a new 2021 couch (see couch background filter) and Shonali is resolute in her plan to make no 2021 New Year's resolutions.  She insists you do the same! To start out 2021, we introduce you to a bright light - Kadine Anckle!  She is an accomplished creative: showrunner, writer, producer, director and more!  We talk the rarity of showering during the pandemic along and the accumulation of stuff in a NYC apartment, hair issues in Zambia & gardening in NYC.  Kadine shares her pride as a creator and an Afro-Latina woman from Panama.  We Get It Off Your Chest with WDEK crew member Jason Lam. Shonali has roommate issues with her husband.  Christian discusses the casual usage of the word "slave" by friends.  Jason Lam, one of the most annoyed people we know - but today he surprises us all! Musician Greg Humphreys comes to us live from his NYC music room. Greg is the former leader of the bands Dillon Fence and Hobex and now leads The Greg Humphreys Electric Trio. He also currently records his own solo acoustic music.  We discuss the grind from non-stop touring over the years, time with family in NYC and  recording his own music at home with The Rig. We are lucky enough to hear him perform one of his unreleased new songs Take A Trip.  WDEK lost two friends unexpectedly in December, musician & Love As Laughter leader Sam Jayne and comedian Catie Lazarus.  Both were infectious spirits who brought us so much joy. They are gone too soon and we are so thankful for them being in our world.  All of you whom have experienced loss this past year, we are with you and extend our condolences.  We hope you will continue to celebrate these humans throughout your life as we will Sam and Catie.  Happy New Year all! Check out Christian's t-shirt from high school! "Who Got Big Lips?" Only Christian knows the answer to that question!  
72:18 2/11/21
WDEK Podcast Ep. 87: Shams DaBaron a.k.a. Da Homeless Hero & Ramsey Jones - 12/26/20
We end this grueling 2020 year with two awe-inspiring guests & Covid-19 survivors: Activist for the Homeless & Writer Shams DaBaron a.k.a. Da Homeless Hero and drummer extraordinaire & style guru Ramsey "Satellite" Jones with a special introduction by Jason "the Elf!"  He discusses his flex spending account issues.  Justin The Intern is here but is having wi-fi issues! It's tit for tat at WDEK headquarters! Shonali & Christian discuss pandemic peer pressure, dogs in first class & Trump fatigue (note this is taped pre-insurrection!)  We are so honored to have lifelong New Yorker, activist/writer Shams DaBaron a.k.a. Da Homeless Hero be our guest.  We discuss his path towards activism on behalf of the homeless while experiencing homelessness himself; his brush with death while suffering from the Coronavirus; the biggest misconceptions surrounding those who are experiencing homelessness; how as a  foster child he later found his identity through hip hop; and his vow to not waste another minute of his life.  Follow Shams on all social media platforms at @DaHomelessHero !   Our second guest is another lifelong New Yorker, drummer extraordinaire, record collector and style guru Ramsey "Satellite" Jones!  Ramsey was raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn which you may already know is were Murder, Inc. started. Ramsey's love of music started as a kid when he discovered Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles. We discuss what it's like to be considered "the weirdo" in the family (his younger brother is Russell Jones a.k.a. Ol' Dirty Bastard"/ODB, his cousins are RZA & GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.) Ramsey also suffered from Covid19 and was at home for 4 months straight.  We discuss his love of all music, being a performer during the pandemic, various obscure records and bands such as the Electric Prunes & Aphrodite's Child, Ramsey's always in 10 projects including his hard core band Rebelmatic.  Check out his Rebelmatic video Blood & Gold & their new album Ghost In The Shadows.   Follow Ramsey on all social media platforms @SatelliteJones65 ! Jason The Elf learns a lesson today from Da Homeless Hero!  And lastly we have the perfect ending to a our pandemic Christmas show, a great new catchy song/video by the Blockton Brothers (Jesse and Adam) - Covid Christmas! ENJOY!!!  Happy New Year! 
86:06 1/22/21
WDEK Election Day Special Ep. 86 - Part 4: Katie Compa, Brad Lauretti, Nimesh Patel, Maggy Adeleye & John Early - 11/3/20
In our final edition, Part 4 of the WDEK Election Special Episode, comedian Katie Compa shares with us ways she copes with ongoing Election Day anxieties.   Musician Brad Lauretti brings us the fire.  We talk the John Lewis graphic novel, existential threats & good people believing false propaganda. He gives us his Election Day predictions along with performing his song Dumb It Down.  Find out how comedian & weed smoker Nimesh Patel's father voted on the NJ legalize marijuana referendum.  Have you ever heard of the Indian beverage bhang? Let Nimesh and Shonali explain.  Go now to check out Nimesh's new half hour comedy special  online at Musician Maggy Adeleye shares her beautiful voice with us by performing her song Fullstorm.  Christian has fro jealousy.  We talk voter unenthusiasm & invisible voices.    Jason's twin brother Jiminy makes a special appearanceo on WDEK also the WDEK crew loves each other. Our final guest is one of our first ever WDEK guests; comedian, actor, & activist John Early.  He comes with a beard! You have seen him on Search Party as Elliott Goss, but most recently you may have seen John work his ass off on behalf of the Marquita Bradshaw for Senate campaign in Tennessee.  We discuss politicization of bread & butter issues, his sweater & for the first time ever, he announces his candidacy to the world. His Twitter is @bejohnce! Make sure to watch this comedy classic Sardines Out of A Can. WE DID IT EVERYONE! That's it for the 4 part Election Day special. We hope our marathon show provided some comfort, fun and silly nonsense to soothe your minds as it did ours!   
60:24 1/18/21
WDEK Election Day Special Ep. 86 - Part 3: Tyson Meade, Negin Farsad, Emmarose, Corn Mo & "Keith Raniere" (played by Roy Koshy)
Part 3 (of 4) of our Marathon Special Election Day Ep. 86 opens with the Godfather of Alt-Rock Tyson Meade who has been cited by Kurt Cobain as one of his influences. Tyson performs Feel Like A Drugstore in front of Midway Grocery in Oklahoma City, OK.   Writer, comedian, actress Negin Farsad joins us from NYC. She celebrates Election Day by purchasing lots of desserts. Christian and Shonali approve.  Why isn't Election Day a festive national holiday? Negin makes many "astute points" regarding the ease with we should make voting in the United States.  17 year old Singer-songwriter Emmrose discusses her feelings on  being too young to vote.  From talking with her, she seems more prepared to vote than many of the thirty somethings we know. Emmrose sings one of her newest releases Grass Is Greener.   Corn Mo is a multi-talented musician and songwriter.  Have you ever met an accordianist before? His hat collection may top David Cross'. He's been saving money by performing on livestream shows and not having to catch cabs these days.  We are lucky to have him perform the beautiful song Superman  about a man waking up his son to watch Superman with him on tv.  For the first time ever, NXVM cult leader "Keith Raniere" (played by actor/comedian Roy Koshy) gives WDEK an exclusive interview from prison.  Christian and Shonali are SPEECHLESS.  We talk volleyball, magical semen, fortune cookies, and the presidential election!  Hang in there everyone!  Ep. 96 Part 4 & Ep. 87 on its way.  
61:47 1/8/21
WDEK Election Day Special Ep. 86 - Part 2: Kendra Cunningham, Jeff Goldstein, Eric Slovin, Chelsea White, Tash Neal & Tommy Do - 11/3/20
We continue with Part 2 (of 4) of Ep. 86 our Election Day marathon special begins with the wonderful Kendra Cunningham. She's a comedian, actress, writer who voted on Election Day. We discuss her new Brooklyn apartment with a BACKYARD, Kendra look-alikes, and making a lot of money.   Our 2nd guest is restaurateur and children's book author Jeff Goldstein out of Charleston, SC.  He has some "bones to pick" with our prior guests. He also gives us some expected bad news regarding SC election returns but also surprises us with some promising news about dirty politics.  Comedian Eric Slovin joins us from his abode in Brooklyn.  Eric is a lifelong New Yorker. He not only shares his astute observations regarding NYC, but also answers not one but two "How Democracy Works" trivia questions correctly.  Most impressively, for the first time ever, Eric Slovin reads his poem written just for WDEK, titled "Brooklyn Bridge." A match made in WDEK heaven and by WDEK heaven, comedian Chelsea White & musician Tash Neal share their brilliance as a duo for the first time performing NYSNC's "It's Gonna Be Me."  Let's hope 2021 brings us a brand new Cheltash show called "Couch Karaoke!" In response to Christian's problems with urban wildlife, and the albino squirrel sightings in Park Slope, Justin The Intern reports back to us that our audience member, Michael, also Christian's cousin has heard of an albino deer sighting.  Congrats to Matt Arnold (our earlier guest) and Michael Terrell Ford III answers our WDEK trivia question correctly!   Our last guest of this segment is comedian, professional ice skater and IG star Tommy Do!  Tommy sent us a sweet video from his bed regarding voting.  He also graciously let us in on his very personal list of favorite things. Do you know what a #ThirstTrap is? Tommy makes fun of them on IG and he's so good at it.   Alright y'all that's it for Part 2 of 4 of our Election Day Special. Thank you all for voting and listening! Part 3 & 4 coming soon!  
66:47 12/26/20
WDEK Election Day Special Ep. 86 - Part 1: Marcellus Hall, David Cross, Jon Glaser, Matt Arnold & Cocoon Central Dance Team - 11/3/20
WDEK Election Day Special: Please Vote America was a special episode with comedy, music, guest pop ins from across the country, videos and chat all in place. Our guests include John Early, Tash Neal, Chelsea White, Kendra Cunningham, David Cross, Cocoon Central Dance Team, Jon Glaser, Marcellus Hall, Tommy Do, Katie Compa, Negin Farsad, Nimesh Patel, Katie Compa, Eric Slovin, Tyson Meade, Marcellus Hall, Maggy Adeleye, Brad Lauretti, Emmrose, Matt Arnold and more!  We celebrate voting! In Part 1 of 4, our guests include Marcellus Hall, Jon Glaser, Matt Arnold, Cocoon Central Dance Team & David Cross.  Our first guest is musician, illustrator Marcellus Hall joins us performing a brand new tune off his forthcoming album called The Kitchen Sink Blues.  Comedian Jon Glaser appears in his most amazing Detroit Pistons attire. We divert our thoughts on voting to discuss #urbanwildlife and Jon leaves us with #moreproof of why Christian's fears of squirrels are warranted.  Matt Arnold of The Iowa Idea Podcast joined us from Iowa, duh. He gave us the lowdown on Iowa demographics and voting patterns.  He also is our first guest to own a laminate WDEK press pass. Check out his friend Andre Wright's #HumanizeMyHoodie movement/ Cocoon Central Dance Team (Sunita Mani, Eleanore Pienta, Tallie Medel) shared their talents with us via video! For those of you who would like to SEE these wunderkinds in action - check out our video of the show at 45:37 on Facebook and 45:29 on YouTube! Our next guest is comedian, actor, writer David Cross. He takes a break from his hat modelling side hustle gig to talk to us about all things including Covid19 travel, voting, James Patterson vs Rob Pattinson, makeup skills, skincare & pondering with us on just WTH are Trump voters thinking.   David along with us thank all of you who have been working as first responders, voting workers, volunteering to get out the vote, and those of you who voted! Looks like 2021 may be looking up for us!  Stay tuned for parts 2-4!    
70:27 12/10/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 85: John Feal and Keisha Zollar - 10/27/20
Out the gate, our show gets down to the real. Shonali & Christian break it down regarding snuggle buddies during covid, cult leaders and unique social distancing philosophies. The description "Hobbit Ball" was invented in this discussion. Our first guest is John Feal, inspirational activist and founder of The Feal Good Foundation.  He was a 9/11 responder and is responsible for enacting 13 pieces of legislation which provides & protect the healthcare of 9/11 and first responders injured and/or currently sick caused by their heroic work.  He has partnered with Jon Stewart for years doing this work and they are currently working to pass legislation to provide healthcare for veterans sickened by their work near burn pits. The best description of why John is so successful is that he calls bullshit when he sees it.  You must follow him on Twitter @JohnFeal1 (The Real John Feal) to witness this. He was suspended on Twitter for a few days because he is so real. There's so much important here to listen to but takeaways are "America needs a break," "Help a stranger," "Everyone can get involved."  Special announcement! We are hosting our own WDEK Election Day Special livestream on Nov. 3rd with special guests from across the country including David Cross, Tash Neal, Jon Glaser, Negin Farsad, John Early and many more.   Our final guest is writer, comedian, actress Keisha Zollar. She is the founder of the first UCB all black sketch comedy group, The Astronomy Club which also got its own Netflix series.  She has spent the better part of the pandemic in her time working in her studio apartment which she shares with her husband and her dogs, Johnny Cash (just passed away), Loretta Lynn and Hank Williams Sr.  Listen to find out what gives Keisha hope these days and how she fulfills the notion of being authentic.  Check out her work currently on the reboot of the British satirical television puppet show, Spitting Image and she's working with Lilly Singh on her upcoming special!  Stay strong all and catch us on our Election Day Marathon Special on Nov. 3rd on YouTube Live or Facebook Live here.   
73:45 11/15/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 84: Rodney White & Jack Dwyer - 9/29/20
During these pandemic times and social unrest, we are so thankful for our time together on We Don't Even Know.  We are especially thankful for Christian's first time reading of a letter he may or may not have received from his white family.  It is very touching. Our first guest is artist Rodney White.  Rodney is an artist originally from August, GA who now lives Brooklyn, NY.   Rodney explains how his gear line Black On Black BK was created as a way to process trauma.  We talk what gives him hope in these times, multi-hyphenates &  how work makes a statement and starts a conversation!  See Christian & Shonali wearing their' Black on Black shirts on the show.   Our own Jason Lam is a tech wizard who often warns his friends as to how AI may be used in evil ways in the future! Here he shares his gorgeous AI children with us. See the video on YouTube  For the first time ever Christian & Shonali make a wardrobe change in honor of their friend and guest singer & dancer Jack Dwyer!   Singer, actor, dancer along Jack Dwyer and his Scandal wine goblet explains to us how he made the most of his Covid summer.  We had no idea that there is a gay Quidditch league in NYC. Jack is a gay man who does not play in it.  Jack continues to bring Christian & Shonali much joy and sings a beautiful rendition of Adele's Daydreamer for us. Go to ItsJackDwyer to enjoy more of his delightful spitfire-self!
54:46 10/2/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 83: Raj Sivaraman & K. Michelle DuBois - 8/25/20
  Pandemic times are still something that we are still getting used to. Stay diligent everyone as the fall approaches us.  Christian and Shonali appreciate each other a little more on this day. Christian learns an important lesson from Shonali.  Shonali is thankful that Christian is honest with her. Did you know that bicycle theft and self haircuts are on the rise during a pandemic? Our guests are comedian & scientist Raj Sivaraman, and musician K. Michelle DuBois. Our first guest is virologist (someone who studies viruses) and comedian Raj Sivaraman who recently moved from NYC to Arizona.  Things are very different in Arizona.  We discuss mixed messaged, the neck gator controversy, the coronavirus being like the Goldilocks scenario of virus scares, being from Kentucky, In and Out Burger and we quiz Raj on his knowledge of conspiracy theories.  You will not find Raj Sivaraman doing virtual open mics BUT you should follow him on Twitter.  Shonali's husband - artist & mural painter Jasper Patch joins WDEK for the first time for Get It Off Your Chest! We cover mix-tape friend listening etiquette, call & response Zoom etiquette, Julia Louis Dreyfus as host of DNC, buyer's remorse for presidential candidacies AND the deli getting your order slightly wrong.   Our final guest is Shonali's longtime best childhood friend and longtime musical collaborator K. Michelle DuBois.  Michelle comes to us from Atlanta, Georgia.  It's a wonderful journey through the friendship of two childhood friends who discovered music together as little kids and who made their dreams become real life adventures as adults.  Christian takes Michelle and Shonali through a photographic roller coaster ride from Baskin Robbins, to hip hop and ultimately to the rock and roll stage which they have never left.  Christian quizzes Michelle on this journey and asks about her podcast Zen Noodle Pie.  Laughter is a constant.  Michelle has her upcoming (fourth) solo album coming out in early 2021 called "The Fever Returns."  She performs a new song "Becoming Real" live on our show.  Go to to hear more of her fantastic music! 
88:56 9/5/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 82: 8 yr Anniversary w Shalewa Sharpe - 7/28/20
Christian Felix, Shonali Bhowmik and Justin The Intern celebrated their 8 Yr. Anniversary with special guest comedian Shalewa Sharpe on 7/28/20.  Christian and Shonali chose  highlights from their over 80 episodes to discuss with Shalewa.  Topics covered include pandemic fashion, sanitizing body parts, your only black friend, mask culture, white activism, NYC sex guidelines, marijuana laugh, roasting skills, the "good guy" syndrome, BLM, holidays personified as people, hardwired for hope, job security, Mr. Show, fart punctuation and Jason Lam & Jiminy.  Shalewa was hilarious & gracious as usual, sharing with us her unique innate wisdom and  says "Even I didn't know I was that deep."   We shared highlights from our prior shows with guest appearances by Chelsea Peretti, Kenice Mobley, M. Lamar, Jeremy O. Harris, Patrick Waldo, Nore Davis, Sean Patton, May Jeong, Melena Ryzik, Felice Rosser.  Even Shonali's husband Jasper Patch makes an appearance.  You can check out the video version of the show on Facebook here! 
147:51 8/19/20
WDEK Podcast Ep.81: Hannibal Buress & Nicole Atkins - 5/26/20
Special guests comedian Hannibal Buress and musician Nicole Atkins join WDEK tonight! Christian, Shonali and Justin The Intern are still in their apartments in NYC.  This has been an especially rough week for everyone.  WDEK's mission is to spread the love with its first Garbage Giveaway including a hand me down tracksuit  and an ancient fondue set.  Congrats to our winners!  As this is a Zoom recording, please bear with us as there are some small hiccups in the sound due to the video freezes.  Comedian, actor & rapper Hannibal Buress joins us from Gas Station, Arizona!  He explains how he got his comedy career started at the mini mart behind him. The man does it all, everything from rap to play all star celebrity basketball.  His new hit  Judge Judy is available now on iTunes.  Check it out! The song comes from the view of a person who was on the show and who is willing to get "roasted by Judge Judy."  All the way from California, Nate Pierce joins us for Get It Off Your Chest!  Christian has some choice words for his friends.  Shonali  and celeb quarantining clickbait stories do not go together. Nate has issues with the passive aggressive pooper scoopers in his hood.  Musician Nicole Atkins comes to us live from her attic in Nashville, TN. Nicole has a brand new album, Italian Ice which was just released on May 29, 2020 and available now.  Nicole's new release is a feel good album inspired by her NJ beach days and the boardwalk vibes of Asbury Park.  Nicole has come far from the days when she booked intimate shows in the small back room of Radio Perfecto in the East Village, NYC. She performs Domino live in her attic complete with sparkly curtains and disco lights.   Thank you for your support and subscribe to us on iTunes. If you'd like to see our faces you can see our show on FB livestream here.  We also are on Youtube!  Stay safe everyone.  
66:34 5/30/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 80: Chelsea Peretti & Jabee Williams - 4/28/20
We come to you with our 2nd ever Live from the Epicenter of the Pandemic episode.We once again want to recognize and thank all of our first responders who are risking their lives for our communities. You are amazing!  Christian & Justin coincidentally both have a book about Assholes.  Hear who the assholes of this pandemic are today.  This pandemic is taking a toll on all of us especially those of us in NYC and we are eager for fellowship with friends new and old w guests comedian Chelsea Peretti and hip-hop artist Jabee.  We bring back one of our most popular segments #GetItOffYourChest with guests Carrie Imberman and Susie Cangelosi!   Note if you are watching the video version of the show, their zoom backdrops are gorgeous.  Carrie let's you know how she feels about "pandemic homework" and Susie's apartment has become a WeWork!  Shonali has some strong words for new sourdough bread bakers. Christian notes new dating tactics during this pandemic.  Our first guest is our longtime friend, comedian, actress, writer and songstress Chelsea Peretti who is staying at home in LA.   Her new EP Foam and Flotsam, a concept album about her obsession with coffee was released last week and it brings us so much joy! Christian, Chelsea & Shonali talk about her new video Oatmilk,  TP, wearing masks, cooking, Variety Shac and dog grooming. Our final guest is hip-hop artist and actor, Jabee (Williams).  He comes to us from Oklahoma City along with DJ Reaper.  Jabee is an Emmy award winning prolific artist.  We discuss his sold out musical theatrical performance about his life, throwing his kids birthday parties during a pandemic and how Chuck D is his fan.  Jabee's upcoming album which due to the pandemic is probably going to be released in June 2020.  Support Jabee on Spotify via the Covid19 Artist fund which directs donations on behalf artists directly to the artists themselves.  Jabee performs two tunes for us live, Hands Up and Hope from his new upcoming album.  Thanks to all of you! Follow our socials @wdekpodcast and stay tuned for our next episode on May 26! For those of you who would like to see our faces during the show we have a few options!  Our live on FB fell episode version is Get It Off Your Chest: Interview with Chelsea Peretti Interview with Jabee For those of you not on FB our YouTube link (Subscribe to us) Everyone stay at home!  Stay safe! We are still in the beginning of this! 
95:54 5/3/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 79: Andrea Rosen, Brian Bahe & Chris Maxwell - 3/31/20
WDEK notes the seriousness of these times and our hearts are with all the first responders and health care workers working on the frontlines during this pandemic. You are our heroes. We have friends that are sick with Covid-19 and we are thinking of you and send love your way.  We hope that our show provides a little bit of lightness, fun, connection and somewhat of an escape for you in this time of crisis.  For the first time ever, We Don't Even Know w Christian Felix Justin Hall and Shonali Bhowmik did a Self Isolation FB Live Stream show. Thanks to everyone who was with us and special thanks to our brilliant guests - Andrea Rosen Brian Bahe and Chris Maxwell!  Christian, Justin and Shonali come to you from each of their self isolation abodes in NYC.  They discuss their coping methods and their own do's and don'ts during a pandemic.  Also Christian is giving away a fondue set. Our first guest is actress, comedian and Shonali's Variety Shac sister Andrea Rosen!  Andrea did not wash her hair or shave her armpits.  We discuss why self isolation with young children in LA is much better than self isolation in NYC.   Other topics include making a horror film with her husband John Gemberling and her kids.  Hopefully we'll get to see it on Vimeo along with her new film The Rain Poncho.  Our second guest is comedian Brian Bahe who is self isolating in Ridgewood, NYC.  He has newly dyed hair and comes from Arizona.  Have you ever been a part of a dad comedy scene?  Well Brian came to NYC to avoid doing just that.  Brian has a unique voice in comedy in that he is Native American and gay. We talk family, fetishes and  coming out.  Look for Brian's IG show "R U OK?"  It's so great!   Our final guest is singer, songwriter and guitar god Chris Maxwell who is isolating with 3 women (his wonderful wife Kelly and two former WDEK musical guests Ambrosia Parsley & Holly Miranda)and 2 kids in Woodstock, NY.  That's what you can do in the country.  Chris has just released a beautiful full length release called New Store No.2.  He is a longtime friend of Shonali's and she can't stop talking about that.  He is a sharp dressed man and is "good with the ladies."  He performs two songs in his studio live with the help of his friends Ambrosia and Holly, 1) Most of What I Learned I Learned from Women and 2) Away We Go.  For those of you who'd like to see our amazing faces:  Here's our FB Live Version of the show: Here's our YouTube Version of the show: Everyone Stay Safe and Stay At Home!  Let's face it, we will be in self isolation a month from now - so we will live stream again.  See you there. 
88:30 4/2/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 78: JD Samson, Matt Wayne, Chelsea White, Tash Neal & Grace Ludmila - 2/25/2020
At a time when the breaking news includes the coronavirus pandemic, Barney's shutting it doors, Harvey Weinstein sentenced to jail; We Don't Even Know Ep. 78, February 2020 starts out with even more important breaking news. Shonali & Christian completed the Whole 30 without cheating and Christian Felix has gotten lasik surgery! Most importantly they have another fantastic show with great guests along with real people sitting in a room communing together in real time.  First guests include former guests who found love on We Don't Even Know: Chelsea White and Tash Neal.  Find out what chicken tenders and gas have to do with being in love! Super personal questions are asked and answered by this beautiful twosome who unexpectedly hit it off during the July 2019 live recording of WDEK.   We discuss cat enthusiasm bonding and having to be on the DL when it comes to being in love in NYC.  Shonali gifts Christian with an "therworldly fragrances for earthbound souls” called the Tower by The Phoenix and The Fool. She's "full of love." Comedian Matt Wayne comes to WDEK married but ringless. He's starting a ringless movement.  Shonali won't have it.  Until now, Christian and Shonali have never met a former line-cook and park ranger from Buffalo turned NYC comedian.  Matt shares his deep love for NYC and Christian talks elaborate fare evasion. See Matt Wayne and Doug Smith's new comedy show, Cancel Commission at the Stand starting March 21. Mia Juhng joins Christian and Shonali for #GetItOffYourChest.  Topics include the need for lasik surgery support, food sharing parameters and gym membership recruitment tactics. Our final conversation is with with musician, visual artist, teacher & activist JD Samson!  JD tells us about her time at Sarah Lawrence as a student, how she stumbled into music (Le Tigre) and her surprising struggle with being on stage and dealing with panic attacks.  Christian and Shonali are inspired by JD's activism which centers around sincerity.  Songs discussed are Tres Bien (Le Tigre) and Making Art (Men).  JD is now a teacher at Clive Davis Institute for Recorded Music (NYU Tisch) and is excited to help propel her students into the industry.  JD's superstar student Grace Ludmila performs two songs live at Red Room, Special and The Director.
95:13 3/4/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 77: Raja Feather Kelly, Alex English & Adira Amram - 1/28/2020
Happy 2020!  Christian and Shonali roll into 2020 with tales of hunger and dogs gone wild.  Have you ever tried the Whole30? Christian and Shonali start the year out with another amazing lineup of guests.  Christian and Shonali are obsessed with all of them.  Their first guest is award winning choreographer, director, artistic director Raja Feather Kelly.  He is the artistic director of his own theater media dance company The feath3r theory.  How did a young man from Houston, TX with an obsession for pop culture, musical theater, dance and Andy Warhol become the critical darling of the uptown theater world?  His work as a brilliant choreographer is featured in works like Fairview and Strange Loop and his last performance as a dancer was a solo show, 2 years ago in Ugly at The Bushwick Star.  Go see his Kelly's upcoming works, Wednesday by the feath3r company and We're Gonna Die which he is directing at 2nd Stage premiering Feb. 4 and opening in February 25, 2020.  See why Raja's been featured in the New York Times so many times this past year.  Shonali has hopes of Christian getting a dog when times get lonely and has brought Rhonda the Dog Trainer (comedian & actress Becky Chicoine) from Pittsburgh to give him some dog training lessons.  The audience at home, should pay special attention to her words, because although you have no idea what Rhonda is doing, you can try these tricks at home with your own moves.   WDEK's second guest of the evening is comedian and writer Alex English.   Alex is black, from Detroit and recently started making friendships with white people.  Alex shares his astute observations regarding dating, weddings and eating brunch with white people.   He also has special words for comedians who can't turn it off.   Make sure to check out Alex at his monthly show Dad, happening at the Jane Hotel, the first Monday of the month.  His next show is Feb. 3, 8:30PM.   Jack Dwyer joins us from work in his gorgeous black velvet suit for this month's #GetItOffYourChest.  Topics include haircuts, relatives, salad bar hoverers and imaginary friends.  What is yours? WDEK's final guest is dancer, singer, songwriter, comedian and choreographer Adira Amram. Adira's unique brand of song, dance and collaboration is all about having a good time.  She has been performing with Maresa D'Amore-Morrison and Jessi Colon  (The Experience) for 12 years.  Adira claims that her work comes from the child inside of her.  She has released an album called Hot Jamzs for Teens.  Adira is the daughter of legendary composer and multi-instrumentalist David Amram.  Adira explains her dad had creative parenting techniques and how at 89 he's still continuously looking forward to the next gig.  Adira performs two of her tunes for our live studio audience: 1) 17 Signs You Are Having A Midlife Crisis (The Condensed Version) and 2) I Want You to Be You Only Different.  Look for Adira at her upcoming show this spring with Ophira Eisenberg, Ophira & Adira at Union Hall! Thank you all for supporting us for over 6 years!  For enjoying a noncommercial experience that is about heart and soul! 
94:57 2/3/20
WDEK Podcast Ep. 76: Kenice Mobley, Angelline Chung & Hope Hall - 11/26/2019
We welcome back Christian Felix aka Mr. Cardigan to the show.  Shonali & Christian discuss their preparations for the holiday season and seeing friends vs family over the holidays.   Our first guest (00:08:45) is comedian & filmmaker Kenice Mobley.  Kenice is from North Carolina and came to NYC via Los Angeles and Boston MA.  Kenice has only been in NYC for the past 2 1/2 years and she has already made a big impact on the NYC comedy scene.  Kenice tells us about a time when she received a "high volume" of Richard pics from men. Find out how she dealt with them.   Kenice has a podcast called Love About Town w co-host Rohan Padhye discussing love, sex & relationships.  Christian and Shonali lobby to be on her show.   Our second guest (00:26:50) is actress Angelline Chung who also happens to be a Julliard graduate thanks to her parents in Singapore. Angelline hails from Singapore and was on a television show there called Shall We Talk?  Her dream role is one which would deal with issues of mental health.   Angelline discusses how although Hollywood is doing it's best, it still needs to do more  regarding inclusivity and white washing Asian culture.  Angelline educates us as to exactly what "yellow fever" is.  She explains how this mindset and behavior is detrimental to everyone involved especially Asian women.  We #GetItOffYour Chest (00:59:03) with former Ep. 21 WDEK guest, Pete Miser.  Christian and Pete have a heated conversation regarding chicken vs turkey for Thanksgiving.  Shonali is the Judge Judy of this debate.  Also don't loudly restate your partner's name over and over in a condescending way on a flight so that the entire flight feels bad for your partner.  Our final guest (00:59:03) is cinematographer, filmmaker and photographer Hope Hall. She is currently Senior Road Videographer for Senator Elizabeth Warren 2020 Campaign. She was President Obama's Principal Videographer in the White House.  Hope is one of the most positive people we have had on the show.  Yes, her name is fitting.  We ask Hope what makes working for Senator Warren so special. We discuss Hope's unusual career transition into filmmaking and photography.  We share (1:35:21) some of Hope's helpful tips on mindfulness and getting through the tough times.  We are lobbying her to have a weekend seminar on these tips so we can all be as powerful a force as she is. Another year winds down for We Don't Even Know.  We wish you the peace and joy during this holiday season and we will be back next year, for our live taping on January 28, 2020.  Love, Shonali & Christian  
106:32 12/12/19
WDEK Podcast Ep. 75: Trish Tillman, Clare O'Kane, Gary the Vampire, Lauren Maul - 10/29/2019
We are 75 Episodes old as of of tonight, October 29, 2019.  Our guest co-host is choreographer, teacher, tennis fanatic and trivia master Joe Celej. Joe joins Shonali Bhowmik to discuss all things horrific.  Joe and Shonali are joined by guests artist Trish Tillman, comedian Clare O'Kane, Gary The Vampire and performer, musician, comic Lauren Maul.   Trish Tillman is a visual artist who lives currently in NYC and in one of Oscar Wilde's former residences.  We discuss the plight of an artist - working all alone for hours on end and not talking to anyone; having multiple jobs to supplement your income as an artist and making art as a child in Washington, DC.  Shonali is convinced Trish's sculptures are influenced by the art residency she did in India in terms of the colors, decorations, materials and simple forms she uses. We discuss Bollywood horror films, slackers & Trish's solo show opening at Aysa Geisberg Gallery in Chelsea on Thursday Nov.7.  Go to her opening party from 6-8pm to see her gorgeous work up close!  Thomas Kelsey joins us from the audience to play the game, Name That Mystery Candy!  We blindfold him and find out how many candies he named correctly after Joe inserts the candy into Thomas Mouth. Congrats to Thomas who won some seriously wonderful gifts!  Clare O'Kane is a comedian from San Jose, California. We discuss opening for the emo punk band Jawbox, being a newlywed, DNA testing and how she's changed as a comedian in the past 9 years.  Make sure to check out her comedy album, Let It Be and her work as a writer on the second season of Shrill. Be on the lookout for Clare in a comedy club near you!  Gary The Vampire (aka comedian Matt Little) makes a surprise appearance at WDEK.  He's really loud and was born in the 1600's before NYC became edgy.  He quickly let us know, he's not into Halloween and we commiserate with him.  Did you know that Vampires wear jean jackets?   Our final guest of the night is performer, creator, musician, comic and all around do everything artist Lauren Maul. She calls herself a good witch and hosts her own show called Gathering of the Coven during the full moon. She fills us in on her latest project, an album of love songs which come from her recent agreement with her husband to have an open marriage.  It turns out initially it wasn't easy for Lauren's husband to go along with Lauren's request, but a year later accommodated for her.  Lauren performs two original songs in the Red Room live, 1) With A Witch and 2) All Her Things. We hope you enjoy. 
80:33 11/7/19
WDEK Podcast Ep. 74: Tamara Best, Rob Cantrell & Chris Opperman - 9/24/19
While Christian is traveling for work, we are pleased to have Duane Harriott, join us as Shonali's guest co-host.  Duane is a wedding DJ, a legendary DJ on WFMU, a composer AND one of the stars of the Other Music Documentary which was released over the spring of 2019.  Shonali and Duane discuss the power of the wedding DJ and strangers eating your food.  Their first guest is writer Tamara Best. (Timecode at 10:33) Her articles have been published in the New York Times, Time Out and The Daily Beast. She is the assistant managing editor of The Daily Beast.  Her work centers on the intersection of identity and culture for communities of people of color.  Tamara is of West Indian descent and also lived in Atlanta as did Shonali. They discuss Tamara's success in NYC as a writer and her parents' pride.  Tamara specifically shares her insight as to the urgency of the work (Fairview, Slave Play, Strange Loop, What To Send Up When It Goes Down) of a slew of African American playwrights who have recently burst onto the theater world. She and her husband a psychologist have healthy intellectual sparring matches. He happens to be in the audience and we notice his facial expressions throughout the night. HA! Tamara is in the process of writing her own play titled Hindsbury Hill, a tribute to her family. We look forward to seeing it when it is finished! Our next guest is comedian Rob Cantrell   (Time code 31:52)  Rob so graciously performs some stand up for our studio audience in which he kills the Red Room.  Notice the two Bhowmik sisters laughing on both sides of the room. (Time code 42:06) Duane and Shonali talk to Rob about the "magic trick" of comedy and bombing.  He grew up in DC later moved to small town Virginia and eventually started his comedy career in San Francisco.  Duane and Rob bond on both being parents and Scorpios.  Rob is a very successful comedian who toured with Tracy Morgan this summer.  His tour story will blow your mind. Highlights include gyros, a blue turtleneck and leather shoes.  (Time code 52:40 - 59:01) Duane also has a Tracy Morgan story! #OtherMusic  (Time code 59:40)  Our last guest is composer, teacher & musician Chris Opperman.  His Wikipedia page is outrageous.  Chris realized he wanted to be a composer when he first heard the music of Frank Zappa. He went to Berklee and he came up with his indie hit song Ain't Got No Beef as a result of a homework assignment after a visit to Taco Bell.  Check out his orchestration for a 54 piece orchestra for Steve Vai's For the Love of God here.  Duane and Chris have some Frank Zappa talk on which Shonali is clueless. Chris performs for the first time performs two piano pieces by other composers.  The first song (1:18:17) is Ann Southam's Pond Life.  His second performance is Ellen Zwilich's Lament (1:22:27).  If are interested in learning more about classical music, Chris has hundreds of Spotify playlists which he made for his students at Montclair State University. Check them out. Also stay tuned for Chris' Chamber Music from Hell project which is based on the concept of "What would Aliens write if they made BeBop music?"  What a show! Thank you all!  Our next show is October 29, 2019 with comedian Clare O'Kane, artist Trish Tillman and music by Lauren Maul.  See you there!  Also please share our podcast with your friends and family.  They will thank you. Follow us on all social media @wdekpodcast
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