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Santa Papa John: Bringing Christmas Joy Every Day - S4E11
Have you ever felt the warm glow of Christmas cheer fade away as the calendar turns? Hold onto that feeling a little longer with our special guest, Santa Papa John, who embodies the spirit of Christmas every single day. In a candid conversation, we uncover the man behind the red suit and explore how his transformation into Santa, supported by his loving wife, has led to delighting children year-round—not just on December 25th. From surprising stories of joy to his "Santa approved" initiative that champions businesses spreading positivity, Santa Papa John's tales weave the festivity of the holiday season into the fabric of our daily lives.Imagine a world imbued with the kind-heartedness of Christmas in every interaction. That's the reality Santa Papa John inspires as we unpack the profound impact of his work, especially with children of special needs. His account of making children with autism smile is a touching reminder of the power of patience and kindness. The episode shines a light on the importance of inclusivity, detailing how Santa Papa John's joyous outreach extends far beyond the North Pole, touching lives and elevating spirits with the simple, yet profound, acts of love and understanding.As we bid farewell, I'm reminded of the true essence of Santa's message—authenticity and the courage to be oneself. I leave you with a sprinkling of Santa's love and the hope that you'll carry the lessons of joy, giving, and community spirit from our discussion into each day. Keep an ear out for more heartwarming stories and connections in our upcoming episodes, but for now, let's raise a glass of eggnog to living with the Christmas spirit all year round.Connect with Santa - https://www.santapapajohn.comConnect with Coach Mikki - We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
38:08 3/26/24
Rewriting the Narrative of Self - Sensei Nancy Mueller - S4E10
Have you ever sensed that a simple stroll through nature could unlock the secrets to a happier, more present you? Sensei Nancy joins me, Coach Mikki, on a journey through the calming practice of mindfulness walks, unraveling the tapestry of our internal dialogue with the quiet whispers of the great outdoors. Our conversation weaves through the art of grounding oneself in authenticity and the transformative communal space of Sensei Nancy's online dojo, where women unite in support and exploration of self-discovery. It's an enlightening discussion that peels back the layers of the masks we wear, encouraging listeners to find solace and clarity in the embrace of the present moment.Transitioning from the rustle of leaves to the rustling of societal norms, we address the metamorphosis of women's roles and the symbolic shift from stiff business suits to the comfort of self-expression. Delving deeper, we redefine what it means to be "selfish," advocating for a narrative steeped in self-love and healing. Sensei Nancy and I reflect on the indelible ink of childhood experiences on our canvas of beliefs, and together, we champion the empowering choice to rewrite our life stories. This episode is an invitation to reshape your reality with acceptance and love and to muster the courage to let go of beliefs that have overstayed their welcome. Join us for an intimate, heart-to-heart exchange that may just shift your perspective on resilience, reality, and the potential for personal rebirth.Connect with Sensei Nancy Connect with Coach Mikki  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
30:44 3/16/24
Mastering the Art of Communication: Dimitrios Loukakis - S4E9
Struggling to get your message across? Discover the secrets to articulate with finesse the art of communication with my guest Communication Specialist Dimitrios Loukakis . Ever found yourself tripping over your words or racing through sentences? You're not alone. That's exactly where I was until Dimitri, with his treasure trove of performing arts and voice acumen, guided me through the labyrinth of effective communication. Journey with us as we dissect the essentials of engaging your listeners—ensuring your words don't just speak but truly resonate.Prepare to transform your dialogue during our conversation on the subtleties of public speaking and the mindful adjustments necessary for captivating an audience—whether it's a sea of faces or a single confidant. With Dimitri's expertise, learn to analyze your listeners and craft messages with precision, much like selecting the ultimate lure for the perfect catch. We also get candid about the internal chatter that can sabotage our speaking success, highlighting the role of self-reflection in honing your communication craft. Whether you're aiming to influence a crowd or enrich personal connections, this episode is your backstage pass to commanding the stage of everyday conversations.Connect with Dimitir Loukakis Connect with Coach Mikki  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
30:21 3/15/24
The Strength to Endure, a Story of Hope and Tenacity as a Hostage- Jose Pereira's story - S4E11
Imagine enduring half a decade in captivity, with only your wits and resilience to keep you company in the depths of a Venezuelan dungeon as a hostage. On today's show, I sit down with Jose Pereira, who not only survived this ordeal but has transformed his harrowing tale into a beacon of hope for anyone grappling with their own trials. Through his story, which he has now passionately captured in a book, we learn the true meaning of human endurance and the incredible strength of hope.You'll be gripped by the routines and emotional lifelines that sustained Jose—a sanctuary of reading and writing, the steadfast support from his family, and the camaraderie that blossomed despite dire circumstances. We journey with him from that fateful day of his abduction to the emotional reunion with his colleagues and the life-altering impact of a single phone call home. This conversation with Jose serves as a powerful reminder of our innate capacity to overcome even the most unimaginable challenges.But Jose's experience extends beyond his own survival; it's a call to action for each of us to reflect on our inner strength. Join us as we explore the broader implications for families in crisis, the resilience showcased by Jose's wife in her relentless pursuit of his freedom, and the way their son provided support in a time of great need. As Coach Mikki, I'm honored to bring you this profound conversation, laying bare the transformative potential of hardship and the journey of using one’s own experiences to empower others. Connect with JoseBring Our Families Home We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
53:27 3/15/24
Unlocking the Secrets of Business Credit and Funding with Jarrod Smith
Ever wonder why some businesses seem to have a magic touch when it comes to funding? Today, I sat down with Jarrod Smith from Lone Star Valor Funding to unlock the secrets of successful business credit and funding strategies. We dove headfirst into the complexities that separate personal and business credit, shedding light on the roles of credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, and especially Dun & Bradstreet.  Jared pinpointed the common stumbling blocks businesses face in their quest for loans, arming you with knowledge to tilt the scales in your favor. We recognized that different businesses, from burgeoning startups to expanding enterprises, require tailored approaches to funding. Sharing our wealth of experience, we’re committed to guiding you through each phase, whether it's finding the right lender for your industry or strategizing to meet specific financial milestones.As we wrapped up our conversation, I couldn't help but extend my heartfelt thanks to you, our listeners, for joining us on this journey. I'm excited to invite you to be a part of our Keep On Sharing community, where we support one another's ventures and celebrate each other's successes. Remember, you can always reach out to Jarrod for expert guidance in navigating the world of business funding. Keep your eyes peeled for future episodes where we keep it real and champion authenticity while guiding you to stay true to your vision and leverage the power of community in business.To contact Jerrod Smith  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
29:28 3/13/24
Turning Crossroads into Catalysts: Embracing Change with America's Top Success Coach Lori Anne- S4E10
Coach Lori Anne's own journey from a corporate role to becoming a full-time success coach paints a vivid picture of the courage required to follow one's true calling. Her narrative serves as a beacon for anyone feeling trapped or unfulfilled in their current circumstances. It reminds us that while stepping into the unknown may seem daunting, it is often the catalyst for uncovering our latent potential. This message resonates strongly with individuals at various stages of their lives, whether they're contemplating a career shift, personal growth, or a complete life overhaul.Embracing discomfort is a recurring theme throughout the episode. Lori Ann and the host delve into the philosophy that growth and success are born out of our willingness to confront and navigate uncertainties. The discussion challenges listeners to reframe their perception of risk and to recognize that every challenge faced is an opportunity for personal expansion and learning. Lori Anne's insights into 'success codes'—the intrinsic abilities and aspirations we all possess—are particularly enlightening. She advocates for an introspective journey to discover these codes, rather than succumbing to societal pressures that often lead us astray from our authentic selves.​Furthermore, Lori Anne and Coach Mikki discuss the simplicity and profundity of life's binary choices. They suggest that often, the answers we seek can be found within the core of our being. This segment of the episode is particularly impactful as it encourages listeners to engage in deep reflection and to trust their internal compass when making life's pivotal decisions.To contact Coach Lori Anne  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
30:13 3/11/24
Navigating Love, Health, and Dual Kidney Transplants - Blake Fessenden - S4E9
When love and medicine intertwine, the result is nothing short of a miraculous tapestry woven by the hands of a devoted family. Today, we welcome back Blake, alongside his heroic parents Scott and Karen, and his supportive wife Terese, as we traverse their incredible journey through not one but two kidney transplants. As a child, Blake's health challenges were met with an immeasurable gift from his mother—a gift that years later his father would match. Their tale is a profound chronicle of sacrifice, hope, and the advancements in medical technology that have turned the tide in organ transplantation.The heartbeat of our discussion pulsates with the strength of familial bonds. Karen and her husband reveal the contrasting experiences of their surgeries—one traditional, one laparoscopic—and the evolution of medical procedures that have shaped their family's story.  We also step into the shoes of Terese, who shares the complexities of building a life with Blake.As we turn the final pages of this chapter, the conversation shines a light on the relentless determination of a mother, the compassion of a spouse, and the survivor's spirit of a son. Karen's reflections on parenting through transplants, Therese's insights on embracing the unknown, and Blake's optimism for future medical breakthroughs like the UCLA Kidney Tolerance Program, all converge to offer a beacon of hope. This is more than just a podcast episode; it's a celebration of the human spirit, the unwavering power of love, and the remarkable courage that comes with facing life's most daunting challenges head-on. Join us as we bear witness to a family's testament to life, love, and the pursuit of health against all odds. Thank you to our Our Sponsors Terese Fessenden - Fika NewbornJessica Hung - Parasol Diapers coupon code "KEEPONSHARING20" valid for 3 months with 20% off the first subscription We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
52:19 3/5/24
The Power of Personal Touch in Business Relationships - Amberly Shreve - S4E8
Have you ever found yourself at a career crossroads, seeking something more from your 9-to-5 life? Amberly Shreve's transformative leap from corporate America to becoming an entrepreneur is a journey that may resonate deeply with you. Galvanized by her desire to align her work with her personal values, Amberly shift towards promoting kindness and authenticity in professional settings is not just refreshing – it's revolutionary. Our conversation traverses her compelling narrative, providing insights on how small acts can cultivate a powerful sense of community and appreciation within the business world. Amberly's experiences prove that these gestures are more than niceties; they are strategic relationship builders that can amplify referrals and loyalty.Navigating the complexities of balancing a thriving business and a bustling home life is no small feat, Amberly tackles it with grace and practicality. Our discussion ventures into the art of juggling these demanding roles, with Amberly offering sage advice on time management and self-care practices that are critical for anyone riding the seesaw of work and family obligations. Wrapping up the episode, we reflect on the unmistakable warmth that comes from a simple yet increasingly rare act – receiving a heartfelt card. In an era ruled by digital communication, Amberly reminds us of the profound joy and connection that can be sparked by such a personal touch. Her stories illustrate the undeniable impact these gestures can have, not just in nurturing business relationships, but in enriching our personal lives as well. Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur or someone contemplating a brave new path, Amberly Shreve's inspiring story and the lessons she shares are sure to embolden you to infuse your work and life with heartfelt purpose.Connect with Amberly Shreve - Send Out Cards Thank you to our Our Sponsors Terese Fessenden - Fika NewbornJessica Hung - Parasol Diapers coupon code "KEEPONSHARING20" valid for 3 months with 20% off the first subscription We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
30:34 2/29/24
Nurturing Newborns with Advanced Diaper Design and Parenting Tips- Terese Fessenden and Jessica Hung S4E7
Discover the incredible journey of Jessica Hung, who transformed from a CPA to a trailblazing co-founder of Parasol Diapers, and ,Terese Fessenden who's reshaping the way we educate new parents with Fika Newborn. Our latest episode takes you through the meticulous process of developing baby products that are gentle on the most tender skin, and how knowledge becomes power for new moms and dads grappling with the challenges of early childcare. The collaboration between these two dynamic women is not just inspiring—it's a game-changer for families everywhere.When it comes to our little ones, nothing less than the best will do. Jessica's quest for a diaper that addresses the pain of rash-prone skin resulted in a treasure trove of insights, and we share these along with Terese's practical wisdom on nurturing a newborn—from mastering breastfeeding to conquering sleep training. The episode is a testament to the power of passion and dedication in creating products and educational resources that can provide a sense of calm in the beautiful storm of parenting.We wrap up our conversation with a sincere thank you to Jessica and Terese for their authenticity and the support they offer to parents just starting their journey. You'll find a wealth of guidance on and—beacons of hope for those in the thralls of caring for a tiny human. Tune in for an engaging and empowering discussion that offers not just comfort for your baby, but peace of mind for you as well.Connect with Terese Fessenden - Fika NewbornJessica Hung - Parasol Diapers coupon code "KEEPONSHARING20" valid for 3 months with 20% off the first subscription We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
28:57 2/29/24
Rising from Adversity: Sensei John's Journey of Martial Arts, Dance, and Youth Empowerment - S4E6
This is the inspirational story of Sensei John Mirrione's founder of Harmony Power. story. From a childhood scarred by bullying and homelessness to becoming a martial arts maestro and an ambassador for change, his tale is a masterclass in transformation and tenacity.  We unravel the threads of his life that weave a rich tapestry of overcoming adversity and championing integrity. His thirty-year tenure in Manhattan's martial arts scene is a testament to the impact that resilience and effective pedagogy can have on personal growth.Then we shift gears and glide into the rhythm of a story where defeat on the dance floor spins into a national triumph. Sensei John's narrative dances through the corridors of the military, where his unique blend of martial arts and dance movements brought solace and entertainment to his fellow service members. It's a testament to the transformative power of embracing one's passions, and a reminder of how the pursuit of dreams knows no bounds—even when they begin with two left feet.Wrapping up, we spotlight the pulse of Sensei John's mission: the Harmony Power initiative. This movement is more than a fight against bullying—it's a catalyst for youth empowerment that has resonated from local pavements to the halls of New York City's public schools. Our discussion reveals how fostering a culture of recognition and self-expression can sculpt a more compassionate and emboldened generation. If you're connected to an educational institution or know young minds in need of inspiration, this episode is an invitation to explore how Sensei John's work could be the missing piece in nurturing our future leaders.Contact Sensei John MIrrione - We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
47:07 2/22/24
Mark Dean - Resilience and Redefining the Impossible - S4E5
When faced with a dire prognosis that would wilt most spirits, Mark Dean chose resilience over resignation. Join us as he narrates his incredible journey from a catastrophic knee injury to martial arts Instructor, proving that the human spirit can be indomitable. He didn't just reclaim his place in the dojo; he swam miles against the current of medical disbelief, emerging not just as a black belt but as a beacon for anyone who's been told they can't.As we unpack Mark's testament to self-advocacy in healthcare, you'll be moved by the power of persistence and the importance of aligning with professionals who support your goals. The conversation weaves through the importance of perseverance in the face of adversity and the need to critically evaluate the opinions that shape our lives. It's a narrative that will inspire you to challenge the status quo and redefine your own possibilities.Mark's story extends far beyond his personal triumphs.  Mark imparts lessons of resilience to combat bullying, and we celebrate mentors who foster strength in the youth, shaping a future where each new day is an opportunity for personal betterment. As we close, our gratitude extends to the bravery of military service members and their families, reminding us that the most courageous act is often just being true to oneself. We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
28:43 2/13/24
Revitalize Your Life with Holistic Healing Strategies - Dr. Dorcia Hart - S4E4
 Dr. Dorcia Hart brings to life in our latest conversation, where we delve into the transformative power of hydration, nutrition, and movement for holistic well-being. Dr. Hart's journey from a traditional pharmacy background to a natural health advocate is nothing short of inspiring, offering actionable insights that promise to help you tune into your body's needs and address inflammation through life's simplest elixirs.Our discussion takes an intriguing turn towards the bustling metropolis of our gut health, where trillions of bacteria work tirelessly to keep us functioning. The gut is our ally in the quest for health, and as Dr. Hart explains, the balance of probiotics and prebiotics is crucial. Antibiotics, while life-saving, can often leave this delicate ecosystem in disarray. Learn how to befriend your "gut buddies" again with probiotic-rich foods and supplements, ensuring your digestive system can absorb every drop of goodness from your diet.Lastly, we celebrate Dorcia's dedication to truly personalized health guidance. From in-home shopping assistance to immersive retreats, she's on a mission to help you navigate the path to a more vibrant lifestyle. Whether you're curious about plant-based diets, navigating food intolerances, or just looking to detox your routine, this episode is packed with wisdom to fuel your transformation. Join us, and let Dorcia Hart guide you towards a future where your health is in your hands, and joy is on your plate.Contact Dr. Dorcia Hart We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
34:27 2/12/24
Shaping Future Leaders: Mentorship on Youth and Community - Jose& Jana DiCervo - S4E3
Have you ever encountered a story so powerful it changed the way you see the world? Our latest episode brings you just that – a conversation with Jose DiCervo and Jana DiCervo  founders of Sovereign, a community outreach program that's much more than martial arts training. These remarkable individuals are shaping the lives of children and families by instilling confidence, focus, and discipline. But it doesn't stop there; with their Amplified Identity initiative, they're also lighting the entrepreneurial fire in young adults, aiming to create a legion of future leaders equipped for life's challenges.The transformative power of mentorship takes center stage as we share a compelling narrative of a teen who defied the odds. Through martial arts, leadership training, and essential care, this young person found a path from turmoil to triumph – a testament to the life-altering effects of supportive communities. We delve into the everyday magic of Sovereign's program, from the structure of a typical day to the current goals, like expanding transportation for wider reach. This episode is a celebration of the human spirit's capacity to grow, learn, and excel with the right guidance and support.As we wrap up, we're left in awe of the dedication Jose and Jana have for their mission. Their visits to families, educational resources, and the inspiring efforts of those drawn to the program underscore the incredible difference they make. Join us in championing their cause as we reflect on the power of creating an extended family through community involvement, the importance of shaping our youth's future, and the practical steps to keeping this legacy of support thriving. Don't forget to check the podcast description for ways you can contribute to this life-changing work, and stay tuned for our upcoming episodes that promise to keep your spirits uplifted and your hearts inspired.Connect with Jose and Jana How you can help!Thank you to my sponsors: Thank you to our Sponsor Fika Newborn - & Parasol Diaper, Company"Fika Newborn: Elevating Parenthood with Timeless Wisdom! Parasol Diaper Co. -  Giving parents the peace of mind they are doing the best possible for their kidsParasol Diaper Co.  https://parasolco.comFika Newborn- We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
36:07 2/9/24
Taking Flight: Stories of Youngest Flight Instructors, Arctic Sailor - Capt. Russ Roberts - S4E2
When Captain Russ Roberts took his first airborne loop at age three, little did he know he'd spiral into the youngest flight instructor in the U.S., navigating through aviation regulations with the finesse of a seasoned pilot. Our latest episode takes flight with Russ as he recounts the tapestry of aviators who've influenced him, from his father's piloting pursuits to the legendary airline captains of his youth. His tales weave a fabric of camaraderie, mentorship, and the pure exhilaration of flight that is sure to lift the spirits of aviation enthusiasts and dreamers alike.Venture northward with us as Russ shares his transformative tale, from a third-grade reading struggler to a sailor carving a path through the icy veins of the Northwest Passage. Connect with Russ Roberts We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
47:03 1/21/24
Blake's Battle with FSGS and the Dawn of Medical Innovation - UCLA - S4E1
Every so often, we cross paths with a story so powerful, it redefines the essence of resilience and hope; Blake's journey is one such saga. Born with underdeveloped kidneys and later diagnosed with FSGS, Blake's tale is a testament to enduring the highs and lows of chronic illness with unwavering spirit. His path has been paved with challenges, from the heartwarming generosity of receiving kidney transplants from both parents to grappling with the harsh side effects of lifelong medications like prednisone. Throughout this episode, Blake opens his heart to us, sharing the personal victories and the formidable obstacles of his condition.Imagine facing a life where your daily routine is dictated by the meticulous management of anti-rejection drugs, and where your childhood dreams are set aside due to the limitations of a relentless disease. Blake's narrative is not just about the tribulations of his health; it's also a journey through personal transformation, as he shares the impactful moments of significant weight loss and the profound influence of Dr. Jeffrey Veal of UCLA, whose innovative approaches to kidney transplantation and stem cell therapy are shaping the future of patient care. Our conversation traverses the emotional and practical terrains of life with a chronic illness, offering a window into the compassionate bonds that fortify those affected and the pioneering medical strides that hold promise for a life less burdened by medication.As we round off our exploration of Blake and Teresa's awe-inspiring journey, we're reminded of the broader implications of their experiences for the transplant community. We delve into the potential of medical advancements like stem cell therapy to transform lives and the altruism inherent in organ donation. Blake's involvement in cutting-edge treatment options underscores the relentless pursuit of a better future for those living with kidney diseases. The episode not only honors Blake's resilience but also serves as a clarion call for empathy, advocacy, and the transformative power of medical science. Join us to witness a story of extraordinary courage, the love that empowers it, and the innovations that might just change the transplant narrative forever.Dr. Jeffrey Veale, - UCLA We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
71:40 1/17/24
Embracing a Plant-Based Lifestyle and Achieving Better Health - Dr. Melissa Mondala - S3E28
Ever wondered how to truly nourish your body and achieve optimum health? Brace yourself for an enlightening conversation with our favorite health guru, Dr. Melissa Mandala. This episode is a treasure trove of valuable insights about the plant-based lifestyle, a journey that involves embracing unprocessed foods and prioritizing organic, locally-sourced produce.Embark on a journey with us as we unravel the truth behind living a plant-based lifestyle. Dr. Mandala, a renowned expert in this field, dispels common myths about protein deficiency and emphasizes the role of regular exercise. She opens up about the remarkable health transformations she's seen in patients who've switched to a plant-based diet, striking a chord on the potential dangers of consuming meat.We don't stop there. We further explore the profound effects of a plant-based diet on gut health. Dr. Mandala emphasizes the hazards of animal products loaded with antibiotics and chemicals, and the role of organic fruits and vegetables in healing and cell regeneration. This episode will leave you with practical advice on how to transition to a plant-based lifestyle and live a healthier life. So, gear up for a deep dive into the plant-based world, and learn how you can transform your life one meal at a time.Connect with Dr. Melissa MondalaSee YouTube version  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
31:25 12/9/23
Unlocking Potential: Exploring the Power of Hypnosis with Kevin Stone
What if you could unlock the power of your subconscious mind to overcome obstacles and reach your full potential? That’s the intriguing possibility we explore with our guest, Kevin Stone, a board certified hypnotherapist, who has helped millions harness their untapped potential using hypnosis. Kevin joins us to demystify hypnosis and explain its application in areas like weight loss, smoking cessation, and managing stress and anxiety. Hypnosis goes beyond being a mere quick fix. Its efficacy derives from its ability to reprogram your subconscious mind to alter deeply ingrained negative thoughts and behaviors. Kevin and I delve into the profound effects of hypnosis and its transformative potential when backed by dedication and commitment. We also discuss how societal pressures for instant results can often skew therapy expectations and emphasize the importance of a gradual, meaningful change.In a riveting discussion, we navigate through the complex world of addiction and mental health, specifically focusing on overcoming binge eating. A specialist in this field sheds light on the unique challenges of working with high-profile clients and underlines the importance of synergy between therapist and client for achieving success. Rounding off the episode, we have an engrossing interview with Kevin on the power of self-hypnosis, offering listeners a chance to get their hands on a free self-hypnosis programming system. Join us for this enlightening chat on the power and potential of hypnosis.Contact Kevin Stone We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
43:58 12/7/23
Magic, Comedy and Jiu Jitsu life with Zach Waldman - S3E26
What's more magical than a magic show? How about a magic show that has you laughing? Join us as we sit down with the charismatic Zach Waldman, a magician and comedian. Zach shares his unique journey into the world of magic and comedy, from being inspired by the Burger King mascot as a child to performing on stages across the globe. Whether you fancy a squeaky clean corporate event or a risqué comedy club gig, Zach's got your entertainment needs covered.But the laughs don't stop there. Zach dishes on his experiences of performing for celebrities and treats us to some of his most memorable stories, including the time he gave a magic performance to Pete Carroll, head coach of USC football, without having a clue who he was! And for all you business-minded listeners, Zach shares some golden nuggets on the importance of responding promptly to inquiries and forming relationships in the world of business.Steering away from the spotlight, we shift gears and delve into the transformative world of Jiu Jitsu. Zach and I swap stories about how this martial art has not just improved our physical health, but our mental wellbeing too. We highlight the importance of women learning self-defense and share some hilarious celebrity stories involving Seth MacFarlane. If you've ever contemplated trying Jiu Jitsu, we wholeheartedly encourage you to take the leap. So join us for this fun-filled episode as we navigate through the intriguing worlds of magic, comedy, and life lessons.Contact Zach Waldman www.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guest on my YouTube Channel We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
41:00 12/6/23
Nick Spark, Producer - The Remarkable Life and Legacy of Aviator Pancho Barnes - S3E25
Fasten your seat belts as we take flight into the remarkable story of Pancho Barnes, a trailblazer in the world of aviation, told through the lens of our esteemed guest, filmmaker  Nick Spark. You're in for a high-flying soiree as we explore Barnes' pioneering achievements as the first female stunt pilot in Hollywood, her audacious challenge to Amelia Earhart's airspeed record, and the creation of her legendary Happy Bottom Riding Club, the  rendezvous spot for the aviation elite of yesteryears. We've got unheard stories of Barnes' intrepid spirit and resilience, from her friendships with flight legends, Bob Hoover and Chuck Yeager, to her survival during the Great Depression and the devastating fire that razed her beloved Ranch.  Get ready to soar with us as we celebrate the extraordinary life, relentless spirit, and enduring legacy of Pancho Barnes - a true role model for women empowerment. We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
48:23 12/1/23
David Murray - The Art of Being: Discovering Self and Artistic Potential through Narrative Transformation - S3E24
Imagine harnessing the power of art as a transformative tool for self-discovery and personal growth. That's exactly what we explore in this engrossing discussion with our guest, the award-winning artist, author, and speaker, David Murray. He shares his enlightening journey of using art as a catalyst for understanding his personal narrative and inner world, inspiring us to redefine our limits and create our own masterpieces.Our exploration of art's transformative power doesn't stop there. We discuss how art instills ambition and self-determination, teaching us to take control of our lives while fostering a burning desire to achieve our goals. The conversation takes an intriguing turn as we disentangle the scientific approach towards achieving unstoppable determination presented in the book "Indomitable". We reiterate the vital role of narrative in our journey to personal transformation and gaining mastery over our craft.Finally, we delve into the realm of personal narratives. Stories that we tell ourselves can often become our biggest roadblock.As we close this fascinating discourse, we extend our appreciation to you, our listeners. We invite your suggestions for future episodes and guests. Don't forget to subscribe and leave a comment. We're excited about the insights and wisdom our future guests will bring to our discussion space. Thank you for joining us and we look forward to our next inspirational episode. We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
29:25 11/30/23
Terese Flores: Transforming Lives of New Mothers and Families S3E23
Join us as we draw back the curtain on the life of Terese Flores, a beacon of support and knowledge for new mothers navigating the intricate, challenging, and rewarding journey of postpartum. As the founder of Fika Newborn and a dedicated postpartum doula, newborn care specialist, and educator, Terese is no stranger to the complexities of new parenthood. Her own journey, marked by fostering and adoption, and marked by profound loss, has shaped her mission to provide critical care, education, and most importantly, empathy to families in their most vulnerable times. Discover how Therese's personal and professional experiences have led her to develop essential online education courses and virtual support systems for families grappling with the trials of postpartum and loss. Hear her insights on sibling integration and postpartum recovery, and her advocacy for the importance of memorializing loss. As you listen, you'll be moved by her courage and inspired by her dedication to supporting new mothers, soothing newborns, and guiding families on the path of healing and growth.To connect with Terese - FikanewbornSee the Youtube interview with Terese  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
24:13 11/14/23
A Stress-Free Season: How to Make Holidays Fun - Jodie Moncrief - S3E22
Ready for a holiday season without the stress but full of fun and taking it on as a badass? Strap in as we and our guest Jodie Moncrief, a keynote speaker and author, tackle the holiday chaos head-on with practical advice and unconventional traditions (yes, we're talking Nerf gun fights!). We'll be sharing how you can step away from the holiday autopilot mode and start planning your festivities consciously, making the season not just special, but truly badass.We're going to be diving into the nitty-gritty of managing holiday expectations, engaging guests, and simplifying the task of sending out cards. With our insightful tips, you won't break a sweat (or the bank) while giving thoughtful gifts. Plus, we'll share how to start your own unique traditions that bring joy and laughter into your celebrations. Don't miss out as Jodi spills details about her exciting events and upcoming book, all aimed at empowering others to carve out their own badass path. Get ready to transform your holiday experience with this episode packed with fun, laughter, and some seriously badass advice!Contact Jodie Moncrief  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
24:34 11/11/23
Unveiling the Enigma: Understanding and Treating Long-Haul COVID with Dr. Melissa Mondala - S3E20
Are you feeling the lingering effects of COVID-19? Find out why you're not alone. Join us as we sit down with Dr. Melissa Mandala, an expert in family and lifestyle medicine, to bring light to the enigma of post-COVID symptoms. We discuss the ordeal that thousands are going through weeks, months, and sometimes years after their initial recovery. Dr. Mandala provides insights on how to deal with this issue using lifestyle measures and supplements, reminding us to always consult a medical professional before starting any treatment.Don't let 'long COVID' remain a mystery. We venture into the maze of persistent post-COVID symptoms, with Dr. Mandala helping us identify their prevalence and potential long-term effects on our health. The conversation moves expertly between the significance of testing and quarantine, the persistent symptoms that continue to plague patients even after a positive test result, and the intriguing correlation between post-COVID symptoms, depression, and autoimmune disease.As we draw our discussion to a close, Dr. Mandala shares her expertise on managing long COVID and fortifying our immunity. She doles out practical advice on staying healthy, especially during the holiday season. We express our gratitude for your continued support and implore you to be a part of our journey. Your comments, queries, and suggestions are the springboard for future podcast topics. So, lend us your ear and gain a newfound understanding of post-COVID health challenges, and the best ways to address them. We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
55:48 11/11/23
Against All Odds: The Inspiring Transition of John Brinks from Holland to Canada - S3E19
Today, I have the honor of hosting a man whose life truly encapsulates the essence of resilience, determination, and an unwavering focus on dreams, Mr. John Brinks. From the heart-wrenching memories of the Hunger Winter under German occupation to the inspiring acts of kindness shown by Canadian soldiers, John takes us on an incredible journey that spans continents and decades. Brace yourself as he recounts his formidable transition from a young boy in war-torn Holland, driven by dreams of relocating to Canada, to his eventual arrival with a paltry $25.47 and three books.John remembers his humble beginnings as a furniture maker and soldier in the Dutch Air Force, demonstrating that the journey to success is never linear. His tenacity and zest for life propelled him to achieve his dream of not just living in Canada, but also establishing a successful lumber business. John's journey is a testament to the power of nurturing a dream and working relentlessly towards it, despite the odds. His story showcases the incredible power of determination, resilience, and passion - the belief that anything is achievable with a clear vision and indomitable spirit. Tune in to be inspired by John's remarkable journey, from the hardships of wartime Holland to his personal and professional victories in the land of his dreams, Canada.For Johns books - Amazon To connect with John:Youtube channel  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
43:05 11/8/23
The Inspiring Journey of a Beauty Entrepreneur: Leah Lasley - S3E18
Prepare to be swept away by the vibrant vision of Leah Lasley, a beauty and fashion entrepreneur, whose passion for her craft is as infectious as her lipstick line is diverse. Leah's road to entrepreneurship wasn't laid with red carpets but rather paved with persistence, self-funding, and a sprinkle of her mother's wisdom. Listen in as she unravels her journey of launching a beauty business, navigating through hurdles, and the relentless pursuit of her dreams. Leah's story is not just about creating a palette of luscious lip colors, it's an embodiment of her mantra - embrace imperfections and dare to dream. She shares her future plans of launching a swimwear line, and her savvy advice on finding high-fashion items without breaking the bank. Exuding an air of fearlessness, Leah's tale is a testament to the power of resilience and determination, urging us all to redefine our idea of beauty.We wrap up our time with Leah as she reveals her budget-friendly beauty tips and an amusing anecdote about a glamorous evening gown that didn’t cost a fortune. Her zest doesn’t stop at lipsticks, she’s all set to share her beauty insights through her upcoming YouTube show. This episode is a trove of inspiration and practical advice for anyone interested in the beauty and fashion industry or those braving the entrepreneurial path. Tune in and let Leah's journey inspire your own.If you would like to connect with LeahFor more fun guest check out Coach Mikki and Friends YouTube channel We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
30:52 10/27/23
Spicing Up Education and Bullying Prevention with Ron Shuali - S3 E17
Are you starved for a way to make learning more fun and memorable? It's time to get your fill with our guest, Ron Shuali, a best-selling author and experienced educator. He's got a unique recipe for transforming tedious professional development into an enjoyable and engaging experience. Ron dishes out insights on his innovative workshops, which include elements as diverse as singing, yoga exercises, and videos. You'll also get a taste of his company, Unprofessional Development, and his unique Yogarate program, a blend of martial arts and yoga that helps individuals access their heart and quiet the mind.Now, imagine being a kid again and discovering that making mistakes is a blessing. How would that reshape your world? Ron sure has an answer. He's not just about education, but about life's hard lessons too. Ron also shares his deeply personal experiences with bullying and how it inspired him to make a world of difference. Ron's story doesn't end there. From his powerful anti-bullying assembly programs to his illuminating book on bullying, he's on a mission to encourage and inspire. He shares his views on the role of public schools, the importance of parental communication, and stresses the need to break the bullying circle. Tune in as Ron encourages us all to be fearless, be ourselves, and never give up on our dreams. Prepare to be inspired, entertained, and educated, all at the same time!Breaking the Bullying Circle Please check out Coach Mikki and Friends YouTube channel for More Fun Guests!  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
31:27 10/24/23
Revolutionizing Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition with Dr. Melissa Mondala - S3E16
Dr. Melissa Mondala, a devoted advocate for plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine, is the star of our latest episode! She unveils her personal journey of overcoming health hurdles such as IBS and GERD through the transformative power of plant-based eating and lifestyle medicine. Listen in as she unpacks her six-year-long journey as a physician, healing patients by tackling the root cause of their symptoms and transitioning them to a healthier lifestyle. Our conversation takes a deep dive into the intricate relationship between food and hormone health. Dr. Mondela highlights how endocrine disruptors, including sugary and salty foods, glyphosate, and heavy metals, can affect our hormonal health. You'll uncover the significance of plant-based eating and lifestyle changes like intermittent fasting and regular walking, particularly for managing hormone health at different stages of life. Learn from her valuable tips on stress reduction and consumption of anti-inflammatory foods for managing conditions like painful periods and hot flashes in perimenopausal and menopausal women.As we wrap up this enlightening chat, we touch on the impact stress has on health and well-being. Discover how Dr. Mondala aids her high-stress patients in finding healthier coping mechanisms and collaborates with couples to facilitate collective healing. Plus, you'll gain her contact details and valuable advice on finding a balanced lifestyle, along with the right resources and experts for support. Don't miss out on this illuminating conversation with Dr. Melissa Mandala, packed with actionable tips and profound insights on how to revolutionize your health and life through plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine.Connect with Dr Melissa - https://drlifestyle.orgDr. Melissa's Youtube channel - more fun guest- Check out Coach Mikki & Friends YouTube channel We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
30:13 10/20/23
Unveiling the Magic of Community Celebrations: A Chat with Pattie Lambert - S3E15
Imagine unearthing a heartwarming tradition right in your neighborhood that not only brings everyone together but also introduces a whole new level of camaraderie! That's precisely what Pattie Lambert achieved with 'Wine on the Wall,' a delightful community event that initiated as a casual Friday night gathering in her neighborhood. From reminiscing about the humble beginnings to discussing the growth and impact of the gathering, Patty and I paint a vivid picture of this unique celebration. It’s a feel-good episode that showcases the power of community, shared experiences, and yes, a good bottle of wine!Dive deeper into the significance of community connections as Pattie and I open up about our experiences building relationships within our neighborhoods. The strength of a community lies in its bonds, and we emphasize how simple acts of connectivity can foster a supportive environment. Whether it’s a conventional setting or a cul-de-sac, every connection counts, and every shared experience brings us closer. It's an episode that genuinely celebrates the power of collaboration and unity among neighbors.Lastly, we lift the curtain on some unforgettable neighborhood celebrations, demonstrating how these shared experiences further solidify community ties. Patty shares the creative ways they managed to keep the 'Wine on the Wall' tradition alive amidst a global pandemic, serving as an anchor in challenging times. The evolution of community communication also takes center stage as we highlight the importance of being there for one another. Patty's captivating tale of communal solidarity and friendship is every bit inspiring. So, pour yourself a glass of your favorite beverage, get cozy, and join us for an episode that truly highlights the beauty of community living! We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
22:12 10/17/23
An Intimate Conversation with Doula Terese Flores: Newborn Care, Adoption Stories, & the Power of Support - S3E14
Ever wonder about the unsung heroes who make those first few bewildering weeks with a newborn a little less daunting? Listen in as we chat with Terese Flores, with FikaNewborn.  a remarkable doula whose admirable work offers a lifeline of support to new parents navigating the turbulent seas of parenthood. As the eldest of triplets and a seasoned nanny, she brings a wealth of firsthand experience to her role, providing invaluable assistance with newborn care as well as postpartum recovery.This episode will tug at your heartstrings as Terese shares her personal journey of fostering and adopting children, and her own experience with a pregnancy marked by a life-limiting condition. She speaks candidly about the struggles and triumphs, and how her own encounter with a postpartum doula inspired her to extend the same support to others. We will delve into her mission to ensure all mothers receive the assistance they need, regardless of their circumstances. You won't want to miss her amusing anecdotes from her experiences working with a range of different families - including a story that involved a cat psychic and a little Prozac! Tune in for an enlightening conversation that celebrates empathy, resilience, and the power of support.You can reach Terese at- FikaNewbornPlease stop by our Youtube channel for fun with our guests - Coach  Mikki and Friends  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
26:03 10/5/23
Transcending Trials and Celebrating Triumphs! - Laura Cain- Radio Icon - S3E13
Prepare to be awestruck as we journey alongside the remarkable Laura Cain, an illustrious radio icon who's well known through the San Diego airwaves for over three decades. Laura's journey is one of resilience, transformation, and triumph, as she candidly shares her sixteen-year sobriety journey, the challenges she overcame, and the life she's built since. From her humble beginnings as an intern, she ascended the ranks to become a celebrated radio host, even earning a spot in the radio hall of fame. Her adventures are nothing short of fascinating - co-hosting on Regis, winning a trip to France on the Price is Right, and even being a sit-in at the Academy Awards.Get ready to be inspired as Laura divulges her journey of manifesting a whopping $27,000 to fund her daughter's college education, a testament to the power of vision, initiative, and gratitude. We also delve into the principles of the four agreements as a roadmap to a happier, more fulfilled life.  Laura also gives us a sneak peek into her YouTube channel, Laura Cain After Dark Brace yourself for a riveting episode filled with wit, wisdom, and a lot of heart. This is one episode you don't want to miss! Tune it to Laura Cain After Dark Subscribe to Coach Mikki and Friends  We look forward to seeing you succeed! - - Code - KOSSupport the showwww.CoachMikkiandFriends.comJoin my guests on my YouTube Channel
29:38 9/9/23