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Your life is made for more! We're here to help you make the most of it with encouraging, relevant, and biblical messages from Pastor Daniel Stephens and guest speakers. Discover how to experience more of God, understand the Bible better, and follow Jesus into the thriving life He created you to live! Get free resources or plan your experience at


Heart Thermometer - The Teachings (Week 1)
What if your words actually tell you the condition of your inner being? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens breaks down what Jesus says about our words and how they can act like a thermometer for our hearts!
40:49 5/26/24
Flip The Switch - Stand Alone
God doesn't just call us to follow Jesus but also to fish for people! Listen as Pastor Mike Cantrell shares how we can flip the switch to actively making disciples and impacting others!
51:43 5/19/24
One Thing - Stand Alone
What is the one thing we should focus on in every season of life? Listen as Kayla Stephens shares insights on how to seek after God from Luke 10:38-42!
30:38 5/12/24
Eliminating Hurry - Stand Alone
What if eliminating hurry from our lives is one of the most critical issues facing followers of Jesus today? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens helps us discover how Jesus lived an un-hurried life and how we can follow in His footsteps!
36:54 5/5/24
The Top 2 Best Sermons I've Ever Heard - The Greatest Sermons Ever (Week 5)
What's the greatest sermon you've ever heard? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares his top two favorite sermons he has ever heard and the impact they can still have today!
33:06 4/28/24
Paul at the Areopagus - The Greatest Sermons Ever (Week 4)
What do we do when God takes us to unexpected places on His mission? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares from Acts 17 on how using a message and a method can help us impact others for Jesus!
38:19 4/21/24
Paul at Antioch - The Greatest Sermons Ever (Week 3)
What do you do when God gives you a plot twist? Listen as Pastor Obed Borrero breaks down the plot twists of Paul's sermon at Antioch and their potential to transform our world!
35:45 4/14/24
Peter at Cornelius’s House | The Greatest Sermons Ever (Week 2)
What is the gospel that Peter preached to the nations? Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares from one of Scripture's greatest sermons in Acts 10!
37:10 4/7/24
Peter at Pentecost | The Greatest Sermons Ever Week 1
After the Holy Spirit descended on the followers of Jesus after His ascension, they went on to preach some of the greatest sermons ever! Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens breaks down and helps us apply the truths in Peter's sermon at Pentecost in Acts 2!
32:25 3/31/24
A New Life For Us (Romans 6) | God Is For Us: A Series on Romans (Week 6)
How does God's grace transform how we live our lives? Watch as Pastor Daniel Hernandez shares from Romans 6 on how grace impacts different areas of our lives.
34:59 3/24/24
Special Access Is Given To Us (Romans 5) | God Is For Us: A Series on Romans (Week 5)
Many of us don't realize what we have in Jesus. Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares from Romans 5 on the amazing realities and riches we have in Jesus by faith!
37:35 3/17/24
God's Justification By Faith Is Given To Us (Romans 4) | God Is For Us: A Series on Romans (Week 4)
What does it mean to be justified by faith? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens breaks down one of the most important truths in Christianity and how it can transform our lives!
47:32 3/10/24
God's Righteous Judgement + Gift of Grace is For Us (Romans 3) | God Is For Us - A Series on Romans (Week 3)
What if the gospel is not about how we get ourselves to God? Watch as Church Planting Resident Aaron Moroles shows us the heart of the gospel in Romans 3 and how to apply it to our lives!
39:40 3/3/24
God's Patience + Kindness Is For Us (Romans 2) | God Is For Us - A Series on Romans (Week 2)
Why is God so patient and kind toward us? Listen as Pastor Andrew Strand helps us dive into Romans 2 and how we can go from judging others to experiencing peace with others.
32:06 2/25/24
The Gospel Is For Us (Romans 1) | God Is For Us - A Series on Romans (Week 1)
Who is the gospel of Jesus for? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens breaks down Romans 1 and shares about the wrath of God + the gospel of Jesus.
38:06 2/18/24
One Another - Stand Alone
How do we gauge the genuineness of our faith? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares what the Bible says about how we should engage with one another in community!
39:34 2/11/24
Holiness Lived - Set Apart (Week 5)
What do we need in order to live holy and set apart? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens breaks down how the Holy Scriptures and the Holy Spirit are essential to experiencing what God wants to do in us and through us!
34:49 2/4/24
Holiness Restored - Set Apart (Week 4)
How does God restore us to a place of holiness and being set apart? Watch as Pastor Andrew shows us how Jesus's ultimate sacrifice can redeem, restore, and transform us!
29:01 1/28/24
Holiness Revealed - Set Apart (Week 3)
How should we see our sin and God's grace biblically? Watch as Pastor Andrew Strand shares God's perspective and how holiness is revealed in Leviticus 16.
30:56 1/21/24
Holiness Lost - Set Apart (Week 2)
God created us to be set apart for Himself and for His purposes, so what went wrong? Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares how we lost holiness and what is the only we can be restored to God and our purpose.
44:25 1/14/24
God Is Holy - Set Apart (Week 1)
Why is holiness one of the main attributes of God mentioned in the Bible? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens gives us a biblical overview of holiness and why God wants to set us apart this year as a church family.
44:23 1/7/24
Laying Aside Sin - Stand Alone
Listen as Pastor Andrew Strand helps us get ready for everything God has for us in 2024 by encouraging us to lay aside every sin and hindrance that could keep us from God's purpose + mission!
08:34 12/31/23
Christmas's Part In The Story - Stand Alone
How does Christmas fit into the story of the Bible? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens helps us better grasp the Christmas story and how it should impact our lives today!
16:43 12/24/23
Light Up Our Night - Stand Alone
At Christmas, we talk about peace on earth, but what does that really mean? Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares the biblical meaning of Christmas and how we can have true peace with God.
40:12 12/17/23
Following Jesus Isn't Safe - Stand Alone
What if following Jesus isn't safe? Listen as Pastor Daniel Stephens helps us dive into the Scriptures and discover how we can follow Jesus bravely + boldly in His kingdom!
35:46 12/10/23
The Unwise Men - Stand Alone
What if God accomplishes uncommon things through everyday people like us? Watch as Aaron Moroles, Church Planting Resident at Mid-Cities, shares how God wants to work through us to do great things for His kingdom!
35:29 12/3/23
Sons or Slaves - Stand Alone
Are we living out of our identities as sons of God or as slaves of sin? Listen as Pastor Kyle Johnson shows us the difference in Luke 15 and how to live as sons of the King.
39:54 11/27/23
Jesus Is Our High Priest (Commitment Sunday) - Exiles (Week 6)
If Jesus is our High Priest, then what is the Temple now in our day? Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares from the Scriptures during our Exiles Offering Commitment Sunday!If you missed Commitment Sunday, you can fill out our Exiles Offering Digital Commitment Card at to make a Spirit-led commitment.
38:19 11/19/23
Resources: Funding the Kingdom - Exiles (Week 5)
Are we pursuing God's vision for our lives or our own vision? Watch as Pastor Daniel Stephens shares how God works and provides when we are seeking His vision.
43:42 11/12/23
Assignment: Rebuilding the Walls - Exiles (Week 4)
What broken part of this world is God calling you to help bring redemption and restoration? Watch as Pastor Andrew reads from the Book of Nehemiah and shows us how to be faithful to living in God's purpose + project for our lives!
27:46 11/5/23