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XOLARIS Group Podcast #capital #invest #asset #AIFM

XOLARIS Group is a leading independent private label investment studying platform. The main focus is on the continuous expansion of services from structuring to liquidating investment funds nevertheless if they’re unregulated or regulated. Our clients are asset managers worldwide. Our aim is investment quality of the highest standards in all processes and safeguarding the invests of out clients. The XOLARIS Group will further expand its orientation as an international service AIFM for real assets. With our locations in Germany, Liechtenstein, France, Hong Kong and Singapur we are already able to offer our clients individual structuring solutions. With our brand " Sunrise Capital " we support sales partners and investors.


Die XOLARIS Gruppe entwickelt für Ihre Kunden maßgeschneiderte Strukturierungslösungen 02:37 07/06/2022
Investitionsmöglichkeiten in Nordamerika, Interview mit Hans-Hermann Mindermann, SYRACUSE & XOLARIS 25:24 03/14/2022
Stuttgarter Immobilien: Interview mit Fabian Neshati, Geschäftsführer der Schwäbische Liegenschaften 08:39 03/14/2022
XOLARIS Group and HHX ESLA: Green Shipping 13:55 02/23/2022
Nachhaltig mit Sachwertefonds investieren 02:04 02/07/2022
Renewables Energy, Electricity has become a vital part of the world 07:27 11/30/2021
Retail in Transition, Any useful examination of the retail trade 06:58 11/30/2021
Die XOLARIS Gruppe, Vertriebsgipfel FinanzBusiness 2021 04:26 10/29/2021
XOLARIS se développe en France et au Luxembourg 03:00 09/10/2021
Market News N01 - XOLARIS Capital AG as Risk Manager, XOLARIS Capital AG 09:15 08/10/2021
XOLARIS Market News N01 - Market Overview – France 07:37 08/10/2021
XOLARIS Market News N01 - Market Overview – Germany 07:34 08/10/2021
XOLARIS Market News N01 – MARKET OVERVIEW Liechtenstein 04:40 08/10/2021
XOLARIS Market News N01 - Interview with Christian Minkus, FMA 05:27 08/10/2021
XOLARIS Market News N01 - The XOLARIS Group Management 01:32 08/10/2021
XOLARIS Market News N01 - Foreword 02:15 08/10/2021
XOLARIS grows into France and Luxembourg 01:51 07/15/2021
Private Equity Mehr als „nur“ eine Assetklasse 03:48 06/29/2021
International Shipping Market, Harald Piper, Portfoliomanager 02:58 06/23/2021
XOLARIS wächst nach Frankreich und Luxemburg 01:50 06/14/2021
Xolaris-Chef Stefan Klaile über die Möglichkeiten einer Service-KVG nach Liechtensteiner Recht 07:16 04/28/2021
Water investments - a suitable asset class for institutional investors? 06:55 04/06/2021
ESG in a service ManCo: What is ESG? Why ESG? 06:21 03/18/2021
Risk Function inside the AIFM 03:19 02/16/2021
What does portfolio management do in an external service AIFM? 03:23 02/01/2021
XOLARIS Gruppe hat für den neuen Publikums-AIF die Vertriebszulassung erhalten 02:37 01/07/2021