Show cover of Restaurants Reinvented: Putting Growth Back on the Menu

Restaurants Reinvented: Putting Growth Back on the Menu

Shining a light on the change-minded Restaurant Leaders behind our favorite brands. Get inspired with innovative brand building, guest engagement, and revenue-driving strategies. Join host Jen Kern, long-time CMO, as she dishes with leading restaurant pros who are elevating their game and careers by staying agile in the face of uncertainty to help their brands shine and prosper.


The New Way to Do Employee Training - Rachael Nemeth, Opus 46:43 07/01/2022
How to Support Restaurant Employees in Need with Sheila Bennett 44:57 06/04/2022
How to Prevent Employee Burnout with Milena Regos of Unhustle 52:08 05/21/2022
The Straight Talk Employees Want – Newton Hoang, 7 Leaves Cafe 59:31 04/13/2022
Who Comes First: The Employee or Guest? - Lauren Fernandez of Full Course 56:02 03/24/2022
A Labor Equation that Makes Better Dollars & Sense - Jim Taylor of BenchmarkSixty 45:06 03/05/2022
What's Self-Care Got to Do With It? - Donald Burns, The Restaurant Coach 55:02 02/05/2022
We’re In The People Business - Amir Mostafavi of South Block Juice 72:08 01/08/2022
Labor Series: Using Technology to Create a Healthier Work Environment - Stacey Sikorski of 7shifts & Niko Papademetriou of Qu 53:08 12/09/2021
Delivering the Digital Restaurant - Meredith Sandland & Carl Orsbourn of Learn Delivery 42:01 11/16/2021
How to Get Closer to Your Customer & What Does POS Have to Do with It? - Solomon Choi, CEO & Founder of 16 Handles 57:23 11/05/2021
How to Balance Data & Ideation - Alice Crowder, CMO of Krystal Restaurants 41:36 10/22/2021
Back in Person at FSTEC (Live!) - Marcus Viscidi of Winsight Media & Zack Oates of Ovation 37:19 10/07/2021
Let's Think Outside the Bun, with Greg Creed - former CEO & CMO of Yum! Brands 63:29 09/24/2021
Here’s How She Does It (One Sweet Episode) - Betsy Hamm, CEO of Duck Donuts 53:19 08/24/2021
Making Tech + Food Work Together for Good - Peter Wiley, Co-Founder & CMO at Rapid Fired Pizza & Hot Head Burritos 21:25 08/24/2021
Mastering the Balance at P.F. Chang's —Tana Davila, CMO 46:56 07/31/2021
One Lean Mean Restaurant Machine - Peter Wiley, Co-Founder & CMO at Rapid Fired Pizza & Hot Head Burritos 70:01 07/15/2021
Invest in Relationships - Paul Macaluso, President & CEO of Another Broken Egg Cafe 41:07 06/11/2021
Refresh Your Brand (Now!) - Lidija Davidson of Sift, Cipher & Bloom 50:25 05/28/2021
Dickey's CEO on Spicy Performance, New Menu Items, and Female Leadership - Laura Rea Dickey, CEO of Dickey's Barbecue Pit 52:29 04/24/2021
The Sweet Spot Between Marketing & Operations - Heather Leed Neary, KBP Investments 61:06 04/16/2021
Redefining Loyalty: From Points & Discounts to Understanding Your Customer - Diane Le and Olga Lopategui 50:23 02/20/2021
Outperforming the QSR Category with Clarity & Focus - Barry Westrum, Taco John's (Taco Series #5) 39:57 02/12/2021
Performance Marketing from a Pro - Brandon Rhoten, CMO Potbelly 50:12 01/21/2021
How Chipotle Entices Digital Consumers - Jonathon Relkin, Chipotle (Taco Series #4) 44:17 01/15/2021
The Marketing & Operations Dream Team at Dog Haus 64:49 12/19/2020
Giving Your Franchisees Lotsa Love - Scott Greenberg 42:39 12/15/2020
Rev Up Your Sales: How to Attract & Retain Digital Customers - Rev Ciancio 47:23 12/04/2020
Shifting From Dine-In to Drive-Thru Experiences - Jodie Conrad, CMO of Fazoli’s 37:20 11/27/2020