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Discussions of news, current affairs, arts & entertainment, culture, history, politics & civic engagement/community participation in a manner designed to inform, uplift and inspire change. Fearless & brilliant. In the styles of NPR, The Rundown w/ Robin Thede, Pod Save America, Morning Joe and Bill Maher, BRIP seeks to entertain and engage its audience with conversations that are accessible, informative, educational and inspiring in a manner that can be serious, lighthearted, irreverent or humorous. By championing a fact-based reality, BRIP will be a contrast to misinformation programming that cultivates division, chaos & conflict.


Not Listening -Part 2
In the conclusion of this 2 part episode, Shep continues telling the full harrowing account of his first hand experience being inside the Capitol on January 6th.Then Steve Chaggaris, Shep and the gang continue their discussion about the Insurrection, voting rights, voter suppression and the future of democracy in America.
35:09 8/21/21
Not Listening -Part 1
The first of a 2 part episode, Shep and company start with a light chat about changes and increasing diversity in entertainment television.  We complete the 2nd half of our interview with expert journalist, Richard Goldstein who discusses the current state and future of American democracy.Then longtime political reporter, Steve Chaggaris joins the crew to  discuss more serious topics including  the insurrection, the 1st amendment, voting rights, far right media and the country's growing tribal divide.
43:16 8/5/21
Listen Carefully
Our second episode of a Broad Range of Intelligent People takes an in depth look at the state of truth in journalism today.  The team also discusses recent SCOTUS decisions effecting voting rights and in turn democracy itself.  Veteran journalist and former Executive Editor of the Village Voice, Richard Goldstein shares his accomplished perspective on media bias as a special guest in an intriguing 2 part interview.
40:21 7/8/21
Listen, UP!
The premier episode of a Broad Range of Intelligent People takes a look at number of commemorations including Juneteenth, the centennial of the Tulsa Massacre, the 5 year anniversary of Pulse and the 1 year anniversary of George Floyd's murder.  Guest include Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas, Brandon Wolf, a survivor of the Pulse massacre and Bobby Eaton Jr. a descendent of Greenwood in Tulsa. *Warning* Our 3rd interview segment w/ Bobby Eaton has both language and detailed descriptions that many may find difficult to hear, but they are part of his story and authentic to him.
76:15 6/20/21